I am a bloody writer.
I can form both sides of the speech.
Something so wanting, so desirable,
So complete.
while luxuriating in the boughs aching
to imbibe solar raiment golden this summer like
february twenty first two thousand and eighteen
when old man took a mandatory brake

from mister sun spilling forth
unseasonably balmy temperatures
equated from this human drake
swallowed hard taking

respite delighting, holistically
lolling (nar gagging) obliviously par
taking paradise magical optical pulsations,
a desperate need to succor dehydration

that found me relinquishing
a coveted reading nook and cranny,
this explanation not "FAKE"

excuse withholding appeasing,
an unrelenting paroxysm
watering parched palette
suck ceded to abend
imagination immersion

linkedin radiant nirvana basking (like a robin)
while feeling spell bound by this warm weather
unseasonably tropic teaser came to an end
drew the analogy how indomitable

joie de vivre kneading love intend
ding, sans partaking draught found wealth
between bounded pages doth mend
moe so than any medication

(akin to placing a wager sparring rivals)
desire for on par,
when body needs replenishment of fluids

thus...deferring self
for healthy pleasant liquid to slake
in an effort to curtail parched mouth
felt as if being scraped

by a lab bot tummy sized rake
thence entire corporeal being
didst shimmy and shake
analogous within mine

so many dozen square feet parameters
thee earth didst quake.
thence upon gulping sweet pineapple juice
(to evade dole drums)
a poem yours truly decided to make.
Em 1d
Have you ever fallen in love?
It feels like you're starving
and so full
of light.

Like you're dying
but you're living

Thank God,
I found My One
That night.
Attracted to something I can’t define,
Fuck, I can’t even call it mine.
Lust is only a skin deep sensation,
This breathtaking feeling lacks explanation.

It’s like a fire in your bones,
Like your soul is flying amongst the clouds,  
Like every part of you that came from a dead star..
Is alive again

It’s beauty and chaos intertwined,
And yet I am left tongue tied.
A beautiful feeling my body finds anew,
A magnetic pull wanting it with you.
At 2:40 the school bell rings,
I hurry up and grab all my things,
With subtle haste I sprint away,
Holy heck I can't wait 'till May,
I hop in my Honda and turn the key,
I drift my whip as it occurs to me:
Nobody else is home but me.
Alec 7d
Casually not okay
I mean granted you’re allowed to say anything you say.
Yeah i know I’m not perfect I’m not preferred
And I’ll be honest it’s expected so it’s not like it actually hurts.
I’m not tall enough, I’m not strong enough.
Which makes dating pretty tough and rough.
Short guys get the short end of the stick
Fitting isn’t it?
I should work out more i should eat better.
Would that mean i could go get her?
She’s out of my league to begin with
And me, stealing her heart? That’s a myth.
I’m the one she’s interested in,
But I’m not the one she really likes.
People are interesting
Emmy Feb 13
I wanna make you feel waves of something
Waves unlike the motion of your sins

Let me strip your skin
Is that too deep? Cause from up in the trees, this path looks scary steep
Although I know, your laugh in my ear is something I wanna keep

I’ve had my eyes wide closed
My dreams colliding kaleidoscopes

I thought you were just a passerby but you said more than just hi
Sometimes I don’t know what to say
The words stumble away
Although I know, the feeling moves me like a drunk sway

Your fingertips brushed the shimmering sunlight dancing in between my trees
And suddenly, the tightrope time tied to me fell free  
My bare feet struck unfound grounds
Puddle colors exploded like how bass sounds
Although I still don’t know, where the music can be found
I do know, you’ve got me spellbound
OakTreePoetry Feb 13
It is done.
Or is it?
Muffins are done,
Spanish tests are finished,
Nobody came to my aid
So I made like Popeye,
and swallowed some spinach,
I overcame my worries,
Praying for a good grade.
I fired my shot like Curry,
and gave my all.
Maybe it wasn't enough,
Just look at Lavar Ball.
I think I did solid on the test, but you fools didn't help me with por v para last night. We shall see how I did later
OakTreePoetry Feb 13
Hey, if you're scrolling through recent,
I could use some Spanish help,
I have had some struggles on por v. para,
And if one of you could be so decent,
As to supply me with a source for help,
Welp, I'd appreciate it very much.
Help a brother out
couldn't feel
paper cup

stupid pigions
buy her

inspired by
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