When your heart is the ocean
it feels like every tide is ready to break,
bloom bruises along the coastline
and send tsunamis through my veins.
There’s so many secrets in my chest
that it hurts to breathe sometimes,
I choke on all that hurt, and I need more
than the salt in my lungs.
Truth be told, it’s lonely on the edge
where everything is green and
you’re just another shade of blue,
so ready to destroy (but not
in the way they want you to).


The wild in your laughter
is something I wish I could catch
and put in a jar
to sip from on a rainy day.
The Earth comes alive in your eyes
when your mouth inhales the air
and sends magic to my ears
when you sing.
Your hair flies freely
when the wind kisses your face
and your cheeks flush
with the warmth I know
you keep guarded in your heart
like an innocent prisoner
who has not yet given up hope.
I hum at a frequency
only you can hear from across the room,
and our connection is one
to be envied by anyone nearby.
Your soul is remarkable,
unable to be matched
by anything I've ever encountered.
You're my favorite book,
one I could read a thousand times
because it is the only thing
that has understood me
at the turn of every page.
You are my best win,
my favorite piece of poetry,
on my toughest day,
you are one mirror
that I know I can look into
to see the real truth.
You are my best friend,
the warmest blanket.
You are the tallest tree,
always reaching for the sky.
And when your leaves fall,
I feel like confetti surrounds me.
Every distance that separates us
makes me feel closer to you.
Time means nothing
because you're always with me,
like I hope you know I'm always with you.
You bring me peace when I am tangled,
wake me up when I am numb.
You are the sand to my sea,
the cloud to my rain.
I am not empty with you around,
you're my last dollar,
the gallon of fuel
that gets me to the gas station.
The Ramen in the cabinet
a day before payday.
I look to you for reassurance
when I don't think I can trust myself
or anyone else.
I'm the plant in need of water,
and you're the sun to help me grow.

I'm not the best you'll never have,
But I'm trying to be the best
for you,
And most of all,
You have me.

Miss missing you.

My heart still beats the fastest for you
And my brain has not yet mastered how to prevent a smile when you walk in the room
I miss your skin and the way it feels against mine

A photograph from the day we began;
The thought of the way we make love;
A day without any hint of you -
And suddenly my tears keep me company in your place

Whether you like it or not, I'll be in love with you
Believe or not, I'm still in love with you

Overflowing, then exploding, then bursting

Most of our best choices have a past of wrong ones.
- Manuela Camporaso

George Krokos Apr 20

The state of real happiness is much like a supremely safe and warm nest
where no matter what happens you can always feel and live at your best.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
anastasiad Apr 20

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The Lonely Bard Apr 13

I hoped that she will improve now,
Instead she's on a downward curve.

She got out of one LDR back at that time,
Only to fall into a longer one with him.

Haryana is closer to Punjab if compared,
Mauritius is so distant for another LDR.

My HP Poem #1498
©Atul Kaushal
somewon Apr 6

he wouldn't really know
because i won't give him clues

he won't guess it either
because i won't be around that much

i'll tell him that it's okay
if a centipede had bitten him on his back

he'd send me a picture of that
& i hope the doc's appointment went well

but other than that
i won't tell him that it pains me
somewhere within
that i don't know him very well
or can't really be with him

because he's my brother's best friend
and it's not really cool they said

i don't know how but when i meet new people and never really break that ice with them and be close to them it just pains me so so much i feel sad & lose apetite
yet this one's one of the kind
Leigh Marie Apr 3

maybe, I'm holding on to the best parts of you
but there are so many best parts that
I don't wanna let go, I can't let go
can't open my hand to wave good bye
can't open my arms to anyone else
didn't have you long enough to
say I love you but
boy did I
knew that for a while cause
I always had

I said happy birthday cause
that's my white flag
my bridge to over it
my olive branch
but I haven't heard from you since

I miss the feeling that you weren't going anywhere
cause your 4 am hellos were enough
your "you're probably not awake"
your "have you heard this song"
my, being awake
my, "I love that song too"
were all enough
do you still think of me when you
hear those songs or find that art
or have you completely forgotten about us
riding together in your car like we had started
the beginning of forever?

I try to forget I miss you by
finding the good in everyone else
finding prospect in guys not meant for me
maybe you were not meant for me either

So instead I tell my stories, of my crazy, funny friend
and how he lights up my time at home
with good luck and bad timing
how everything for him always works out
but almost falls apart
of our time together, in the car, driving
incidents with police officers
where I kept my cool and
your good fortune got us out unscathed

I tell them about the time you stopped in the intersection,
just to make me laugh till
I pulled you back in the car and we drove away

I keep to myself that first morning after in the car, silent
we didn't talk for 30 minutes till
you told me you wanted to buy fruit leather
I don't even know what fruit leather is

I keep to myself the time you looked at me and
told me how she broke your heart
I keep to myself the time you broke my heart

All our best times together were in the car
going somewhere or nowhere
just going, together  
going out for coffee, but you, not getting coffee
cause you don't like coffee but I always forget and
pick the same place to eat
you never remind me that you don't like coffee
if you ring me again I promise, I won't forget that
you don't like coffee

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