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BSween Jul 7
An apple and I can go on till dinner
A kiss and I yearn to the core for another
Prompting one more still
And while I do not dwell on details of that apple
The kiss leaves me wanting
Nylee Sep 9
My imagination turned wild
I made you true in my head
You were beautiful and kind
So perfectly defined
Physically so similar
But in fantasy, you were divine
One of the kind.

I like my mind's craft
Not you, you are too human
When I see you in contrast
You don't hold a flame
You are not the same
You are not who I crave.

You never hurt me with words,
Actions are very just,
And you care about me,
Not you, but the one in the head
You are not even a shadow
In his bright light,
But he makes me sad too
By not existing in this world
Lane O Sep 8
Your love is my vice
Thirsting for your soft caress
Carnal addiction
Have you ever cried and couldn't stop?

Maybe your chest hurt and you couldn't understand why?

You try to talk, but no one to listen?

Crave not only a voice, but the warmth of someone who cared?

You are not alone, for I too, am with you.
Asominate Sep 2
I crave consumption
An urge to purge,
If you will

To cease all function
I want my body to be still
I want my heart to be still
I want my mind to be free

I crave consumption
I want to undo my reality

I crave consumption
An urge to purge,
If you will

To cease all function
I want my body to be still
I want my heart to be still
I want my mind to be at peace

I crave consumption
I want to be decreased
Spriha Kant Jul 27
Whirling in your charm
I crave for owning tiara
ornamented with your love.

No matter what you are ,
but a king throning on my heart.
the men I crave
speak blunt,
wanting me for
my poetry persona,
strength sheer as a cliff,
me to be their tour guide to the edge,
my sexuality unabashedly to be their owing

they speak plain,
believing directness
is an aphrodisiac for me,
my style, direct unvarnished,
so that must be whom I am, surely

but they err deep grievously

I do love my poets so, the
ones, soft spoke, genteel, feeling
using first, no never, guile, words harmonizing,
softening the edges so smoothly rough necessary
for me to protect, confounding the harsh takers,
who never think to ask, never cradle, stroke,
don’t go below, see deeper that my nerves
are feminine, that pink is but a color,
that anyone could love, not an
invitation, a philosophy of
automatic surrender

now you know why I write poems,
to understand better the heart human,
ferret out the chaff, the bad, for everyone else.

Tony Tweedy Jun 22
A heart that craves for loves sweet embrace,
for all joy that such love entails.
A mind that bears the scars and wounds,
of when trust and belief in love yet fails.

A heart that longs for shared joy and warmth,
entwined with the passion of one who cares.
Weighted by all the hurt and sad lonely memories,
in a mind that remembers a love it no longer dares.

To love again hearts and minds war is fought,
and frequently though trust in love yet prevails.
Through mind ever conscious there is no one,
the thought by which it constantly assails.

It is said that the saddest love is of an unrequited kind,
and that it leads a soul to deep despair.
Yet I know this to be false for the saddest love,
is to crave love with all you are and to have no one ...
in love to share.
Love takes two....
The night was ours and we shared with the ones who craved.
The night is long
no touch of wrong
soul and body at little ease
and the world notices stain

Upon my soul
calm content and ocean floods,
sweet in the tremulous tides
And they would not welcome

Blossoms all the land
where the play is fair
lingered and lingers
upon thy lips

Thought you may not know
I may not feel
spirits crave, waiting to be given
all that is pure and true

Upon we,  as we pass into the night!
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