Daisy P 3h
i often humor myself
with the idea of us

the idea that
someone as stubborn as you
could love
someone as carefree as me

i know that it is silly
you aren’t the type
to shut off your brain
and follow your heart

but here i sit,

is the idea of us actually silly at all?

how tragic that i’ll never get to know
about the boy who listened to his brain and the girl who tried to hand him her heart
after all we've seen
the things experiences we've lived
the poems i've written
to soften your existence
to make everything a little more romantic
with words to describe what i can't describe
after all my kisses
the hugs
the meals we've shared
the moments we'll look back on, the moments we've looked back on
the cringey moments
the broken smiles
after all the music we've listened to, it'd be hard for me to listen to again
the lingering vibe in my car
every fight feels like a break up
every argument makes me want to sew my mouth together
shut up david
but we are both wrong
and sometimes your words hurt me
(they're not supposed to, yet i'm crying while typing and my throat feels choppy)
the things you've done for me don't reflect what you said to me in absolutely certainty
"fucking idiot"
i feel dumb
because of you, for this moment, i do.... feel like a fucking idiot
i look around with watery eyes
i look down with hope i've built for us, and it disintegrates
i look in the mirror and my reflection is blurry
i read "fucking idiot" when i look myself in the eyes
for the moment
my ego is hurt, and something bad happens when it is

i have to let myself go

Poetic T Jun 13
My view of the world
           through rose tinted glasses.

I hope that we can pick up roses
      hand them to each other
rather than point weapons upon
                       brothers & sisters.
But a rose is a sour beauty
for even thorns can bleed
              deeper than a dull sword.

We must speak to each other find
             solace in others humanity.
For words can heal rifts that started
                 long before we were born.
But syllables latching on to the misgivings
                      of insecurities can wound.
Like papercuts on the mind,
        speaking to the shallow cradles swinging
        in a hateful wind of whispers flawed.

I wear glasses that I take of every now
          and then, I have a idealistically flawed
view seeing the potential of us.
But knowing we can fall harder
                                      than when can get up.
vanessa ann Jun 9
i suppose i'm quite selfish
for having imposed to you
this idea of you
i've created in my mind

i suppose i'm quite guilty too
for having put this burden
of perfection
on your imperfect shoulders

but really,
i do not wish to love you
the way gatsby loved daisy
((as if you were anything more
than what you truly are))

so please,
come to me,
and allow me to love you,
as what you are
((and nothing more than that))
to yjh.

there's this part of me who sees you as something grander than what you really are, and another part of me who recognizes that and protests against it. but the truth is that i want to know you in a much deeper sense, so that i could remove this guilt of the probability of me loving not you, but rather, the idea of you.
Aa Harvey Jun 2
A new dawn.

When we all have virtual reality;
The next step in our technological evolution,
Will be to attain a sort of telepathy,
Where our mind is connected directly into the web
And then who knows what comes next?

Our brains will seek information along the information highway
And our thoughts will be uploaded directly into the internet.
We will create our own type of diary, the thoughts of us all;
Then the final connections will be made
And completely change our planet.

A new way of thinking and seeing things differently;
The olden days will fade away to become our history.
The robots will be born and humanity will grow lazy;
Spending more time in this new reality.
Our second lives will become our actuality.

We are just about to take one step forward for mankind
And our movements will be controlled, by the thoughts within our mind.
Our subconscious will be more prevalent than it ever has before
And upon us will be thrust a new dawn.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Joshua Brown May 26
I don't care what you say
This is not a bad idea
I don't care if I'm not ready
This is a good idea
I can't hear you telling me otherwise
That this is not a good idea
Here I am, I'm doing just fine

You were right, this was a bad idea
Aa Harvey May 23
The Image

A thought cannot be tamed.
Many have tried and failed before.
A thought will never be chained.
Our minds are built without walls.

A word will not be changed,
For it is written down in ink.
A poem will say exactly what needs to be said;
Its effect will depend on what you think.

A painting once seen will never be erased,
No matter what anybody may say.
There is no way to contain art.
The story will find a way.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The Journey May 22
White space,

Then a splash,
Another one,
Again and again.

Until it's done,
You don’t anything,
But splashes.

In the end,
You see a BIG idea forming,
So big it SWALLOWS you up,
and everything goes back to white.
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Mia Taljaard May 21
Every now
and every then
I bite on my black inked pen

For every line
that I start
I tear the written page apart

I sit in silence
or in a crowd
My inspiration gives no sound

I search up high
and down below
still my ideas does not grow

I have seen
and I have looked
still nothing has me hooked

I have asked the moon
and I have asked the sun
No answer followed, not even one

I need that poison
that special drink
that down my throat I can sink

To trigger my ideas
to trigger that bright light
ideas that will keep me up at night

Give me the poison
and all the red wine
that turns feelings to words that is mine

But long and hard
I search around
this poison could not be found

Until the night I kissed a man
the night that was filled with liquor sips
and I could taste that special poison on his lips  

All the lights flicked back on
Wires buzzing back to life  
my tongue transformed to a shard steel knife

The words came easily
and they came in a flow
with my words these pages will glow

And as the poison leaves my veins
and leaves me empty once more
I now know what I'm looking for

For everyone that has beat of heart
and everyone that I can see
breaths a bit of poison into me

I see it now in all their eyes
all the cries and all the lies
I use that poison they hold in
and write it down sin for sin

I'm addicted to this simple taste
of this special poison waste
to fill this empty dull grey hole
with another's cracked up soul

My pages drown in what I see
when another's poison flows through me
Every drop of soul that I savour
gives my words a tang of flavor

I nip at his poisonous cologne  
while I bottle up my own

And I wonder to myself
Does my poison stand on another's shelf?
Aa Harvey May 13

Dream a nation; take a vacation.
Autopilot does not need direction.
Claim a notion; works a vocation.
Words do not have to have perfect punctuation.

Message in a bottle; totally random.
Chaos Theory.  A hat may not fit.
Ring the chapel bells and then leap on a tandem.
Tyger eyes watch it go by without realizing it.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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