My nightmare, my dream, all at once, he's swinging me round, the smile he'd lost, back with a laugh, open my eyes, shudder and cry, waking nightmare, that's what he is, I cry out mercy, but nobody hears.
Another dedicated to him~ Maximilian my ghostly distraction.
The man in the mirror
crawls up my arm,
wandering ever nearer,
claiming to be me.

Thus do I spend
countless seconds of my life
hypnotised, distracted,
under a strange spell
of separation from the world,
hiding from its happenings
and the call of responsibility.


Yet through an eye I rarely open,
when a leaf tumbles through cold air,
and a stream laps the wet grass,
or after a run in the sun,
there are brief glimpses
of pure beauty,
and no attachment to it,
without any idea
of becoming someone I’m not,
so sometimes I ask myself,

“What if I weren't a brain
behind a face
but the open space
in which the train wreck
of life takes place?”
The Dybbuk Mar 7
c n i r p o e o x u c g p n s h g v i y
v p y r g s k e k q w g x e o r q k q d
h d l z f e f z o l i o c z e v e n o v
s e a s x p n l c x c g j d s r o p o a
c k c t h a y k h k t x j u a z n j h f
w k g q d c h v i w x u g z f a d i p z
f t x q p s n p q v m f u s b u a v k x
b h m h g e w k z d q b i l z r n q d k
c p u u y i c v l g k u e o b i j t k v
f j n w k g t t f s y q m g n r d e f l
t y o r j h e g v w v g z c d p m g c r
m s j f a q h e s f s o n x h z y s s k
z b u b m n m e v a t o m a d j f l c a
x q g x n a g y l f l h z b m w l k s q
y p e g g f y b b z o p x g c u f b t a
h e l p j g r z n x z e d g n n c s b b
n o i t c a r t s i d u z w u w w f r j
z l t f n t d o j u p o p k t l y s s k
d m a x f l m s s r b m z g m a i o q j
e r n i o w h k s q m o e t u r w u s a
get away from me
take your dirty hands off me
wipe that guilty smile off your face

i don’t need a reminder of how stupid i am
you make me feel bad about myself

when i feel pretty—
i’m actually ugly
when i feel strong—
i’m actually weak
when i feel smart—
i’m actually dumb
when i say i’m in love—

it’s a mistake

i don’t need you showing me your dissatisfaction
i don’t need you playing me like a board game
i don’t need you telling the same thing to everyone
that i’m wild and need to be tamed

you’re a liar and a cheater
a hater and a faker
and a distraction (!)
A miracle in the menial,

neither mortal nor venial,

water waiting to be fetched,

arrows waiting to be fletched:

these two hands can kill or create,

known to love or burning hate.

This body was not made to perish,

but to feel and care and cherish.

In it there’s a timeless wisdom!

Though capable of loth and sickdom,

we must resist passivity’s charms,

and many needless New Age qualms––

in this epoch of cheap distraction,

O, should folk think just a fraction:

“life in bloom beyond a screen,

one of fairest things I’ve seen.”
Written with Alexander Constantine
( )
having stacked a bunch of wood.
You pick me up at 8.

Nobody’s home, you’re dressed nicely
after a long day,

skin tight red dress.

You bring me close to your face,
put your lips to me, clasp mine in between yours,

your tongue rolls around my delicate glassy edges,
soft curves.

bright red lipstick leaves a stain.

you curl your fingers around me,
we tilt back together.

Tonight, you’re sad, lonely
looking to unwind, let go,

today’s been long, tiring, you need a distraction,

your hand trembles as you hold me, but

you won’t let go of me.
this poem is not about lust, it is about a wine glass.
Natalie Feb 7
“I obviously don’t hate you
I’m having fun”
Those were the words
and they made sense
because I was always good
at being the phone number
on the bathroom wall
I was always good for a distraction
I just never really made it past
the distraction part
I guess it was better than being
the subject that needed distracting from
I have been that too
He had lots of distractions
It’s funny because now thats what I am
His old-fashioned hair, his pacific face
A lasting image in her head she can't erase
With that spruce look and superficial charm
She finds herself under perplexing alarm
She remembers every minute, every detail
His beautiful name, in her head she will hail

His heartwarming soul, his voice felt like home
One's yearning that's drawn in monochrome
His lovely etiquette, his fine gestures
She must've fallen for those features
For years her heart has been locked away
Now it beats like it's a brand new day

One memory flashed through her eyes
This familiar sentiment that seems to arise
Had it already been 9 years ago?
Or just 9 minutes of reminiscent she saw?
This sensation rendering her speechless
This lingering feeling of happiness

Yet, a conflicting conception she can see
She reckons this a beauty, likewise crazy
A heavy and mashing feeling in her heart
This crazy thing she'd like to depart
Her heart says it's a dreamy abstraction
But in her head, it's an absolute distraction.
It all began again on December 18, 2017
Brittney T Feb 1
My fear induced sweat
Smells like malt liquor.
I hide in something sickly sweet
I got from Smile Gas.
It makes sense.
I rinse away
the evil I feel.
The world poured so much in.
It pours,
so I have to.
Been looking at my motivations for drinking lately after doing some regrettable things. Thinking about my next steps from here.
skyler Nov 2017
we all search
for distractions
to get through life
some pick drugs
some pick god
none of it is real

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