Garbage, filth,
the literal shit
stain on your
perfect, porcelain abode.
Wash me away with all of
the heat that
you can muster. The
burn is vital.
I flourish
on the notion that
I'm needed.
An inadequate being,
I'm bound to this misery;
living in
a hollowed shell like
the mollusk.

Adrenaline pumping
I'm jumping
Foot stomping
Heart racing
Love is it not
It is a music i like
I like k-pop.

Pipdon 2d

My feelings for you is like ember
In your presence it glows
In your absence it burns
In rejection it turns to ashes.

Wyatt R 3d

I feel like I can't be honest anymore.
I feel like I have to hide
the rest of me away.
I feel like there's no point in trying
because I always come up too short.
I feel like I'd be lying
if I said I gave it all my effort.
I feel like it'd be a disappointment
to show these words to anyone outside.
I feel like I should shut in
and love the end when it comes.
Slowly fade away
with a miserable look on my face,
I feel like it's the only way I can go.
Feed the flames until it requires more.
The cost of sin is my life,
so why delay the consequence?
Why take the time to vent
to people who have no idea who I am?
Why take the time to put myself
out there if I'm just taking up space?
It's hard to vibe with you
when I'm swimming in hate for myself.
The times have gotten worse.
Me, myself and I
is becoming not good enough.
The crazy outweighs
the brief calm that comes
after the worst comes back on me again.
I feel like the time I've got
is counting down
and I have nothing to show for it.
I feel like I'm stuck
in a rut dug too deep.

When I think of you too much,
my eyes lull
my ears drop off
my mouth becomes a field
of cotton,
never ripened enough
to pick from.
Everyday tasks grow fercious
with their complexities,
even the necessaries
I've come to
ache for
such as drinking, 
eating and sleeping
are shot up 
a giant's leg of a stalk,
and you know 
I can't climb that high up, my love.
So I sit, in a daze 
and stare 
at the world growing grey,
all because 
your shadow
has not crossed over it yet,
your lips 
have not spoken enough
for me to draw out
your words have yet
to tangle themselves tightly
around my tongue,
so that I find 
to breathe
when you are not here,
but have no air left in me
when you are.

Alex Hill 7d

I opened the door to the freezer and just stood there
staring in at all of the food until it began to thaw
and with the cold air billowing out into a warm room
I thought about calling out into an empty house
to ask if you wanted to do something easy for dinner

The Lonely Bard Apr 17

That's why I walked right into her
While I knew she would change
Because change is so natural
She just stepped in my life
And pupate out one fine day
But she will not come back here
Whatever that was thought or said!

For she is just another butterfly,
And I'm not looking for insects.

My HP Poem #1508
©Atul Kaushal

I've always seem myself as
the empath,; the savior;
the bandage on the wound.

Until now, this careful heart
has set aside and ignored
that to which it's attuned.

For the savior has turned
foe, and the bandage ripped
clean off of bloodied skin.

It couldn't be chance,
nor accidental, because
I know that I'll do it again.

I've never been one for burning bridges.
Every time I've tried,
I rebuild to watch it crumple again.

The ashes aren't as strong as the cinder
used the very first time.
But, if I'm honest,

the fragility makes the spiral
much more meaningful.

Mrs Robota Apr 16

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
A time out in the corner flashes before my eyes
When my first grade teacher forbade me from going outside
But wouldn’t tell me what I had done wrong
What had I done wrong?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
I snuck out of bed at midnight
A soft carpet welcomed my feet
Promising a silence that wouldn’t disturb sweet lullabies
I was watching with wide eyes, screaming within crowds
Till it was over
Why did it have to be over?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
Loneliness is my greatest tragedy
A malicious motivator
Second place didn’t matter as long as I had a place
You granted me moments
But left me on the swing
I walked home while the emptiness within my chest
Mirrored the gray winter days
Why did you leave me?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
Umbrella abandoned by the ocean
Little children collecting seashells
An elderly batch are playing chess
Until the sun sets
But I’ll be sitting by the ocean
As days like this hold my mind

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