When you left,
I didn't think it would hurt this much.
I never said goodbye,
which hurts me the most.
I had so much to say,
but I never got the chance.

I had this feeling in my gut,
I missed you so much.
I missed our conversations.
I missed our hugs.
I missed your laugh.
I missed your teasing me.
I missed you.
But it was more than that.
I had this feeling that you were meant to be mine.
Is that even possible?
Is "meant to be" even achievable?

My heart aches for you,
but as an amazing friend?
or more?

Olympia 4h

he makes her happy
like sunshine after a rainstorm
like surprises on Christmas
like extra whipped cream on lattes
like perfect winged eyeliner
he makes her happy
and we all know
she makes him happy too
like an A+ on an exam
like the perfect parallel park
like payday

like her
like him
nothing is more perfect than that

been a while since i've plugged myself....

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Alex Hill Sep 14

There was a girl that was so pretty
everyone cared about her
And she would feel pity for anyone
who would doubt her
She had a herd of sheep that never went
without her

She was nice on the outside but not within
She was a wolf in a sheep's skin
And she was as cold as tin
She didn't care if she sinned
so she swept the world under her feet
drama was just a treat
And a drama queen can never be beat

This is about a popular girl who fakes her personality, and is really a drama queen.

et id me borfday toodai
we ar so happi dso bee 16 yodqay
we wouldn lik to t6hank qaqdam rylander
he had ben  a grayt heelp

i wood lek jew also fank solari
he liked mee pomes and amde me go trending
if yoo cood chair dis wev ur frends and mak me famoos
i wood be appy

thankyou @solari and @lostboy

Vivid; chaotic.
Hallucinations cloud my
perception of truth.
I question my subconscious
of its own insanity.

Gucci and Xanax;
Diamonds that contrast against
tanned skin like old bruises.

Designer lampshades,
your taste as expensive
as the lobster on your lips.

Envious eyes crave
your artificial joy.
Your smile is so convincing.

Eyes cracked open like

the clam peeking out at sea;

the morning beckons.

Drowsy and dreary;

I'm no match to the hustle

and rush of the day.

The usual cup of Joe

couldn't cure this ailment.

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