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Don't want to wait another day
Just to show you how much i love you
It's either now or never
Only if you let me
Let you know
Ren Sturgis Mar 28
A walking contradiction, craves intimacy, yet yearns for isolation.
Alone and crying for affection not received. Will they ever truly understand what they need can be given and received from themselves?

But flowers need sun, water, and love to grow🖤
Written by Rain and Ren respectively
Is it wrong to crave for love?
Being deep in thought of something that's so hard to obtain
Wondering when will I ever find the other end of my red string
Will everything be just a fantasy?
Being able to start the day with a cup of coffee
and a smile on someone's face
During a hot afternoon we'll lay on a hammock under the trees and be asleep by the winds gentle breeze
And by night we'll watch together the beautiful starry sky, tracing the patterns of every constellation by our hands reaching so so high
Until we close our eyes
Nothing to see, only to feel
The tight embrace, the beating heart
And the warm breath which will make me fall asleep
Now tell me, is it wrong to crave for love?

maria Dec 2020
craving but not craving
you make me confused
© ,Maria
written on 17 December, 2020
Willow shade Dec 2020
Whirling... Keep it solid there. It is still whirling...
"Often" turned into "sometimes", "sometimes" into "seldom".
Never needed a drug or something else
I can even be drunk on my boredom.

All were devastated just in a blink
within my last existential crisis,
left behind the previous insouciant life
carrying along my painful inner screams.

The last thing I felt was a sudden crack
the one you never definitely cared about
and I pierced you back into the waters
like a tiny golden fish slipping out

You are always welcome, dear,
left for you a door ajar
It has been so long since I visited you
and heartily greeted your elegant car...

Put my faith in the wavy waters
believing someday you will fly through,
the Sun will dazzle my misted eyes
and the sky will turn to blue...

Fly sometimes...
Fly somewhere...
Fly in the end...
Yachika Sharma Nov 2020
Sometimes I crave for a loving heart,
Who has not been touched or torn apart,
But it feels like this world is not meant,
For a soul full of desire compared to art.
BSween Jul 2020
An apple and I can go on till dinner
A kiss and I yearn to the core for another
Prompting one more still
And while I do not dwell on details of that apple
The kiss leaves me wanting
Nylee Sep 2020
My imagination turned wild
I made you true in my head
You were beautiful and kind
So perfectly defined
Physically so similar
But in fantasy, you were divine
One of the kind.

I like my mind's craft
Not you, you are too human
When I see you in contrast
You don't hold a flame
You are not the same
You are not who I crave.

You never hurt me with words,
Actions are very just,
And you care about me,
Not you, but the one in the head
You are not even a shadow
In his bright light,
But he makes me sad too
By not existing in this world
Lane O Sep 2020
Your love is my vice
Thirsting for your soft caress
Carnal addiction
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