She was the kinda Girl
Everyone wanted to be like
Pretty, funny and happy
She was so perfect

She was the kinda Girl
Who would dance in the rain
Just stand out there and smile
She was so happy

She was the kinda Girl
Who admired every little thing
She could look at things for hours
She was so curious

She was all my colors
She was the sunshine
I feel on a hot summer day
The snow in the winter,
the beauty of spring
And now the sadness of fall

She was the kinda Girl
That didn’t want to bother others
that’s why she didn’t tell
How sad she really was

I miss you everyday Millie<3
liv grace 23h
What came first? The flies or the act of flying? This is going nowhere.

You had teased me about eventually writing about this moment. This moment and every other moment. Cigarette in hand, pink blushing my cheeks “yeah right”. I could never grow tired of this. Feeling so incredibly close to somebody that you know there will never be room for regret. We are not two, we are one and I’m pretty certain I’ve loved you since you were born. Probably longer than that. The sun looked over her shoulder to say hello to us that day. Watched you run around the cement staircase and discuss your orbit around me.

What came first? Forgiveness or sin? This is going nowhere.

I think of you farthest from the boundaries of this existence. Like maybe you’ve always been a day dream. A lost thought. An open-ended question. You in your crinkled smiles and loud poetry hiding behind punk rock. You in your black coffee and sarcastic comments about my own soft words. You in your never-ending paradox. I don’t think we’ve ever apologized to each other. What is there to apologize for? I’m sorry for finally finding you? I’m sorry for becoming the person you would eventually love more than life itself?

What came first? The lovers or the love?

It's okay if this is going nowhere, so long as i end up there with you.
One of the leader
Once planned
Poverty eradication

Someone interrupted

Kill the Poor
That simple


Breaking the silence
He said
Raise your hands

No one did
No one did
No one did
No one did
Genre: Observational
Theme: Advocate Of Truth
If anyone wonders,
Still single !

Just reply,
The best GENE
I’m in search of
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The chosen one
Missing you
Two words burned in my eyes
It's true
Missing you
Two hearts broken apart
It's true
Missing you
I felt the hurt
You did too
It was all wrong
What did we do?
Missing you
Cut apart
Thinking of us how it fell apart
Why did we do it?
I pushed away
You pushed away
I felt taken for granted
You didn't want to lose me
We lost each other
Are we better off
Not together?
But I'm still missing you
I'm not allowed to keep doing this,
Pretending that you still exist with me,
You left me and I should be over it,
I know it's all my fault,
Except I just can't let go of all the time we spent,
Laughing and being best friends.
I still imagine that we're okay,
That we're still mates and you didn't go away.

When I think of the future,
I still fantasise that you might be in it,
When in reality you don't even care,
I doubt I own a second of your subconscious thoughts.
The only thing I ever get:
Is myself in the dark.

If you share your shadows,
You should expect those people,
To go away.
keep your Love
close to mine
this world does not
define your kind
i'll stick by you
through all you do
even when your
heart is strewn
i'll paint your worries
with my mind
replace your broken
parts with mine
your light
it guides me
so i shine, unrefined
we intertwine
through all time
you'll never find me
far behind . . .
for my best friend, chelsieanna marie <3
When someone tells you that you're their best friend
You have to ask yourself if they are yours
Written by Sean Achilleos 11 July 2018©
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KAE Jul 11
He is always saying beautiful words
And I know that he is true about it
But sometimes I feel that he is lying
Or I feel that he doesn’t feel that love at me again
And I don’t want to admit it, but that makes me sad
Sometimes I feel that I really need him, and I don’t want to let him go
Or... Am I afraid of let him go?
I don’t know. I need thousand answers to my thousand questions
Bexis Jul 6
No one tells you what it will be like.
This is something you learn on your own.
Trial, error, trial, error.
Until you think you've found the one.

Movies, TV, books.
They don't tell you how hard it is.
It's not a magical prince or princess coming and sweeping you away.
They lived happily ever after.

What they don't tell you is how hard you have to work to keep things going.
It is always worth it.
No expectations, no standards.
Just two people trying to make it in life together.

You have to try everyday if you want it.
You can't be lazy about it.
If you can't imagine this person not in your life, work to show it.

I'm still working and learning myself.
I try everyday and if I get lazy, she knows it.
She is worth every amount of effort and time.
I make myself better for me and for her.

We are bonded for life.
The strongest bond you can imagine.
We will always be there for each other.
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