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constricted by an ophidian
i slither away, just to live
is this where new life begins?
is this where i shed my skin?

bitten by fangs of chagrin
where to win is to never forgive
hiss with this abyss within
i'm living in a pit of sin

with my vision wearing thin
venom is a gift to give
i slip beneath the rocks again
this is where i shed my skin
I am happy to say that a musical artist has featured my poem at the beginning of their video. I had pretty much given up on writing, and she breathed new life into me. Her name is Razakel and she is also a poet. She is breaking through, and considered by many as the queen of her genre. Watch the video and give us some love. She has a cool sound, and is better than most modern music. I now love this website. (i still hate most poetry) I never got much support at this site, so do not let that bring you down. They pay for popularity here and it is all an illusion. This will be ignored because poets are a jealous and envious bunch. I actually posted this last night, and lost followers, and was blocked by someone who i thought was a true friend. You don't need their approval. All you need is to show your own voice and the will to stand alone...then you will find true hearts. I hope this inspires you to keep writing and never ever compromise. Also, never take advice from anyone. lol
sushii Jan 6
I wonder if you'll read my poetry one day, and reminisce upon all the good times we could have had. I's pointless to hold a grudge. Life would be simpler if I just moved on without anger. However, I do confess, I want to know one last thing--did you ever understand what I meant?
an0nym0us Dec 2018
Great Anger,
Filled with danger,
As deadly as a Dagger,
A fearsome killer...

Don't let them snap...
You'll fall to a deadly trap!
It can't be solved by a simple tap,
Always watch your back!
an0nym0us Dec 2018
My skull is breaking...
Must Control, don't loose
My sanity, I can't loose
My skull is breaking...

I'm ill...
My eyes are darkening
My reasoning is fading
I'm ill...

My hands are itchy...
I can feel it, bloodlust
I want to ****, absolute ****
My hands are itchy...

If I ****, forgive me...
It wasn't my doing
It was her, I'm vanishing
If I ****, forgive me...
Another day of my life with Hyperacusis
an0nym0us Nov 2018
I'm at my limit
Struggling to keep it
I can't speak loud
Somebody, help me out.

Help me, please?
I just want peace...
I can't afford to loose,
Please, do not abuse.

I hear it whisper...
Luring me to unleash her
Her words are so sweet,
But I must stay on my feet.

Don't force her out!!
Or, I'll black out...
It will be messy...
I'm afraid, help me.
my life with hyperacusis...
an0nym0us Nov 2018
I am a child, but never a kid.
Under the shadows, always been hid.
I wish to live as a kid...
But they've always forbid.

Wounds and scars
A life behind bars
Tears and plea are for weak,
Mouth always been stiched.

Hands, feet, and neck are chained,
To the Honors, expectations I've gained.
With all the light that shined,
They've gone completely blind.

They need me to be the best...
But never hope me the best...
Always asking for answers,
But always left unheard.

Why can't I be free? Like them...
Why am I forbid to feel as much joy?Similar to them...
I was never rebellious...
But never precious.
why does my siblings always treat me this way??
, ***
Who needs enemies
When you have family who treat you like invisible.
I reached that high point,
happy but never satisfied.
"I could have defeated them,
I knew I should."

Then, there sparked the fury
that is stronger
than the ones
ignited before.
Isla Mar 2018
just when i forgive you
just when i put our past behind
and remember how much you care
and how much you try
it hits like a slap to my face
why didn't i see it coming?
i yell
and blubber
and shriek vulgarities
but in the end, it won't matter
because this is you
and it happens
my grandfather was just accused of ****** one of my half-cousins. He has never been a good dad to my mother, so i wrote this from her perspective.
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