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c Jun 19
Jumping into puddles
And jumping into love
Both leave me so muddled
And I just can’t get enough

But mud belongs in puddles
And flower petals fall
This “he loves me, he loves me not”
Will surely end it all
Ken Pepiton Jun 14
this is what comes next,
we have learned
to wait for

The world, the environs of me i see,
have changed
or become

other than I imagined in the illusory phaze

visual-real-aural-real-terror-real ah,

right no holy terror here, we past that.

title-mebbe Ignorance is a choice, it is vain,
the effing efforting to ig nobel so high a wave as mine.

Rock and roll poets with scientific magi making tools
that obey our virtually

whim. Imagine that. We did. What now?
or ance, re ignorance

a dance,
a wee twist that tugs us back to unem,

we chuckle. You know, if you have not thought
how happy after right now,
might work if it were your might that makes it work,

then. This is that. In a poem. A poem puddle the flow flowed to.
No joke, life has become very jello-ish in its real-feel here, for a while.
Jolan Lade May 23
Friends among stars
As we are flying through the moon's shadow
When time is irrelevant
Arent we just splashing in a puddle of space and time
Going e=mc^2
Seanathon May 11
Overlapping like our hands
But colder, quicker
And in an uncontrolled fall
Free until splash, dew part
The rain drops in the puddle there
Are not like us at all
Rain Drop Ripples In A Puddle
Yassine Apr 2
The urge to write but my mind quit,
The longing for love but none caught my breath,
The need to believe but my soul is still immaculate,
The curiosity of the unknown but the nihility obscured my sight,
Persist an Outsider till an exotic make a hit.
Love for all, You are not alone.
Max Jan 13
You're like a shallow puddle,
But with every word that you say
You trick me into drowning.
Was doing my math homework and thought of it.
Dan Beyer Sep 2018
Reflections in a puddle
distorted curiosity
there's more truth
to these ripples
than my mirror
Mary Frances Sep 2018
Life is too short and unpredictable for
the simplest things not to be enjoyed
-like dancing under the rain
and play with the puddles after.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
puddle dotted fields,
kids in mud football frenzy;
time stops for each game!
dina Jun 2018
as you walk through this forest
you duck under branches and boughs
that are the gnarled fingers of a witch
as she stirs her dark and glassy potion
resembling a puddle you peer into
and gasp when the reflection there isn't you
a creepy little forest story as something different for y'all <3 i guess this would be more appropriate in october but inspiration hit while walking my dog today
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