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Naoki B 6d
You and I grow distance
Funny, bad memories coupled
With your fragrance
The feelings came with it, so subtle
The waxed wings, careful to indulge
For you were the sun, my heart full
But the memories burn, burn my soul
So leave me to the ground, I prefer the cold.
Nyx Dec 1
Stubborn little prince
With his pride so high
I'm really not okay
With the fact that you lied

Lying through your teeth
Taking it to your grave
Thinking your the mastermind
Just shut up and behave

Enough with the act
Double edged sword
Two faces are far too many
Don't do it cause your bored

That's no excuse

Your wax wings are melting
Due to all the things you've done
I'm friends with an icarus it seems
He's flown to close to the sun

You're falling again

Failing to see what's happening
Ignoring all warnings
He'll fall down very soon
He won't see the next morning

I won't be there to catch you

Go on keep talking
As you think your quite sly
You are beginning to **** me off
You should know exactly why

Your words don't match up
Nor do your actions it seems
What is your game?
Do tell me by all means

Though I don't think it'll matter
As my minds set in stone
Continue playing your game
Wouldn't want your motives to be shown

Don't fly too high
Stubborn little prince

c Nov 29
I was always fearful
Of flying too close to the sun
For I saw how it had hurt others
Who flew near it

But then I laughed.

For why should I
Fear myself?
Saber wilson Nov 20
Icarus was too cocky,
He flew to high,
And then he died,
All because of the sun in the sky.
Alexiss Nov 20
The temper of time shall corrode this lingering form,
While the softness of final breath carries the scent of life once more.
As the flickering golden light of the sun fades into silver dusk,
These melted wings shall fall into the deep silence of the sea.
I'm in my feels and Billy Eyelash is making my heart do stuff
Em MacKenzie Nov 7
I was born innocent, lacking brand
from a mortal only ****,
but my glory walks hand in hand
with my own impending doom.
Though I have a body of immense vulnerability
I have a mind of never seen before power,
and I could call a truce of no hostility
but only keep it up for an hour.

There was no cold there was no heat, there was nothing at all.
There was no winter or spring, no summer or fall.
There was no sky and no clouds, no darkness or light,
there was no choice, no consequence, there was no wrong or right.

I once had wings but clipped them to fit in
and I wore a halo but it went dim with sin.
I wet my appetite tasting bliss
but before I knew it was all done,
I guess I’m cursed to be Icarus
‘cause I flew too close to the sun.

I inhaled sweet nothings into a golden lung but quickly lost my breath
before my head never truly hung,
I was oblivious to life, love and death.
Though I have a skeleton that can easily break
I have a spirit that is stronger than gold,
and the only thoughts that now keep me awake,
are if I’ll keep my young heart when I grow old.

I once had wings but clipped them to fit in
and I wore a halo but it turned to rusted tin.
I glided over the darkest abyss
because I could never run,
I guess I’m cursed to be Icarus
‘cause I flew too close to the sun.

My only mortality lies within my head and my heart,
I attempt to numb the first, the other has been torn apart.
Lounging on light clouds that weigh a ton,
it was always my home plain,
‘cause even though I’ve been destined for the sun,
you know deep down I’ve always been the rain.

I once had wings but clipped them to fit in
and I wore a halo but it faded with my grin.
When I return to the sky there’s something I’ll miss,
it’s my soulmate, my one,
I guess I’m cursed to be Icarus
‘cause I flew too close to the sun.
When you play Kid Icarus and feel like getting weirdly creative. Not accurate to the Greek mythology telling at all.
Qwn Nov 4
We lost a young soul today
The sun screamed for his lost lover 
And the sky cried out for our fallen soldier
Not knowing every tear they let drop
Pushed our young *** down farther


He got too close to the sun,
He was so intoxicated,
He was blinded.
He got so close to the flames,
That he couldn't see he was on fire.


He fell into love,
Then he fell out of it.
It was toxic,
And the hate made him sick.
He was disappointed,
He had let himself down.
So after he fell,
He let himself drown.
Qwn Sep 11
Apollo watched as Icarus fell into Poseidon's waves,
some say they even saw Apollo kiss Icarus's wings
with his sun-soaked lips before he fell.
A boy fell in love with the sun not knowing
how bad it burns.


Don't fall for the golden boy,
He looks so sweet but tastes like fire.


He had the breath of a thousand stars in
his lungs;
But you can't reach the sun at the bottom
of the sea.
gracie Sep 9
tell me the story of the fawn,
white-spotted, damp-eyed,
lying still on the roadside;
how the forest mourned for days,
twisting and churning its leaves
against the ashen sky.
tell me the story of tragedy,
wind beneath the wings of Icarus
on his journey to the sun;
how he closed his eyes and smiled,
basking in freedom’s warmth
before plummeting back to earth.
tell me the story of youth,
wild and tender, dancing barefoot
as though we were made of nothing
less than bruises and blackberry wine;
how I'd let love destroy me,
the car
if it meant dying in your arms.
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