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Troy 1d
It hurts to have your heart broken
But when it’s your trust that’s broken
It can be years before you are strong enough
To trust someone else

My trust was broken a few months back
And now that I found another
In which I like so very much
The trust is effecting me

Delusions and hallucinations set in
Causing my mind to panic
I try so hard to push them away
But they keep getting worse

I’m reassured that I’m not a burden
That I’m attractive and liked
But at the same time
My thoughts run ramped

Maybe he’s lying
Maybe he’s talking to other people
Maybe he’s with someone already
Maybe he’s just using you

Maybe he’s seeing multiple people
Maybe he’s this
Maybe he’s that
Thoughts of mistrust running wild

I can’t sleep
I eat everything in sight
Or I don’t eat at all
I cry all the time

I see visions and delusions
Of me cooking him dinner
And someone else coming in
And kissing his cheek calling him babe

And I wonder
Is my head really this bad
Am I going to let the past ruin my future
But yet the hallucinations continue

Visions of him holding someone else
Visions of me saying just take me home
Visions of me breaking down and crying
Visions of me that I wish to unsee

Cause you see
I like this guy
So very much
But this mistrust

Has got to stop
It will eat me alive
And it’s not fair to him
To compare him with the past
i write and write and still no surprise,
no likes, no comment, no subscribe,
arent my poems worthy enough,
i ask myself every time ,
or is it something in my speech ,
thats keeping away the prize.
i started with enthusiasm, you know,
but now that i see it,
all my work here is a still no show,
i cannot impose but just a request,
what will it take for you people to comment your best?
this poem might be my last on this platform you never know,
without support, without demand i just dont get the reason,
why i should post?
try i insist  and i will send my thanks to all those who will,
show what you care, because i know you guys wont leave me spare.
these are the thoughts i have been getting after posting so many poems and just 4 followers! please check out my work and follow me,,i really need motivation to write pleasee!
Is it just me
are we using words
love, relationship, friends
heavy weight
so much
maybe even too much
to the point that
its depth is
no longer recognized.
Comment what you think.
Troy 7d
I’m breaking down
My heart beats hurt
I can’t contain it for much longer
It just keeps building and building

The harder I push it down
The harder it pushes back
And I break down in tears
Bawling my eyes out

All I do is think about him
Even with music blasting in my ears
The thoughts race by without stop
He’s all that’s on my mind

I miss him so much
I don’t know what to do
I shove my head into music and games
Yet it doesn’t work

I’m up late into the night
Constantly thinking what will happen
What if things were different
If the situation was different

Would we have actually became a couple
Or would this have still happened
I’m trying so hard for him
To just be his friend through this time

But the more time that passes
The greater the pain becomes
And I wonder to myself
Did I fall in love?

Is that why this hurts so much
Is that why I can’t help but miss him
Why he is constantly on my mind
Running circles around my distractions

I’m honestly afraid of the next time I see him
What if I run inwards and cause the body to faint
What if I run to him and kiss him?
What about a deeply felt bear hug?

Would he hate me?
It’s petrifying to think about
And each outcome is just painful
I’m so afraid to tell him

Afraid to say what’s on my mind
About how much this hurts
About my feelings for him
About how much I miss him

Should I cave and tell him?
Or should I bare the pain a bit longer
Letting the fates dictate
What is to come

I need answers
But I know that no one can give them
It has to come from me
Whatever my mind and heart decide
keep me in mind,
               show me your smile.

I'll show you my teeth..
Styles May 22
touch made him feel
as it revealed
parts of him that he never knew

hunger for her
persistent has his thirst
a feeling
that overcame her
she can no longer
resist it


bodies insist that their flesh touch
satisfaction they crave
destiny they lust
the urge
Mitzi Ambrad May 18
I kept a list of things that you dread and like
Colored the first black, the other white.

Back then, I only know one to cite
Now, it has a ninety-nine items in plain sight.

Wrote the 100th note after the talk yesterday
My name is finally on it but the color is gray.
After our confrontation, it turned out I am neither.
Soni May 17
When you don't like yourself
You tend to dislike everything connected to you

New things seems to be more attractive
When you learn to love yourself

Then the same old love
Starts looking new
Starts looking nice

Thank you
For teaching me
How to love myself
learning to love yourself is not something someone achieves one day and then it's all smooth sailing from there, but rather a day by day journey
Noyonikaa May 11
Only few experienced that smile
Which hides hurted patches for a while
Everyday crying deep inside the attic
Wishing it would stop
Wanted to be the voice of my scared crowd
But was afraid of that dark proud
Last thing stuck in my brian
Was tracing my pain
The darkest hour seems to be creepy
And the wound was thirsty deeply
There was no reason to worry
But that hint was wrong
Haunted vision was only reflecting
By the path of midnight song.
Once survive from the darkest hour and then everything around seems to be happy
Pizacas23 May 2
I told you I like you, and I spill those sky blue tears.
Years later...
You fall to me and I'm into somebody else.
Why does this happens everytime ?
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