Madolyn 1d
I have a dark, slithering thing
it lives in me
curled up in the cavity
just above my stomach
it only awakes
to eat and destroy
feasting on my emotions
and destroying my self-confidence
as my other emotions are slowly dying
to where I cannot feel them anymore
the dark, slithering beast
gives me one emotion
it is the only emotion
I turn jealous and hateful
unable to smile with the beast showing me
how everyone is so much better
it hisses to me:
your best friend is funnier and nicer
your girlfriend more talented and pretty
they will turn away eventually
for you have no good qualities

I can’t bear to hurt anyone
so I turn to isolation
the great, slithering beast turns on me
and from the inside out
tears me to shreds
Everyone I love is so much better than me, and I dread the day they realize I’m nothing compared to them, and finally leave me
Natasha 1d
We were once friends
But friends don’t devour each other’s hearts
And leave what’s left
In the sun
To burn.

I want to overflow with hatred
Spit it in your face;
Rip out your heart and place it
Next to mine.

But I cave.
Isn’t it funny?
Even after all you’ve done,
I fear hating you the most.

In my spine
By a thousand knives
I forgive you.
savvy 2d
1.) they are the ones that stand by you
no matter what you do.
2.) they listen and understand
when things go unplanned.
3.) with you through all your trials
they're there with open arms and smiles.
4.) your their third wheel
even if it was because of a deal.
5.) there to not judge
and never hold a grudge.
1.) MCB - Thanks for letting me embarrass you
2.)  One Shot - Thanks for going to the band room every morning
3.) EVP - Thanks for always helping in everything
4.) Clever - Thanks for the past 3 years
5.) JBR - Thanks for accepting me.
I did not come prepared with an umbrella on this sunny day.

But alas, i shall dance in the rain.
During this time in my life i was trying to find happiness in my sorrows
Haleigh 4d
Was I the second choice?
Am I just second best?
Things didn't work with the first,
So you moved on to the next.
I can't help but think,
You're still in love with her.
Everything's so confusing,
Why can't it just be clear?
This game of back and forth,
Is tearing me apart,
But because I love you,
I'll just wait for you to break my heart.
It´s cold.
Rain pouring.
Me overthinking.
Barely talking.
Why would we care?
At this point,
Everything is ripping us apart.
We need to feel,
I pour down into tears.
Wishing you can hear.
I gave you my best years.
Now, that we say things clear.
Let´s go somewhere peacefully.
And clarify once for all,
That we need to feel something,
And we don´t.
Julia Mar 9
You took away the glory I felt for myself
You claimed my insecurities and thought everyone they were yours
You don't need my significance, because you got your own now
You pretend that you're okay, and I should too
You are someone I can't life without, which seems to make me weak
You do show your support for the things and people that i loved
You gracefully understand that I'm to be hurt quite easy
But you don't make it easy
   come fai a sapere se il tuo meglio era abbastanza buono se non fosse abbastanza buono ~Venjencie©                      

(translated from Italian into English below);

      How do you know if your best is good enough if it was not enough? ~ Venjencie©

They say if you tried your best then that's good enough. They say, do your best that's all you can do. Well, that's hard for me to swallow, when doing my best, most often times I fall short of being good enough! I go over and over in my head and in my heart about what is so wrong with me that I cannot get it right. I've done everything possible to change that about me. I meditate and pray about it. And after all these years, this late in my life, I can't remember once being good enough, even when doing my very best. At times even becoming obsessed with making sure it was just right. I'm tired. I don't understand. IDK even know if I'm doing the tag's below correctly.
Every rose has a thorn.
It's sad how its The bad ones,
Who get the best part of you.
I wrote this because it is always the bad ones in our life's that always seem to get the good part of us.
I showed you my heart,
Please respond

~Robert van Lingen
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