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Jeanmarie May 2
Life’s Next Chapter

Sometimes life pulls us away
From the ones who help us get through the tough days
The thought of being without them pains me to say
A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.

I am worried that I won’t make friends
I’ll be lonely in this new place,
On my own and not knowing my way
The thought of leaving behind my loved ones
Terrifies me more than I’d like to say
A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.

I am worried that making the move
Might end up being a horrible mistake
I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready
For what life may throw my way
The wonders of the unknown concerns me
I want my life to be on track without delays.

A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.
Man Apr 27
down falls the old growth
to be cut to pieces

dropped into the ropes draped
towering, it is now laid to rest

the forest floor becomes a new bed
dread before, what comes next
Ken Pepiton Mar 20
Hermetical seals past due broken
MARCH 19, 2021 / ADMIN
I named the idea and the idea appeared
Three inmates, no,

initiates, so they say,

the Kybalion, 1908, vibes
kinda kabalistic, alchemical and all,

C.G Jung really read this book, no way…

For those who encourage the novelist wish for a reader,
by reading bits form the middle of mine,
-- most no longer load to HP, and I have option to add
art at

Some some times I just post a link. No comments are on over there, if they are I don't read them/
Thanks to each whoever thought about what comes next...
Past Mar 8
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m just a loading screen stuck in its animation.
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m lost in a void of lazy fascination.
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m just another piece of lonely fabrication.
Dear motivation,
Without you I’m stuck in a loop of endless imagination.
Dear motivation,
Without you I would lose my only foundation.
xavier thomas May 2020
Is it finally time to start a family with the woman of my choice?
Someone with class that treat others with respect?
Who, one day, will carry my offspring.
Teaching our sons how to become Kings & our daughters to evolve into Queens?

Is it me trying to get recognized for my accomplishments?
A young black man, age 26, hustling for what's mine for the taking?
Surpassing my limits, accept new challenges, place my awards on the wall.
Prove my worth to the world.

Is it money or fame?
To be able to buy a brand new car? Or purchase a new house this year for mom?
Maybe get on TV & tell my story of how I survived.
Perhaps give wisdom or confidence to the next generation.
-Just My Thoughts-
Ken Pepiton Nov 2020
Ever, and a day.
That is the sentence, verbless
bless m'soul,

I lived this long, with you.
Since time was before now, and we
know not, but
time is moving on without us, leaving us to wait,
suffer it to be,
so sufficiency is always seen enough, no
need for more,
no wish wish wish it was that other wise
way, makes it so, sufficient to the day,
to the hour, to the instant, is
the evil… is evil all it is made up to be,
or made out to be?

Making up and making out, making
differences of opinions;
kids do stuff like that.

Old men watch and see themselves grown
through the past,
passed by and by
the grace for grace, got on the way
well, tho' less, travelled by,

path or trail or track, way
where there was no way,

this is that,
at the moment,
this is life, I read, you write, we meet in this middle
of words, and words, and words and we inform
an I,
to imagine what we think we see, ifity
apt to teach, reach ing
the edge of knowing, think how such things
may be
immeasurable, and we may imagine that and speak
as if we agree,
some things are so. Bigger than we can imagine,
though we may, next ifity is pending your approval.
Time and chance, dance in wonder. How is anything any thing measured, without man, the kind, not the subsets.
Mark Wanless Oct 2020
alive is success
you are successful now yes
what step next now yes
Bhill Aug 2020
thinking about the morning
creating a new day
making new memories
changing direction
watching for the past to pass
waiting for the future to arrive

Brian Hill - 2020 # 215
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