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Ron 2d
Your smile lights the room.
Your laughter fills my heart.
With eyes so warm and loving,
It was love right from the start.
Falling for someone new
while still not over you
is the hardest **** to get through
If I a chance to travel back
through time and space to a time and a place of my choosing
It back to fifties and sixties I'd go where life was so much simpler when there weren't the pressures of everyday life we were able to enjoy growing up as
Then we moved Into the sixties new fashions bright colours pretty girls In their mini shirts could brighten one's
Time of so much change Incredible the sixties was a wonderful time sometimes think we'd be better of not moving  on with progress stayed In the sixties frozen In time well I would be
For the time I now live In there no difference
between working day life struggles I'm now retired
but there no difference Its
just the same continuation
of my working life
What was the point of those working days to retire to nothing complete and utter waste
We should never have moved on from the sixties well that the way I see It bring back the
the sixties
Just some thoughts while passing my day my feelings
reality feels like a dream.
everything has taken on a haze,
the edges fuzzy and soft.  
melting skies and dripping clouds,
the sun painting the world in shades of gold
moonlight passes like water through my fingers, dancing along the trees.
down to you, my darling.
swirling a halo around your head.
you don't need the sun to shine,
you create your own warmth.
I bask in it, welcome it, long to be near you again.
just so I may be warm too.
are you real,
or just a dream?
Sweety Jan 15
When I say I like him means,
despite my fear of heights,
I will fall for him blindfolded from any height

When I say I like him means,
Though I hate goat cheese,
I would eat it just to spend my time with him at the dining

When I say I like him means,
Despite my fright of speed
I would sit in a race car with him

When I say I like him means,
Though I am scared of darkness
I would walk miles at night just to have a glimpse of him

When I say I like him means,
Despite my impatience
I would wait for days, for him to text back, Because I know how busy he is

When I say I like him means
If he says his favorite color is blue
My wardrobe will change till every color of my dress matches to his taste

When I say I like him means
I look at his pictures 1000 times
And search for that glimpse of his fondness

When I say I like him means
I would go over his text messages over and over
To picture his mood in my head,  when he sent me those messages and for that one word where he might have confessed that he likes me too
sunflower Jan 14
You are my sweet sin, my only demon
And when I think about you,
There is no escape, no way back,
Loving you is like drowning peacefully in the dark
Because our love is reckless, but it’s real too
And if it’s real, it has to bring a little chaos
It has to give a thrill that you’ve never met
And it will certainly bring a happiness
That you’ve never experienced before
And probably, will never experience with somebody else..
* 29.09.2018 ***
lucav Jan 14
im not so perfect
so what makes you think im worth it
her i suppose
We're all ****** when it comes to "love" or "like."
I've learned that by now right?
It starts with racing heartbeats and stars in the eyes.
It starts as a fun crush, but some move onto more while others are stuck with just crushes.
Wishing that he would like you instead of her...
Or wishing that you were special compared to his past girlfriends.
Or thinking that when he constantly looks at you that must mean something right?
Or it ends with heartbreak and wishing you could just have your best friend back.

So, here it goes...
This is for me and all my girl friends.

There's one who says she's over her ex and I believe her, but she still wants to hang out with her ex like that's normal.
There's another that looks at the guy she likes while he's talking about another girl.
There's another that knows she deserves better but settles for a guy that doesn't want to commit to commitment.
She's the catch here.
There's another, they would be so good together, but he's taking forever to make his intentions known. Should she dare to hope?
Then, there's me, who pines for a guy that is a shy one and he looks like he has some interest... But there's a big problem of distance.
We may never have a chance to start.

Why do we go for the complicated ones?
Why are we the cats in this game of "love"?
I'm writing this really in frustration for my friends in how hard they may be hurt in the process of their relationship or at the end of it. Every one of them has their reasons or irrational reasons for liking who they like or staying with them. Honestly, the same goes for me. I should just get over this guy... I don't even know if I have a chance. But don't we all get ****** because of someone?
MoonBunny Jan 11
i do not know your name,
i do not know who you are,
but i do know i like you,

i do not have a clue about you,
or your name to find you,
but you name shall be sweet,

for you are sweet,
your name shall be pure,
and nothing less.
I feel like I try
too hard
to be who you want be to be.
But you should learn
to appreciate me like this,
because I am me.
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