It's a good thing I guess
Now you can focus on yourself
You probably deserve to be treated better
You guys weren't meant to be together
That's what I hear when they notice the sad gloomy face I wear.
I guess a heartbreak gives you a certain kind of look. Your face is colored by pain and regrets, regardless of how hard you try to hide it. People would still notice. But why wouldn't they?
When your happiness is gone. The real reason for why your face is always lit. A message from that special person sends your heart beating twice as fast. It's that adrenaline rush you get from getting to see their glorious smile outshining the sun on the brightest of days. The warmth feel of their hands wrapped around you in a hug, that feeling of knowing there's nowhere else you'd rather be than with them at that present moment. But when all of this is gone, there would be a new tone to your face, a new look….that makes people know something is right.
I wear a smile to disguise my look, I smile as often as I can. I tend to push thoughts of you out of my mind knowingly. It's the only thing I can do if I'm to wear my new look without people knowing what's up. I miss you a whole lot. But now it wouldn't show on my face anymore. And if I'm to meet you again? would be greeted with my new look and I'll hope you like it.

misty 5d

you do not get a say in what it means to be me
you have not stepped one foot in this misery

pastime past midnight
a minute or two before
I, staring blankly,
am waiting for it to come
half the chance is twice my hesitance
double that, you'll get my doubt

couple hours fast forward
no progress
i am nearing edge
yet am adamant
check the last time seen-
a couple days before
lines of conversation
eager to keep it rolling
and then stops

current time check,
some notch after twelve
done enduring the pain
of shutting you down
tomorrow again...

i'll last long without you
so why am i devastated
that you will too?

So, I'll lie awake on this rocky beach
With my head full of sand and bad memories
You told me you felt safe in the arms of evergreen
And I said I'd never go away until this spark became too much to bear

Now the mountain came to us but we couldn't climb
Because, because our perspective was at odds with the even keel of this sinking ship
And oh I couldn't hear one more word about that anchor called forgiveness
Because, because forgiveness is just the gateway to forgetting and I won't forget

No, I won't forget you
Even when the world crashes down around my ears
Oh, heaven is coming down here
I know the angels sing their perfect songs but if they,
If they aren't singing of you I don't care to hear

But I hear, I hear angels cursing loud like
Like trains in the still night
Blowing decibels like churches
Towering tight against my eyes
They sound like
Screeching eagles clawing at the track
But they refuse to see that there's no going back

Because we said we'd never be this way
A silent promise in the deafness of anger
Said we'd never be this way
But I kept my fingers crossed
Like, like, perpendicular lines still hot from the friction of use
I'm burnt all down my insides
Because, because I know there's nothing in this world that can keep me from you

Even death concedes that I just won't turn blue
She watches me wait for you
In a forest made of ash
Whispers sweet nothings about the comfort of the black

But I refuse, I refuse to give in
And I won't forget to forgive myself
You always told me that comes first
The world is easier to live with if I can learn to live with myself
But I can't keep living this life without your help

So I'll wait by the ocean where salt water rises to tug at my feet
You'll be nowhere and right here because I just can't let it go
There's fear in the moon, that crazy old man is looking for us
I never knew what for
Pushing and pulling the sea until we can't swim anymore

And the waves will pull me under
To the depths where I'll await your forgiveness
When I'm deeper than the darkest indigo
Oh, I'll be passing through Atlantis
And I'll tell those sunken people of you and your eyes like a sunrise without an ending
These words they won't comprehend

And they'll never forget my tales of you
Long after I have passed
And their stars aren't the same as ours
Just lights passing in the distance
But they'll name them all after you
And your forgiveness

Oh, please forgive them
Bring them back to light
Give them my sunset
And hold me to the end of the line

Where the rocks aren't so sharp
And the ocean ain't so deep
The train is coming fast
And I can finally sleep

Ray my sweet Ray
Looks like the jay
At the blue bay
On the green ley
Loveless feel fey
You're my life key.

Ray hey sweet Ray
Really can I lay?
In your heart
You are my day
You are my say
Don't do me hurt!

You are my night
You are my bright
Let me yours part...

Liz Carlson Jul 15

I wrote you a note at 5 am,
you read it,
with no reply.
Before you left you asked for a picture of the two of us.
I made a joke and we laughed through the pictures.
But all that I could think about was
how it felt to have your arm around me.
It was holding me,
as I held you.
I wish I could go back to that moment,
but it's gone.

When we said our goodbyes,
it hurt so much.
I wanted to tell you so many things,
but time was running out.
I hugged you so many times,
you thought it was strange.

As soon as you walked away,
my heart felt empty;
I missed your presence already.
We touched hands as you drove away
in that big green van.
I ran after you,
as did other friends.
But you were gone.

I can still see your eyes gazing into mine,
and your oh so sweet smile;
but you're gone.
Nowhere to be seen.

Richard Jul 13

Just like a morning star,
like a beam of light waking you up,
I came in here, haven't said you sup,
I'm in awe how glorious you are.

Boredom is hidden in a routine
When there is nothing new,
Getting killed by time's queue
Slave of this hell for a long time you have been.

There's nothing special on a little rose,
Even though it may shine the dark face bright
So wee me trying to grow up,
Struggle to lift corners of your mouth.

So as the sun on the sky,
as the moon in the night
as they share the sky,
to share some of mine would be right.

All the people have to sleep,
And the need is soo deep,
They must follow the surrounding,
and darker it is getting,
the stronger is the feeling.
There is nothing funny about me,
So follow me, you will fall asleep.

It's well-known feeling,
Lying in a lonely bed,
without love, a mind is soo distracted
Imagine me,
with the head under the pillow,
with the tear on my cheek, ruined.
Give me some like or love,
No more sadness, blessed I will be.

Fun and peace.

It's not desperate request (maybe), I just want to introduce myself a little bit and make a fun. Yeah and its just a quick poem, sooo.
Arabella B Jul 13

If you like me too,hold on to me, because I need somebody to fix me. I know I'm asking a lot but I need somebody to show that they will stay.
If you don't like me just tell me I'm already broken so what is a few more cracks.
I'm fragile but tough I can handle somebody I like leaving me again.
I'm used to it. Nobody ever stays.
Nobody ever cares so please just tell me the truth
I can handle the heart break. I'm used to it.

Alec Jul 12

I brought you here
to say some words
cuz it's time for me to admit
that I'll be here
that I still care
cuz I won't leave you alone
At least not here
At least not now
Cuz I like you
Like like you
Not platonic feelings
I like you
I'm sorry that
it took so long
For me to say
how I feel
I know it's wrong
To stay hidden
But what was I to say
What was I to do
This is all sort of new
But I need you here
Right by my side
Don't leave me girl
Cuz I need to say
That I like you
Like like you
Not platonic feelings
I like you
Wanna hold your hand
When you're feeling sad
Wanna make you smile
Wanna stay awhile
With you
If you want me to
Cuz I like you
Like like you
Not platonic feelings
I like you
So what do ya say
Wanna sail away
To a far off land
To hold my hand
To share your smile
To stay awhile
With me
Cuz I like you
Like like you
Not platonic feelings
I like you
Do you like me
Like like me
Not just a phase
Do you like me
I'll be here
I'll be there
Anywhere for you
If you want me to
Cuz I like you
Like like you
Not platonic feelings
I like you
Like like you
I like you

Lure Pot Jul 12

I do love coffee
Every morning have
Don’t like toffee
Really not behave

The morning coffee
Retype every nerve
Even at work coffee
Helps get to serve

Usually I have coffee
Twice in a day
Mainly I need coffee
With early ray

I don’t like coconuts
Menudo and toffee
But I like chocolates
Less than coffee…

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