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Aŧül Apr 12
I wanna reach somewhere else,
For I do not belong here,
Listen to the silence of my panic.

I scream at the top of my voice,
Still, no one listens there,
Maybe I'm an alien here by choice.

I need a panacea for my ills,
A cure for my SADness,
Maybe then I won't get chills.

******-Affective Disorder,
Its SADness destroys me,
Maybe I lack love in my life.

I really need a loving wife,
Who values me enough,
Maybe such a Naari is imaginary.

I am very hopeless in life,
SAD, but not suicidal,
Maybe I have a bigger destiny.

I carry the burden of my past,
Still, I need some love,
Maybe happiness seeks me too.

I am unaware of a true lover,
Who can love me more,
Maybe she exists only in my desires.

I hear that everybody deserves joy,
But I don't know why, but
Maybe my Karma is a bad accountant.
My HP Poem #1923
©Atul Kaushal

Naari is a Hindi synonym for woman.
PhoenixTetra Apr 6
Why is that i find refuge
When I’m consumed by solitude
In a complete stranger
I see once or twice a week
Do you see me?
Can you feel me?
I’m tired of hiding.
Willow SR Apr 8
In the doors, I come
To a house, I don't belong
And yet, this place feels more like home
Then the place I call my own
Nylee Mar 8
Do I belong to the place
That screams,
I do not.
learning to not belong,
to continue d r i f t i n g without
being lost nor found.
You would tell me “Everything’s better with time.”
That everything’s gonna be fine.
But I’m still waiting.
The truth is time has forgotten about me.
I can’t recognize anyone I see.
Anxiety’s invading.

So I ask the stars to show me where I belong.
I’m so tired of being strong.
No, I cannot stay here.

You remind me of everything I said back then.
I was so naive back then.
Oh how I’ve learned.
But I’m barely put together by glue.
I don’t know if I’ll make it through.
Anxiety’s returned.

So don’t ask me where I belong.
I’m so tired of being wrong.
So don’t ask that of me.
I just know I cannot stay here.

No, nothing about this says home.
I cannot stay here.
No, I’m just a stranger, I’m just alone.
I cannot stay here.
No, I don’t know where I will go,
But I cannot stay here.
and i guess i learned
the hard way that
chasing you is like
chasing the sunset
i am running towards you
but when i reach out to
hold you in my hand
fingertips grasp at empty air

a master of disguise
appearing so close, but you were
distant, off in the distance giving
the horizon line goodnight kisses

you belong to the wind
the light, the sky, the stars
you belong to everything,
but you do not belong to me.
Butterfly Nov 2020
The way they fit on my body.
They look wrong, weird, strange.
They don't fit, they dont belong with me.
Im struggling alot with my body image and my style and on top of that the judgement of others don't really help.
I wish somebody just came to my house and made me some outfits ****. Feel like im being dramatic but it really bothers me that I constantly feel like **** in my clothes.
Rollercoaster Nov 2020
Thunder rages on outside.
I am not the only traveler
who has not repaid his debt.
It attempts to scare me
into succumbing to the dark
and to the rain.
I would like rain
to accompany me on my
But I’m too much indebted
to afford it.
The skies want their
money back
and the heavens
have sent lightning.
They need it back
to bring back order.
Such a concentration of darkness
in one mortal isn’t natural.
They demand it back.
They need it back.
They send the rains
to make me yield to wizardry.
I do not
and smile in hope
that I’ll belong to the rain someday
and rain will belong to me.
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