Some spend all of eternity looking for someone to have and to hold though it may seem irrational those who learn to love themselves have the happiest souls. I mean maybe it's meant to be to experience yourself as one entity and someone right eventually will come along.

Really working on self love. I honestly hate saying that because I feel selfish in a sense, but I need to take the time to find myself trutly.
Toby Jul 17

We spent so many hours, and nights, pushing against each other.
Going back and forth to be with each other.
It wasn't until we stepped back and looked at the situation as a whole.
We can try to fix each tiny part.
It doesn't help if the foundation is cracked.
The love was there, and it always has been.
The compatibility was missing.
Like they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results.
If I had a choice to do it again or not, I still would.
I found a great love in my life.
Just not the love of my life.
A great best friend who knows all my secrets and still loves me for me.
Not all relationships work but if not for 3 years of struggling, I would have never found my life mate, shield sister.
And now, I move forward and see where I'm guided.
I know I will never fight alone.

Joelle Jul 15

You are so valiant and stoic,
no one noticed your despair.

Josh Jul 14

I love her, she not me
This much, I accept
But now, how?
How can I move on
Almost a decade
Through every failed love
I've been okay
Because I never gave my all
Because some of me was hers
Eight years of hope
Dashed, in a moment
What to do?
How, to move
To move on
From you

Akhil Bhadwal Jul 12

Taming the wild within you,
Is the path to become one with the jungle,
The chore is, yes, difficult so,
But helps you seek the Savage in you.

Eavesdrop the whispering chilly wind,
Blowing out in the open,
Infer the talk of the invisible giants,
Blasphemy to the very end.

What's the Savage? you might ask,
Its something that will forever last,
It is the beast in you,
It will be the best of You in your mortal flask!

Follows a b c a rhyme scheme.
Dead lover Jul 6

Give me an opportunity,
To walk with responsibility
And you.

For my best :-)
Janae Jul 5

Dreaming of what it would be like
to be older
having your hair go grey
and the nights seeming to get colder

Everyone all around
asks you what you want to be
of course
"helpful to society"
but don't forget your dreams
they will stay with you forever
even when things
don't get better

Dreaming of being the first
Dreaming of being the best
Dreaming of having a life with no stress

Silly kids
dreams are
deleted scenes

Jack Jenkins Jul 5

I can't help but think of you often
You're the chandelier to my mind
I find you in the quiet moments
Between each breath of my lungs

I hold on to you always
But you shouldn't see
The broken man I now am
The bitterness I contain

Yesterday I finally opened a box
The box you occupy in my mind
And I looked at your picture for the first time
You're always more beautiful then I can express

Taking a few moments away
Remembering you... us...
It took the sting out of life for a second
You are always my best friend...

I miss you so much.
Kelly Hogan Jul 5

The past few years have been nothing
But getting pushed down
And somehow standing back up.
I don't know how I do it, really.

It's like a never-ending storm
And I don't have a raincoat.
But walking along, soaking wet
Is soothing now.

Even when thoughts of death
Clouded my vision
And I sought help
I was turned down.

How did I survive?

I'm here,
I'm alive,
I'm trying to live my best life
I'm trying to be the best version of "me".

That's all any of us can do, right?

So I brush the dirt from my knees,
Wipe my hands on my pants
And continue about my day.

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