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Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the world turning inside out---no such thing as salted mint:)

like a wild hint

taste a glimpse of salted mint

tackle the caramel passions

cinnamon enchantment of imagines

no bit of lost roses

happiness in measured red doses

remain in the lavender's fair violet

to hesitate the sour act of deficit

to refuse the golden boil of the sun

bring a stop to the good from miscalculating the sum

                                                           ­                       -----ravenfeels
Verity Lane Jan 2021
Caramel voice
Drips down my throat
Coating my innards
With poison and sweet



Caramel whispers
Covering your venom
Travel into my stomach
Become tar
And stop me.  

Caramel voice
Coating my mind
Gooey and murky and glazing  

Casing my thoughts

That all taste like you
That all intoxicate me
You and your caramel words.
To my favorite narcisist.
Him Dec 2020
Sweet... so sweet at first; as if intending to overbear, and then in a moment's breath, the intensity having mellowed fades.

Next one's tongue does greet, a nuttiness that begs it to retreat; reviving dead memories of when you two first did meet.

Having now fallen from heights, be they ***** or steep; the taste of your tongue becomes bittersweet. Ending this final kiss, silently pledging to lose neither hope nor sleep; heartbreak leaves the taste of caramel upon your teeth.
How should one best wash this taste from their teeth? How should one erase the perpetual reminder... of love's defeat; that clings to the tongue and teeth, with the taste of caramel bittersweet?
jǫrð Dec 2020
I love you when you're
Strings of caramel melting
Soft and warm and sweet
The History: You exist somewhere between solid and fluid.
Catherine Bailey Jul 2020
Your nectar trickled down
It’s flavour was renown
The sweet tasting caramel
Slowly chipped at my will

It’s damped my mouth
And pretend I had drought
It spilled its honey substance
And did my longing, justice

It painted my tongue
And between my gums
Lastly it started to float
Down my aching throat

It crawled down my pipe
And made the tube ripe
But it’s objective was my heart
As it would slowly rip me apart

So before it could continue
I started to swallow it whole
Making sure your loving covet
Stayed at the bottom of my stomach
nif Apr 2020
my sweet
caramel candy
treat me
taste me
pair me with sierra mist
bite me on each end
i am licorice
**** energy through my body
my sweet

swim to me
chew me
swallow me whole
pair me with crush
for a fruity mix
i am
swedish fish
pucker my lips
kiss me
my sweet
caramel candy
bonds over candy
vonny Apr 2020

a steady mix

the color of a gentle brown

not nearly as harsh as chocolate

sticky and childish, easy to make fun

the sugary smell is almost intoxicating

look at it for too long and it will no longer be soft
i think i originally wrote this about a boy i thought i liked, but then i looked back on it, and now i think its more about childhood and the past.
c Sep 2019
I am unlearning you
The way I learn Spanish
Repeating your name
Until it sets on my tongue
Like caramel
And I trap it in my throat
Grace Haak Sep 2019
sugar lips
kiss me twice
got me thinking
this boy is nice
bubblegum pink
blow my bubble
got me thinking
this boy is trouble
candy coating
see it in your eyes
got me thinking
this boy's told lies
but you're so sweet
cure all my cravings
got me thinking
it's a love worth saving
no chocolate swirl
no caramel chew
i'm not addicted to sugar
unless it's you.
Olivia Thompson Feb 2019
there is nothing more perfect
than the freckles on your nose,
and the way they scatter like raindrops
on your cheeks.

they remind me of a sky
with new fallen snowflakes,
each one different
in size and shape.

i know how much you hate them,
you say they're distracting,
or decorate your face wrongly.

maliciously, you cover them,
peach-colored paint dries
the bridge of your nose cracks,
and a piece of you fades with it.

summer comes and the paint melts off,
the facade with it,
and once again the sun can paint
drops of caramel on your skin.
Happy Valentine's Day! This one is made for my cousin who is so fortunate to have the most beautiful freckles but she hates them. I always wished I had freckles, they seem so cute and girly, but I never got them to her extent. And so this is a love poem for my cousin but also her freckles.
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