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eF 2d
Why do I bother
Being the nice guy when we
Always finish last.
Life ***** lately.
No matter how much light I spread into the world it gets drowned out by darkness.
I try to do everything right.
And I always get wronged.
Aiden 5d
What makes a compliment?
And why do we crave them so?
It’s loved on every continent,
And everyone praises those who give them so.

Yet there are no real rules,
Just many a fools,
Giving their idea of one.

We say what we think is nice,
We speak what we believe is true,
An idea of a complement.
But some fall hilariously short,
And some say of which can be met with much blue.

So what makes a compliment?
Is it the person receiving the words?
It’s there job to interpret the voice?
Must they dissect what the other says,
And hope to *** there interpretation is the correct choice?

So what makes a complement?
Is it the person giving the words?
Must they be masters of literature,
With the ability to prefect,
The ability to make immaculate,
The ability to speak with all the power of a poet?

Or is it someones job to do something deserving of one,
With the other person making the choice,
The choice of giving the person a deserving words that have been oh so beautifully spun?

Not at all.
A complement is complement because we say so.
There are no rules.
Just what each person knows of each other in this world of fools.

A complement is complement because both people are happy with what is said.
It’s a personal idea for only those two people’s head.
Snap chat's recent "Send X if you care about me"  spam decide to make write about what a complement is.
Always remember Helen
and I our first real ******
encounter tried to make
out at my mum and dads
house very little success
so we walked to woods at
the back my dads house
Helen picked nice quite
place she sat a fallen tree
she had on a beautiful
summery dress Helen called
me over drew me In close
then started slowly to ***** me
till completely ***** remember
looking around frightened In
we were being watched she
laid her soft hands on my
body I forgot about anyone
watching for I was In Heaven
Helen stood up I held and
kissed her and the rest Is
History as Is said, naughty
nice adventurous exciting
encounter In the wood that
day, never will I forget my
naughty nymph of the
Naughty but nice exciting adventurous encounter In the woods with my naughty nymph
Johnny walker Nov 11
Whisper naughty but nice
and gently nibble her ear
would send Helens heart
all to a flutter With both
our hearts racing we
entered the pleasurable
joys of ******* to feel
the nakedness of her body
pressed against mine to
kiss her all over and to lay
there afterwards and see
my girl asleep In all her
To my girl In all her glory so beautiful
hope and I never lose my memories
Helen had a real
naughty but nice
**** husky voice
and such wicked
Her eyes so bright
so much said In the
beautiful eyes of
Helen was not only
pretty, she had beauty
Inside a beauty that
came from deep
She had a heart of
gold fell In love with
her I was rewarded
so much
Helen had this incredible voice
could be so **** and what
wicked laugh but she so nice with It
I told my love recently that he never writes for me
He claimed it was because of his insecurity
The English language is complex
I agree, but it requires thought and what comes next
So my love then began to think
And with his words he made my heart sink
In a way that was full of emotion
And it renewed my everlasting devotion
He wrote for me
A piece of poetry:
"Your eyes sparkle,
Sparkle like a thousand fireworks,
and I marvel like a little kid,
Looking into your beautiful green eyes
like a lushes forest.
Hoping to get lost with you in the wild"
Anya Nov 6
Awwww, you're so pure?
Why,        IS it
I                           insist                               upon
my                   friends
and they cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnot
take it
at                all?
I'm dubbed                                   pure
            a people
Terrified                            of                    social       rejection
so I try too hard
to be
that                                                 "nice"
But,                      is she me?
                                          I do see the good
                                                               in others
                                         And the
            Letting one out
Keeping the other
In         secure
Criticisms layered,                       with little
                   as soft
and mushy
            No hard edges
    Overly soft,
As if one               were                     protecting                  
                             a child


Sometimes, I feel this way. It's like I'm fake but real at the same time.
Gemma Davies Oct 18
Why is perfect the goal right now?
Perfect hair, perfect house, perfect waistline.
Whatever happened to just being happy...
Accepting the good, the wonderful, the fine.
There is so much more to life...
Than things, appearance and stuff.
If you spend your life looking for perfect...
Nothing will ever be enough!
Do what makes you happy...
Don't think about what they will say.
Who cares what other people think?
This is your life, live it your own way!
There is no such thing as perfect...
It's untouchable, unreal, untrue.
Do your best, be your best...
Be kind, be nice, be you!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
LadyM Oct 14
Can I keep on hoping
Or are you just being nice?
I keep on second guessing,
Always judging twice

What you say,
How you smile
When you look into my eyes,
Do your feelings go aflame
Or is your heart as cold as ice?
People confuse me. :S
Haylin Oct 2
It’s better to do something for the sake of humanity,
than to do it for a profit.
Can’t you just do something to be nice for once
and not be a greedy *******.
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