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i was late
through no fault
of my own
at least
that's what
i tell myself
just one of those
try as you might
the universe
won't allow you
to leave
on time
at the threshold
one final
pat of pockets
to check
i had all
that i needed
looking up
to gauge the need
for coat
or umbrella
i witness
an inhumane globule
of avian faeces
viscous and creamy
in colour
and consistency
upon the path
two steps ahead
of me
i see no sign
of the culprit
hearing only
its cacophony
of enjoyment
or maybe
into the distance
Ken Pepiton Aug 29
Part 8.

Yeh, yeh, yeh, sneer, to cool, hot to never, back down,
if and or but you did, or
you could have, had you had
half a chance.

Let's dance, two-step slow,
and watch lies we unbelieved slip as buckyballs,
on ice.

Twice told tales, told in time, ad another just
in time.

Oh, gnoshit, this just in, as ice, on ice, just, too

cool, you know. Ecklbarger, mulleted east-coaster,
show me your ticket on this Virgen line,
or walk

Boom, dose two, dose y duo, rock on.

- the story rests, at millions of words,
use in any other order, however you wish,

twist right to tighten, left to loose, just to hold the pressure,
Archimedes *******, too tight, loose the letter t, t, see tiny t

tict..ticket. Punch it good to go, tickt
Announce first here, soon, all we know is known another way, just watch.
Going through bad times
But the world thinks you’re fine
You hide your wounds
And show your beautiful melanin
So they don’t feel you lost
Yeah, it’s all lies

Not what you want
But zero options left
Everyone’s reaching their goal
Yours has not even commenced
Running like turtle
Destination is settled
But too late it will be

You feel worthless within
And nothing without
The mask of deception
You wear on the outside
Luck is not on your side
At least, it’s never been
Louise Jun 8
I have been walking in a dark cave
for quite a long time,
Never felt more caged and jailed,
as if I've committed a heinous crime.
Defeated and bruised
from the gold rush,
I heard songs of victory
in your calm and hush.
Little did I know,
I was just passing through,
forgetting all the woes and blues,
I walk towards my gold mine,
Threw all of my lights on the line,
Left my knives by the door, risking my life.
And little did you know,
you wouldn't just walk with me
through the dark,
but would even dance with me
right on my mark.
When I felt like I was
in an eternal night,
you came marching along,
my valiant knight.
Now we walk hand-in-hand,
I can see the light from our land.
Waiting for us there is our *** of gold.
I have all the riches in the world
from your kisses and by your hold.
Sweet, grand and golden is finding true love after almost giving up on any kind of love.
The spinning hand
of fickle fate
Will rarely land
Square at the gate

So if it do,
Set fear aside.
With faith anew,
Push the gate wide.
Elaenor Aisling Dec 2021
Men have worn me like a talisman
braided my hair with their wants, twined it round their fingers
Kissed me for luck, whispered spells against my cheek
Slipped pieces of me into their pockets
later forgotten in the washing.
Like so many charms,
held me until I slipped from their hands,
into sand, into straw, into grass,
their hazel wands useless
as I watch from yarrow-stained eyes,
how gracefully
they let go
of things not meant for them.
letters to basil Oct 2021
dear basil,

watch the sunrise
remember how lucky you are to see it
smell the morning air
keep it in your lungs because you can
water your plants
show them unconditional love

love yourself unconditionally
because you're lucky, because you can

just something about loving myself a little more. this one is for you, too. drink some water, love.

Elizabethanne Oct 2021
My mother always told me,
"A good lie is the best kind of truth that you could ever have.”
And I never understood-
Until I told myself
You were coming back to me.

- I do not think this is how she meant the lesson to be learned
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