Mims 2d

You cried me a river and named it the forgotten,
You spilled your brain like warm cider on frozen fingertips,
You melted,
You fell into what we called a 'sadness'
But now know as a 'false hope'
You told me everything.

Your idea of perfect includes me,
And my god am I flattered,
But baby,
This isn't love,
Can't you see?
You do not love me,
You love the idea of loving me.

chickn 4d

I have a thought
for you.
an idea I brought
for you.

you say that you don't want it,
it's a shame because I brought it
just for you.

Maybe there will be more to this in the future.
I don't know. It was just a thought I had.

The spark of creativity
or genesis of thoughts
defined as an idea
coming from a void

For the word Man
is translated as Thought
and thinking in itself
is action of Man

Basically gives you the entire gist behind the myth without doing what I did which was to read dozens of books with small excerpts about it.
Blois Oct 1

I don't feel like it anymore, I must say.
Maybe I should put up a missing person
alert for my inner kid. He must be hiding
somewhere, I hope wherever that is i'ts not
a dark place, he was always afraid of it.
Maybe that is what I've loose, I think I must
come to terms with it. It's that time
of the year already, when it's to late
for everything. To say hello and goodbye,
is this real, is it not,
no turning back, no way to run,
one eye blue and the other red,
one ear open and the other closed,
one hand reaching out and the other
clenched in a fist behind my back,
one sweet word and many a bitter silence.
Handshakes and kisses, folks.
Telescopes and microscopes,
is all about points of view.

Handshakes and kisses, folks.
I am what I am, nothing more than
the continuation of an idea.

Madi Sep 19

You know me, but you don't.
We're great friends,
but you don't know how much I want to be with you.
How much your presence gives me butterflies.
But we're just friends, right?
And it's not like I've been friendzoned,
because I've never even told you.
You have no idea.
So when you ask another girl, I'll have no one to cry to.
Because sometimes you just can't cry
to your best friend about what they did.
The worst part is,
you told me how you were up all night thinking about her.
And I know that she's going to turn you down,
if you ever get the courage to do it.
Because we're friends too.

When I first heard what you were going to do, I panicked.
I didn't know how to react.
It wasn't even you who told me.
But I hid that feeling and went on with my day for another hour.
I guess the shock made it easy.
But when I saw you, I wanted to start swinging.
But I still didn't want to mess up your perfect face.
You were so perfect, until I heard your secret.

I'll be fine tomorrow.
I'm sure of it.
I'll tell myself I don't care.
But then the next day I'll start crying again.
My emotions will be a rollercoaster for the next couple weeks.
Thanks for that.
Every song I hear will be about you.
Thanks for that.
And yet I shouldn't be mad.
Because you didn't know.
And you never will.

For years I thought I knew how love would be.
I waited for it, anticipated it.
And even longed for it.

You see, I had this idea.

He was this, and he was that.
He liked this, and he liked that.
And I'd love him, and he'd love me.
And in the end, that's how it would be.

But I was wrong.

First of all, love was a she.

She was...
She liked...

Well, it didn't matter anymore did it?

Love was Love...

...and She was it.

Poetic T Jul 26

I have no paper but
my mind is like sand.

Where other thoughts
erode the original with
graffiti of useless anythings

I have no paper but i'll
hang on to this piece till
my mind doodles over it again.

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