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Em Jan 30
Where better to find a leaf
than in the forest?
Where better to eat food
than at a table?
Where better to pray
than in a church?
Where better to scream
than by yourself?
Where better to hurt
than inside yourself?

No place better than a hospital
to recover
Where better to die
than in the arms of your lover?
this was inspired bY A N I M E UWU
been watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
thought of george joestar's last words and i dunno
jack Jan 10
i did lines
not just of poetry
it’s the thing that binds
me to myself
i've had a few things hidden up my sleeve.
To speak of my pains is my release from which.
It is not merely my drudgery within the muds of self-wallowing.
It is an awakening when I read my own words and learn who I am in that moment.
It is a point from which to move on, a stepping stone.
Deb Jones Aug 2018
Hurt isn’t clean.
It’s rot.
It makes strangers
Of everyone
You thought you loved.
Once hurt touches you
You are on your own.
It doesn’t matter
What hurt it is
That leaves a hole in you.  
All that stuff, they say
About emotional damage
Bringing people together?
Forget it.
Hurt surrounds
You with such
A powerful force field
Of misery,
That no one else can enter.  
I know, I have been there too.
You don’t get over it.
If you are doing well,
You get used to it.
You save it for silence,
For darkness,
For three o’clock in the morning
When you can’t sleep.
When you are alone
You feel heavier. As if gravity
Is your punishment too.
That’s the paradox of loss:
How can something that’s gone
Weigh us down so much?  
We only find answers
When we are ready to hear them.
That’s when you know
You are healing.
You will experience hurt.
It’s part of life.
Lessons to learn,
About love.  
There are a lot of people
That get stuck
In misery for years.  
Live lightly,
Live completely in the present
Don’t look back
And when you forget
Take that hot ball of pain
And grieve
I hope it gets smaller
Every time you acknowledge it.
Elena Murphy Dec 2018
What makes you feel lonely, lost in a dark place? What is making you feel trapped, that you feel you can't escape?  What is it you don't have, that you feel that you need? Or is everything okay, you just feel you can't breathe?
Is it worth the pain & guilt it brings you in the end?  We all love you, not that awful friend, pushing all this evilness into your head.
How long does it make you happy& feel free from the pain?
Is that what it is, pain that your dealing with?
what is causing you to do this? All my questions, forever unanswered.  Maybe one day they'll be heard. Youll have a clear mind & the answers to them all.
Sutherland Oct 2018
Murky water,
Depthless mud,
Drown by chains,
Bound by blood.

Onlooker, the key,
History, the judge,
Neglect, the decision.
Doomed to the sludge.

Filament of algae,
A shaky explanation.
The onlooker runs,
Blood left to damnation.

Onlooker lives,
Lacking of blood.
Drinking away his memories,
Of the murky water, and depthless mud.
This bares substantial meaning to me as I wrote it when seeing drug abuse by my childhood friend. Often times a poem speaks louder than spoken word. I sent him this poem and he is actively recovering today.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Dreams do not sometimes come to help you recover.
So it is your health and wealth that sometimes suffer.
Anything I could do to help.
If I see a girl for who she is my heart will melt.

See what they do is bring the cute.
Turning their backs on you they hide in the same suit.
Then the pretty come when you are gone.
Anything to make an appeal for what I have to succumb.

What is new?
What is unique?
I am under people’s review.
Just as the girating elliptical orbiting oblique.

I am the one who suffers.
As the rain pours down in buckets.
This is just the another of life’s tragedies.
But, I am not vain personally.

This is a day to day grind.
In this, I want my eyes in your soul I find.
Pour more salt in my wounds to help beautiful and unkind.
This is why mankind suffers if you are the one I reach and find.
Julia Mae Sep 2018
trust me when i say
that i am trying so hard
to be a better person
in so many ways
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