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james 6d
icarus, i believe
is heavily overwritten
especially by me

but golden eyes
and golden wings
never melt
from the mind
of a poet;

it's our apollos
that drive our pens
to begin with
Lyrical Dream Sep 26
dear diary,

i flew today

and as my amethyst wings split the multicolored skies
and the golden cloud's kiss left the sweet taste of euphoria to bless by tongue

i flew,

the sun's warm glow bathing my features
as the sea below waved a wave as calm as the mighty screams of chaos

and, in return, i offered a sway of my hand.

i could feel the burn of icarus's ghostly eyes scorching my flesh as my arms reached to the beauty of heaven's flaming heart

and, finally,

i touched it.

it dripped like honey between my outstretched fingers,
puddling in the cracks of my skin,


it seeped into my bloodstream, breathing life into my dead veins and rhythm into my silenced chest.

it's warm touch trickled into my soul and
kissed my anxious thoughts into oblivion

as i fell,

she whispered her name into the icy breeze.


the goddess spoke,

something grabbed my wrist,

something darker than death,

something more silent than a corpse.

dear icarus,

is this how it feels?

to die a euphoric death at the hands of the sea's blissful waves

or, am i only suffering a godly insanity?
lua Sep 16
I'm an Icarus in the sky
Leave me to fall
I know what I've done
I flew too close
But it had called my name
Chanted it
Sung it, like a song
And I knew I had to
I knew its rays would burn the flesh of my body
But I'll bathe in them
For the only thing I want to feel when I die
Is the warmth of the sun
Against my skin.
inspired by the greek myth of icarus, son of daedalus.
Paul Butters Aug 25
A massive moth outside in the night
Flings itself at
My bathroom window.
Another Icarus
Sorely tempted by the electric light within
My house.

A swooping vulture
It tries again and again,
Fracturing its fragile wings:
Battering itself to exhaustion.

Perhaps it curses some Moth God
And feels a failure in life,
Totally frustrated
At not being able to reach its imperative goal.
Not knowing
That had it succeeded
It would now be

Paul Butters

© PB 25\8\2019.
Yes, I took my annual bath. hehe
c Aug 21
Fly me
To the sun
You always like to
See me burn
As I
My future without you is so bright it’s burning
KJ Reed Aug 14
Cup your hands to catch sunbeams.
Feel light in your veins.
Glow gold like Icarus.
And melt away into stardust.
Hasana Tombs Aug 13
I know sometimes you feel like
you aren’t worth anything at all,
but don’t you dare forget
that the sun adored you so much
that he kissed your skin until
he could no longer tell the difference
between his flames
and your body.

You wear a halo of gold
and your eyes
are mini worlds
unto themselves.

You are not a monster.
you are a being of ash and stardust
that others are afraid of
because they can sense your glory
waiting to be unleashed.

You have the echoes of ancient praises
running through your veins,
the rhythm of an ancient drum,
beating in time with your heart,
waiting for the moment
that you will turn
from boy
to god.
                  Ode to the sunburnt boy at the back of the class
For my boyfriend
icarus Aug 9
i wear yellow and stare at planes
folding themselves into downy blue.
if i crash too, let the headline read:
icarus loved the sun
just as his father loved him
(but when the waves caught his body
he returned to his mother's embrace)
Artemis Jul 31
They say you are Icarus.
They say you flew
for a love so great and terrible
that it killed you.

They say you fell from heavens
into dark depthless oceans.

“For Love!” They say.
“He died falling in Love!”

But I think they’re wrong.
I think you burned.
Because of a lie;
a false promise of security.

I think you were dead
before you even hit the water.

They never found your body, did they?
Hygor Marques May 2017
You are fire.
And I can burn
the warm of the title at the start.
Could you? Burnout?
Cause you still burns me inside.

It's ironic how you like it cool and fresh
You're not cool and you're not air.
You are fire.
A breath inducing and breathtaking
hell of a paradise.

Constantly I spread around:
"Fire is my favorite!"
But you never understood.
You always thought that is a childish reminder,
like this poem.
But it's honest.

I couldn't reach you last time, you know?
I felt like a kid running over a flambeau.
And you figured me out.
You saw under the flame mask,
You made my Icarus task,
and I fallen down.

After all this time and I'm not consumed.
Maybe a fool and maybe a loser,
but you're the vanity of my veins.
And you're slowly provoking me again.
Could you teach me how to fire?
Could you? This time? My dear...
I bring reinforced wings.
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