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and i know one day you'll forget about me
i bet you're all already doing it

i'll be a distant memory
a nostalgic song

you'll remember my rights
and whatever went wrong

but be wary o, you familiar stangers
be wary of my ghost

because i may be gone
but i'll haunt you til the day you cease breathing
i am forever, cursed to never age
the death i have to repeat
is the heartbreak you've given me

you can choose to ignore me
but you know i am there
lingering softly, longing for the beat of my own chest

i am a ghost
plagued to haunt you forever
as much as you haunt me

is this what you wanted?
Anna Sep 3
I've been making love with a ghost,
And as he stares at me, I see myself just as hollow as him,
Wrapping and accepting every bit of cold and plasmatic caress,
Burning out from the last joy,
Sleeping alone in the left bed.

Numbered lovers and letters threw by side,
Love as the last pellicle, or first issue,
And wherever you are, haunt me
From the day I was born 'till I die.

So then again I breath,
And I go on, with the lack of life,
Making love with a ghost, blinding my skies.
Sarah Aug 29
I tried to bury the hurt
deep, deep inside.
But it returns to haunt me,
because I buried it alive.
I ask for a seance
I want to speak
to the varying ghosts
long haunting me

plead with them,
what do they seek?

is it remembrance
or tacit belief?

my soul is shredding
please, answer me
miki Aug 9
the thought of you still lingers in my room
and every time i return
i am faced with the reality
that you’re never there.

so why can i still feel you in my bones?
miki Aug 9
you’ve faded from my memory
and slipped from my touch.
you haunt me
like a forbidden fantasy
yet you’re the paradise i crave when i’m alone.
Dot Dot Dot,
I write again with Dots,
Dot Dot Dot,
The Dot's form a shape,
Dot Dot Dot,
They form the shape of your face,
Dot Dot Dot,
I thought I moved away from your Dots,
Dot Dot Dot,
They continue to show me your face,
Dot Dot Dot,
The Dots still haunt me in my dreams,
Dot Dot Dot,
Leave me alone, I've moved on.
Gerald Jun 23
We are not together any more, but you still won't leave me alone.
     You keep haunting my heart.
Gerald Jun 21
You can throw me to the wolves, they won't hurt me. The wolves know my scent. We howl at the moon together.

You can take me to the demons, they don't terrify me. The devil knows my name. We spend nights together.

You can give me up to ghosts so they haunt me. Oh! How they like it; this void in my chest, where my heart used to be.
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