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if you cut me first
I surely will cut you back

for life on earth is ruled by
the law of action and reaction
you get what you give
Lately, it has been difficult to share our time together. At times, it even feels as if the universe is holding a grudge against us. Either you are asleep and I am awake, the daytime calls for us to be in a different place, or it is just not that calendar day. Whatever the case may be, the day will come. We will have our solar eclipse, and the World will discover the beauty of our love.
ShininGale Oct 2020
uno, dos, tres
am I just stressed?

I used to believe everything we all have is equal
the moment you put a greater sign to everything,
I defended it's normal.

I told the rest they were blinded by anger, am I no different when I side with a closed eye and felt triggered.

To the rest let us not be stressed, for He who plans the rest.
I wrote this because I understood that a lot of my friends felt like they're so different from the rest. But, let us not be negative about difference because that is what makes us unique and special, to all the people out there live weird because we only die once.
Mark Wanless Jun 2020
a thought a dream, a piece of
..... fiction, no a compilation , a
,,,,, vision, a grudge of contradiction
'''''' no, no ! a craze of nightmare
;;;;; an old ones revelation

a burn so deep we do not care
,,,,, or know the depth of mind
---- called forth, our lives are
//// but a course of inner sight
??? forbidden
S Bharat Feb 2020
Let Us Not Wait

Minutes tick, moments slip
And the days pass by.
Let us not wait. Let us not say
"Why should firstly I?"

You, do not hold the grudges,
Always let them go.
There are good people around.
Yet, you never know.

Life is too short to have room for Reticence and anger.
Speak with the loved ones now,
For they'd be no longer.

Lest you lose them for good
To them, you, walk.
God forbid you regret later and
Say, "I wish I could talk."

S. Bharat
Prossnip42 Feb 2020
I can never be timid
Start to the finish
Even through the blemishes, my heart is replenished
Violent images was somethin' in store
It's kinda heavy, holding steady
I'm ready for war
The confetti, a party time
I'm sorry, I apologized
It's obvious you ignored the truth
Just to acknowledge lies
And honestly this is a promise not a threat
So you better watch your comments
While your conscience is left
Forget the politics, the dollars in your wallet
Just know I'm coming home for everyone I have a problem with
Don't look astonished cause you knew that it was coming
You lookin' at me dumb
I suggest you start running
You can increase your pace
But I'm just chasin' you down
Losing patience, you blatantly choose breakin' the vows
Tomorrow isn't promised, and that's even if you live today
Watch what you say or someone's gonna need a grave

Look, I really can't pretend this time, I'm sorry Lord
But this time revenge is mine
So be afraid, because this is the big payback
For your charades, and every game you played
I can't believe you took my kindness for weakness
I've been gone for years but fear has got you speechless
So rest in peace, you're about to receive a secret
Your family is looking for authorities to speak with
You need luck cause right now life's lease is up
So keep it up, I'll be behind you creepin' up
The disconnect between us comes from disrespect
You better listen or your family will be missing next

Oh Lord here I come, I'm just holding on
A bullet is on its way
Tell the world I'm coming home
Someone's gonna need a grave
Goddess Rue Jan 2020
The heavens were mad,
So the clouds thickened and rained,
Tearing on the earth.
Your grips are too tight,
Cycles of day and night,
Enraged, yet unsatisfied,
Still, you didn't realise,
The hand in your right,
might shrink down to size.
Randy Johnson Nov 2019
A man has cancer and he has been given only six months to live.
Years ago, he did a man wrong and the parents and siblings are refusing to forgive.
He became angry because he lost at checkers and he evicted that poor man.
Even though he wants them to forgive, he said if they can't, he'll understand.
He evicted the man that day in January and the poor man froze to death.
When he decided to throw him out, it caused that man to draw his last breath.
The landlord felt remorse when he learned that the man died.
The guilt devoured him and he thought about committing suicide.
He screamed "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"
He went to his closet and got his gun.
He put the gun barrel in his mouth but didn't have the guts to pull the trigger.
Those people will carry their grudge to their graves because they're so bitter.
Those people refuse to forgive, they won't even try.
I just hope they can forgive themselves when he dies.
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