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Every moment of silence,
Is stolen by you.
In my mind,
You are always there.
In reality,
Life isnt that fair.
Someday in the future,
No clue when or where.
Ill know you like nobody,
Till the end, I swear.
Why is making friends so hard? Why is keeping a friendship alive so hard? Why does no one want to talk to me? Why am I always the backup and never the go-to? Why, why, why???
Ken Pepiton Aug 14
The connecting notion is "blindly, without foreseeing."

From <>

Sad, you, city child, silly old man says.
Sad, you, city child, saying so hateful a thing,
saying you would hate being a bird,

saying you cannot imagine having nothing to do,
but fly around heaven all day, scrounging
for scraps, ah
see those crows, hear their song,
are they laughing/
yes, at you.
I believe all black birds laugh, coo,
if you care, is common to doves, coo
to caw,
as a bird, these are common sense,
saying, I am here, now, if you care,
let me know,
this is my rest of the moment, time to feast.
I come to
eat the bugs that eat the dead,
caws, never any famine
until fire, or

catastrophic reordering of earthly things.
As when men lost sight of time signs,
trains of thought, fought all natural
signs of times too long for one
generation to know alone,
but watch,
hide, and watch.

Isotropic radiation field
pressure moulding matter
from raw mater, really
immaterial substances accruing
to act as a force in field, from
out to in
becoming one in time and nothing

Or drifting into sleep as sound
silence imposed enwraptured wait/

A mighty rushing wind…

Eight billion voices
counting cadence, 30 per,
once intuned as day to night,
global steps through ever empty
time continuance field-set-frames
expanding as we imagine unbelieving
in a structure so big,
us, no mortal takes so many breaths.
We listen, loosening tight why-knots in
wish reports so oft negated in time today,
I am in this wind passing as gas
of eight billion breathers, but
between the exspelled hex
human 'spiration, so soon
seeming freebird familiar
with the bass line,
my toe taps a happy dittydahdit dah didah.
- haps as happened,
- may haps per se
sent into the wind every minute or so.

keep looking, soon we see, you, there
suddenly blue shifting seeing me seem
no longer red and running away,
but we both are like fairy floss,
pale blue dot convergent
gentle minds, fitted with tamed tongues,

hearing laughter welcome the transformation.
Today I learned hygge {n.} and that temerity is not timidity de-ified.
The best place ...

from your eyes ...
the charm ...
and it's sweet shine ...
I melt with longs ...
for your lips ...
until ...
i get you all ...

yes sweetheart mine ...
it's the lips ...
the best place ...
where we can ...
put the sweet words on ...
to fly then ...
to all another places ...
where we can ...
write together ...
by the love ...
and passion ...
the great words ...
by body ...
and a soul ...

it's all ...
the lips ...
the first rock ...
to start with ...

hazem al ..
Claudius Jul 23
We were never a love story...
We were more a story of love
You were a title and I merely a chapter
We grew no choice but to digress
To go back to being best friends, two peas in a pod who stared at each other a second too long.
god I wish it could change
Ellis Reyes Jul 19
His leg
She said so calmly
I thought
Yours first
The veterinary surgeon recommended amputating one of my dog's legs for a non-metastatic growth that is causing him no pain, discomfort, or disability. Uh, no.
I just
To fall in love
With my best friend

But I'm scared
Of the consequences
And how
It would affect
The other people
I hold dear


I've never been
One to have
In fact
I always thought
Myself weird
For that very same

Until I met you
That is
Until I fell for you
I no longer
Thought myself weird

What is weird
Is our double helix dance
Of flirtation
And friendship

Constantly either moving
Toward each other
Or away
Drawn together
Or apart

It's so weird
To me
That I still keep
On you
For its entirely
Yet so

Hopefully soon
Our dance can end
And we can
Just be honest
With ourselves
With each other
And finally kiss
In the middle
Anais Vionet Jul 12
(These are some Senryu poems about bestfriends.)

My best friends and I
can talk to each other with
****** expressions

Friends can face-slap
insult each other - we know
each other so well.

We can spend a whole
day, at the park, just sitting
on the swings chatting.

Ever looked at your
bestfriend and thought, “We should be
standup comedians.”
Bestfriends are the glue that hold us together
Alena Jun 29
She was my reason to life,
I was sinking in her every moment,
She was kind of a knife,
That can hurt you in any moment,
Her brown eyes and dark hair,
I fell in love but even didn't notice,
I was waiting for her under stair,
Just to her grandma didn't notice,
We were kissing at her sofa,
And I felt her soft hips and gentle lips,
With the taste of cherry coca,
And all I wanted is holding her tight,
Laying on her chest,
Hugging her waist,
And she was the best,
But I wasted her, I wasted.
Night Jun 20
He calms down my demons melts my sorrows understands my misery
There has never been one like him for me
He is a perfect piece of my jigsaw puzzle of a life
The perfect lyrics to my only love song
In a universe full of billions of people he is the only one for me
A person who understands you details of you that nobody notices like nobody does and pays attention to the little details of me
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