Like the wind
To cool my head
From the burning ray of the sun,
You breathe on me.
I’m alerted to find
Just the whisper passing by.
I’d love for you to stay
But you tell me
You have to go.
I desire to have you
But you wish to be free.
Begging - I only thought of.
But your cold blooded heart
Turned it’s back on me.
But I’m still waiting
For you to return
To cool my head
Once again.
Sophia Jan 12
What a commotion!
My talent needs promotion!

I can't seem to write.
I really want to fight
whatever's stopping my fingers
because now they over-linger
on the keyboard.

Agh! I really want to write!
But quit I just might!
The words in my head
just want to go to bed,
but I don't want to let them!

Grr, writer's block is frustrating.
I have ideas, I'm ready to verbal *****,
but the something that stops me
I'm really really hating!

It's like there's a transparent wall
between my motivation
and my story ideas.
I can see them,
but I can't use them at all.

Help! I need a bulldozer!
I can't break this wall down!
Ugh, my head hurts from being overused.
I can feel my brain frown.
Come on, dude!

Writer's block, go away,
don't ever come again
another day!

PBTHHH I can't think.
Maybe I can use a hammer
to pound ideas and motivation
into my head.

Okay I'm done.

I still hate writer's block.
To anyone who suffers from writer's block, kudos for pulling through, y'all. Stay strong.
Lily Jan 10
~I wonder if you have even the slightest idea how I feel when I hear your name~
What were you expecting for
that always thinking somebody shouts in the wind…
in an empty frame, there are eyes under sunglasses,
May be
Nobody knows what is the fact.
in the  train station where you stand for an appointment
mass mess violently.
trains run hastily in
front and back of your memories strange.
A message from
Somebody may  
Bright the morrow…
lost dandelions may scatter everywhere.
things rarely happen.
things you are expecting and things make you not to stay in one place or mood
trains move hastily... and
nobody knows what will happen to future, what will happen to you. what will happen to ....?
what will happen.....again?
Peter Jan 5
i'm catching my breath,
harder and harder each time.
polishing every idea till every single one is perfect
crushing ice cubes, i need some water
like a plant, i need to grow
i need constant growth
who am i
if there's no getting better
i don't wanna live
in the world without a goal
it's pointless then
let me rest
new ideas came
they need my attention right now
let this one sink
in its flesh
i won't cry after it
there will be plenty to come
more creative
let this one die
let chaos take over
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I usually dream alot
Of the person i like
But you're different
In so many way
I never did dream of you
Except once
It was a nightmare

I think am too scared
From the idea of us
You're different
Than me
Am afraid
I will never be good enough
And you will never know how

Am too bad for you
I don't know if that's even a thing
You've never dated
I dated alot
But we're the same
We never felt safe
With our hearts
Not belonging to us
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
What kind of world it is,
if the other half is satisfied at isolating the rest of it,
happy at letting it to be in
the dark over the whole idea, situation, and vision.

Even looking at the rest of it
invokes the other half of distrust and disgust.

Corrupting the idea
of a united world is the biggest treason committed towards the creation of mankind.
Em MacKenzie Dec 2018
If you knew this was your last day on earth,
would you spend it wisely with complete worth?
Honestly I’m scared of what my answer would be,
If I’d wallow in regret or just check out early.

Once you’ve breathed fresh air,
how do you go back to drowning?
In my youth I could never care
but lately I’m always frowning.
I tried to **** every single brain cell,
I no longer wished for feelings of thought,
no one asked so I never got to tell,
all these lingering regrets that I’ve got.
Dawn of the final day.
the sun arrives but will never stay.
Twenty four hours remain,
my death rattle will be in vain.

Long ago I lost hope in salvation,
and my dreams were trampled for belief,
so I dressed it up in mindless intoxication,
oh, how well it decorated my eternal grief.
How do I explain that the reason I’m leaving,
was the same reason that I stayed?
I’m tired of starving and done with dry heaving,
it feels like my internal organs have been flayed,
and put out on display.

Once you feel the sun rise,
how do you return back to the night?
When defeat’s visible in your eyes,
‘cause mind and body are both done with the fight.
I tried to **** every single brain cell,
yet there’s still more than enough left to haunt me,
will they survive the fall out, only time will tell,
I have a feeling one will remain only to keep taunting.
Dawn of the final day,
knees were made for grovelling not to pray.
Twenty four hours remain,
maybe time can fit in some rain.

I’m never happy with what life gives me
though I admit I haven’t been given much.
I feel only coldness in my surroundings,
but have felt warmth from a strangers touch.
Everyday I think “this is the end
I can’t possibly keep on going”
My spine broken before it could bend,
and I was plucked before I started growing.
So drag my corpse to the ocean
‘cause it was always my dream for there to rest,
I’ll die drowning in every emotion,
but only sadness will fill my chest.
Nothing really to do with Zelda, yet it influenced it all the same.
Caloris Nov 2018
From clearest dark and silent night
A bolt does flash of searing light.
The thunderbolt engraves up high
A newborn star into the sky.

And as the healing rain falls down
To feed the pursuit of the crown,
At once it soothes our eternal grief:
We are to strive but never to achieve.
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