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Heidi Franke Sep 2023
One more before I go.
Into the wilderness of parts and dreams. A happy send off in the cool morning.

I will be back in a new form perhaps, a more rounded crown of a tree, after years of pruning.
A "wild and precious life" with untold horrors, spoken dreams, and wandering caravans of thought.

In yellow abodes loving kindness which is yours. Maybe it will seep in like a root gives to it's leaves. Traveling through twisted currents. It's fragile rose petals. Short lived. But remembered.
It's almost mid September and the Julia Child rose bush pushes out it's last rose for this year. A year of waiting, trauma, wandering untethered.
Man Jun 2023
A voice,
I was familiar with
Previously, deviously
Reaching out
For more of what she had
Odd Odyssey Poet Aug 2022
A summer experience, all the time while
the kisses were bright—in warm regards.
The careless fall; we'd spring up a conversation
on talking about love. And how you fell for my

Retracing scars of past loves, (so few actually)
still I've been gunned down by such a handful
of quests. You'd see those marks on my arms.

By far—I'm no perfect romantic. The type to
chance his chances of the first awkward advances.
My wit to say, only comes out of less pressuring
moments. To impress you only when we've known the
shape of each other's humour.

I was a late bloomer. The sort of nerdy kid, throughout
school. Constantly anxious to impress a design on; as
a daily tool. And as usual, too full of myself thinking
I was overly too cool. But really just full fled fool.

So when we met, it was my season of necessary
growth, in the journey of my life of a revelation's show.
Questioning self worth, the ways of the world, and
YouTube videos of how to kiss a girl. And the highest
being what is means to be a man. Soft with the emotions
compared to others, and finding it hard to fit in with their

Before you met me, I was teased for walking like a
duck. Yet you told me I walk with such confidence,—
but I was a chicken towards standing out, that you could
hear a cluck in my gulps. I'm still the type to start a
conversation with, "what's up"

As being up to no good with other people my age,
but none at the drinking age of the clubs we snuck in.
Still at an early stage, I learnt I wasn't that big on going
out clubbing. But a few drinks at home, good food for at
home and sometimes drinking alone was more my norm.

Before you met me, it was what you'd call my BC days.
Still I went to church from a young age, but the Lord
wasn't the first call to hard situations. Or even ending
my prayers with a, "in Jesus name"

I'm still learning more about myself present day,
and that's okay. Because the learning experience never
ends until we're dead. So there's more to my story by
every new turning page. I might seem strange, but all
in all—I'm glad of the person I became. And the After is
beautifully being discovered today.

             I'm glad I discovered you.
Wilkes Arnold Sep 2021
My thoughts dance with you
Before I sleep
I'd rather they trip
On tired feet
Into the sound and deep

But before I sleep

Through closed eyes
You float and sway
In a faultless waltz
With my traitorous thoughts
Across the unknit strings
Of my coming dreams

Before I sleep

And I can't gather my thoughts
To look away
Because you stole them
For a dance so beautiful
I may never get the chance
To be alone with my thoughts again
Before I sleep.
mark soltero Aug 2021
exposed myself
my true form
present in a moment's time
glimpses of me
rushed sequences in your mind

we stayed in
just like i planned
my heart doesn't ache
please don't put your hands on me anymore
i know that this is only momentarily

nothing you do can amount to what i felt before
TheBlackBird Aug 2021
Just lay beneath the stars with me

Pretending that we're kids again

Still dreaming big dreams

Still stealing kisses

Living back in the before time

When we hadn't yet learned

That some people are like matches

And if you hold on too long

You get burned.
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
Before you even try to trust someone else, make sure you can trust yourself first.
John McCafferty Jul 2021
It's all been done before
Time, as a construct is illusionary.
Past, present and future are combined.
There are no dividing lines
We have existed in awe
to learn again from our elder selves.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Every part of you tainted now
Relationship died
Tell me how
To redeem sins and find salvation
Before our souls face damnation
Redemption. Something I am no longer familiar with..
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things called faded never were:3

losing hope on the the line
a beak of joy once in my lifetime

miracle from the ending
never want to manipulate a bending

the polar of the polar was at that stake
a back to back felt like a heart break

favourite on the eyes
no need for excuses or pathetic lies

goddesses of killers
breathed into a caterpillar

but the butterfly not to live ought to die
on a yellow leaf to rot and cry

a shoulder to hang on not written on that destiny
today of all days the dangerous whispers to bethany

how much of months are upcome to bare the yin
battle of love in a spiced up of a resentment called yang in

melody to fear
connected to the neck right there to the ear

to no one but me

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