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Seanathon Oct 3
In mind a young mans fortune told
His sky colored and emboldened by light

Though the story is winding like a forest old
Falling into complexity at every summers end

It's in discovery And time
Which you are found

Lest I find
That I loved not you but this image of mine
He named her and I couldn't help but laugh, at his lack of a tangible definition.
c Sep 27
I am-
sugar sweet stuck-
On the idea that something
Is better than nothing
Patri Sep 22
The voices of the dead serenade me
To sleep.
From across the vast expanse
Of time
They whisper soothing nothings.
When alone
They comfort me and gently reassure me of
Better days.
Their voice, their ghost, their everlasting breath haunts
My thoughts
And remind me that I am only mortal;
A gift
Not often remembered.
Wisdom from
Beyond the void of death frozen in song
Making me
Miss those I have never know.
No one
Has so gently crooned verses of strength and love
To me
As the beautiful voices of the dead.
Listening to old music
I used to wonder
Spend my time daydreaming
Wishing she would
Reciprocate my feelings
But now I know
Now I have no doubt
I know exactly
How she feels about me now
It's pretty clear. It's pretty **** clear.
I miss you
I wish I could see you
Your smile is
The highlight of today
I have an idea of you
That I'm falling for
I know it isn't you
But that doesn't
Stop me at all
In an ideal world...
Karisa Brown Aug 8
Her eyes become impatterned
Her lips spread apart from the idea and light up the dark
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
I am the memory of someone gone
foreshadowing of someone to come.
-Ikigai Poet
Ikigai Poet Jul 28
You are an integral multiple
of the beliefs that you
-Ikigai Poet
malluraeh Jul 25
the bulb fell apart
the light went out
the idea is gone
the dreams torn apart
your life long goals
crushed in mere seconds
Carl D'Souza Jul 24
Should a leader
have the best ideas
and be able
to recognise the best ideas?
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