I sit in solace as I think of you
The love I thought we had
Reminiscing like a fool
Of good times and the bad

We're all human as were you
Each flawed in our own way
If I rid myself of just a few
Maybe you would have stayed

Written: April 4, 2018

All rights reserved.
Geanna 2d
She's mine, mine to keep
She's in too deep
I promise i'll be a tease
Slice and dice you'll beg me please
And every step
Towards you
Is a leap
Full of laughter
Light on my heart

And every step
Towards you
Is sped as I land
Back onto earth
Back into my life

And every step
Towards you
Is rebalancing myself
As I try to understand
What it is that I am doing
As I gaze out to the empty horizon

And every step,
Towards you...
Is full of worry
Every next step reconsidered
Every next foothold possibly
The uncertainty in each step...?
Whispers and whispers
Of silence
Whispers and whispers
For warmth
Whispers and whispers...
Sven 5d
It feels weird
I don't seem to mind.
Or at least I didn't.

Now I just want it off.
Off of my face.

I want it all gone
All of the fake laughs,

I just want to natural.
[I hope people who wear make-up don't get offended] :p
Gray 6d
Before i got out of bed everything was going okay,
But that’s before i knew that this was going to be the last good day.

I come out of my room and noticed my family gathered around.
The feeling in the room was painfully profound.

“What’s going on?” I asked in confusion.
I only wanted to end this feeling of exclusion.

Each one of them responded with a slight whine.
Their answer sent a shiver down my unsure spine.

“Please, I am very confused,” i say this time more intensely.
The fear building up inside was growing immensely.

Someone softly whispers, “Come on dear, just go back into your room.”
I can tell by their tone that they’re full of dreadful gloom.

Without hesitation i start to walk away.
What is with them today?
slr 6d
somebody hurt you so bad
and I know you are scared
but I’ve been through hell
and i think
i am supposed to help you through
i think you are supposed to be back

i know i shouldn't think
because it gets my heart in trouble
but i think
i am supposed to love you

-please love me back
I write so much free verse and I know there should be pattern so don't mind the random repeating lines cause I like it.
And there is nothing,
Nothing at all,
Separating us from internal storms.
There is nothing,
Nothing to say,
It's all been said.
Now there's nowhere,
Nowhere to fall,
Nowhere left to sail.
Down that beaten path,
A lane to fail.

Where you want to go
Is a place I cannot see.
Where you want to go
Is a place I don't believe in.
Where you want to go
May as well be a nasty dream.
Where you want to go
Won't include me.
It's a place I cannot stand.
There, you can't hold any hands.

I regret all of it.
Do you?

Because I'm still right here,
Scarred from your sorrow.
Where you want to go
Will leave you hollow.
So no.
Please no.
Don't you dare dig this hole.

You'll be buried.
Little and broken
Amanda 7d
Could you believe me?
I try to never lie,
I am just not ready
To give up and say goodbye.

You act like you hate me,
But I am so confused,
I do not know what I did,
To cause you to feel used.

I am sitting in Math,
Thinking about me and you,
Figuring out how to fix your heart,
I have no clue what to do.

I have asked everyone,
Why you're upset and mad,
But they do not know,
Help me stop you from being sad.

Please will you explain why
You suddenly want to go?
Ease this constant pain inside,
The heartache concealed below.
Don't Die Yet
Don't Die Yet  
These words repeating in my head

Don't Die Yet  
Don't Die Yet  
That's what I Said Before Your Last Breathe

Don't Die Yet  
Don't Die Yet  
I kept on whispering as I Pull my Knife from Your Head

Don't Die Yet!

I Sigh.  

This is Boring.  

You're DEAD?
Joshua Nai Jun 11
You should never hate yourself.
You should never sit in a crowded room and feel lonely.
You should never feel abandoned in a group of friends.
You should never change yourself because of other people's opinions.
You should never think you are not enough.
Please don't hate yourself.
Please don't feel lonely.
Please don't feel like an outcast.
Please be yourself.
Please, you are enough.
If you ever think no one loves you,
just know that the King of kings, the Lord of lords, loves you so much.
But I know sometimes you will feel this way.
I understand, but maybe I don't.
Just, please.
Don't hurt yourself.
In any way.
Well, you should never ever feel these way.
love yourself and stay true!
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