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I like
Tuff realities
Survivor's history
Breakthrough events
As it happens

I like to hear
One to one
All their ups and downs
From their prospective
To feel it's depth
Being a part of it

I like
Hopeful smiles, after suffering
Eager hearts, shared to uplift
Precious sweat, from any effort

Most of all
I like kindness
In any form
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Humanity is not dead
You’ve been friends for what seems like forever, until one day you realize you don’t really want to hear about this amazing hookup he had last night. You’re not sure why. Usually, you’d be happy for him, but something has changed. When you fall in love with your *** BFF you have to tell him (once you’re sure it’s not a fleeting crush). Who knows? He may like you too. probably NOT.
Every day the sun rises,
And it kisses the sky with beautiful colors.
I wake every morning to these beautiful colors,
the deep reds and oranges emblaze the sky as if the clouds were on fire.
As I look at this horizon I admire it.
The sky shows the world in a different light,
In this moment currently as I stare at the horizon. All I can feel, all I can think about is how peaceful and calm the world is at this moment.
I often think about how it would feel like to be a cloud, not having much struggle,
I smile glad to be me and not a cloud because without struggling then how could I grow?
Yes, the world is full of anguish and pain but, not in this moment.
This moment is the moment where I can just be me.
The clouds do not judge, they don’t criticize the way I look or the way I dress the stuff I do I am human nothing more nothing less in this moment I am human.
The sky is a wondrous and mystical sight I am always trying to alter those around me to try and make the world how I want it to be.
This moment is what I want to be.
This moment is what I want my future to be.
This moment is what I want to look forward to every day of my life.
But now I must arise and start my day.
So, I say good bye to this sweet moment of bliss.
Ask me not how far
it's only a day
and night space apart!
But its been like this
since time immemorial!
Finally someone different,
someone beautiful focused and confident,
Has an elegance and a magical aura,
Saw her first passing by when I was reading quora.

Her face is a delicious treat,
Whenever I see her my heart skips a beat,
She looks pure, she looks innocent
kinda shy, her smile is my stimulant.
she loves writing, what a coincident,
Has a decent sense of fashion,
discovered writing blogs is her passion.

She smiles less often,
Looks pretty worried most of the time,
Maybe because it's a new place for her,
or maybe something else,
Yeah, She does speak less,
She seems like a mystery,
Wish we match a great chemistry.

I want to know her more,
I want her to know me as well,
I am interested I wanna tell,
For now, I just wish she is single as well.

On her, my <3  got stuck,
gonna give it a try, Wish me luck! ;)
Liking the new girl in the office.
I like me,
Yes,I like me,
I really like me
I really, really like me.
I am no pretense,
I am what I can be.
I am a candy that children love,
I am a nutty chocolate that some die for,
While others are allergic to it.
I am a savoury snack you find in youngsters backpack,
Or you take for picnics.
I am a roast turkey or Biryani  for family feasts,
I am a mild soup for the aged.
I laugh and make others laugh,
I cry, but wipe others tears,
I am gentle but can be tough when need arises.
I try to be soft but rough to those who dare cross my path,
I am a friend indeed.
Yes, I like me,
As I am, as I can be.
In the clutches of envy, or judgement, or denial
With eyes turned outward at another life
Don’t hide when the inkwell turns up dry
But accept the death which comes to life
And lets you pass by this windowed world

Fly into the perfectly natural
You should look up E.E. Cummings on how Dying Is Fine
Ashari Ty Oct 31
I have something
I call it nothing
I cherish and adore
Its oblivious lore

But i want something
I call it you
And as i run out of rhymes
Please run out of reasons not to like me
i'm glad i atleast have hepo to express my ****
TG Oct 31
Oh hello there love,
there you are again.
bothering my peaceful mind,
looking for trouble,
to let me fall in line.

Do I like it that way?
or not?
Am satisfied..
Cause it is playful
turning my world
upside down.

Every time we tell ourselves,
I don´t need love,
love is pain,
love is poison..

But everytime i get myself into it,
the same song
same words
same feeling.
I´m attracted to love
I want to feel love
don´t we all ?

I can completely mess this up again,
And lock myself up,
from anyone that is getting one step closer.
But I can also let it all in,
and finally give in to someone.
Let go of my fear,
my fear of falling,
being hurt,

This time I´m strong enough to be,
Time´s there to open up,
instead of giving up.
You might be my victory,
my first achievement,
and this time I´m letting go
Cause I´m ready.
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