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c Sep 27
I am unlearning you
The way I learn Spanish
Repeating your name
Until it sets on my tongue
Like caramel
And I trap it in my throat
Madison Jul 8
Allowing myself to love you is like allowing you to hold a knife to my throat

You could hurt me at any second
And that scares the **** out of me
Anastasia Jun 12
Cut my throat and let me bleed.
Your silence, love, is killing me.
A bomb went off inside my head.
But sadly, love, I’m not dead.
Not yet. Not yet. (I’m not dead)
Get out of my head. (I’m almost dead)
I’m not dead. (Not yet. Not yet)
These shackles are cutting my skin.
I don’t want to let the darkness in.
They’re sharp, so sharp.
The shards of a broken heart.
Get out of my head.
I’m not dead yet.

Hold me close
The blood is flowing
I'm not dead yet
But I might be going
Paint the roses red
With the dripping from my head
I'm not dead yet (Not yet),
Slit my throat
And watch me bleed
Your absence, love, is killing me
A bomb went off inside my head
But sadly love
Sadly love
Sadly love
(I'm not dead yet)
A song started. Thought I’d post ig. Might add more later (updated, due to the love I've received ❤)
myrrh Mar 19
Wrap my own hands round my own throat
To promote less dark thoughts I don't condone
Pause the oxygen to pause the mind
Don't want to think, but want my thoughts to be heard
Excuse the oxymoron, heart & head aren't intertwined
Chicken Mar 15
Look up, out, and down
at the seagulls
cascading in the wind

blow out a wave
of ego death

as they scrummage through the bins.

and the voices who
want to be heard
will not be silenced
no matter what type of violence
is brought to the game

the truth in it all
can always be heard

when the call of the
seagull sounds again.

Look up, out, and down
at the seagulls
cascading in the wind

no fear of falling from the sky
not too glamorous for bins.
Repetitive bin song.

Slightly political. Slightly spiritual/.

Different views are all around.

Seagull: bird of truth :) Seagulls will call you out.
Chicken Feb 21
I still got the wars stuck in my throat
Gotta dig,
dig into it like a trench.

Dig for victory
They told us all
Ain’t really diggin nothin’ but graves.

My secret cry
No one heard
No one knew

My secret cry
No one heard
No one knew

I wanted to go home.

All of the bits
that couldn’t be said

I’ll sing em instead
I’ll sing em instead

All of the letters
that couldn’t be read

I’ll sing em instead
I’ll sing em instead

All of the tears
That were secretly shed

I’ll sing em instead
I’ll sing em instead

I’ll pull on
my boots
again in the morning.
Emily Feb 20
Why do hackers think so highly of boot camp?
Who pays through the nose to send footwear abroad?
Why use boots and not sneakers nor sandals?

Stick with the proven approach,
Used over thousands of years,
Billions of satisfied users,
Faster and cheaper to boot.

Throat lozenges—guaranteed to improve hacking.
Philomena Jan 14
Two years ago I learned a lesson
But it didn't make sense until today

Three little dogs out in the snow
Roxy was short and round, but she was strong with red fur
Bumble and Sparky were smaller still and just wanted to have fun
And after a few minutes shrill barks filled the air
Bumble called for help as his brother was being torn apart
Roxy had him at his throat
The snow was red with blood
So I grabbed the beast
And timid Sparky tried to run away
Blood poured from his throat

Now as day turned into night
Bumble and Sparky were safe inside
Roxy was out in the cold
She wasn't safe and had to go
Bumble sat the whole night waiting for his brother
And sparky lay wrapped in his mother's arms
Trying to keep it together

There are two kinds of people in this world
That I now know
You either tear out the throats of the innocent
Or keep your head down and try protect your own
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