I am a person;
a person who deserves to be loved.
But that does not mean
you get to obsess over me
like I am an object.
There's no need for you to want me obsessively.

Love is not an obsession.
Love is not an obsession.
Love is not an obsession.
Love is not an obsession.

written to the boy who is obsessed only with the idea of me on june 20th
Diána Bósa Jun 18

Like splitting the atom I
split myself until nothing
remains but the idea
of me in your head.

I really have no idea,
No hint about who lost more,
But I surely lost my dear.

My HP Poem #1561
©Atul Kaushal
Zan Balmore May 28

Let me just hit this real quick, and I've got a question to ask you.

What the hell am I doing with my life?
I've seen a quarter century
easily fly by my head, right past my eyes. Credentials fill the whole of a short list, shorthand black ink on coffee stained white napkins. Got a paycheck, pay rent, I'm okay, then. Name it, it's likely I haven't done it. The thing is, I'm short on hobbies, too. When you got holes in your pockets, watch the pennies dropping. What's a penny for a little get-high? What's a penny for the internet when I don't have a vehicle? I couldn't pay for cheap unleaded. I pay for my shows and drink the TV. Deadbolt my door and get to thinking. Maybe it's all right if I imbibe just a little more. Maybe a few short words arranged in a line, will kiss the void if written right. Correctly.

The ground
Is burned
Rolls away
Is short
So blaze

.....Five or six or seven.

to fall in love is such an easy thing.
to fall in love with a place
an idea
a taste
a book
a city
a show
a pet.
but to fall in love with a human being is more complex.
you fall in love with each little thing about them
one by one
until you've found a greater, untouched love
you have never felt before.
And when that love is gone,
you doubt it was ever there at all.

written in a paper journal on the 20th of September, 2016
Jonathan May 10

Strolling the city avenues
Feeling dazed and confused
I’m drowning in a pool of booze
with nothing to lose
But these melancholic tunes
I gotta break loose

Outta these heartache blues you misunderstood my dos
With no excuse i’m left confuse, feeling the heartache blues

Shutting idea?
Mystery it may seem
for how long will it dim?
May be,
until we find
something more to it
to rekindle out of spring!

With all the insight
I find no way out
to become whole so soon
but to wait
for the
blue moon
to shine upon 'us'
to find 'us' to bloom..

There's no plan
should I wait or leave?
The quest continues..
Are we not
worth being
         ­                                          &
                                                                ­     fixing


                                                             ­                by
                                                              ­                                    piece...

to make 'us'

                     ­                                 back
                           ­                                          to
                                                              ­                     our
                                                             ­                                                home.....

This is the second verse
of my poetry - Shutting idea..
It is in pieces, yet to be whole
as the quest still continues..

The idea of writing
a second verse to it is suggested by
Rosalind Heather Alexander.
Thank you immensely.

Someday I pray
I'll be given the chance
To explain it ALL

And I will not hesitate or second glance
Or question myself
In that moment when it presents itself

I will not falter
I will not fall

I will simply speak and share with you
ALL of the memories and ALL of the understandings
Which I've built up here
Inside of it ALL

Will you be the one to hear my voice?
Will yours be the name I get to call?

God only knows, although I dream
And can guarantee, that it will be, ALL

Because there's ALways more.
Sydney Marie Apr 19

"They're not attacking you, they're attacking your idea because you were louder then anyone else."

Jim Davis Apr 17

Is the idea of you, it,
is it, really you

©  2017 Jim Davis

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