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Lewis 3d
save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
let me taste the auburn essence of you
for I do not have many sunrises left
so I must savour this apricot view

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
for my time is coming to an end
the twilight tigress cares for no other
as she hurls her marmalade blend

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
for you have shown me light
and when I close my eyes for eternal darkness
I will think of your tangerine might

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
when my light is flickering weak
the final words taste sour on my lips
rest your golden kiss on my cheek
Lee Jackman Oct 12
Why do nice guys always come last?
Iv got so much love to give.
I would do everything in my power to give you the best life.
I would be loyal.
You would be loved.
You could trust me with everything.
Our children would know a loving father.
But it feels like you dont want that.
It feels like you would rather be with a player.
It feels like you would rather be cheated on.
It feels like you would rather you children didnt know there father.
Maybe you dont really want the nice guy?
Please excuse any spelling, Im dyslexic. I have not had the confidence to share any of my poems until very recently. So kind words please
Nice people in social media
Right from vagaries of weather
Concerned **** of minors
Hue and cry
Enhance celebrity status
On payrolls of media barons
Plutocrats to hide their own crimes
Pseudocrats to gain political power
In real life *******
Hypocrites, double faced people
Actions behind the curtains
Opposite professed in public
Not a hyperbole
Call them diabolic
Nice people in social media
summersoul Sep 20
"tell me,
why can't you be nicer to me?"
bahulakaji Sep 2
Dear You,
Ever since you left me
for a better world.
People come to me to make love
but for money not for love.
I don't think
I am capable
of breaking someone's

because I know
too well
what it is like
to have one.
Ginger R Aug 7
Please give me something sweet
Something nice
There's not much of that in my life

I hope for the positive
Only do the negative
It's nice to see flowers untainted
(This was in my drafts. The date on this was Aug. 2019. kinda seems finished though and I like it so I'm posting it)
Ruheen Jul 11
"Treat others the way you want to be treated."
I've been trying for a while now.
I'm very nice.
All the time.
I swear I'm friendly with everyone.
No one's paying much attention.
No one's ever paid attention.
Some people think of me as a pushover now.
I'll still do it.
I'm going to be nice.
I am nice.
But I'll stop treating them better.
Better than I treat myself.
That quote's missing something.
It should be more like:
"Treat others the way you want to be treated...but treat yourself more often and better, so you don't end up hating yourself. And everyone around you."
That's it.
Thank you.
.....long title.
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