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Serendipity Jul 28
I pray that the ghosts
that haunt my bones
and the demons
that line my skin
know what they are doing
because I don't.
Jenn Gardner Dec 2021
Even after all of this time,
you still ******* haunt me.

Your specter lingers in the earth beneath my feet.
Sticking to my shoes as I try to walk away.

You are a poltergeist acting through me.

Making me think that you are everyone,
Everyone is you.
And love is just a mask you wear.

All the times I told myself,
that trust meant falling victim.

It was you
With your tendrils wrapped around my skull,
Whispering in my ear.
Alicia Moore Oct 2021
The tedious graveyard shift comes around again,
The ghosts and ghouls of my past clocking in.
We meet each other at the silver gate;
We greet each other with the same stare each night.
I wonder if some will stay overtime with me under this moon,
Or if we can led our own paths once more come morning.
Chris Saitta Oct 2021
Thrums the bee waggle-dance in a haunt of Indian horsepaths,
Or the shaking leaf one second past the strike of galloping rain
/ Parsimonious lightning, thrifty in its jagged stalks
Against this night of heavy-hearted oaks /
Then the hay-fringed bale of sleep, rolled into a valley of slowed breathing,
Through parting cloud-diabolique, poison-peers the wet toadback of Autumn,
Glowing moon-gristle in the bosky wolf’s beard with its wireframe of teeth.
bearing a face i can barely recall
wearing a body that falls through your arms
i was born with these phantom limbs
hands that can't hold anything
grip that won't leave fingerprints
nothing in my possession
i'll haunt the halls that were held from me
always at arm's reach
never in my possession
Devin Ortiz Jun 2021
Life has always been about the decaying permutation of possibility.

When you are young, the infinite paths sing with endless potentials.

These branches are primed with the indifferent hands of time.

Choice still exist, as it always has, yet the narrowing is haunting.

It is that inevitability is that hangs around in ominous fog.

Approaching that finality is a journey of bittersweet grace.
Invisibility is a cliché wish,
But a night spent staring at the ceiling
Or the wall
With the feeling of existence
Washed to the minimum
By consumption,
Creates a similar feeling
Of invisibility to the senses.

I wish not for invisibility,
I wish to be your ghost
For exclusively your eyes
To witness me
As a shooting star
Scratches the sky
Leaving no trail
For those who missed it.
I hope I don’t miss
The trail of the gentle scratch
You leave in your last touch,
Letting this fleeting moment pass
Without recognition until lost.

If you spend forever in a single moment,
It’s not just a moment anymore,
For if you lose sight of me,
I'll erode away in the river
That you'll toss me in.
Emergence to accept defeat
That I let such a moment
Dissipate to become a lifetime
Of regret is the pressure point
In my mind regarding you.
Losing you now would be unforgivable,
Don’t let me go.
45 lines, 207 days left.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2021
I miss you all hours of the day
More throughout long nights
Curled up next to somebody else
It just doesn't feel right
I lie awake for an eternity
Memories in my head
Wishing it was me there with you
Instead of her beside you in bed
When finally my mind drifts off
Expecting sleep to bring relief
It is a blessing and a curse
You always haunt my dreams
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