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c Sep 18
My body rises in opposition
To doing things in my best interest
It craves poison
Jagged rocks
And people who don’t love me back
Seanathon Sep 16
Because you are
         A whole universe is
         I am addicted to you
Because I am
So addictive it can be.

To lose yourself in another person and their lack of answers.

Talia Aug 30
When I reach out for help,
a hellish beast returns from the void,
only to bite my hand.
My utmost desire is to scream,
I crave to cry the sweet tears of sorrow,
I wish to unleash my demons from their prison.

But i'm afraid I can't.
Life is a big oof
I hunger to stamp a kiss on your cheek
Pucker my lips and taste your skin
Leave your imprint on my mouth
Of your sweet **** melanin

Your cheek so high and defined
The color of Cafe Au Lait
Smooth like satin sheets
Flawless like a bright clear day

Craving every part of you
But your face I long to touch
Tracing you with my fingertips
Aching for you so very much

Should I someday have the pleasure
To have your cheek pressed up on mine
I will bless you with my kisses
Our hearts forever intertwined
Kale Aug 6
The lust of a woman
Sometimes hides
Behind their gaze
They think
They want
They crave
It’s not easy hiding
The emotions of a goddess
But when it comes to fruition
There is complete and utter ecstasy
Nina Jul 26
I've been so lonely
Too lonely
That i crave for attention
I'm desperate for someone
To love me

I'm desperate
For attention
Myrrdin Jul 20
And so this is what it is
To want something so badly
I wish it never existed
To want something so badly
It is all that exists
Axel Jul 14
his white milk-like face,
makes me crave for his sweetness
while I'm swallowing plain water
that I got from the waitress.
As White As Sheet
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