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Venn Oct 2018
(tw; abandonment)

I don't belong.

First thought:
This is sweeping generalization,
an overdramatization of the truth,
the truth that everyone belongs somewhere .
Everyone has a place, a purpose,
a reason for being here, and if you were put
on this godforsaken Earth in the first place,
you belong somewhere.

Second thought:
What even does belonging mean?
It's just a word, belonging,
a word we assign meaning to,
a word that really means nothing.

Third thought:
Here we go again.
Millennials and their **** whining,
always whining about nothing.
attention-seeking, that's what this is,
just attention-seeking, nothing more.
If you want a place to belong,
you can **** well find it on your own.
Take some **** initiative.

Fourth thought:
You're overreacting.
You're reading into things,
seeing things that aren't there
No one dislikes you, you're fine,
if they didn't want you around,
they wouldn't have invited you.

Fifth thought:
Oh god.
They hate me.
Oh god.
Just keep making weird noises,
keep getting them to laugh.
If they laugh, it's fine.
Everything's fine.
Even If i tied
The strongest chains
To everyone I have ever loved
Everyone who I have let in and told them "you belong here"
Eventually the chains would break
And I would lose them
We aren't meant to be kept
We are meant to love, and be loved
And then, vanish.
Bhill Aug 20
who belonged to this heart
beating all alone
alone in the middle of a crowd
was it a he or she
how can you tell when striped of all protection
all coverings gone and naked among the masses
we can tell that this heart is alone
invite the heart to join in and welcome its independence
we all need
we all need to belong

Brian Hill - 2020 # 229
Nathalie Aug 19
What if unrequited love
was the ideal experience
for you to finally come to
understand that the only
love you will ever know
to be true is the one that
you find inside of you

For the secret in love
is that you never find
the missing piece of
you in another
as you are already whole
and from that connection
then you will
arrive to meet another
who stands in their
wholeness, like you

Love is waiting
all along, but it
flows from the inside
out and from this stream
you  will find where
you belong.

Nathalie Aug 15
I reach for you
But you are
Not there
I can feel you
But I can’t see you
At least not
With my physical
I choose to
Go within
And look deeper
I search through
This vast field
Of energy and
I find you
As I open
The door
Of my heart
Where you have
Been hiding
Safe all along

SiouxF Aug 8
I wonder where,
Where I call home.
I’m uncomfortable with others,
With their ersatz shallow ways,
Except those few sweet few.
I prefer most my own company
Away from the many,
The contradictions, the confusion, the overload of senses.
Its so much easier that way.
No worry.  
Be myself,
Without fear
Of treading on eggshells
Lest I put my foot in it,
once again,
Saying wrong things,
Being judged,
Being criticised.
Just for being.

But I’m lonely too,
That lack of connection,
To others
and myself.
I pretend.
I keep busy.
I have no time to feel.
I pass absently
And joylessly
through a life
Of empty
With a heavy weight upon my back.
Tis sad.
Tis a waste.
Till a fall from sweet grace.
From what we are sent here to do.
Spread love.
Be love.
Love all.
Love you.
Love me.
This is an ok poem, not great I feel, though it’s sentiments were true at that time. However, being new to poetry I committed to share my journey with you fellow poets and explorers of the truth.
This was my third ever poem, and my first attempt into something more personal than the woods.
My first version was very unpersonalised. I didn’t want to “own” my thoughts and feelings. It’s slightly more personalised now, but still has a way to go. I am leaving it here as is as I feel it’s a starting point as to what comes later..... It is imperfect. And that’s ok Now there’s an admission!
I wonder, do you ever wonder?
How far we have come along.
With all those fights and in all those thunder.
We managed to live so long.
You made mistakes and yes I did blunder.
Still, we forgave, as we know where we belong.
I remember, you remember how we met at first.
It wasn't the best nor the worst.
We were happy keeping alive the thirst
Looking back, I see us in each day submerged.
looking back on how we have survive so much and still together.
Ananya Jul 11
The absolutely radical,
Mind boggling idea of being accepted.
-A fantasy served with insecurity
On the side, stained
With the lipstick you only wear
On third dates, the idea of
what love "should feel like"
Bubbling below the skin
Until you get blisters and boils,
sick and heady but starry eyed.
Ignoring the naysayers,
Oh so what if sleeping beauty
Gets roofied here.
The potential to get shattered,
Identity mutilated beyond recognition
Is, after all, a small price to pay
If you finally get to.. Belong.
Moon Cherry Jul 7
A dream in my mind,
Of you and me together,
A home, forever.
Cup your hands to my cheeks,
Smile as you do,
Say to me my honey,
I’m home, baby.
c Jul 3
She belongs to the streets.
They’ve been calling her name
Since the day that he left
Stubs her toe on the curb
As she attempts to fly off
Into the traffic, with no second glance.
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