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Lay your all dreams
upon now just so I can remember how
were for as I grow older my memory fades with each year that passes
Sweetheart lay your dreams upon me  
now for my memory fading fast with
day that passes by don't know to how much I'll
be able to remember
with each year that passes
Start getting old the memory fade a little with each passing year
memoona kazmi Mar 11
here you go,
take a sip of your words,
chew them with patience,
swallow them,
and now tell me,
how do they taste,
salute me,
i have been swallowing them for such a long time
Seanathon Mar 8
My echo
My desire to be heard
Died long ago

In a notebook winding longer than the build before the great crescendo

And I noted in this
As a young man of old
As a conductor of sorts

Not attempting to refire all of the old songs turned cold
But rewriting them each for me alone
Indefinitely and until the long silence comes home
Experience allows me to not walk that path. Again and again. And thank God for that.
so close within your eyes..
resides the world's most scintillant light..
when you cry...the stars WEEP and release symphonies that cascade from the skies,
azure temples intimately disguised,
yet in the dark your heart falls apart and calls out my name,
every day i think of you, as my soul grows cold and old..i struggle 2 control the pain..
Its odd..
the facade.. that the'world in all it's awe
performs so worn'from the applause relentlessly,
Nothing MUST be..
we're born and formed to be flawed,
created cracked and clawed
from earthly debris,
Misanthropic melodies, manifolds of madness never before heard-confessed and conveyed
Expressed and displayed-through violent variation of words,
I await..
and in silence observe,
Confounded and disturbed.
Not sure what it means..but there it is.
Bryce Feb 28
Have you seen the soft light of her eye?
The speckled dusts that line
the record sheaths
Spinning in the groovy beat of eternity

Somewhere high above the skies
veiled in wisps, her water-bearing cirrus
and looming presence of Cumulonimbus
running the deluge of thoughts into the brain
and giving the gift of loving rains

There she is, the lovely moon--
A pockmarked pearl in distant gloom
A momentary gift, spinning her disk
in shafts of light on fallow eyes

I have been long lost, in varied dream
The boundless world around careens
Empty towards the end of move
But I'll spend the rest of this with you

The moon, Earth's aeons of planetary dance
in loving poise of circumstance
Her writhing storm of life between
the ever-floating nodes of light

My feet are big
And growing ever bigger.
Large, wide,
And filling every shoe.
They stick out from me
Making flats look ridiculous.
They are like life rafts,
Falling to the side like pillows
When encountering resistance.


My feet are long
And growing ever stronger.
Supportive, storied,
And deserving special care.
When pointed, they are elegant,
Skeletal and muscular, even when in heels.
They are like canoes,
Chiseled and carved with love,
Gliding forward with intention.
Rowan S Jan 26
Sometimes you hear words
Spill, careless from peoples' mouths
Their impact, unknown
You never be the same before.
You never be the same and after.
Your mind was changed by situation.
Your life was changed by worldview.
You changed own intellect by warping.

You never be the same before.
And never be the same and after.
Each day you transform into a different person.
In new one person, which was hidden before.
From eyes of curious and interesting.

You’re realizing day by day.
You make progress.
You meet new people.
Your life changed every second.
You changed by blinking of an eye.

You never be the same before.
You never be the same and after.
Mel Jan 11
It was in the shower i tried to picture you
With your shirt off your lips turned blue.
"I dont want you to see me cry" i said
And not from the pain between my legs, as I bled.
I try to picture romantic evenings as beautiful,
Ones that make my mind content and full,
But in the end these images rott
They stink of regret and the same shame that I fought.
There are dark secrets in my mind,
Some even darker, some hard to find.
But your unconditional love it made me blind,
I try to picture a night with you.
I know you picture this night with me too.
A night where these secrets dont stop me,
From your loving touches, I wont flea.
At least in these dreams I can do this
But in the real world its just a punch with a strong cold fist.
This cant heal as fast as a scraped knee,
But it does feel like an injury.
Please dont give up so quickly,
Because in the end its still me.
All bruised up and blue from my past,
Im trying so hard to make this last,
I know im selfish.
Know that if your patient i will get my wish,
And these pictured nights in the shower wont be so sad,
Theres a day in the future where your touch wont feel so bad.
This might not be for anyone whose sensitive to past ****** abuse.
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