MicMag 2d
World lays in ruin
Our enduring monument
Plastic-covered shores
our plastic will outlive us all
A knot curled around my neck,
my mouth dried,
my lips forgot how
to express the "man"
behind them.

We only talked about the little stuff
the overthinking,
how nervous i get when i do small errors,
how i don't do stuff,
scared i'll get yelled at,
or worse.

I didn't talk about the suicidal thoughts,
Or the probable need of meds,
or how i lose friends as fast as rain falls
in Puerto Rico,

one minute the sky is all black
and scary,
the second,
you can even see the sun shining so bright
it could leave anyone blind.

I didn't tell her about
the intense crying,
the headaches,
the panic attacks,

the fact that nobody cares,
not even me.

someone should care,

they tell me it's nothing,
that i'm probably making things up,

i answer them
as my hand tremble,
and my knees try to give out.

I like to watch the stars,
like i said before.

They seem to understand
more about me,
Than i know about them.

But they don't seem to help.
Phi 4d
Hours. Days. Weeks.

I can’t get the time back
spent on a nintendo DS
talking to no one
lost to myself

Don’t even like playing
but being in another world
where I could control my life
kept me there for months
Qwn 4d
Sometimes I feel...
Very, very alone.
Everyone feels this way though, right?

Maybe I'm okay, maybe happiness is...

People get sad and feel so alone.
Life gets better,
Everyone says it does
So I'm probably fine.
Emptiness is underrated.
a myriad
dice with
death that
she expose
gnaw to
friends and
catch flu
with symptoms
of abuse
then the
healing of
this inertia
in times
like these
that she
was nigh
eli Jul 28
people leave
all the time

"I promise I'll stay"

but they never do
and that's just the way life works
you don't really know whats gonna happen in life
you can't promise these things

people leave and come
its the way things work
even if you don't want them to leave,
they always do

but please
please stay
Lily Jul 25
When I said, “please give
Me some space,” I didn't mean
That we would be through.

When I said, ‘please don't
Worry about me,’ I did
Not mean, “don't be here”.

When I said, “I love
You, but I'm such a mess,” I
Just wanted comfort.

When I said, “don't leave,”
I actually meant it,
So please- stay with me.
Robert R Jul 22
i remember feeling excited
thrilled with joy
now i hide away
floating in silence

my insides are lit up
and i am conscious of myself
but my desire has escaped me
who pulled the carpet?

who has such control?
why have i lost my sense of self?
i'm fading, mother

i'm fading
i can't remember how to write a poem, or who i am, or what my purpose is anymore.
Julie Jul 17
Please kill me.

I've been suicidal since the day I was twelve
Can't seem to escape the voices
There's no place for me here

Please kill me.

This is as good as it gets
And it's bad
So bad

Please kill me.

Guess I'm used to it all
I think it's normal
That anyone could live my life

Please kill me.

I'm too cowardly
I won't do it myself
But I wouldn't mind you doing it

Please kill me.

I am sorry
It was never my intention to hurt you
I just can't take it anymore

Please kill me.

This sounds like a suicide note
It isn't
It's a wish

Please kill me.

I am sorry

Please kill me.
Ginger R Jul 17
Don't try to be deceiving
Even when the end is near
Just keep on believing
And refuse to show them fear

You can't hold on past your time

You only have so long a line

Strive to stay
Sure to go
Please just stop
Let go
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