it's funny.
how we are so used to certain words
that when someone changes the word
it makes our whole world shine brighter.
Alternative  prizes
are   ready   for

RICE  and  NICE  plant.

                                          Alternative  of  prizes
                                           are also  there.

A  flying     digital  clock
can  release   your stress
by  singing  
Lady  Gaga   and
Justin Biber's
slow  songs.

                                          Alternative  of   prizes
                                            are  also  including-

                                    A   digital  robo  cat

                                    eagerly    will  wait
to  have   fried
sea  fish  to
compete    your
neighbour's  two   natural  cats.
Qais Alalami Jan 9
And as effortlessly as that,
You had me cracked
You chipped away at my cold exterior
Dodging shards of ice until I was no longer hard
My frozen heart exposed to the warmth of your hands slowly melting away with the steady breeze of your breath
Incapsulated in the prison of your knuckles
Only for you to drop my heart in search of another
Another that’s slightly warmer
Slightly more hospitable
And slightly more lovable than I am.
I guess my coldness could freeze everything, except your love for me.
Van Byrde Jan 5
i don't think i like nice people
i feel guilty around them
like my past stains me still
and they see it all
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
My love for you is patient
My love for you is kind
I want to write you personally
I hope that you don't mind
I can't live here without you
It would be like blank dark death
There is no me without you
You are within my every breath
I want to leave this place
And go live on our own
Believe me when I say this
You shudder through my bone
I need you with me always
Otherwise I might die
Every day without you
I quietly sit and cry
Please stay with me my sweetheart
And don't leave so soon
I write about you daily
And think from sun till moon
So please my lovely flower
O' won't you stay in bloom
I see our petals growing
Don't let them be our doom
Jacob Reilly Dec 2018
Well... sometimes I wish I could be alone, and sometimes I really feel alone. And it's a nice feeling for the most part. But having people who you can trust and be open with and love is always a nice thought. Despite the fact that most of the time they leave you stranded and isolated... but that's the beauty of numbness
Jenny Van Dec 2018
I looked nice today
I wish you saw
But it was too late
And you were gone

Here are just fake people
Showing fake love to me
But I did come for you
Just for you, to be seen
Seanathon Dec 2018
Not the aimlessness
Or the constant lack of questioning
None of that
But I’ll always remember her raven hair in a spiral stair
And the jealousy in her sister’s eyes
She did Have Nice Hair...
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