mjad Dec 2

a beautiful distraction
they often come along
when you aren't in need of temptation
but they dont tempt you for long
distractions become attractions
full blown affairs
and when that happens
o may the lord help you
from avoiding all the glares

skyler Nov 27

we all search
for distractions
to get through life
some pick drugs
some pick god
none of it is real


If you can convince people to want dirt,
you can muddy the waters
between right and wrong.

I have to write a paper
But I want to write a poem about you

Of course, I’ve procrastinated
On both of my tasks

It is the night before this

Yet I still can’t come to see you
As a distraction

So I will type out
The rungs of this term paper

Queue up letter by letter
Of my passing grade

Drag my feet from thesis
To conclusion

Paying my price of admission
With time

Until I’m so close
I get hit by your flashing lights

Blue and round
Putting any barker to shame

I see them through downpour of

And winds of

Knowing I’ll get there,
Get to

The Ultimate

The Trumpoet Nov 18

Oh Donald Trump may be an angry, narcissistic fool;
A racist, a misogynist and all-round half-baked tool.
Upon his nation and the world, he represents a curse,
but all of that's okay, you see, for Hillary was worse!

Oh Hillary, she had mad cow and syphilis and rabies.
She drank the blood of virgins and she lived to dine on babies,
and from her eyes shot laser beams while on a broom she flew.
In every way she's crooked, for The Donald says it's true!

She once was witnessed soaking in a lava-filled hot tub,
where she was playing footsie with her pal, Beelzebub!
To the Gulf and Caribbean she released the hurricane.
She brings the earthquake, fire, plague, and drought and flooding rain!

Although she now is history, with influence no more,
we must all hate her while The Donald's failings we ignore.
So while Trump spews his hate and puts all progress in reverse,
we must embrace his evil ways... For Hillary was worse!

You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at: trumpoet.com.
Link: https://youtu.be/OMMJcCp7Esc
Written: November 18, 2017
Larry Dixon Nov 18

Temperatures rise, clothes fly, bodies sweat.
Telling each other lies to comfort our heads.
Kissing down her body till she’s soaking wet.
Slamming her arms down on my bed.

Sliding my tongue deep inside.
Holding her thighs wide.
Till her body is tremendously satisfied.
And my mouth fills up like the rising tide.

Pulling her on top of me to take the ride of her life.
Feeling every inch extend and retract.
Pleasure so great you feel like it’s the afterlife.
Our bodies start to attract the contact.

We are just objects of lust.
Just because that’s true doesn’t mean we must, distrust.

Mims Nov 11

This is my life right now
Going to dance conventions weekend
After weekend
Carpooling in stranger's cars
Working harder then I ever have before

Honors classes A.P.
Make it easy
To get behind
So I do equations until well into the night
Writing assignments late
Till my eyes ache
As long as I don't have to think about it

When I'm dancing I literally can't think about anything else
About anyone else
So I do it

Moments of silence
Bother me
Louder music please

When I'm alone
It doesn't bother me
Just make my music a little louder
Work out
Or something
keep me busy

I know why I am upset
And it isn't fixable
So I just work to be more flexible
I can only grow used to it
An immunity to it
Bring the stabbing pain down to a dull roar
A slight ringing in my ear
From all the songs

Stay away from the sad ones


I clench my fist tight.
So dearly trying not to cave in and dial, but the device taunts me.
That Pandora's box full of the emotions, images, and echoes that drench me like rain.

It seems the pages have run out.
Every excuse, every apology, every sweet nothing drained like the battery on my phone due to the over use to distract me from you.

You, sitting there on your shelf.
With your legs dangling and hitting my face. Swelling my eyes and lips shut as you watch my greatest regrets play repeatedly in my mind.
Making me unrecognizable to those around me now.

This is who I've become.
A silent shell filled with the echoes of your laughs and smiles.  
With only melancholy music to comfort me.
The world around me only now visible through rain soaked glasses.

Smooth jazz by Coleman Hawkins as it rains outside my window is the only thing that brings me comfort. The only realm I find my weary soul comforted by.

I seem to find them everywhere
Because they're the only things
That help me sleep at night

If I don't distract myself
There are many things that I could do
Bad things
Good things

Buy a cat
Buy a game

Spend loads of money
For just

Wrote this from personal experience.
Arlene Corwin Oct 21

Days Of Distraction: The List

What can they be?
They seem to go on endlessly.
Helping out a friend in need;
Finding ways to heed the need(s)
Of several needy friends in need.
Ignoring things that might be done,
Might be some fun
And useful monetarily.
Ignoring requisites of I, myself and me.
Structure: that’s one key.
Thinking practically; harmony.
Priority to me, myself and I.

Life is simple.
Roof, warmth, food -
Summed up sample of the simple,
Which gives ample time
To carry out the other,
'Other' meaning tools which further
Happiness and satisfaction.

Paying bills and buying,
Days of duty and temptation;
Stress and tension:
‘Stressed out’ grown to idiom.

What to do about this ‘dream’,
For dream it is.
This is a list and not a scheme;
Not a plan nor stratagem.
Read and think, find out!
The answer lies in nought but thee.
(That’s you and me).
You’ll see
               what works.

Days Of Distraction 10.21.2017
Definitely Didactic; I Is Always You Is Me;
Arlene Corwin

Chatted with my 'English rose' of a daughter (raised in Oxford, England now residing in Oregon, USA.) who complained of distractions which keep her from other, perhaps more practical or and/or rewarding things.  It inspired these little reflections.
It will go into my collections: Definitely Didactic and I Is Always We Is You.  By the way, my 16th book Birth, Death & In Between II went into publication today!

We all have 'em: days of distraction.
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