Kaia 4h

Of course I remember yesterday
It's not as if it was so far away
It's just that nothing I know now seems to matter
Because I won't believe it

I can't live like how I lived before you
Everything else is dust in the wind
The things I planned for
Things I longed for
I don't even care if none of it's true

You took my will and twisted it
You stole my motivation
There is no purpose, no more goals
No more cause for celebrations

I want to live again or die
But coasting here is torture
There's nothing here
Will never be
And if someone will ask of me
To give of me
To take from me
I couldn't say no because there is no reason to be or not to be

Kayla 1d

He's got this thing he does.
This thing with his tongue.
It goes a tick tock tick.
Over and over like a broken record.
But what can I say he is my best friend.
But annoying as hell

A tick tock tick.

He's got this thing he does.
This thing with his fingers.
It goes a snap snap snap.
Over and over like the spider man movies.
And hey I ain't dissing the Spider-Man movies.
But come on keep peter perked the same person people.
But what can I say this boy Is my best friend.
But annoying as hell but not so annoying anymore.

A tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.

He's got this thing he does.
This thing with his mouth.
It goes a pop pop pop.
Over and over like a bubble popping.
But what can I say he's my best friend.
But maybe I want more.

Tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.

Is it hard to say that maybe the
Tick tock tick
Isn't as bad anymore

A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.

Is it even harder to say maybe the
Snap snap snap
Isn't annoying anymore.

Pop pop pop.

Is it hardest off all to say maybe the
Pop pop pop
Is what pulled the last straw.

Maybe my best friend is perfect the way he is.
Maybe I love him more than my best friend.

Tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.

He doesn't want what I want.
He loves me in a different way.
He loves me as a friend.

Tick tock tick.
A snap snap snap.
Pop pop pop.

Toby 2d

As soon as I walked in,
The mood changed.
It was because of me.
I tried to bring it back.
Nothing I did work.
You said, "You're emotionally unavailable."
Then the sadness crept back in.
I tried to take my mind off it.
While you sat and did your own thing.
Found you on the floor saying, "whatever" to all my suggestions.
Then you up and left.
Probably wouldn't have said a word if I hadn't asked.
I'm constantly asking myself: should two people with mental illnesses be together?
I guess the answer is whatever.

I woke up and was late for work, so I was fired

On the way back home, I was pulled over and my car was towed

In the shuffle and arguing with police, I dropped and broke my $800 phone

I had to walk 5 miles to my dingy apartment. On the way, I was attacked and bit by two dogs

When I got to the apartment, there was a 3 day eviction notice. It had been there two days

There was nothing in the fridge that was not expired. I went to bed hungry, broke and depressed


When my head hit the pillow, I heard a ringing in my ears, the same I'd hear when you would say those three little words to me...

It was the best day I've ever had!

© - Luiz D. Syphre 2017

Bloom 4d

3AM- you answer me

14.00PM- you comfort me

9.00AM- you cuddle me

Seems we're together 24/7,
I'd rather have it be for eternity.

With your loyalty,
With your kindness,
With your selflessness,
With your honesty,

It seems like it will be.  

There are many things I feel our friendship symbolize,
reaching balance,
creating harmony,
opposites becoming the same,

unconditional love at it's purest.

There are many ways to say thank you,
this, I hope, will be one of them,
along with hundreds more to come.

You untangle me when I'm lost,
You hold me when I'm falling,
You tell me truth, when I believe in a lie.

Musa, you're the family I chose,
you're the sister I never had.

Dedicated to my best friend, Musa.

Under the dark serene night and the star's flickering light
A stroll with you will make me forget the world
A gentle kiss from you leaves the time frozen
Melodies flow through my veins listening to your voice

Like an oyster containing a precious pearl
There you are in my arms, my beautiful little girl

Toby 6d

No contact, don't even try.
Pass each other in the parking.
I don't look up to see ice.
Not even a, "hello" or "goodbye".
Lose your cat, then we're best friends.
Locked out of your apartment.
Suddenly you've called 3 times.
Only when you need or want something.
Then you try and be my friend.
We tell you we are trying to lose weight.
Then you tell me how you saw me in the parking lot looking a little fat.
Want me to eat better because my acne is bad.
You can't stand to look.
We hang out, you only talk about yourself.
How much better you are then me.
Always one uping.
It's okay you can try.
We're all different.
Except you have always seemed somewhat fake.
So enjoy your life.
I'll be fine on the outside.

I just learned (via email)
  from a close paternal relative Pamela Noblitt
that my paternal grandfather (Aaron Harris),
   when in his prime fit
as a fiddle served
   in the Phillipine American War,
   which sharpened his fighting skills a bit

and posthumously thank him het all
plus belated gratitude  
   for late maternal Uncle Paul
(hoof aught in World War II) etrenched in foxholes,
   or slithered snaking upon the enemy to stall
   and good ole dad, strapping and tall

during height of physical maturation
   (who oft times recounted exploits,
   sans far from the front lines
   and imaginary brick wall
   about his role in the Korean/American War –
when prodded by thine eldest
   collegiate eldest grown daughter),
   and hob bet cha y'll

and blinked back tears  
knowing thee above kith and kin,
   when figuratively at bat
survived, and avoided significant mortal combat,

came home to a warm welcome as handome chaps
   encountering aswarm of young ladies,
   an armada vis a vis amorous coup d'etat
some returning troopers most likely
   kept their word
   (made before boot camp) promising flat
outright to marry girlfriends,
   highschool sweethearts,
   or maybe medics, which feminine touch,

went to the heart and soul buzzfeeding,
creating, enticing with gnat
much effort,  one or another
   tough leather neck
   to blatantly proposition – doffing hat
with suave debonair courting
   meowing a silky gal named “Kat”.

I don't believe I'll be making it far,
And my feet they will step in all of the tar,
That litters the unholy ground below,
I do believe that my body has been found,
Under the middle midnight stairs,
I am a suicidal case.

Don't you forget me,
Don't you leave me be,
Don't you let go of me,
Cause I have Galaxy Vision.

The sun won't rise in the deepness of my eyes,
So the galaxy replaces your silhouette,
Then I can remember that you were here,
To grab the harpoon and write your name,
And to forge a note of confession just for you.

Don't you forget me,
Don't you leave me be,
Don't you let go of me,
Cause I have Galaxy Vision.

Oh, the shadows, they scream,
Repeating little simple lines every night,
Of how they can foretell,
That you will never care,
I am only a burden that rests upon your shoulder.

Don't you forget that I am here,
Don't you leave me alone,
Don't let go of my hands,
Cause I have the stars aligned for tonight.

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