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Eloisa Apr 2022
Then the darkness
got there first again.
Slowly killing her desires.
Veiled in black,
grief did not leave her.
Blurred were the lines that separated her fear and joy.
She’s lost in the haze.
Dark Dream May 2021
Matter of
For me
It is
But maybe
For you
They are all
Just a blur
And I
am but
a speck
Strying Mar 2021
dripping on my page
I can't take this pain
my eyes blur
I can't even see the page anymore
and the writing is doubled unrecognizable lines

I want to disappear.

It's easier for me
to die
than to try

but every time someone asks me if I'm fine,
I lie.
im sad
so ******* sad
i literally say i want to die in front of my parents
it seems like no one cares
or if they do, i never say anything and they dont push hard enough to get me to open up.
RayRay Nov 2020
My mind is in conflict
My mind is lost
I am losing sanity of choices
Not too sure what is ahead
And why do strange thoughts keep coming back.

In moments of clarity, it all looks fine and rational thinking it IS fine.

In moments of irrational and blurry imaginative state I am confuse and unsure.

I hope I can make the right ones.
Kirsten Hunt Oct 2020
I wanted to leave.
Maybe fly high into space, reach for a star that as of right now seem so distant.

Can I fly without a spaceship? Maybe just drift into the oxygen-less void and let my eyes blur for a sudden death that in all honesty seems so calm, peaceful even.
Spriha Kant Aug 2020
Sometimes blurred hopes lie behind
scintillating eyes.
lua Jul 2020
the words blur
and swirl
and slur
these mumbled thoughts of yours
each sentence caught
in a murky sea
of things left unspoken
and all things that came to be
all things that fall apart at the seams
all things that rewind and disappear
and all things that come undone
in the end.
the days are blurring together
what is sorry
a word?
an act?
it's just a blur to me right now
no meaning
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