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Karmish A Oct 5
There is thunder without rain
And rain without thunder
But how devastating they are when together
Just like you and I
newpoetica Sep 26
maybe i was in a rush,
but i had to know what it feels like when our lips brush.
the feeling is something that could be described as lush,
but if i tell you how everything feels, you'd blush.
so although this is still a growing crush,
just know you have my heart turning into mush.
i don't kiss and tell.
Oh God,
Is it true?
Dear lord,
I’ve fallen for you.
Paper thin,
You’ll see right through


The birds chirp
And I’m reminded that
I haven’t slept
But it didn’t bother,
Because at night
I was the light
Of your world,
And darling,
You’re mine.
For R series
A knight pretending he
Is imperfect,
Surrendering the bind
For softeness and
Passing his earthly
Emptiness to the
Sleepy sea.

A surreal muse for
This rejected girl;
Emotionally abandoned
And feeling discarded.
A knight armed
With charm
Was gifted to me.
For “R” series
Thin skin,
Self infliction;
Melancholy oozing
From my pores
Like a leaky bandage.

Self esteem,
What a dream
To feel like someone
Beautiful, instead of
Feeling invisible.

Feel like ****,
What a trip.
Do I look just
As lovely
Wearing all my wounds?
Happiness is Karma’s sidekick.
A cruel twist of fate
Where you find everything you
Ever wanted and it’s
Ripped from your chest like
A bandage.

I don’t remember
What I’ve done to deserve
My fate. Karma
Surely gets hers, but
Happiness refuses
To love me back.
Claire Sep 20
My smile hides everything
no one will get to see
That the girl in the mirror
Was never even me

This is what I feel like
Claire Sep 19
The flower in the garden
will one day be gone
it may be beautiful now
but it wont last that long
So like a flower one day we will see
In the end, How broken we would be
Axel Sep 19
Right now, I ran out of words to start my poems because I'm just waiting by the door to see your face or even to hear your name called by anyone.
I lied about loving him and the truth is I've only been in love with you.
You're my skin to my body,
My lashes to my eyes,
My nails to my fingers.
At first I didn't know what the purpose of them being together on each other, but when I fall for you, it seems like my questions are all have been answered. You seem useless to me at first, but actually we were made to complete each other, because without you I wouldn't know what's under and what's above, without you, I wouldn't know what is the meaning of a true love.
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