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birdy Jan 2022
I can see myself clearer

every part of me working like clockwork.
a machine doesn't have to be alluring.
the mirror holds no expectations
of beauty.
and I'm safe in knowing that

I don't have to pretend.
Juno May 2021
I think I like my reflection;
at least when I’m alone.
But when there’s other people to compare myself to,
I find myself avoiding reflective surfaces.
You can have everything and still want more
You can be a ****** and be called a *****
You can win the battle but lose the war
Forgetting what you were fighting for

You can receive praise but still want first place
You can have the present moment and want yesterday
You can go to church to lose your faith
Because the God of love created people who hate

You can have everything and still want more
You can do evil and be adored
You can lose the battle and win the war
Knowing what you were fighting for
Marissa Rozas Sep 2020
Beauty is subjective, yes,
But something is beautiful about you.
I find his laugh charming.
I find her eyes breathtaking.
What about me?

Why can’t I take that same practice,
And preach it to myself?
Sure, beauty is found within.
But what’s the point in that,
If in the end you still hate your looks.

We worry so much about others beauty
That we can never focus on our own.
Find something about yourself that is beautiful
Each day, for a week.
How much will that change your mind?
just some random thoughts that came out while I was hating my appearance. Gonna change up some things about myself, hopefully it'll help!
Katie Katie May 2020
One day your looks will dissipate
Like the steam from boiling water
Gradually but inevitably
Your physicality will falter

Is joyous to an extent
When you're young and exploring life
But you can't always depend
On materials and shallow links
To bring you what a connection can
When you're on your death bed
Whether wealthy or simply meeting ends

Superficiality fades
When all you crave is to hold a hand
Roda Mahmud May 2020
She would wake up every morning, wondering if the picture she posted last night got enough likes. If the likes didn't impress her, she would even second guess herself, her worth and say something in the lines like "am i even pretty" . You may call her an attention seeker, but i 'd say that she is just another victim of this superficial world we live in.
Malikah Awan May 2020
If only he'd notice me.
If only he'd look my way.
If only he'd look past my insecurities,
And be mine one day.
His beauty astounds me,
makes me think twice.
And when those gorgeous eyes meet mine,
It only makes me think thrice.
About why I bother,
When he's clearly hotter.
And worth more than the love of a dreaming girl.
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