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thyreez-thy Feb 3
here i am sitting down thinking of the past
trying so hard to hold on, make the memory last
just looking around, trying to repeat "it's cool"
but i know that i'm just fortune's fool
looking around people look all the same
wondering what is the world, it's all a shame
the world has gone dark since when I was young
so many words unsaid, like songs unsung
i wish it could be like it was back then
now it seems the world is full of evil men
just listen to music, make yourself confined
I mean look around you, there's nothing to find
our eyes forgot what it's like to cry
make the heart stiff,of how hard we try
our body often compared to a temple
all the words to make us feel mental
here i am standing in the rain
its the only thing making me sane
done waiting for things to be great
because i'm already tired of my fate
ever get sick and tired, of being sick and tired?
your body and routine like a robot, always wired
think of all the people that you met
how each had there own way to make you upset
just here to wait for the bitter end
rather don't speak, you don't want to offend
like a ****** waiting for her next customer to have "fun"
ashamed, so use to the feeling she  waits patiently for it to be done
so welcome to our world where no one gives a ....
if your trying to enjoy it then i wish you the best of luck
there is no such thing as a sugarcoated truth, only the bitter and painful one
Philomena Jan 30
Perfect place to live
Yet so far from home

Perfect person to live with
Yet just as broken as me

Perfect job to be in
Yet a overwhelmed minority

Perfect person to love
Yet worried on how much time remains
noir Jan 29
I remember when you had the one wing

<And I wish to forget>

I remember when you tried to fly

<And I feel so far down>

Why did you have to be this way?

<We could have been perfect together>

But you couldn’t love me

<Especially not you>

We were supposed to be free

<But not this way>

So this really is goodbye

<I’m sorry>

Don’t be


<insert static text>
another dialogue set, thing. I also wrote this one a while back.
Johnny walker Jan 27
A dream within a dream so real It seemed Suddenly started to sink there was no sound there was no panic
As sank deeper and deeper into the beautiful clear blue water further, I go still no
Almost an acceptance of the Inevitable sunk so deep can no longer see the surface my eyes starting to close
and can't breathe but still no panic suddenly a comforting feeling descending all around me
I knew at that point I was dying
I almost felt as If I was going to somewhere I would be finally happy when I woke
It had been a dream but to what did the dream mean or maybe the dream
a warning of something about to happen or
maybe still to
A strange dream but to what did It mean something about to happened or maybe yet to come
Astra Jan 19
You're right..I'm not over it...but you forgot one word..YET..
I'm not over it yet but eventually I will be and you'll be the one left missing me.
All right reserved, Written by fragilehalo
United We Stand
Divided... We Have Fallen
Balance is the Key To a Better Way....
So why isn't the Balancing beam being set up....for a success and a brighter day?
A Volcano of lies
Lava Scolds the Truthful and the Innocent
Sitting on our hands
We merely die like lost sea creatures boiling on the sands..
Of life's Symbiont energies peacefully brimming with  healing purpose and fluid intelligence to heal our Misguided people from destruction..
The Oceans push their waters .. harder then harder
As the Gods of Fortune, Health, and Care..
Buddha's tears fill a great portion of the ocean.. devotion...
We must stop and bath in these of nature,,,
End the senseless ignorance and violence,,,
Becoming who we know we can be..
Gentle creatures over-flowing with gleaming gifts of solution and equal distribution of rights and softer tolerance.
Until the Volcano is put to sleep with truth's song...
Until the destruction of a great world comes...
At the rate and on the road on which we have traveled, wrongly, down...
The time until the Vengeance of our Angry and Devine Creator, upon us, his wrath shall be seen quickly and deeply strong.
We, as a free and gifted world, should united and see the gifts of our creator signaled to end the suffering of ignorance. Self made unneeded trials.  Not just in government and this "migration violence" "drug dilemma" the world is a beautiful place..if we unite and work, listen, and care as one. Together.
Seanathon Jan 14
The day of my life is not eternal
Neither without the warmth of the sunlit hands
Nor the chilling stare of the moons bright eye
And yet…
As the days amidst the months pass by, like the tides
So I stop and start my heart from beating
Autonomic is this loving way of mine
glass can Dec 2018
my grandfather has thin skin
he says
after I watched him buckle after a bunch in texture on the floor
a wire
a corner
a buckle in the universe

where man falters where he is confident to walk
and I watch the blood in a ****** mary leak into the corners of a white leather couch
a drink, spicy and cold
less orange than the purple that swells under his skin
and redder than the faded napkin I wrap around the icepack

he has eyes browner than my brothers
less brooding, more soft with an illustration,
a knowledge of all his children's lives
and I wonder, a tight cliched anxiety in my chest
would I ever be so lucky

to worry
about all my successful children?
or would it ever keep me up
to wonder
if they were happy
or after everything, all the gravel and grit
or after everything, in their lungs, in their brains, in their skin,
smoothing right, all their rigors
humming under their hearth of hearts

if I would just go to bed,
happy they would be okay
happy there wasn't a buckle in the universe
JJ Inda Dec 2018
Life is the day to day,
in that time which leaves
no leftover.
And these affections are said to last
enough to brighten the night; until sunlight.

And to the light any-and-all wounds.
For love often hides
until night's arrival.
There tethered together
even though at times you feel
so far.
Casper Dec 2018
She is indeed
More than I took her for,
I think her grace
Will shortly
Turn into silence.
Go on,
Prepare for what is done.
I pray thee,
I am not ready yet.
I know my duty,
But my her death
Not be planted
In my memory
Just yet.
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