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Battered, broken, bumps and bruises
A cracked perfection......
Still burnt brighter than the sun,
Was still as placid as the moon
Despite all unknown unannounced disasters
The dark night, barking dogs and howling owls
She had a touch of the entire world,
Even though filled with toxins and tars
Also the reminisces and all those plastic memories
Hid under cloths were maps to places, nobody knows...
Were the scars on the skin, scars on the soul
Scars on the outside, scars that bloomed from the within  
Finding ways from those dreamy eyes to that pointed chin
Told stories of her existence;
Some unheard, some unwritten and some totally unseen..
“life isn’t fair”
is what they keep telling me.
and they’re right.
it’s a cruel joke.
life gave you to me a thousand times
with every intention of ripping you away.
i kept trying to stitch us together,
make us one.
“no one can take you now.”

but the stitches ripped out
causing a wound that required surgery

no wonder i’m still hurting
Empire 4d
Nothing is ever over,
Is it?
Leaves behind a shadow
An imprint on your mind, soul
Just the shadow hurts so bad
Like a cut deep into your being
You get lost in it
Unable to let go
Of that which cast it
Because now it's a part of you
For better or worse
Some wounds scar but never fully heal
noren 5d
And yet again
in an hour of listless isolation
a past image limns a tear
in the blank sheet of my heart;  
An unhealed memory aches
to share a hidden wound's predicament.
A lonely dream sleepwalks
as a blindfolded desire looks on helplessly.    
Agony of a loss runs deep in my withering veins
The blood feels dead by a vacuum of nothingness.
Sumairu 7d
Pull out the truth that I am afraid to uncover, bleed me out like a wound that's just too deep to heal.
Have your words cut my soul like a hot knife in butter because, I forgot what it means to feel.
Lately I have been listening to Sam Smith
Madison Mar 12
I reopened a wound last night
Knowing I would bleed again,
Knowing that scar tissue takes three times as long to heal
Than a first-time wound does.
I wanted to feel something again,
Specifically your fingertips
Brushing against my skin,
Your hands wrapped around
The curves of my hips
Your warm breath against my neck
As you kiss me.

I know self-harm is frowned upon,
But to share a moment with you again
Was worth the pain.
i wish i could be unaffected by the scars of my past
but time can heal no wound of mine
the marks will last a lifetime
PrernaK Mar 6
I lick the snake bites
on my thighs,
call it healing.
poison in my veins,
in my head.
wound's cold now,
so am I.

Prerna K
Have you healed or are you becoming cold?
"The Wound"

We often walk away when we are wounded.
You see it in the movies.
A man is shot, bleeding, still trying to get away
get what he wants.
He holds his wound,
as the blood pours through his hands.
He thinks no one will get away with this,
no one will ever hurt me again.
The wound creates this power
instead of inflicting the fear that there
is no chance to get what is wanted,
an adrenaline takes over.
It surpasses the way the wound opens,
the way the blood leaves,
the way hurt conveys a message,
it changes.
Granting a boon of scar tissue
to mend.
Now take it.
N R Whyte Feb 22
I knew it wouldn't end in fire;
We burned
Too fast, too enjoyably, to suffocate
In flames.

I found the scab, the source,
Small and round and secret.
Incapable of leaving it to heal, I finger the edges
Nervously until the blood flows
Cold and jealous and foreign and unforgiving and slow.

A tipping point we can't reverse out of,
We're frozen on the event horizon,
Empty like the air in February,
The oxygen burned out from our explosion.

I am only left with regret and this
Sense, clear and dry and freezing, that I've walked
Too far north and lost the sun,
Though clouds still part in the distance and wave
Toward the open spaces
With fingers unfurling in unnatural curls.

I claw back to calm from
Calamity and speak, knowing I have listened
Too deeply to words meant for other ears - words that do not tell
Me what to say in return - I am raw.

I stand at the edge of mercy,
Abrupt in my humanity,
Suddenly losing feeling in my toes.
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