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Why tell me this?
I'm not even good
You'd easily find someone better
And you say now I'm the best?
Don't even jest, if that were true
Why then when I let go of you
Did you not at least try
To say 'no' you'll choose me
Still -
Why do I ask?
Because believe it or not
I did it for you, because
In the long run I know
I'll only be a disappointment
You deserve happiness
Of which I can't give,
My question is this
If I were the one truly for you
Why wait decades
I spent time forgetting
Numbing my self of you
And you break me
Apparently this fast
Now, when I thought
I was rid of you at last
That was my measure
My act of love,
To let you go, so
You can find someone above
And beyond me, who would
Truly, fully, equally deserve you
Between us two, when we
Were together
Maybe you were happy,
But I felt my self getting lesser
I never liked who I was
When I was with you
I'm telling you now at least
You deserve to know
So please just go
Don't let me spoil
All this time forgetting you
And how you feel
Maybe our love was strong
Maybe our love was real
But that kind of love would have
Broken us, fazed you,
And destroyed me
And you taught me as much
To care for and love
My self, like you did
So let me have this,
Miserable but loving my self
Not somehow happy with you
But slowly decaying, disappointing
I want you to be happy
With someone who can actually give it
The way you'd deserve it
Believe me, I beat my self a lot with it
Admitting finally that that happiness
Won't come from, won't be with
Due to unfortunate events in the past,
I am awake.
Everything is so clearly now.
Now I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I do see with such keen and truth.
Once your feet touch the ground, a motion is set.
Your destiny is being written in the stars with each new step.
Was I dead before ?
Or was I just asleep for so long that I just couldn't bare to see anything at all?
Vibrations coarse through your body.
A change is definitely coming. It's almost eminent.
For so long, a heavy rock had been strapped to your back.
It seemed almost futile it would never get off.
A star passing by was the one that had blinded your barred eyes with such a dazzling light, it had awoken you.
The rock on your back seemed to dissolve into sand just as quickly as the star passed by.
As you see the star leave, you see pure darkness following right behind it.
Creeping behind you is the rock trying to get back on your body.
Instantly, you remember why you were asleep in the first place.
It's better this way. Not feeling the massive pain.
But you can still see the star.
Muscles began pulsing, your veins are pumping and your heart full of adrenaline.
Running after the star is the only thing occupying your brain now.
Because it seems the only solution to never feeling the pain ever again is chasing the unknown.
Embrace the unknown, replace fear and pain for curiosity, happiness and finally peace.
Believe me, I'm okay. Better actually. And I plan on being it that way for a long time.
With Love Always,
Is this the end or is this where it begins,
a mirage of happiness and dream.
Who to ask? , whom to believe,
cause a mirage is always a tease.  
Like the treacherously empty sand,
always slipping away from the hand.
We all are trying to give our best, trying to seize,
but the monster within us is a freak,
he always brings us on our knees.
Negative thoughts surround us like diseases,  
rules of this world seem never to please,
we could never be at ease.
our soul from this world could never be released,
still, our existence will cease,
but all around the world will never be in peace.
we were walking up the stairs at school
and i said something a little too loud
and it echoed off the walls
causing everyone to look
and i didn't see the look on their faces
but you did
and the way you described it was hilarious
we laugh about ****** things
things other people wouldn't find funny
we couldn't stop laughing
and i was laughing so hard
i had to lean against the wall
with tears in my eyes
because i couldn't breathe
and i haven't laughed that hard in weeks
and you're the only person who can make me laugh like that
magpies and mirrors,
crows and cats.
all the bad luck goes to me.
i shatter and carve into every mirror i see
i've walked past all the black cats running free
i've talked with the birds of death and doom
and watched as my seeds of misfortune bloom.
austin 7d
I planted a seed
I watched it grow.
I watered it daily
I loved it so.

Every morning I opened my eyes
So I could admire you.
And you used to look back at me
and you admired me too.

But I looked to the horizon,
and I saw death in the sky.
Then, the storm took you away from me
and I couldn't understand why.

It's been a long time
since I lost my sweet, pretty flower
Sometimes I want to plant a new one
But I don't think it will grow.

Sometimes I feel like I've already planted one
Other times I feel like I never did.
Maybe I planted it but never watered it.
I don't really know.

I want to ask you to be my sweet, pretty flower
But I think I forgot how.
john Oct 7
come on girl
swim together as we flip and twirl
let's go to a new depth
hold your breath
we can stay here for a while

the ocean accentuates your crystal blue eyes
this doesn't have to be a quick dip so don't say your goodbyes
your skin contrasts with the vibrant coral below us
just lay your head back and trust
i can't deny your quiet smile

you can tell me all about your life memoirs
we can lay down and talk beneath the stars
when we're tired, to your home we will walk,
get there, curl up, our favorite pillow talk
we can give our take on each other's lifestyle

stay positive, new ideas and changes
i love you and i live for these exchanges
don't ever doubt yourself, for you are worth everything
if your mind is right, you can do anything
we can stay here for a while
for her.
oh boy, you make my heart wonder

no, stop, i can't like my best friend

your eyes are so enchanting

no, what am I doing?

the way you walk, the way you talk...

oh boy what have I gotten myself into?

I have to make sure you'll never figure out
that'll for sure ruin our friendship,
our 897 day streak on Snapchat,
and your name will disappear from my number one bestfriend spot...

we won't do photo shoots anymore,
or take long cars rides to the middle of nowhere

we won't lay in your backyard under the stars
asking ******  questions about life

we won't cry together over heartbreaks

we won't laugh at absolutely nothing at 2:00 in the morning

i can't tell you how I feel

you'll always see me as just a friend...

oh boy
Gods1son Oct 4
I promise to be the best
I signed myself an oath
In this ocean of life, I will row the boat
It's a cold world, I will keep warm in my coat

It won't always be easy
I don't want the easy-peasy
I will challenge myself
I will dare myself

My biggest competitor would be myself
I will not limit myself
I will encourage myself
I will always be the best version of myself!
Compete with yourself to surpass your previous success.
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