Hunter's haunt
their lifeless thought,
worst and precious.

It makes a permanent
hues of black soul
like it's photographed
from the history
of vendetta.

My melancholy,despondent muse,was the one
Who taught me to empathize with
Waves, moon lit nights, mermaid songs
Whale whistles of lovelorn moments
Heartbreaks ending failed love affairs
That haunts the hearts like unmitigated thirsts,
She walks me through the garden path,
Taking my cold shivering hands
   her warm trembling palm...

I see the young blooms fallen from
The lap of the vine, that held them close
Fondled with such affection,for a lifetime, showerd
I see all of them,trampled over,crumpled in the dust

The withered flowers on bushes we pass,one by one
They look lackluster  in the crushing
Harsh sun, my muse who refused to speak all along,
Now has teardrops rolling down her eyes.
She makes my crusted ice cap collapse, I melt
Not being able to look at my heart broken beloved.

I look around for a bud or a sprout extolling hope
A young shoot that shouts aloud,"Life is here, in wait"

Cat Lynn Jul 20

The argument I'm about to say, has impaled through my awareness until the blood cry of surrender gushes out of me...


Excuse me, But do I go where ever you go?

Do I walk beneath you every foot step?

Do I mimic your every move or try to know every secret you have kept?

If I was a Shadow, You Idiot I’d be just like you!!!

A Control Freak, a Hypocrite, a Deceiver, a Fool!!!

Cruel you may say I Am, but you saying that only verifies one thing...

I am NOT a Shadow....I am a Ghost, and as a Ghost, it's you I shall be haunting....

I will follow you but  JUST to prove something to you....

I am proving to you that I am something better,

I am a Better You!!!

Dead and Free

I Rest My Case
Lyn-Purcell Jul 20

Stretch your hand outward
And capture the rays of the sun
For eternity

The shadows will chase
And do their best to haunt you
Turn dreams to nightmares

Dream of the dreamer
Covet yourself from Night's mare
Let your hope shine bright

We all have our moments in the sun. We all have our moments in the darkness...we humans are contradictory. But even with all the mistakes we make, we are human.
Paul Jones Dec 2015

What haunts the hollow     hallway of dark hours
fails again. A friend,     not fear, grips me.

Ron Gavalik Jul 13

On the TV stand in front of me
sits a sculpture of a skull.
No matter where I sit
the skull stares at me.
It haunts me,
and reminds me
of my fragile mortality.
Still, I won't turn the skull away.
We're locked in a test of wills,
even though I know
in the end
I won't win.


The thought of your touch burning through my skin.
I look into your eyes and it feels like I could fall in.
Empty words from your mouth but I can't listen.
The weight of your jaw hangs higher than mine.
I can feel my body thawing as I live in fire.
My home is a haunted house owned by a beautiful liar.
We spend what feels like an eternity before I expire.
Time never moved as fast when I was on fire.
It just proves that your love made me insatiable
In a world unstable.
Now I crave the heat more than I craved the earth.
My home in the dirt can't keep me warm
Because on my skin is your haunting burn.

oni Apr 25

stop hiding behind my eyelids
let me sleep

Rooms filled with fire compelling the darkness,
burning on light, emptying the room. No
hearing or seeing or smelling, only
tasting the smoke of my friends burning, feeling
the flames licking my cheeks. The faint sound of
wood thudding into a skull reverberates
through me. So far away yet still here.
The light comes back to see the bodies
of loved ones falling, skulls caved in. Bones limp
and eyes sparkless. Dead. I hear laughter as
palms hover over candles, seething and melting
skin dripping from their hands, faces.
Mouths misshapen and crude, jagged,
cruel. Skin drained, white as bone, red eyes of blood
dripping with death. Your soft body approaches me.
All is calm and well until your body
merges with the rest of them and you condemn me
with eyes of rotting flesh.

~~ Death is emerging from my soul. ~~
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