Timothy Daly Oct 4

if you want to make the most of now,
this short poem will show you how,
unplug the devices
you know to be vices,
and say to distraction, “bella, ciao!”

triztessa Sep 30

Tinted lips
cat eye frames
peached cheeks
eye candy
calling me
coming over
and crying through
hues glistening
on my screen
are you listening?
coffee mouth
on my skin
is this blush enough
to hide the train of thought
smiles arriving too late
and we see face to face
new sinking streams
with you leading
to my dreams
droplets of liquor
wise demeanor
I can count all day
new twitching lights
returning the feeling
watching over me
fading stains
of blood and rain

triztessa Sep 25

we were born
vessels to be filled with
longing for
only to be
                    the used
versions of ourselves
living to
               pursue living
to pursue

consumed by all
lay across
        paths discretely
stoned by constant
to change
how the world views
sun comes a
           new day!

the body becomes
empty slate
            by again!

Nightingale reappears
       my emotion
to contain
       vessels open
and parts
to fill the

we are designed
escape the Torment
souls (have faces too)
ashes endowed
roots to
the human mind
in deep pikes
the ground.

       to You
vile disguise!
vessels no more.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing with words. This is all pretense. If you can give me the basics on how to write poetry, that will be very much appreciated.

I dream of dancing with you.
Although, I'm not exactly good at it.
I dream about just us two,
Dancing and moving together, sounds fun, I'll admit.

I would love to dance,
as long as it's with you.
I'd give dancing a chance,
if you taught me how to.

I'm sorry if I step on your feet.
I'm not the best dancer.
I'll try to move with the beat,
I'll distract you from her.

Dancing never really was my thing.
M Aug 17

The fisherman casts his lure into the undisturbed water
The soft "plunk" sends ripples to the farthest reaches of the pool
His bait is shiny, it dances to a rhythm that is impossible to follow
It catches my eye, as it never fails to do
I swim towards it as I've done so many times before
I know I should leave it be, I know where this road goes
But I'm already caught
He reels me in
As I'm being pulled away I scold myself for my stupidity
I'm pulled out of the water and for a brief moment I can't breath
It's a feeling that I've become so familiar with that I no longer fear it
The fisherman drops me in his bucket
For hours I'm left to swim around without direction
Until he releases me, he always releases me
I swim back home, I've already forgotten the lure and its magic
Until I hear the "plunk" again
And I'm reminded that I'm not the one in control

Noné Billi Jul 7

Have you seen them,
Flying in the night,
Allured by the brimstone
And the fire light.

Their eagerness
In spectral flight
All in search
Of a source of light.

The moon beckons
But artificial glow
Dazzles their eyes,
As they fly to them
Burning in the hold
That they have them.

Those who are wise,
But at luck follow the moon.
Those stay behind
And die in the first light
Of noon.

Because I am supposed to be writing this
And all I can think about is you.
And you are all that I have written about
For hours uncountable to thieves.
How have you stolen all I know
With smiles stretched across our faces?
Veins pulsing through my wrists
Reflecting the green of your ever-gleaming eyes.
Beer bottles dripped of shared saliva
Dareful demons in a room of angels.
You, seeping my sweatshirt in smells of you.
                  Oh God, how they envied us.
                  Oh God, how I envied us.

Jobira Jun 20

A tiny lie, pierced
My ears, and my arteries
With a sharp edged knife
And cut the wires connected
Between my head and my heart

Jobira Jun 18

We're all humans, almost the same;
black and white or red and brown
in the ways, we smile, or grin and frown,
and even cry and cuddle
like kittens with soft soul, which
we’re all fragile and breakable,
for we’re made out of clay of soil.

Although, we have many faces,
and dwell in different places,
or enunciate with many mouths,
yet, there’s ONLY one night or day,
for all, to sleep or play.
Thus, there will be time, in which
the oceans will dry.
the sun will set, and
the earth will stay still,
and the kingdoms must fall, so
a mankind can dance or cry,
on that abrupt call.

Therefore, if darkness is inevitable,
shouldn't we hang up the frame?
Why some hearts,
to beat out the flame?

Love, peace and understanding goes a long way. Let's all get along!
Kelly Jun 17

Feelings always changing and forever moving like the water flows in the ocean.
Full of shallow thoughts and deep-rooted insecurities.
Why do I care how you feel? Because I absorb your soul like the sucking of poison from a deep wound.
Taking it upon myself to help you find some lethargic relief. I know it can damage my very existence but I take it on as if I am able to carry your burden.
It’s as if this poison fills me and I am able to change its very form into liquid gold that warms me.
I see glimmers of hope in your eyes and that’s enough. It’s enough for me to continue to help.
Enough that I lose myself and my own poison doesn’t exist in these moments.
My poison is briefly eliminated as I pull in your destructive energy. It begins to run in fear, selfish because it realizes it is no longer significant.
It waits and creeps up again when it knows it can be the center of the universe again. When it can conquer all aspects of my fragile mind.

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