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Aurora 1d
It was like a kid
Opening the gift
He waited for
For too long
Then found
An empty box
When I
Waited for too long
To be alone with you
Then you fell asleep
In my bed.
No cuddle and no sheets. Meh.
The monotone mumbling of a prayer
rumbling and memorized
i hear it
in my third eye
or my third ear
what, can't you hear?
the sounds of the faithful
who pretend to be unbreakable
but are just people
who pray at the cathedral
to a marvelous person
of which the existence
is uncertain
He who created the world
and then left us to destroy it.
unpopular opinion:
we aren't really living
but we aren't really willing
to give this false life up,
you wonder,
do we live in this life
if something inspired
is on the other side
well we don't know,
we are humanity,
a mix of profanity
of hate
of ****
and a false understanding
of what we are
and what we can be
so we pray to something
that we can't see
so we are bold and confused
broken, overused.
and still we believe what we tell ourselves true
but we are just cells and atoms
remnants of cosmic dust
rejected by the universe
and I mean no offence
to those who believe in
a mighty man in the sky
but I cannot
not because I can't see him
or because I can't feel him
but because
I do not know him
and sadly
I do not wish to
call it weak
or call it strong
but I do not belong
with the saints
hung on my mother's walls
I do not belong anywhere
because I do not see
fate or luck
all I see
are the mistakes
humanity has made
and I do not know
if someone
is watching me now
write this poem
hiding behind
two sided glass
but if someone is,
I only ask of them this:
"what truly awaits us?"
a ramble
(a little controversial, and I am sorry but I just had to write like me.)

We both performed the same Deeds
Committed the same Crime
Thus our Sins were also same

I was caught Red-Handed
You managed to Escape
My Bad-Luck Your Good-Luck

Only I was Prosecuted
I was made Accused
At last, I was convicted

Now I am facing the Punishment
You are free to enjoy the Life
Also free to commit a new Crime

I know my act was illegal  
I know your act was also illegal
You also know, your act was illegal

Who is the Sinner?
Dangling red hot sun,
Mellows, finds no better luck;
Ease in to dark sea!
Osheen Khan Jan 2
हमेशा नाकामयाबी पर लोग कहते है की लक अच्छा नहीं था,
मेहनत तो बहुत की थी हमने लेकिन लक अच्छा नहीं था,
जब वही लोग किसी काम में फ़तेह हासिल कर लेते है, तो लक को भी अपना बेस्ट बताते है,
जो पहले बेड लक था फिर वही बाद में बेस्ट हो गया, न जाने इस समय में ऐसा क्या चेंज हो गया ?
में तो सोचती हूँ कि सारा माजरा बस लगन और शिद्दत का होता है,
प्लीज कोई बताएगा मुझे की,  के
लक ! ये क्या होता है ?
बुज़ुर्ग कहते है,
किस्मत से ज़्यादा किसी को नहीं मिला,   और किस्मत ऊपर से लिखकर आती है,
में सोचती हूँ अगर ऐसा है तो,   बिन कुछ किये कोई चीज़ हाथ क्यों नहीं आती है ?
फिर एक दिन मुझे ये समझ आयी ये बात !  ऊपरवाले ने भेजी तो है किस्मत सबके साथ
पर वह लकीरो की भूल भुलैया में छिपी रहती है,उसे खोजना पड़ता है,
हाँ यार !उसे ढूंढने के लिए भी कुछ करना पड़ता है,
फाइनली तब जाकर समझ आए ये बात मुझको,
लक ! ये क्या होता है ?
लक ! ये क्या होता है ?
what is luck..This Poem Describe Mine thought about Luck.....
K Jan 1
2018 might've been great,
2018 might've been full of hate,

but I wish the best
for everyone

i hope you all will be good in health,
and find happiness

because no matter what happens,
2019 will be better if you set a goal.
i wish everybody good luck, to be good in health, and to be happier.
Hunter Dec 2018
Feel my emotions
And here drink these potions
Hopefully these fix you right up
And make you feel tough
It's a mixture of 3 things
Love, Hope, Luck, all give means
Of seeing us together
After all the weather
These three things hold us
So please don't put up a fuss
Let the potions do the work
So our pain can hit the dirt
So we cannot be hurt
Let me help you
To help me too
Kyle Kulseth Dec 2018
Dive past the splash page,
let's melt with the inkstains.
It's Autumn, the heat fades.
               The tale
          is unfolding fast

Now turn past the last page
of last time. We'll retrace
the panels, their contents
               you cried.
          But was it canon?

               Play this night here
                         as it lays.
               Place bets on you--
          we've both debts unpaid.
       Wasted time to redeem today
                       And I'd say...
               We're onto something.

                 ­         Rust
                             off iron hearts
                         to rewrite our days.

I've got a feeling--
Let hopes ride; no sure thing.
The voices from downtown,
               they blend--
          a thousand songs sung.

The wind and the trees whisper,
"Encapsulate this
moment. It's flawless."
               It's art.
          And I'm past falling.

               Play this night here
                         as it lays.
                  My bet's on you--
          we've both debts unpaid.
       Wasted time to redeem today
                       And I'd say...
               We're onto something.

                 Read the writings
                       on the page.
                 The story's drawn
                and the panels laid.
       Waste no ink on departed shades,
                       as they say.
               We're onto something.

                 ­         Rust
                             off iron hearts
                         to rewrite our days.
Commemorating 9/20/2017
JJ Inda Dec 2018
feels like a re-run,
a cig you ***
when you’re down
on your luck.
something is about to break,
maybe it’s your day
or maybe
it’s just you.
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