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Brett Jun 1
I have never had much luck with love. Explanations only skim the surface of the sea. Always caught up on the hooks at the end of your line.

You tug on the spool and play with your food. Just reel me in. A wish on a dandelion, I get blown to the wind.

Piglet and Pooh, sweet is the honey we are destined to lose. I send kisses through the door you scream at me through.

Flourish and wither like the wrinkled crease down the heart of our family picture. Dice with the devil, cee-lo with evil. Paranoia through the peephole. High on her ego.
Sa Weol May Apr 28
Everyone tells me I have no luck in love,
cursed as well.
But you came as a blessing,
will be my heart blessed, too?

Monet Echo Apr 28
"In order to achieve success, you need a little luck"

While true for some, I do believe
That as roots grow down, we grow up

Roots may not stick out
In the eye of the beholder,
But they allow the fruit to sprout
And make branches that stand shoulder to shoulder

Dig in deep where none can see
Your roots are what will reign you
And when you're finally a tree
Remember what sustains you

Success is not a four-leafed clover
Or three sevens in a row
It's digging over and over and over
Then refusing to let go

It's choosing soil and sticking to it
No matter what may come
It's built by sweat; it's built by grit...
And a healthy amount of sun
Man Apr 19
if i can get past
this torrent my twenties
has devolved into
i know
life will be beautiful

if fate permits me luck
time will yield
happiness, amid the muck
it's a gamble,
let's roll the dice
Glenn Bering Apr 14
2020 was a very unique year for all of us.
The pandemic happened, economy crashed, families separated and people lost their jobs..
2021 was intended to be a hope everyone’s been waiting..
Instead for me, it was a beginning of something I was not really expecting.

Last week of January 2021, my mother was admitted to the hospital,
Due to some lung infection, her breathing was not really that normal.
A week later, she got rushed to ICU and remained there for a few days..
Who would have thought that in there, she would spend her final days..

Upon hearing the news of my mom’s passing, I was in another country that time.
I have lived there for 6 years, had a decent job, a partner and a very simple yet happy life.
The bad news struck me lightning and collapsed..
I saw everything in my hands just slipped and passed..

Borders were closed and going back home would mean leaving everything..
But it doesn’t weigh the loss of my mother, whom for I would do anything
Upon making the decision, I knew the consequences..
My long term partner for 6 years would leave me in sadness..

As I was lying down in Dubai Airport, waiting my 20 hour layover to end,
I was praying to God asking, of all the things, why have all of this happened?
I lost my mom, my job, my partner and everything I have worked hard for,
Is there any lesson you want me to learn, because my eyes now are very sore..

Uncertainties, depression, and overthinking were all in my head
A lot of things have been difficult for me including sleeping on my bed
With everything that’s happening, it’s hard for my future to foresee
How unlucky can a person really be?
morseismyjam Apr 12
i spent
the afternoon on the
lawn in a clover patch
plucking the 4th leaf off

because last month
was so clouded
and i shone too bright

too gaudy

but now i'm here
fixing these little *******
taking their 4th
leaving 3

increasing their chance of survival
like i did with that worm
on the sidewalk this morning
picked her up and
hurled her into grass and
I didn't look back.

sometimes salvation is violent.
eat this **** up you ******* emos
Sahar Gtoons Mar 19
Ben was a poor and simple-hearted man
Who had never achieved his fancy dreams and he lived on the streets
He was homeless and hungry yet he had many great fake fans

One of them told him that you are lucky that you do not have anything in life
You do not have a luxurious and comfortable home, a well-paid job
A large wealthy family with naughty kids or a nagging wife

Poor Ben could not afford to eat good food and buy fancy clothes
He had to sleep in dumpster in freezing winter days
He was selling tissues, matches and roses

Ben thought he had lost everything in his dismal life and he had nothing left to lose
But people used to tell him that he is lucky to be a naïve and a kind man
That he is lucky to wear filthy striped coat, torn pants and old comfortable shoes

He even gave them his only shoes, his stripped gray coat and his ripped pants
Ben was a gullible, hardworking, self-sacrificing and too generous man
At the end he was a man with nothing who lost everything to his phoney fans

Moomin Mar 17
Another day for discovery, another dance of fate
One that's guaranteed to please, the stars have set this date
The twins are free, the moon is high, and Mars has come in line
And on this, the 5th, my lucky day, I have to rise and shine

With fingers crossed and wood well-knocked, I leave my lonely place
The words of the fortune cookie have put a smile upon my face
With lucky penny and rabbit's foot, my future must be sound
But, just in case, when I spy the ladder, I will choose to go around

I'm lucky 21 today and I've wished upon my star
No mirrors broke or salty spills, no black cats on my path
A brand new year, to quell my fears, and act on all my schemes
Today's my day, destined to meet, the stranger of my dreams
But as my lucky day unfolds, and my hopes are stretched and bruised
The world continues just the same, like it doesn't know my rules  
And expectation is not met, nor new advantage gained
For though the signs are all in  place, the day is just the same

What has gone wrong, why is this so, have I left something out?
This day should be so joyful, and make me sing and shout
Yet as day's end nears and I taste the tears, of disappointment and despair
A sudden thought occurs to me, that I can hardly bear

Little rabbit, tucked in my purse, and nestled at my side
Who offers luck and promises, a life changing surprise
He paid a price for lucky feet, for that which he was bred
He hops no more, and twitches not, for little bunny's dead

And as I ponder on rabbit's fate, a new thought comes to me
About my shining lucky penny, that grandma gave to me
That trinket has daily been with me, since I was only nought
Yet, didn't stop the darker days, that life and loss have wrought

And what of horsey, free and fair, who wants to run and neigh?
But lost his shoe and was tethered to, become a human's slave
My breath was short and my face was wet, as I sought the truth to see
That planets were indifferent and not aware of me

No clover found, no lucky star, no bad luck from spilled salt
And the dreamcatcher above my bed, also nightmares caught
And even old Saint Christopher, who was meant to protect me  
Didn't help the day I crashed my car into a tree  

And suddenly, I knew the truth, with my future plain to see
That all these things were not in control, that it was up to me
That sometimes we have accidents and illnesses and such
And objects would not be for us, a prevention or a crutch

That stars and numbers just exist and birthdays will come and go
And sometimes we will make mistakes, and life will ebb and flow
And realizing all these things, I suddenly felt free
And vowed then to prepare myself, for future misery

For all the rituals and the charms, and lucky numbers too
Had not produced a happy life, or made a future new
I would take control and steer my life, by my own deeds instead
For rabbit's foot could not help him, and sadly, bunny's dead
Trinidad Feb 28
Though my luck maybe gone. And my hope maybe lost. I must remain strong. At all cost
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