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Faye Jun 9
the smell of cigarettes
when our lips collided,
the taste of alcohol
when our tongues glided;
i almost thought of you

his gentle demeanor
when we're out wandering,
aggressive in manner
when he's pinning me down;
i almost thought of you

his rough yet tender hands
leaving no skin untouched,
his mellow yet raspy voice
tempting me too much;
i almost said your name

his tan skin, glowing
brown orbs, lust-hooded
corners filled with moaning
upon reaching paradise,
i almost said your name

i tasted you on his lips,
smelled your perfume on his,
felt you in his embrace,
saw your eyes in his; and
i almost thought he's you
he gives me
déjà vu.
Raven Feels May 9
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not in the right place these days:|

gods of my hells and heavens up in the believed skied

I swear no more a hold on to the moon no in me I lied

don't blame me

I tried my best for myself to save me

but those loves in the nights are making me hope and long

those of hugs and promises them people give me I yearn I wrong

I get so high to wake onto a fall

even lost springs and summers all can't hinder a devil crawl

                                                         ­                    --------ravenfeels
Abby Apr 5
Deja vu dreams glimpse what’s to come
Veiling reality from perception
Obscuring past and future selves
What’s once hidden, again found in another
Worthiness forfeit to the gravity of expectation

Fail, or follow

Trust is built on words of wisdom
Drink it in or drown it out
Connect to the sonorous vibrations
Or feign ignorance while praying for more
The evidence is prevalent to those whose hearts are open

Belittle, or believe

Fan the flame that ruins or refines you
The choice is yours to build or burn it to the ground
To find meaning in the minutiae
A manifestation of subconscious cues
Confirmation that the path before you is the one you’re meant to be on

Falter, or forward
This is a musing I wrote for Grieve the Astronaut’s “Signs” album, and this one in particular is about the titular song. I was asked to pen my response to each song and their lyrics and express what it meant to me in my own words. This one deals with thoughts of fate or divine paths, belief in ones purpose and meaning, and the choice to accept or dismiss the signs.
Juno Dec 2020
i felt this sorrow once before
     when your name spelled patroclus and mine achilles
Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Sometimes I see the future in reverse
a blessed curse
to live a scene
previously witnessed

truly life is a stage
thank you, five minutes
I prepare to be the art
The whole world babe, it's all ready for you to play your part, be the star you are. Honey Bunny.
And so they say?
Drink more water
So I.. Search
Both seemingly and endlessly
across the Earth
Sorta like.. a new birth or a new born
that is being transformed
Though some may call it Déjà vu
Or quite simply
Old memories of me being
Which are vague memories that somehow.. came to be
All seemingly at one time after birth
And now my old residue?
Is the Afterbirth
Which in turn?
Gives me a reason or a aim
to cause me
to Lurk
Yeah, I be that bipedal with a purp
So that must be me, standing 10 feet tall over there, on two legs with a
So on purpose?
I just may be, the worst of the
Just like.. if I really did deal contracts?
I really would do work
Cause when I do work?
I really do
So I guess.. the occupation for me
to really emphasize pain?
Just may be my turf
And Fear.. is the only reason why,
I would ever blink first as I switch verse
Then slit wrist like
I'm suddenly suicidal
At how.. my thoughts are now idle like me going Psychø or Loco,
Just to appease the blood
And so that's why,
I ask the Lord to forgive me
As I continue to write Rhyme after Rhyme
Which may or may not be?
My 42 or 43rd verse
But only after I must first, skip the 44th, detour, and then tour, the Uni-verse
Even though?
I won't be the first to ever
Surf, or ever
Back to my old antics
Or find my way back to Christ
while still taking chances
And that's which.. or whatever may come first
Well smh.. either way
If push comes to shove or if worst comes to worst?
Then I guess I won't be the first, or the last to ever
I was in such a dark and unstable state of mind when I wrote this. I don't even know how I managed to keep it all together back then, And from time to time I still feel this way. Thankfully my current state has shifted over to being more positive and appreciative for just being alive and having my right mind intact
Walking through these paths
A walk I feel I have taken
These memories
Why do things keep repeating itself?
I remember
This familiar feeling
This feeling
A feeling of before
These empty thoughts
Haven't I been here before?
These significant signs
I have seen them before
I had this dream
My reality,
A repeat of this dream.
Looking around
Seeing new things
Haven't I lived this before
De Javu,
Why do you keep coming back?

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
De Javu speaks about a person who is experiencing something they have experienced before.
Molly Eli Feb 2020
Something lights from within
And a fire boils my blood
I have seasonal feeling
Let's make it known to everyone

There's nothing I can do
When spring turns to summer
And summer fades into fall
Finally I reach winter
The one I've been waiting for most of all

You never really had feelings for me
So I pretend you do
When the world reached that season
That I fell in love with you
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