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I was still covered in placenta when they locked me in this golden cage

fast at work,
they didn't care how calloused their hands got
rough ropes fed through the pulleys,
and sewed into the heavy haze of distraction.

I promise you,
if they could leave this pedestal and share the warmth that is burning and bubbling for them, they would do it;
but the fall would **** them first.

there are two ways to rob someone of their humanity-
to idolise them
and to ignore them;
so perhaps we all share the same emptiness that way.
Flynn Apr 19
The passage of time
Perception disconnected
By a mind consumed
Carlo C Gomez Mar 26
An hour of flower power
Will bring back the sun
Beat the heat in an old time treat
By taking turns sipping
With a loved one
Inspired by a comment from fellow HP writer "B."
Kat Feb 29
I know
I cannot run from my problems forever.
But sometimes I have to escape my fears,
The anxiety, depression, the arguments, the tears.
Sometimes I just have to leave it all behind
And turn to the world inside my mind.
I need a distraction -
How then should I spend my days?

Give me D&D campaigns
Where blood is spilled but not for real,
And people die to rise again
And monsters can be vanquished if you only try hard enough;
There is always a happy ending-
Here, not everybody gets a happy ending.

Give me novels that take me to far away lands
Where good is white and evil is black
And I can be anything I want to be;
If only it were that easy.

Give me sun-soaked vineyards
And freshly picked berries and honey wine;
Give me walks in the woods and swimming in crystal lakes
And breathing in wood smoke from a fire.

Give me languages and laughter and the elation that comes from
Feeling like you will never grow old because the moment is so perfect,
And how could you ever leave behind perfection?

Give me clubs filled with the glimmer of a disco *****
And rooms ripe with desire, see
It does not matter if I cannot dance right now;
I do not want to think about where I am now,
Only about where I will be,
About who I will be,
Because every second spent inside my head
It’s another I spend away from my life,
From the life I did not want, did not foresee.

Give me the chance to live inside my head forever
And I will never live there for hours and hours,
Until the hours meld into days
And the days into weeks and weeks into years
And I never come back.

But I know I have to come back.
And I will come back.
I know too well the power of imagination;
It is not always a good thing.

But right now,
When I want a break from my pain,
It is exactly what I need.
Kylie Feb 12
I’m not looking for perfection
I’m not looking for a distraction
But you’re my intervention

I’m not really sweet
I don’t want to get in a relationship
But you made me

I’m sorry that i’m distant
That i’m not clingy
But i’m distracting myself to think
I was caught up in the usual daily wrangle
for my attention among the images and stories
on my phone and the computer’s tangled
tries for some small measure of life’s glories.

Then I looked up from the bright screen
and saw the long elegant leaf lit by the sun.
The tributaries of its mysterious green
softened and focused me from many to one.

I lost my crazy mind in this living blade
and found this poem waiting there for me
in the simple power of its now where I stayed
for a tender eternal moment in its joyous jade sea.
To see what partially inspired this poem:, go here:
Steve Page Jan 31
Blinkered and blindfolded
and hooded for good measure
- I run.
And when I run out of road,
that's when I fly.
Thinking about too much and not getting on.
Bhill Jan 28
distraction can touch
touch in manners that are not familiar
memory claws will reach out
touching with thoughts forgotten
past awareness may re-enter
making effort to build on those remembrances

Brian Hill - 2020 # 28
What is your distraction?
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