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muna Jan 10
i'll cut my hair
and mark my lips with blood
am I beautiful yet?

i'll grow my hair
i'll bleed I swear
am I beautiful yet?

my nails are long
enough to cut
scars deep enough
for these diamonds

and I don't get diamonds
i'm not beautiful
and god I hate my hair..

can't i just have nice hair....

to hide behind
I think
that lots of things
are like books.
You can't judge them
on their looks.
If I will have wrinkles,
let them be from too much smiling.

If I will have bad vision,
let it be from looking at good for too much.

If I will be starved,
let if be from me feeding you all the good I've had.

If I will have broken bones,
let them be broken because I
have taken the pain that would've gone to you.

If I will be weak,
let me be weak from being too strong.

When I will die,
let me die because I have done enough good here.
muna Dec 2018
sometimes i'm scared
to look at myself
in the mirror

what if i'm...
Khoi-San Nov 2018
heads turn ashy
looks fly
Life is fleeting
At least there's
Still the young
At Heart
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Brush the back of hand
gently across Helen soft
face she didn't require
makeup her face was
pretty enough she would
of cause not agree but I
preferred her natural look
to brush her hair Helen ask
nothing In life for self but
was always generous In
nature what you saw is
what you got straight to
the point no messing about
Helen a genuine women
honest trustworthy very
faithful the best a man
could get
Helen was silly the best a man could get
alonia Nov 2018
eyes have pierced through my soul looking as if they had seen me
eyes have desperately barged into my mind telling me I am not doing well enough
eyes have wounded this heart as I ever so wanted to break free,
because those eyes will forever look at me in a sea of expectations
Sam Sep 2018
Back then when I was a kid,
I used to picture a demon's face.
I thought it has horns,
I thought it has tail,
I thought it has wings
and thought its color was red.
But growing up in this world
made me realized I was wrong.
Demons has no horns,
Demons has no tail,
Demons has no wings
and they were never color red.
They weren't **** - instead they are beautiful.
They weren't scary - instead they are soothing.
Their looks are decieving
which makes us keep on sinning.
They are someone we always see
and something we can't let go.
They look more like an angel
but leads to trouble if we fall.
I remember the times when most people use to scare kids by telling them stories that are scary to make them obey what they would ask to do. Back then I was scared that I imagined a demon's face ready to prey on me at my sleep. I was so so scared. But after growing up in a world with a lot of situations happening in my life. I have realized every thing. That sometimes, there are moments that we couldn't stop making sins. And the very reason we made those sins are because of the demons that keep on decieving us. That moment I realized, demons would never look scary to come for us and tell us we should do this and that. Instead, they will look so innocent and beautiful so we can be decieved. That's how a demon works.
Harsha ravi Sep 2018
There was a time where gifts mattered more than time.
There was a time where the number of friends mattered more than the kind.
There was a time where taste mattered more than the fulfillment.
There was a time where grades mattered more than character.
There was a time where looks mattered more than the heart.
There was a time where self mattered more than another.
There was a time where our minds changed and our priorities shifted and that was the time we matured.
As we grow older our behavior changes as we understand things a little better, not completely, and that is when what used to mean alot starts to lose its significance.
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