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The minutes pass like hours
The hours like seconds
This moment is but a memory
And I am the man
Lost in eternity
When did I wake up,
And will I remember everything?
Will I gaze back longingly?
Might I forget that the minutes past like hours
And the years like a falling tear drop?
What was that feeling I had?
I recall an angst, a fear, far off
The way a smell looks so familiar sometimes
I'm lost in time
And here I am, again in reminiscence
It takes patience, or is that just an illusion?
Yet I feel so present in my past
The now is a bygone blur
Rush me again you'll see I'm dead
**** me with your clocks I'm a sleep walker
Let me shut my eyes and rest my weary head
It's been a long day... But tick tock, there's another anyway
Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Melancholic miseries, yet this pleasant ecstasy
That fear far off, I don't mind this time
Here I am again, here I am again
Meher Aug 27
This chaos you surround yourself with
All these sleepless nights
You drown yourself in liquor
With smoke
Your blood is intoxicated
Mind is blurry with no certain thoughts
Between somewhere
Which is neither sane nor insane
Is this your peace?
maria Aug 29
just another night
my sky is a blur,
all a mess,
can't figure why,
   or maybe I know,
I don't want to know.
just another night
I can't see clear anymore.
I don't even understand those feelings.
Written on August 30, 2019
nabila s Aug 12
it’s time for me to go home. no more feeling blue, either the one causing bruise or the one that sets free.
maybe it’s you all along, never letting me in. throwing hearts by the bay seems to always be your thing, i see.
i keep telling myself you’re not the one. you’re not the one. you’re never the one. you will never be the one.
nevertheless, i always come back to one who has the brightest grin among all the fishes in the sea, one who says the least but worry the hardest, one who walks so slow but runs within my entire living existence, one who is loved by the world, yet loves the slightest.
and by that, one who blesses my being breaks like a thunderstorm as well.
anyone can’t deny the fact that you’re such a dream for a curse in a graceful disguise.
it finally comes to and end, i hope.

perhaps, you’re the best, you’re the worst, you’re the worst best person i ever catch on.
and perhaps, you’re not meant to be a home after all.
one time i got my heart broken
Alexis Aug 5
i admit
my life has become an
endless blur of days
and nights
conversation i never had
and poems i have yet the strength to write.
c Jul 22
Moscato smile
Curl your lips
And curl your toes
Liquid dusk in a dusty glass
The lines between forgetting the reason
And forgetting the person
Are blurred
I pour another glass anyway
nishta Jul 3
i'm standing at the sidelines
worn down and tired
watching my life blur past me.
life is such a fleeting thing.
sought solace for a high
running laps round infinity rings
it’s irony to chase after peace

a hazy face to lean towards
motion blur
let a unhinged heart cease.
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