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Ricotta 1d
I think I might be lost in you,
my love.
I hope you never ever leave my side
sweet angel
you've got my heart on your sleeve
and even when I say I need some space
I don't mean any words I say
please don't go too far away
If this is the last time
I’ll ever see you
If life stopped its chime
And the distance grew
Just know you’re still mine
And that I’ll always be true

I asked you not to leave
Why are you doing this
Is this a bad dream
Oh please don’t be serious
This is so hard to believe
But this won’t be the end of us

I’ll find a way
To keep us together
Even if it cost a life’s pay
And patience begins to weather
I won’t rest or lay
Until this begins to get better
Zack Ripley Oct 11
NO ONE can help or please EVERYONE
But ANYONE can help or please SOMEONE.
Toast Ghost Oct 10
whats your name my dear the sickly scented voice asks my right ear
i dont know stop asking
you have a name sprinkled as snow so please my dear tell us so
P L E A S E stop asking
and who am i to stop asking this question that unnerves you yet?
its keslee
is that the truth? or a word you regret?
im mckay
and the last of your names that your father has stored
that comes last and it never lasts
yes but whats the name you use to move forward?
names oh sweet givent to the kin, yet all are disgraced in years of sin
stop asking im trying to listan
mendoza seems fitting for you my dear, wount you please say it im dying to hear?
no thats over now
then quintana, less vile it slides off the tounge a lovely mistress to whom you would run.
its at its end
are you afraid? hungered or shallow? what is the reason to live in such mallow?
stop it
stay up every night till the dusk turns to day screaming in lemons only to be not okay
stop it
burst your head against the wall till all the words stain the halls
stop it
whats your name?
stop it
whats your name?
whats your name
just stop.
umm yeah.
"Oh baby, you're so beautiful when you cry"
He told me
"Now close your mouth
And open your legs"
Respect is not something you give
Even when respect is all that I give

You don't believe in me that I can do it
But I want to show you that I can do it

And you tell me to get off my high horse
But you don't see that i'm going at it at full force

All I want is for you to see me
And all you want is to be better than me

Please see me for who I am
Please show me that you give a ****
Skim through the pages of my life,
Skip through the lies I've been entwined,
It is the story of the girl trying to please
You, me and everybody, trying for your love.
I loathe the very picture she becomes,
It is very like she wilts without your approval,
She'd be giving pieces of her to all,
but next day, naturally, she finds herself in trash.

It isn't kind, the life she creates with her head,
her best attempts causing natural disrupts,
the purpose to be everyone's friend,
makes her enemy of her own self.
She lost everyone, love and inspite
and despite everything, she writes another write.

It is terrible, what I do with her,
She has been ruining everything for me,
Her and I, together, we make a lonely picture.
Skip this, and be free from this.
The end chapter, what went by,
no one knows, maybe she died alone
in the worn out sweater she had grown,
She hoped, her end might have pleased them all.
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