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It's said
Knowledge is the best wealth amongst all
Nice to know!
But how?
Oh, I see
MBAs, PhDs selling vegetables
During Corona period
Not found fit for the post of Patwari
It's said
No one can steal knowledge
But how?
Oh, I see
Most knowledge openly available to everyone on Google
Secret knowledge under multiple layers of tight hi-tech security
Hardly any knowledge is stored in brains
Kidnapping and third degree methods unable to extract any knowledge
Inspired by ancient words of wisdom.
Amanda Oct 22
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Life may be hard
But at least I have you
You make me smile
When skies are grey
The moment we touch
Problems fade away
No matter what you’ll always be
The best thing I’ve ever known
I can’t promise to make it all better
But you won’t have to face it alone
For the one that I love and care for so deeply <3
Miss Luna Oct 22
You are
the best part
of my entire life
Jay M Oct 19
Excitement trembles
Coursing through tiny veins
Until the day arrives
For the fun to begin

Sweet high school memories
Riding in the backseat
One friend at the wheel
The other in the passenger side
Calm, rippling breeze

Smooth leather seats
Music for every mile
Never a dull moment

Places to go
Adventures to be had
Traveling arm in arm
Across the sandy stone
Over the curious cliffs
To see the wondrous waves
Crash against a well-worn shore

Together we go
Together we see
Here, in this time,
We are free

We are adventurers
Going places one or the others
Haven't been before
Breathing in the salty sea
Content as the sea lions
Basking in the evening glow

Walking the narrow dirt path
Happy as we can be
Sun gently upon our backs
Legs tired as we collapse
Back into the comfort of the car

The day almost at it's end
Making a turn, just around the bend
One dropped safely home
Just a bit longer until it's my turn

Talk of life
Of the past and possibility
And of the future
Getting used to things that just might be
One day I could be behind the wheel
Now that's a thought
That's just so real

Thank you,
My dearest friends
One like a little sibling
The other like an older brother
They are my family
My family of soul

Five, ten years from now
I'll remember how
We rode the day away
On our own little adventure
Just us high school kids

- Jay M
October 19th, 2020
These are the days I just won't forget. Thank you guys for an amazing weekend, and I hope we'll make some more memories soon. When I'm older, I know I'm going to miss these days.
Bhill Oct 17
suddenly, silence without any expectations occurred
being alone, with the quite, does not have to survive unattended
silent time can be shared in the best of moments
silent time, even alone, should be pure

Brian Hill- 2020 # 286
Life is a grand adventure
And adventures come with tests
You won’t succeed with every try
You just need to do your best

With adventure comes perspective
And relationships - and skill
Yes, the things that really matter
When you act with power and will

Prosperity is character
When challenging times arrive
So brace up and hold steadfast
Act with confidence - and thrive
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I like thinking about life as an adventure, rather than as a trial.  Recently we had a lot of great messages of hope from our church, which I could sum up as "Stay Strong, Keep Going".  So I put some of these into my own words, wrapped up in the heading of "Adventure".

How are you changing in these difficult times?  Read through this poem and embrace the adventure.
Autumn fills the air with its intoxicating scent.
The leaves dripping in bold colors fall around my figure.
I watch them as they carelessly drop from the sky.
I find myself becoming hypnotized with every drift and turn that they take until I am lost in my own memory.

Tall thick trees surround us and create a fairy tale like world.
The brown leaves crunch beneath our feet, as we scanvange the hidden forest together.
Brightly colored frons sway in the wind, and kiss our skin as we wade through them hand in hand.

Your voice rings through the air as you coax me to move faster.
You tug me along by my hand in an attempt to keep your pace.
My tiny legs struggle to keep up with your giant strides as we embark on our adventure.

In this forest, we turn into noble heros.
Our swords destroy anything that halts our paths.
The dry moldy trees quiver and crumble with our swift kicks.
Even with our all fun, we never seem to stray too far from our mission.

My young eyes study you carefully during our battles.
I attempt to memorize your every move.
Determination soars through my body, as I try to be as strong and as bold as you.

Quickly, I find myself distracted by the happiness that takes over my senses.
I can feel the laughter that bubbles in my chest.
It begs to be released, as I study the subject in front of me.

Your shaggy blond hair flops back and forth with every movement you make.
Your firece green eyes are filled with amusement.
A rare smile replaces your famous smirk, and is adorn by your deep set dimples

In this moment, your hard shell has crumbled from it's fittings.
Your raw self is exposed for the whole world to see.

My younger self greedily captured this memory.
She holds it tightly, and carried it where ever she goes.
It helps her when she feels as if she cannot carry on, and gives her hope.

The little girl passed this memory onto me when I got to older.
She knew it would be hard to watch my best friend slowly slip away.

The boy that I once embarked on adventures with is now gone.
He chose to walk down the darken trail, and has seem to gotten lost along the way
While stuck inside a time warp, he traded his soul for fake spirits and false happiness
Now all that remains of the best friend I used to know is a cold and empty shell.

Each day, I find myself missing the lost boy from our adventures more and more.
Amanda Oct 11
Of the good things I’ve known in my life
Best by far is you
You are thinking about leaving
Tell what you want me to do

I will straighten up my act
Stop ******* as much
Long as it means you’ll reserve
For me your touch

I miss sleeping with you
Nightly in our bed
I wasn’t harassed by crazy thoughts
In my head

Things will not ever be perfect
Despite how hard they get
Will always try to work it out
Please don’t give up on us yet
I hate this ****
Not every path you see is for you to travel
Maybe that path is for the one person that's coming towards you
So it's best to wait at your end for the best to happen
Sythin Voxe Oct 6
You'd think I was a fool
The way I mishandle myself
and come to every name you'll call me.

Blinded by the rules
hoping I am worthy enough
to be the same in which you saw me.

To call myself happy i'm afraid
is selling it far short.
I'm rooted on your porch like ivy.

To look at these webs we've made,
spiral out and distort,
Beam the importance of your place beside me.

You could crush me into dust
but I'd still crawl to your lips.
If only to fight you one last war.

You could ****** me just
but when they brush off my ribs
the only fingerprints on my heart will be yours.

I'm sewn into your flesh
by God's own shaky hand.
His needle carved your name on my soul.

He didn't just make a guess
God gave me this man
Because he saw two halves that sought to be whole.

I will love you more
until the day I die
Until my heart has no balance or grace.

I will drown myself
in that Crimson eye,
Until there's nothing left to drown me but space.
I will love you forever.
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