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solfang 5d
the clouds on my mind
are forming rain;
and it is leaking
through the drain
of my eyes,
after I said my goodbyes
to a summer of love,
and welcomed winter
from above
reposting a draft; I'm currently stuck in winter, but occasionally feeling its warm rays.
Nigdaw Apr 17
why do we care
who follows us
narcissistic popularity
with faceless friends
who we have no hope
of ever catching up with
they’re not coming round
for tea and cake
you’re not cooking dinner
opening the wine
laying the table just right
none of them really give a ****
because like you
they want your likes
like for like
liking you living your best life
in the two second spotlight
of their stream
these are new friends
avatars on a screen
edited to oblivion
so you can barely see
where the cracks begin
we live in the moment
and report every movement
hoping someone will love us
so we can lead them on
Life lived in a virtual world.
solfang Apr 9
my heart is mad at my mind
for it chose to let him go;
but deep inside it knows,
unlike my heart,
his love for me
will never grow
learn to let him go
Xaela San Apr 5

I saw you
I began to stare for a while
In your book, black hair
Sitting in your favorite spot

My heart skips a beat
Nervousness hidden in a smile
Sweating, hands are shivering
I am unable to speak

But I wonder, what you're reading
I wonder what page you're now
I took a deep breath
We finally said Hi

I don't mean to stay distant
I am unable to move
I fear you'll see through me
I might melt in this space
When I hear your voice


I saw you
I began to stare for a while
In your black shirt, black jeans
Walking through the door

My heart skips a beat
Face hidden behind a book
Redness, enveloping my cheeks
I am unable to speak

But I wonder, what face you're making
I wonder how's your day been
I took a deep breath
We finally said Hi

I don't mean to stay hidden
I am unable to look
I fear you'll see through me
I might melt in this spot
When our eyes meet


I might not be able to say it
I might be someone, who'll not know
How our hands feel, intertwined
But I would like to try

I might not be able to say it
My eyes might say otherwise
I am someone who likes you
I wish I could be someone you like.
Another story in the boy's and the girl's perspective.

I wish I can sing....
Raven Feels Apr 4
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, name yours---;}

it is like I am waiting

waiting for those arms that would pull me out

it is like I am longing

longing for the past to find its way back

it is like I am fainting

fainting for a fake and a caring tear

it is like I am surviving

surviving cause it is too late to take a turn to let go

it is like the getting

getting of the cold in the bed of the tire in my head

and the pieces of glassed blood that is shed

it is like those breathless moments are taking

taking me down down down

some will like you; another one won't
you can't make everyone like you
furthermore, it is not your fault
and, even if they do not like you,
it is not the end of the road.

© Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
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So much on my mind
Tryna bind them together
Weather the storm I continuously have in my head
Thoughts all over the place
Mind racing
I'm stressed out I'm stressed out
Cant handle the thoughts in my head
All I think about before I go to bed
Recurring pain from these thoughts That they have brought
It's ok, everything is going to be ok
That's all I keep hearing but it's never ok
It's a battle up there
Dont nobody know that
Fake a smile once in a while just to seem ok
Hide my true feelings cause dont nobody care
Just a fear of some things
A bunch of overthinking, mixed feelings
Tryna find my path in life
A path that's right for me
Focusing on what I'm thinking
Rather than what's in front of me
Try to let things be
But if something's bothering me of course its gonna effect me
Jumbled up brain
Hidden deep pain
That I cant seem to control
Unless something controls it for me...
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