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internetgirl Apr 30
i was taking pictures of you
with flowers in your hair
and i couldn't help but notice
the way your eyes held the sunlight
like the way
Ghostverses Apr 6
There's no way i'm gonna make it.
There's no way I'm gonna make it.
There's no way i'm gonna make it.
There's no way i'm gonna make it.
There's no way i'm gonna make it.
There's no way i'm gonna make it.
There's no way i'm gonna make it.
There's no way i'm gonna make it.
When will it stop?
how long can you stare at a picture before realising it will never stare back again
if it turns out he's dead imfolowing
"just a cut" she said
"just a scratch" she'd reply
"what's that mark" you'd ask
"Oh I fell"
just an excuse
just a lie...

"What's with all those bracelets?" you'd ask
"Just thought they were cute"
just an excuse
just a lie...

except it wasn't
instead it was
"just one more"
until she's was gone...
until the person you once thought you knew has left your side...
was i not enough?

My old friend

Oh my, oh my

Where have you been

You creep back into me

Ever so sneakily.

How i wish, we can make amends

After all this time spent

My old friend,

You cut me open

Then stitch me closed.

My tears flow and flow

Scars open

Bleeding out into the unknown.


Just like that

You shut me off.


Now I am numb

To the bone.

My old friend,

It is either all or nothing with you.

Well I am sick

Of having to come up with reasons

Of why I am not feeling well.

I’m through with you.

Out, Out,

Gone be.

You are not me.

I will not be defined by the lies you shout and whisper to me.

My old friend, you will not take me with you

I have worked too hard,

Towards light,

To stay on my own path.

My mind has blossomed and my heart has been watered

You will not **** me dry.

Leave me, Leave me

Let me be.

mary liles Mar 26
it’s slipping away
why won’t it stop?
why won’t it stay?
please wait.
I don’t have enough
J Mar 20
all these people and their
"it's easy to sleep, ***"
I'm up at six
with four things of Capri suns.
people sleeping and their
"My dreams are so fun!!"
I'm never sleeping,
I'm thinking of shotguns.
waking up pretty and their
"put your hair up in a bun!"
I'm busy trying to make my own source of income.
petty people with their
"*** jiggle" (yeah, that's ***)
I'm thinking Russian roulette would be my fun
maybe lyrics for a song one day or something to delete later when I realize how stupid it sounds
Rachiel Mar 11
The face you remember, not that.
The voice you heard, not that.
The laugh you longed, not that.
The scent you recall, not that.
The memory you miss, not that.
This is new, fresh and different.
Let it sink.
Let it sit.
Let it grow.
Let that go.
Mark Wanless Mar 7
the dogs of life they
they tell me what to do please i
want to be of pack
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