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Syv Elena Nov 2022
Love in its incorporeal form
I know her through and through
because the feelings that I have
are neverending with you
I'm with someone else and turns out I just have never felt love before
Odd Odyssey Poet Jun 2022
Mr Nice Guy,
with a broken smile, shattered dreams, and tired knees.
Battered equals, divided by trades of thought. You think
too much, with idle hands so dangerous when you’re
getting bored.

All the time of the world, is too small to hold.

Or like the past in your hands, a bright future seems
too dim in your head. So while you’re living to impress,
and motivate others lost in the lights of life;
I know you’re constantly hoping to wake up dead.

Aren’t you already there?

You won’t be there alone too long, I’ll be joining you soon.
Let me not wake up dead. I’ll need to switch off my alarm.


What is self conversation in these minded walls;
What speaks louder,— a present, past or longing future,
Who do you follow to be the leader of tomorrow,
Who are your children to be; of what you make of yourself now,
And how do you treat yourself when the public eyes are off,
With the obvious expected responses of a nice guy?

Oh Mr Nice guy, you're too nice for the world.
Beloved son (of a)...
Sweet mother...lover.
yes, please,
write this on the gravestone
I'll rest under.
You must mention my NPO
for the poor on our streets,
you can still see me adopting stray dogs.
Remember my kind smile
brightened by the sun,
or the flash of a camera,
helping cats stuck on trees.
I'm gonna leave a lot of footage
for my memorial, but you see,
it's important that you remind people
that I, a good guy, have done all these things.
Be grateful,
always love yourself every day.
Love your life now.
Be kind to everyone and to yourself.
Look around you,
and look at yourself now.
You have grown
to be a better person
than you were before.
You are a special person
and good people have surrounded you.
You are great.
Be grateful,
always do good to all,
also to yourself.
No need to think about things
that make you fall asleep with sadness,
you can definitely get through it.
Stay strong,
be strong,
you can.
You can do it.
You're a good and nice.
Be kind.
Be happy.
Show them your most beautiful smile.
Indonesia, 3rd October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nuhroho
Wealth is not just money
Tis only a small slice
The prosperity pie
I won’t deny
Is flavored by being nice

Of all the traits you show
I can be quite concise
The quality
That matters to me
Is simply that you’re nice

We can build prosperity
At quite a tiny price
If we all chip in
And from within
React by being nice

Share your life with others
And never think twice
About your choice
Of a loving voice
And choosing to be nice
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Just be nice.  It's easy to do.  Being nice can build wealth and prosperity in your life and in the world.  

You've felt the impact when someone is not nice to you, and you've experienced the uplift when someone does show kindness and care about you personally.

It's a big world, and we have different habits, hobbies, politics, nationalities, religions, views, and beliefs, but we can still be nice!
Mitch Prax Aug 2021
I hear your voice and
I hear poetry, music
and everything nice

6:11 PM
Erickson Iikuyu Jul 2021
A thoughtful sigh
And a deep sign
I'm being said of
A wave of moving echo
Stream being meditated onwards

Oh said them I'm being berevered
Or else said they I am helped
I presumed stated was it
I perceived it was ever a test

I meandered onwards in a current
Directed am I as a bent stem
Leaves plug of as a dried out branch
I am ahead and not ever mentioned

I say I am not he
Understood I am a better it
I stood out of the paved stream
Round out as a dodged pen

I rewrite as a new outlift
I flow as a new lift
Ever is it I leaped
Written by: Erickson Iikuyu
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