Sun 8h

Coffees kiss me so passionately
     You would be jealous
         of knowing amusingly
       how I let them do so befittingly
     Twisted in my hands tenderly
They touch my lips blandly

Oh, darling, coffee in my hands,
         Sway with me slowly

Cold & warm both caress
    my tongue gently
         Take away my sleep righteously
          I hide myself nowhere curiously
in your thoughts
till you tolerate me intently__

             The rivulet of Coffees in me
              keep me awaken intensely  
          I hide myself nowhere but
        Where I found the love truly
     where people greet
at first sight so amazingly
Where you got me
   in between Sun and Darkness....eternally
       With a song so lovely....
                 Forever gracefully

                   "Hello, Poetry?" ;)

Sun belongs to the Earth :) :)
Coffees kiss me wrongly ;) ;)
Dori 1d

I have this bad habit of unintentionally giving people my consent, allowing them to walk all over my heart without ever asking them to take off their shoes before they step inside my soul.

Sun 1d

If you forget me
         Someday I will send
            the flow of memory
         To your doorsteps  
      I will not bind them
in my 3 a.m. poetry

I now walk in sands
   under the scorching sun
       Unknown green lawns
    kiss my bare feet
After years

No one to wave hand
  at the end of the road
    That’s where I swirl on glide
      Moment’s been buried

       Wishes crying
          I cried before dying
            Turning blue
               Alone in the cold journey
         Moon spread her long curtain
     To lit the candle on grass
for the sweetest ambiance_

Darkest place of mind recites poetry
      while searching for
         A brave reason to write a story
           I light up the candle
     trifling flames smile at me
I burn them silently

Notepad stares at me
    I promise to laugh again
         Black coffees are less bitter
      Than the sincere web of
     beloved's lies
Trust dies faithfully

Years from now
      If you forget me
          I smile back to your
             Broken promises
          With Moon dance
        under a moonlit night
    I set you free
Faded best memory

Advice About Sex: Consciousness

It isn’t ‘nice’
To give advice
About the art of copulating.
There are many ways of fornicating,
Very few to carnal urges,
Carnal surges being what they are.
Double myrrh
Is double pleasure;
Philosophic, not erotic.

It is wise to sacrifice,
Pay the price
Of being spat at,
Being got at,
Many living lives in anguish;
The taboo in all - all foolish.

Words of wisdom come to this:
When you touch,
Be cognizant of what you feel
In your person, as your person.
You yourself are sealed onto
All the knowledge in the world.

Always subject/object both,
Know how much
You are the subject though subjecting
Other to a lover’s clutch.
Be betrothed
To him and you, her and you,
Even it, yes, it and you.

One with brain and all the senses,
Make the fences that divide,
Of flexible, transparent goods;
Not barriers but guides
To knowledge, peace and joy –
All upside with no downsides.

Here’s the pool of rule that is the school,
The tool as well as fuel:
Pay attention to sensation in your senses and your limbs.
Do not think too much, evaluating her or him.
Loving is a kind of gym –
A paradigm of health and recreation;
Educational if let:
The entire carnal alphabet.

Advice About Sex: Consciousness 9.16.2017
Circling Round Eros II; Definitely Didactic; Defiant Doggerel;
Arlene Corwin

Best advice!

I really care for you
and I know you do too.
Thanks to you,
I've become who I am.
You're not only my lover
you're my best friend.
I want to experience
so many things together.
I want to have something
that will be remembered,
I want to keep learning
and growing with you.
I love that when I least expect it,
we go through something new.
Nothing is never nothing,
when it's something with you.

I love you

If you ever think that you are a story no one would ever read, then there is something you don't know. You are more than that. You are the girl that people can't get out of their heads. They'll run in circles if you asked them to. A mystery that no one will ever solve unless you want them too. You are the woman that people write novels about. The classic and the modern. Someone who will never quite escape their minds, because you are so very extraordinary. And it is scary to know that we will never come across someone quite like you because you have that special glow.

8/25/17~To my $10 bill
Isaac 4d

Best friends are people who make your problems,
Just so you don't have to go through them alone.

Once I Write ‘Em

Once I write ‘em,
I don’t read ‘em.
If you’ve had a feast,
You don’t go back to feast again -
At least not feast selfsame.
Eaten’s eaten,
Drunk is drunk.
The yester- feast a kind of bunk
When looked at and reflected.
Looked at un-corrected.

Nothing’s wrong
With bettering that song,
Polishing and honing,
Yes, fine-tuning.

Last night’s feast had too much salt.
You won’t do that again,
Fix the fault
But write some more.
More’s the door
To consummation.
Less salt to improved digestion.

Break the silence, the taboos.
Make the ‘boo boos’.
Keep on going
In the imperceptibility of growing.
Cook the feast.
Release the moment’s best
And once you write ‘em,
Leave ‘em.

Once I Write ‘Em 9.13.2017
A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Vaguely About Music II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking Meditative II;
Arlene Corwin

The best advice I can give.  Well, almost.
VØD Sep 8

You've always been there for me
Every step of the way
Though you may not see it
You've been a huge positive impact
On me.

I would not have been here today
If you hadn't said "just remember that I'll always be your number one fan no matter what"
I would not have been here today
If you hadn't spent all that time asking me how I was doing
I would not have been here today
If you hadn't listened so carefully to my story
I would not have been here today
If you didn't teach me how to smile
I would not have been here today
If you weren't there for me to look forward to talk to
I would not have been here today
If you weren't there to make me smile every day
I would not have been here today
If you didn't do all those lil stupid things with me that I look back at and smile
I would not have been here today
If you didn't teach me how to take on life and move on
I would not have been here today
If you weren't there to admire my odd weirdness
I would not have been here today
If u werent such a priceless soul
I would not have been here today
If it weren't for your priceless sense of humor
I would not have been here today
If it weren't for ur irreplicable personality

But I am here today
And theres not a thing that
U did that was never perfect to me

I am here today because
I met someone as amazing as you,
Because I met someone who can listen
Someone who doesn't ignore me
Someone who doesn't reject me
Someone who's always been there for me
Someone who supports me, the only person that supports me
Someone who listens to all the long and bad stories of me and doesn't judge me
Someone who listens to all thr long and bad stories of me and doesn't think bad of me
Someone, the only one, that hasn't left my side when everything went bad
Someone who took my words when I was hurt and took them, took them and still supported me either way
Someone who is everyone I ever needed

I am beyond thankful
Theres no words to describe the thanks I give
Theres no words to describe how special you are to me
Theres no words to describe how irreplaceable you are
Ur the other half of my heart

Ithas if human language had the ability to express how I feel, I would be talking in the language of the gods. You're unique, and irreplicable. And I mean it. I really mean it from the deepest part of my heart. I'll always be there for u, always no matter what. Just please let me be there for you.

You're so special
Don't you see it?
kathryn anne Aug 31

the best of us
can leave
the worst of us
can breathe
you really got
the best of me

the best of us
can lose
the worst of us
can see
that you just weren't
what was best for me

you bring out the best in me
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