birch bark burned
in the hearts of varnished lovers
i chose to go
so gladly
and she held my hand
wholly deafened
by the breaths i took
face down in the bath

smoke isn't what we want
from the windows of the house
local haunt
in our time
of a complete change of fortune
-JCM- 5d
I pull up your number
Lucky digits
If I hit it
Will I strike out
Pressing send
Its a gamble
I'm in shambles
Come on baby
Let me win the lotto

Kyle Kulseth Jun 27
The rats and the snakes
     creep in and crawl through your brains.
     Those veins are pumpin' sky blue blood.
Don't wanna circle the drain, but cycles spin 'round and 'round
     and then they suck ya down in thick, black mud.

It sticks in your craw,
          the way they're flappin' their gobs;
their dollars buyin' graveside seats.
Cheaters glom onto prayers the way you clutch at your chest,
                    and slobber in the putrid heat.

               When they come for ya, baby,
                      maybe run with me.
                Chase the dyin' light to San Jose.

               No point in cryin' or laughin',
               fightin', fussin' or clappin'--
       Cap or Crown, it's only goin' one way.

                              They bought.
                                 You sold,
                                missed rent.
                              It's getting cold.
                              November Rain.
                           It soaks you through.
               But that Song, girl, it ain't nothin' new.

So punch your ticket and scoff
while we all bend and cough.
Catch the last flight, and I'll stand by.

But don't lie to yourself--
          silver linings on brass,
they can't break through the gold-clad sky.

                          Yeah, ya silly fucker...
the turns of life
are many

few of them
we have foreseen or planned

yet somehow we have managed
to survive

to tell a tale
of useful flexibility

and luck
Baylee Kaye Jun 4
I got lucky when I stumbled upon you.
some call it fate, some even destiny,
but for me I call it chance.
though I know you now, the thought that I could’ve looked over you, chosen someone else, terrifies me.
to think I wouldn’t know your voice, your laughter, that I would have traded it for somebody different, is a concept I wish to not know.
I’m fortune to love you, adore you, support you.
I took a leap of faith when I decided on you,
it could’ve been anyone else,
out of billions of souls it could’ve been another,
but instead the stars aligned us,
us and only us.
to love, to live, to lead.
to give, to be, to receive.
for this fact I am forever and eternally grateful,
to have found you that one afternoon,
and to take a chance and choose to pursue
relief is all I feel when I look at you.
TheExpat Jun 2
Some say that pure luck can explain
Every success or accident.
Random kinks in the road remain
Each obstacle masks its intent.
Narrow pathway to preordain
Deity’s jest to represent.
It just makes no sense to complain
Providence guides life yet unspent.
In small steps across life’s terrain
The way to be truly content
Yield to serendipity’s reign
Aa Harvey May 24
Good luck

Are you happy today?  I hope that you are.
If you are not then I will wish upon a shooting star
And throw your three coins into the fountain.
I wish you good luck
And if you are all out of luck, then I will wish for you to be in.

If you are in need of love, then please have all of mine.
If you are worried about money,
Then I hope you can find a way to put your mind at ease.
I want you to be peaceful and happy
And if you have something you want to find,
Then I am crossing my fingers and hoping you do find all these things;
I hope you do become all that which you want to be.

With this rabbit’s foot, I am sending you my good luck.
Best wishes;
Maybe you will find what you need, if you take another look.
I would give you the world, if I only could.
I have e-mailed you a letter and it is full of love.

I have told them of your story;
I have told them that you are good.
I will continue to tell everybody how much you mean to me,
If there was only enough time and a way that I could,
I would do anything to help you find your way to being happy.

I would make all your dreams come true,
If only I could my friend.
I would do all I could to make you smile at your life,
Because I want you to feel loved,
So to you all my love I will send.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Francie Lynch May 19
When compared to the average life span
Of the average human, on one side,
Dogs come up short of us; tall ones, even shorter.
And trees, especially tall ones, live longer. On the average.
How many times, in an average day,
Do I come between them,
During my average life span.
And I've yet to get pissed on. Pissed off is another poem.
I held my hand for the first time today.
Didn’t know that the love I had for myself was so little to none.
I guess I hide myself from the inner part of me.
I don’t want my physical being turning into the demon in my head.
Life is about risks right?

Good luck baby girl.
Your gonna need it.

                              With love,
Pax May 8
My life is a stroke of luck
in order to have a good life,
Ive sacrifice the blooming
Scent of lotus
Never having
Never falling
only taking
Comfort on the
Sidelines and
Shadowy shelters,
Seems happiness
has evaded me....
I leave with this quote of mine as a reminder for me:

The thing about waiting is
it takes much longer
since from the start
you never make a move.
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