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Kirsten Hunt Oct 15
I wanted to leave.
Maybe fly high into space, reach for a star that as of right now seem so distant.

Can I fly without a spaceship? Maybe just drift into the oxygen-less void and let my eyes blur for a sudden death that in all honesty seems so calm, peaceful even.
She is in a sublated state
The pain never mitigates
This frustates, this frustates
She died intestate
Queer is mental state
This frustates, this frustates
The dead is alive in the mind
Day 'n' night, day 'n' night
Memories are black 'n' white
Vision blurs in the light
This frustates, this frustates
One orphans when parents die
Husband orphaned when wife died
This frustates, this frustates
Spriha Kant Aug 1
Sometimes blurred hopes lie behind
scintillating eyes.
lua Jul 1
the words blur
and swirl
and slur
these mumbled thoughts of yours
each sentence caught
in a murky sea
of things left unspoken
and all things that came to be
all things that fall apart at the seams
all things that rewind and disappear
and all things that come undone
in the end.
the days are blurring together
what is sorry
a word?
an act?
it's just a blur to me right now
no meaning
rosie Apr 10
life is an endless blur,
not yet clear
presumably until death
where perhaps everything becomes certain
life would then have an understanding
a meaning
What the Poet Sees
by Michael R. Burch

What the poet sees,
he sees as a swimmer
watching the shoreline blur
sees through his breath’s weightless bubbles ...
Both worlds grow obscure.

Published by ByLine, Mandrake Poetry Review, Poetically Speaking, E Mobius Pi, Underground Poets, Little Brown Poetry, Triplopia, Poetic Ponderings, Poem Kingdom, PW Review, Muse Apprentice Guild, Mindful of Poetry, Poetry on Demand, Poet’s Haven, Famous Poets and Poems, Bewildering Stories, Neovictorian/Cochlea

Keywords/Tags: Poet, poetic vision, sight, seeing, swimmer, underwater, breath, bubbles, blur, blurry, blurred, blurring, obscure, obscured, obscuring
My shadow's seductive song
steers me into a comatose state,
as a deep slumber or senseless stupor
envelops me
It starts to gnaw away
at what I thought was real.
leaving a murky thick blur,
that swallows
like the black rushing wave
of an absolute abyss.
Twisting dark spirals cluster,
as a pulsating pressure
thuds away urgently like a ticking
clock counting down the time

Slowly as I sink,
I embrace its cold peace
that's sweetly sweeps over me.
Anastasia Jan 22
let's sit on top of the building
kiss under the lights of the city
look me in the eyes and tell me i'm pretty

take my hand and we'll walk along the edge
forget the day that we met
stay together no matter what we get

crowns of steel and headlights
we know we'll be alright
stay with me tonight

wind and hands in my hair
shining stars everywhere
running up the stairs

dancing on the fire escape
get it all on tape
buildings fade into blurry shapes
Marri Dec 2019
You're not the subject of my dreams.
You don't haunt my sleeping thoughts.
You don't exist in my mindless slumber.
You've disappeared from the dreamscape.
You've escaped existence.

In place of you,
Another figure rises from the incandescent air.
As if you were never there,
The figure smiles.

You're not the stranger I once knew.
You're a blur in time.
You're the glaring of lights.
You're the whisper of secrets.
I don't know you anymore.

In place of you,
Another strange thing taunts me.
As if you never existed.

You're no religion to me anymore.
Unholy, unbroken, and unseen.
You're not Godly anymore.
I can't pray to you.
You’re a bad religion.

I can’t read you anymore,
Slowly tracing you with my fingers,
I can’t read between your lines--
I don’t know you.

So, who are you?
Where have you been?
Why don’t you haunt me anymore?
Up in smoke.
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