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Amelia Feb 3
a droplet of salty water falls
delicately upon on my cheek.
my vision blurs
as the tear drops start to form a puddle -
an ocean.

i tried to prevent them
from ever creating a water so deep
but i could not
and i was drowning
in my own tears.
I didn't want to be like her. I don't want to. I dont want to lose control. I don't want it to consume the life out of  me, if i still have one that's still decent enough to be ruined. And now that's all I'm thinking. But thinking further into it, i knew we werent the same. She was lost in the midst of a peace and empty ocean. She couldnt see any land. The kind of peace where silence was her loudest enemy and thats what drove her to the edge. Me, im in a river. Holding a row without a boat. I had the fine illusion that i could take control. And even when i knew, i went with the flow like a fool, trying, i wish i could say mindlessly, trying to get away from the water. There was a destination but it was not mine. It was a preset of how everything should be but its all a blur. It's assurance but a nightmare everytime i close my eyes. It never silenced my mind.
Era Dec 2018
You've been on my mind,
Since a very long time.
You've got no clue,
How much I'd loved you.

But then, last night
When I saw you;
I saw you with
Someone new.

You were with her,
Almost all the time.
Oh, I thought
I would lose my mind.

I saw her leanin' on you;
As if you were  h e r  boo.

And slowly as you kissed her,
I unlearned your name;
And now it's all a blur.
David Hutton Dec 2018
Just imagine if I disappeared,
Would your memory of me be blurred?
Rusting away in your mind,
Leaving me behind.
A face you had known, a name you had heard.
Verdant Quo Dec 2018
Observing the outside
from a distance
I can see a great expanse

Moving forward
I lose the landscape
but can see the selection in better detail

Even closer now
the outside greys
as every flaw becomes noticeable in proximity

One step closer
and everything blurs
as the lines are indistinguishable and unnoticable

And even one more
now is black
I’m too close and can’t see anything because of it.

i’m under a microscope.
Verdant Quo Nov 2018
When my eyes blur,
objects overlay themselves onto one another
and I see the gruesome relationship of what they were.

When my eyes unfocus,
I become frustrated because
through a tunnel, we can’t see around us.

When my eyes dim,
the world I loved during the day
bares its teeth and shows me its side; dark and grim.

When my eyes open,
true, I can see the universe for it’s worth
but it’s at the expense of unnecessary information broken.

Blurred and blue, I fell for you: the world anew.
Morgan Francis Nov 2018
Words mean nothing to me
So if you want me to understand
You better cut me open
You'll have a better shot of reaching my soul
I don't remember things
If you start a sentence with
"Do you remember...."
I don't

Every day is a blur
I know I lived this day
But in my soul
I haven't left my bed
Hi! I'm back, for now. Trying to write more, but writing when you have college and work is hard.
Maria Etre Oct 2018
Your voice
b lll uuuuu rrrrr eeee dddddd my own
Be shhhhh(quiet)hhhhhh..
I am /ˈlɪs(ə)n/ing
there's a whole
track list I missed
that doesn't play
your name
Nick Stiltner Sep 2018
Why does the morning pass by so quickly?
The grey light fades steadily away
as the sun reaches the top of its ascent.
Empty coffee cups, the bottom layered with grounds,
sit on the desk by the window.

Sewn into the fabric, intricately woven,
the multi colored threads begin to overlap
and are tightened, pulled through by the sure hand
of the passing hours.

The outline blurs,
the voice of memory begin to dissolve.
The faded face mouths the words
but I cannot remember the sound,
lost to the piling sands
at the bottom of the hourglass.
Colt Sep 2018
He lumbers, he doesn't sashay.
Aware enough to catch a 'think-fast' pass.
He's an analog man, and not a soothe-sayer.
He was a zen buddhist, and a nudist whose wardrobe was air.
He always wanted kids but could never think of names.
His truth is so spreadable it's incredible
His credit's so meddled with it's debtable.
He moves peanuts under walnut shells,
less talented than critical.
With passion like the hypnotized
limits were his starting lines
He was never very impressed with things,
would say 'ignorance doesn't exonerate’—He broke alot of hearts and earned alot of parking fines—‘Income doesn't make the man' unless its not coming in.
His only wish was for a time machine;
He could be ambassador to the past.
he could relive his endings
without missing anything
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