i could be better
i could make this a letter
i want to try more
but then you will learn
about my ability to bore
so for now i will burn
on the inside
so buckle up for the ride
enjoy some trash poetry
Tyrus Mar 8
Forget your smile,
and the way it filled the darkest rooms with light.
Forget your laugh,
and its methods of making me ME laugh
even on my darkest days.
Forget your touch,
and how it sent shivers up my spine and made me fall under it.
And the way you ignored me and
followed her around
like some lost dog.
And the times you baked for her
walked with her
talked with her
went everywhere with her
laughed with her
smiled at her
hugged her.
and the way you deny your love for her
denied having sex with her

WHY CAN'T I FORGET YOU?!?!?!?!??!?!
I'm so frustrated and jealous and this isn't like me

sarah Mar 7
if there’s one thing you should know about me
it’s that i will hold onto an idea for a long time
i’ll engrave it to the surface of my mind
and let it sink in for a while before i twist it into something it’s not
please don’t get my hopes up just to let me down
it will take me awhile to brush off the dirt
and stand up again
Bella Mar 6
I know this may sound selfish
or childish
but I just
I need you to agree with me right now
to just say yes
say okay
let me do as I wish
Let me put off--
whatever I’m putting off
For a little bit longer

I don’t really know how to explain
Standing in this silent/not silent house
The sounds are almost distant
Like they’re far away
And I feel like there’s just too much going on
I can’t manage to start anything cause there’s too much to start

I know it’s hard to
To understand this request
As more of a mental health need,
But if you could just--
Go along with it
If you could just--
That would really help a lot

So if you don’t mind
Just forget whatever you’re asking of me
for like 20 minutes
and thank you.
ST Rossa Mar 6
Please stop it,
You’re my weakness you’re my poison
Don’t give me full access to your prison
With in you I feel in love
With in you i feel alone
I cant promise you eternal love
I’m a voyager of a ship
An adventurer
A cause of butterflies when I see you. Since you showed up there’s no better reason to wake up or to feel alive!
Please I can’t promise you my whole life I’m an eternal nomad to all of lives pleasures, but oh how much I love you!
I wrote this while drunk and overthinking of you. Why did you come back? Why? Are you as drunk as me or is it something else
Seanathon Mar 4
With a rain like this
That would never stop
I'd wish it not over
Again and again
That way I wouldn't have to face the sunshine
Let alone call it mine
When this need for a new life of mine
Must begin
Never end...
E McNamara Mar 2
You never came and talked to me.
Never explained your betrayal.
Never said you were sorry.

I’m slashed deep
And it’s not healing.
It’s festering.

I can forget,
And so can everyone,
But can I forgive?

I’m not strong enough to forgive.
Every time I remember
It’s hurts more than last time.

Oh God, it hurts so bad.
Now I’ll never know you,
Because I’ll always doubt you.

Can’t you just say your sorry?
For ripping out a part of me.
Can you just pretend you love me?

Just for a few minutes,
Just pretend, please,
Just say you’re sorry.
Lucy Mohr Mar 2
(Sorry, this wont be a poem.)
Many of the users of this page do not know me, so I might as well introduce myself.
Hey, My name is Lucy. I'm 16, about to be 17 in a week, and I love to write poetry. I'm a junior in high school, i love to weld, an I have an amazing boyfriend.

(Here comes the personal shit.)
I suffer from anxiety, and depression. Every great once in a while, I fall into these pits of anger, sadness, anxiety, you name it.  My boyfriend has been amazing and helps me through these pits. My brother is always there when I need that warm embrace. My best friend has been helping me through these pits and is trying to help me look at the bright side.

If anyone knows a way to help with these kinds of pits, please comment below or message me. I'm in need of some serious help.

i need to talk.
if he thought
we were getting
would quit

if the me

less me
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