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   C   R   A   V  E
      C    R    A    V    E
         C      R      A      V      E
         R   R
         V           A
         E                 V     E
       V                     V
          A          A
            R    R
          C  R A V E            
       C  R  A  V  E
       C R A  V E
   C  R  A  V  E                

I long for company. Meaningful ones..
Wolf Dec 2018
I can't tell what is empty
My stomach
Or my soul
They both hold similar sensations
Craving for something, anything
Depending on how desperate I am
Longing for food
Hungry for love
Both have the power to sustain
Invisible Jan 4
What a delicate heart!
One touch and you'll shatter.
Treat yourself like fine art,
So the price won't matter.

What a sensitive heart!
I already see some of the cracks.
Such a bad start.
I hope we won't watch you collapse.

What a brave heart!
You act like you're getting stronger,
Yet you break down in the dark.
You can't take it any longer.

What a heart!
Delicate, sensitive and brave.
Promise me you won't break,
Even though it's what you crave.
Lot of heartbreak going around. Seen a lot of it. It's one of the most painful things in the world, yet everyone is bound to go through it at some point in life. You can't escape heartbreak, no matter how hard you try. It's like our hearts crave to be broken.
Ally Jan 4
It’s happiness I crave.
The strange euphoria from dancing in a rage.
The beauty in a books single page.

     How can one not be enthralled with the simplicity of everyday things?
     How can people glance over the beauty of life’s calmness?

It’s the happiness I crave.
When I see an old couple hold hands,
Or when I drive across the land.

   The peace and serenity of life.
   The happiness from the little things
This is what I crave.
FreeMind Jan 3
Kiss me,
Kiss me,
And kiss me once more...

Shut the blinds, Close the door.
Touch my heart
And whisper my name
Can you tell that you are driving me insane?
January 3, 2019
Death-throws Dec 2018
I want something i cant have

Something ive had before, soft and tender,

Something that isnt mine

Something thats on my mind

A woman
Dredd Dec 2018
i have always had this worry that i could be missing the great things that i could be doing with my soulmate.
how if i don't find this person, time will be taken away from us.
but then i realise that once you find that person

time stops.

only the two of you can
glide through time or
relax through time,
enjoy through time because it doesn't matter how long you have been with that person.
it's the quality of the moments that you will remember and cherish the most with one another.

Wondering and worrying when my soulmate will ever come.
Grace Willow Dec 2018
Your lips are a poison, burning the back of my throat with the taste of you
But I can’t help but crave just one more sip.
Jenn Dec 2018
I'm biting my lip at another morning,
it tastes like metal
I've had the pleasure of knowing this taste before
I've never known yours
do you taste like my bleeding chapped lips?
or do you taste like ice cream on a summer night?
do you taste like an unfiltered cigarette?
or do you taste like mint gum?
you must taste like sleepless nights,
because that's all my body seems to crave.
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