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Shofi Ahmed Oct 3
Before a split second
that shows up.
And gone before
the blink of an eye!
I acceted myself when I love you.
I got freedom in varied forms.
I see the life like it's should be. Without pinkky glasses on my eyes.
I don't want from someone expectation.
I don't put my hopes in somebody's hands.
I know some may say that I'm changed.
Maybe I am getting too cold and too selfish.
But who will care about me if not I am.
I can't hurt myself anymore.
I miss sometimes about this girl I was before.
But then I wasn't love myself.
girl gonzo Sep 25
a spit pact by the cul-de-sac
of your old house
the yard was always perfect
but the shingles trembled
and the roof always felt like it might fall
you told me not to worry
that saliva is thicker than blood
and once the home is ruined
you'll still remember me
as one of the good girls
as one of the good girls

you wore acrylic nails that scratched the back of my neck
because you said it made you feel older
and your green poppy dress always blended
in with the backyard trees
while you smoked foreign substances
from an old lipstick case you carved out
and it was all so feminine
and all so beautiful
but I could never get high enough  
so I had to pretend that everything
felt as far away as climbing the skyscrapers in downtown

your laugh always bordered on cackling
and you promised that when our paths diverted
and they would
to remember
that hotel rooms should never feel like people
and that some men are strange
under different lighting
and to always close my eyes when crossing the street
and maybe I would survive
and I said
yes yes yes
I understand I say like I understood

when you got a scrape on your knee
you told me sometimes you wished
you could be as weightless
to never disrupt any floorboards
or understand the gravity
of heaviness
you look at me
and I'm envious of your curls
and I can tell by the way you straighten them
to the point of abuse
that you envy mine
an old friend that wasn't and was
And perhaps it's because you're gone

that I'm made of stronger stuff

than I was before.
You left, and I grew stronger. I don't need you anymore.
Many tears must I cry before my eyes fully dry or perhaps the tears of loss never dry at
Many dreams of Helen I have had but how many more  shall I have before I've dreamed  my
Many song play In my head that remind of her every day but to how many morning will I wake before I wake no more
What else could I do?

Every night I vocalize my troubles to the heavens, to the One that I know will always listen

these recurring problems never seem to end
taking in all the pain of the words you never fully thought of before hitting send

I grew accustomed to a life where the bad outweighs the good
yet I continue to be patient... I continue to be misunderstood.
"Phoebe talk to her she wishes you best, she wishes you well"
I know that's true and that I should not dwell
- but mother sometimes you speak so evil, like a demon straight out of
maria Aug 31
I've met you before
and then you changed direction

I've loved you before
and then you changed your hair

I've lost you before
and you didn't care

I've missed you before
and then you found another pair

I've left you before
you're forever shocked

I'm alive
Evey before is followed by an after. Letting you go was the best 'after' of my life.

Written on August 31, 2019
Johnny walker Aug 22
I believe I saw heaven In Helen dimming eyes a light that was fading away from this world free now from her Incurable pains and her poor quality of
I no It was heaven I saw In her eyes she was saying good bye to me for Helen journey was already starting a one
way ticket to heaven no coming
I saw heaven In Helen's eyes
a light that was dimming fading away from this life if I make It to heaven I no she'll
be waiting If I should get lucky and make It
Neha Sharma Aug 20
Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to talk.
But now, I talk a lot.
And I talk only about you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to share.
But now I share everything.
And I share it only with you.

Before you arrived in my life,
I rarely used to smile.
But now, I smile every second
And I smile just coz of you. ❤

~your smiling queen :)
I can't think of anything else except him. ❤❤
Johnny walker Aug 12
Now with Helen's love I was
truly blessed at time when
I was down and almost
out desperately lonely
In what felt to like
a world full of
Someone sure
heard my payers and
sent me my sweetheart
she restored all my pride
and for the very first
time Helen gave
her love
I never experienced for there was no other she was the one the love
and kindness to but
there won't
be another nows
She's has
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