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It's hard not to
Completely fall for someone
Whom, without effort
Brings out the absolute
Best in you

The most beautiful thing
About young love
Is the truth
In their hearts
That it will last forever
Ash Oct 3
three months since i held your pinky
nine more until you pull mine
so now i'm willing to whine.
we've played this game for four years
and there's finally a hole in the left of my chest
i want your presence to cheat on time's test.
if i believed in god, i'd pray for us
but mostly for you;
when it comes to my best friend, i don't fuss-
i'm honoured to love her
more than she loves me.
TL Chesterton Sep 29
Smile, brightly, and make the world ***
In every way, the world is okay.
Uncertainty, the dread of existence,
Fills in the heart for more than an instance,
But softened my dread, did I do today
In realizing that I'll be okay
And that you can smile in so many ways
TL Chesterton Sep 29
I gaze into the midnight eve
And in my heart, I am relieved.
I held you tight, never to let go,
For I truly adore you so.
My dearest friend, until the end,
And I will forever commend
The fact you did all that today,
And still cared if I'm okay.
I am okay, I promise this,
May I never let the chance miss
To kiss your darling lips
And impart on us both bliss.
Bede Sep 25
You let me live for you
And this is what I'll do
The pinkies man, I ******* loved it. I promise. Forever and always.
Bede Sep 24
A hop, jump, and skip away
Was the happiness I found today.
I can truly say in every way
That I've found my way back home.

I said what all I had to say,
We listened to our music play,
And as we laid down spoken lays,
You healed my heart of sorrow's song.

Thank you, dear, oh blessed be
The eyes that see what I can see,
For whenever I look to thee,
I know that I found my home.
Today was perfect, thank you!
I don't know how to write poetry like I don't know how to kiss you.

Our lips touch, my heart races, but my hands don't know how closely I am able to hold on to you.

If I could write poems I'd tell you how holding you close feels like finding a life jacket when you're lost at sea.

I'd tell you how your smile is the safest place I have ever known. That I've decorated the walls of my heart with your memories so I have somewhere to call home.

But I can't.

When you're around my body becomes a garden.

Butterflies dance around wildly in my stomach, through a meadow of delusion.

Vines grow and twist around my heart, in the same way that they make old ruins beautiful.

My tongue is paradise.

A thousand blooms unfurling in your sunlight, a bed of velvet soft petals with the sweetest nectar you're only too happy to devour.

You gorge away on the sweetest fruits, th nectar, you take your cuttings for ornaments. And when youre done you leave.

Darkness follows in your wake, my eyes become waterfalls, washing any colour that remained until there is only grey.

I can't kiss you. Because I know that afterwards there is a storm without parallel. I know resting my hand on your skin is no longer a silent I love you. More like a moth flying to close to the flame.

And I can't write a poem, because when you leave me, there is nothing left...
We talk during the day
And prowl at night
Donning our costumes
To prey on tv shows
No matter how many
Cute girls I meet
I will never forget
The ******* who raised me
To my best friends, who, despite what the years might say, I have known since the beginning.
Amanda Sep 24
I make the best of whatever life throws at me no matter how much it puckers my lips  
Tangy drops of nectar meet a H2O sea with a sugar beach and ice cube glaciers
Garnished as always with a bit of bitter zest and vio─║a! That's how I make Amanda's Unlucky Lemonade
Day 5 of the 30 day poetry challenge
Write a three-line poem about lemons without using the words lemon sour peel fruit round yellow citrus juicy ****
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