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Nava May 6
Drinking pain doesn't work
Smoking it
Doesn't work
Feeling it, they say
Is the only way
So i sit
And sit and sit
Talk and laugh
In hopes
It isn't my epitaph
I work and sleep with it
I wait with it
I've even loved it

That's a lie

I hate it
But this just adds to it
I've learned this much
There is no suitable crutch

One day ill forgive
Throw it away and live
For now
Im dying
Paper. Pen.
    Let's write out our feelings.
    "I'm having a rough time."
Cell phone
Online recipes.
    I should cook that soon.
Hotel websites.
    Free breakfast? Eh I'm vegan now so just fruit.
    Swimming pool? I'm sure it'll be busy
    Fitness center. Leo wants to run in the morning.
    Booked. Could be a good night.
Paper. Pen.
    Right. Writing.
    "I can tell journaling is helpful
    because I'm resistant to doing it."
Text messages.
    Leo thinks they were too mean to me.
    I think I deserve it.
    I love you.
Paper. Pen.
    Hm. I should write some poetry.
    Wow look at how my face has changed, let's make a collage.
    Oo what else.
    Body pictures.
    Pre-surgery picture.
    Damm I've really sculpted up.
    Reconsiders feeling gross physically.
Paper. Pen.
    How easy it is to ignore you.
    How easy it is to ignore myself
    And not listen to my feelings.
I am very good at avoiding acknowledging my feelings. I'm working on being more aware of it.
Graff1980 Apr 18
I don't care
if I burn
my brain out.

Even if
the pain comes
blaring in,
I’ll just block it out again
with slick distractions,
with the sick actions
of stimulant satisfaction.

Till, the fog
comes rolling back in,
leaving me drowning
in the sea of feelings
that requires
something stronger
to light the fire
that turns
the memories it burns
into ashes.
Laura Yuri Mar 28
How can some one so beautiful
Be so harmful
Long, warm hands that create masterpieces
And to bruise innocent flesh
Some one with an angelic voice
Using it to make knives coated in awful words
Swirling dark brown eyes that trap you in a trance
Or a cage
A perfect smile lightening up the room
And darkening the life of the victim
Her beauty is but a distraction
For the true danger she brings
Madhumita Mar 20
I shall let you go now –
you were but a lucid dream;
a plume of fantasies
I exhaled in a lurch of longing.

Let me say goodbye
before I forget… to miss you.
Darling, you were the knife
I used to cut through
this long nursed ache that is life.
Lia Morrison Mar 19
It's a slow striptease with words
delivered from a
false idol's
that makes you
fold your hands like you're in Catholic school

because you know you'd sin
with bright eyes and silver tongues
if you
let yourself forget
who you are,

who they are.

So laugh at all the moments
you could have
gasped and moaned
at their touch,
because your defense
has always been
smiles and passing jokes.

Don't get too close, darling.
You know all too well
they'll forget you
in the morning.

This isn't the first time
someone left.
Mary Mar 15
I think I'm good at communicating
And getting my point across
But by the time I'm done drafting and analyzing
Sometimes the point can get lost
   in my head
And I forget why I wanted to talk

You don't seem to mind though
You listen anyway
To my rambling, rambling, rambling...
Like now
mads Mar 9
I thought maybe
that I was getting
b e t t e r
turns out that
I just got good
at d
but now they're gone
and im stuck here
with everything
I say things are getting worse but maybe they've always been this way and I just couldn't tell
Chicken Feb 23
I can smell you
just like a rose
all your petals
so delicious.

A raw moment
with every part
every layer
I can't resist.

You are insurmountable
edging near
dare not start
no end in sight.

Might try to stop, but
I wont, it's too late
there is nothing
that I can do.
When ya got the hots for someone. and it's that type of hots that you cannot put off, no matter what you do. no matter what anyone tells you. the idea is crazy. still got insufferable hots.

Distraction all the way home.
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