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My Dear Poet Jul 16
When you’re hurting
look intently at the wound
and ask
“Am I bleeding…
or am I bruised?”
and whether it’s red
or whether it is blue
thank God
you can still
and feel
Ten because nine isn't enough
Violence because we never learned how to love
Searched for forgiveness, now we search for blood
Couldn't reach an understanding so we're reaching for the gun
Shoot it ten times because nine isn't enough
Indranys Dec 2021
On this park bench, the woman was devouring silence. The night landed in the black of her eyeballs. So dark. The lines of her face combine the flowers of sadness

When the soft moonlight shone, his heart was still bruised without stopping
squeeze the deepest wound
her tears are like rain

Smashing, slashing a smile

Piercing, drowning hope

Lamongan, 2021
Hussein Dekmak May 2021
As I gazed at the starry night sky,
The stars whispered:
We are your horoscope, and your fortune tellers!
We bring your loved ones together, so you share and bask in our beauty.  
We shine so bright to illuminate and guide you through even your darkest of nights!

The moon whispered:
I am your loyal companion, and your secret keeper.
I provide you with light; I am the symbol of transition and progression!
I am the master of infinite beauty that inspires you with creativity and poetry!

The sun whispered:
Every day when I rise, I heal your old wounds.
With my shining face, I shower you with joy and smiles.  
I provide you a life full of hope, growth, and empowerment.
I am your eternal song of rebirth, inspiration, and a new promise for a better day!  

The earth whispered:
I have made myself a home for you and decorated it with trees, flowers, and rivers.
Do you remember when you had taken your first baby steps?
You stumbled and fell; I lifted you up with my gentle heart,
And provided you with everything that I have, to watch you grow and blossom.
When you are ready to depart, I promise to hold you like a baby in my gentle arms,
And bury your fragile body, along with your precious secrets, deep inside my heart.
I will embrace your soul with infinite love since I am your mother nature!

Hussein Dekmak
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Indranys Apr 2021
Because of wound, I learned to be strong...
Because of wound, I learned to be able to forgive...
Because of wound, I learned to love pain and imperfection...
Every pain gives a lesson...
And every lesson change a person...
Whatever comes, let it come...
What stays, let it stay...
What goes, let it go....
Anna Maria Apr 2021
The blood seeps from the inflicted wound,
it stains the armour that you have worn for so long.
You go to clutch the laceration,
except that there was none.
It stings and burns and aches.
But there is no wound that you can see.
But oh do you feel it.
Invisible wounds don't mean it doesn't hurt.
farhan Mar 2021
Each soul is a wound, then death is healing.
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