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Bhill 2d
the secret path appeared before us
what is to become of the path behind us

Brian Hill - 2020 # 294
you loved her
she wasn't there &
that existed forever...
Amanda Oct 19
I try to do the best I can
Yet everything still falls apart
I end every day with the same problems
Working their way through my heart

Talk but you are distracted
We never find a solution
Stress poisoning the air around us
We keep breathing in pollution

Just keep ignoring the damage
Acting like we are fine
Blind to fact we are tiptoeing
Dangerously on a thin line

Me pretending that I don’t notice
How close we are to the edge
You don’t seem to mind the risk
Associated with the ledge

You listen
You attempt to understand
Why I live with such fear
But can’t change the speed you move at
Or switch into a lower gear

Don’t hear my worried murmurs
Cries fall upon ears rendered deaf
If you continue wheeling and dealing
Soon nothing will be left

Destroying me one piece at a time
As you throw your potential away
Hoping in time you will see the truth
Before it’s too late to stop decay
I hate the lifestyle we live
Before I go, can I try and make you happy?
Should I rewrite that line since it's a bit sappy?

Before I go, is it okay to give one last smile?
I know I know, I've cried for quite a while.

Before I go, can I tell you how much you mean to me?
I'm sorry that I will be leaving, but you'll be free.

Before I go, can I write out my last few lines?
I'll keep it happy with my "I'm fines."

Before I go, can I try one last shout?
I want you to be happy without a doubt.
Luiz Oct 9

always there
never spare
to scare
they stare

and snare
they swear
my despair

not a prayer
to breathe air
never fair
always tear

here and there
I'm elsewhere

back in time
times behind
hit rewind
as tears flare

past glares
I dare

rip to pairs

to replace
and erase
no space
for disgrace

give it face
past deface
earn my place
win the race

up the pace
live in grace
life embrace!
Zack Ripley Sep 23
Why do we ask the same questions
Using the same words
And hope it is any more relevant
And meaningful
Than it was before?
Emma Sep 8
how lovely it is
to love someone without thought
it happened so quick
Ken Pepiton Aug 18
Mollify-ing the effects of
The ******-logical Damage from beliving believed
Lies. Falsies called True, True called False.
The words working madly to make sense fail
Wishing hoping praying
define praying we know how to hope and wish

but praying, more than asking, acting asif
the prayer is a sayer of something
a doer of somehow someway deeds of deliverance

Hearing heart hear me wish I knew how to
receive the answers for earth’s wealth to be
used as rain is used.
This is me praying this is not me looking for human feedback in the form of funds,
I am asking my father,
who is where the kingdom of the creator is served in equity,

Where is the kingdom of heaven?
Who do you think knows?
Whom did you trust to convince your vincible mind?

Do the ants and birds agree with your opinion?
Have you considered the lily,

Is this life on earth a foraneus state of mind for mankind,
wombed and un, beyond the bounds of our higher
realm whither message bearing services
do the work of angels and runners
in ancient times.

Subject me to your order, your rule, your common sense
that you know what I mean

I speak in spirals, twisting vortices in all that ever mattered
or ever shall, as the I’ll go rhythms tic

today, the day
to do da day, jubilee believe me, truth known
truth be known by some
simple minds.
Ah, Teusday, I waited for you
Nolan Willett May 20
Like the muscles in our fists, and in our legs,
The heart too needs to be torn apart
Again and again
So that it may rebuild itself
Stronger than the day it was before,
And like how we can lift more with our arms,
And run more with our legs,
What hurt us the day before,
Suddenly has no effect
In our heart
Everybody is exhausted, one way or another.
Organizing brings more choas.
How do others work, I wonder.

No space in a day, escaping your body.
If it's still worth it you're considered lucky.
Hold on, hold me, time to get cozy.
Rushing so my feelings are behind me.

But I am on fire, shaking and staring.
Losing oversight.
No comfort at night.

So I write it all down cause it won't get done.
One by one.
One step at the time getting dizzy and confused.
How do you see through all the stuff you have used?

Cleaning and moving and changing.
It's a lot of re-arranging.
Is it living or just doing without feeling?

Head exploding, losing energy, any form of capacity.
To even begin to explain what's happening.
People never have nothing to do, always busy.

People are the energy like a star.
People are.
People shoot into the air.
And wish to stay there,

But moving is a part of living.
It's a part of everything.
Just keep on managing.

It's a lot.
Keep on smiling.
It's a lot.
Keep on managing.
Till you're not.

Some people move while standing still.
Managing until.
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