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xavier thomas Sep 2022
She placed me as her best friend.
Finally pulling me out of her “friend zone” because she failed to grab the man she really wanted.
Le pire pourrait être qu'on ne comprend pas pourquoi.
Le Baume pour un peu apaiser nos cœurs, c'est qu'on la retrouvera au ciel.
Le meilleur, on le dit en larmes reste à venir
La douleur faut être sincère ne s'évanouirai pas de Jamais.
La vie, on la vivra avec ce trou baignant
Aide nous à faire le deuil Dieu.
Mais on ne veut pas Oublier notre tata.
Car comme ça, une partie d'elle, toujours, restera avec nous.
Jusqu'au jour où ça sera notre tour
Console Seigneur
Console Père
Console Saint-Esprit
La Douleur brûle comme la glace
Paix à notre maman

Wilfred Oct 2021
said the jester with skin coated in yellow

he forgot to bow
to ghastly twist his body
for head to kiss to toe

the king began to snarl
the jester began to tremble
the guards gazed at the  gallow tree
I have no name for this poem, just the sudden rush to write maybe l would rewrite it in some future
Ken Pepiton Oct 2021
Back off, magic pen,
the memory is mine, once I settled all accounts,
my worth
is not them knowing,
more than I survived, I did
not by being one of the few, but I survive
by being the only real me,
who stood in that position, calm eustasy,
in a box of thoughts tested time and again, knowing
and with a little umph, oomph, try,
once more,
effort, per haps a made up sweaty struggle,
to catch this magic fish who gave me this
to have endless ink and informative material,
gestating as solemn promises to tell
as told,
speak when spoken to, pray you hear in time,
waiting is, but so is ever,
whose wish
haps first is whose may is now. In a word.
making up a universal mind, practice, makes perfect
Wanderingsoul Sep 2021
Eyes so deep, you could drown
Felt like seeing a queen with a crown
She looked like she was in a foreign land
Broke away from a life that was bland
Smiling like a fool but was aware too
A big responsibility, only taken by a few
She was ready to take the next step
Now all that was left was for her to prep
It's about me... I'm my own muse
Persephone Jul 2021
If you wanted something to break I could have handed you a vase
Jeanmarie May 2021
Life’s Next Chapter

Sometimes life pulls us away
From the ones who help us get through the tough days
The thought of being without them pains me to say
A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.

I am worried that I won’t make friends
I’ll be lonely in this new place,
On my own and not knowing my way
The thought of leaving behind my loved ones
Terrifies me more than I’d like to say
A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.

I am worried that making the move
Might end up being a horrible mistake
I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready
For what life may throw my way
The wonders of the unknown concerns me
I want my life to be on track without delays.

A part of me wants to give up my dreams to go away to school to stay.
Man Apr 2021
down falls the old growth
to be cut to pieces

dropped into the ropes draped
towering, it is now laid to rest

the forest floor becomes a new bed
dread before, what comes next
Ken Pepiton Mar 2021
Hermetical seals past due broken
MARCH 19, 2021 / ADMIN
I named the idea and the idea appeared
Three inmates, no,

initiates, so they say,

the Kybalion, 1908, vibes
kinda kabalistic, alchemical and all,

C.G Jung really read this book, no way…

For those who encourage the novelist wish for a reader,
by reading bits form the middle of mine,
-- most no longer load to HP, and I have option to add
art at

Some some times I just post a link. No comments are on over there, if they are I don't read them/
Thanks to each whoever thought about what comes next...
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