You make me think of my children
will they be cared for
the way you cared for me?

Will they feel like their house is a home?
Will they yearn for attention like I did?
Will they grow up unable to process their own emotions like me?

Will they have a father who can see past his own wants?

Will you be there for them?

The story of a kind, loving mother, and a good friend.

On a beautiful sunny spring morning.
I met an island princess living far to the east.
The place where sunrises are born and cherry blossoms shine.

Her eyes were sparkling with kindness and trust,
a new friendship that would last forever was born.

Looking into her eyes seeing a bright sparkle, brighter than the sunshine.

Even back then I saw new life in her eyes,
I knew a beautiful Soul was waiting in Heaven to come to earth.
Never knew God was about to send her a daughter of beauty.

She is my good friend.
She is a kind friend.

She is the most tender loving mother.

She is my dear friend, my kind, friend, a loving mother.

She shines brightly every day. Even on the rainy days, she cries with love and kindness.

She is the brightest star in Seoul who kisses an Angel, her daughter every day.

She hugs her daughter with love and patience.

She is my dear friend, and she is beautiful, amazing,
and lights up the world with sunshine every day.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved

Seeker 5d

i want to scream
i want to cry
i want to breakdown
i want to kick
i want to throw

why are we back
to the nonsense no one believes
why are we back
to the threats
the violence
the unfair trial
and the lack of respect

i thought we were getting better
i thought we had finally fixed it
i was wrong
and i am more mad
at myself
for thinking that anything would get better

you don't understand
you're not hearing me out
you're shutting me down
and i don't know what to do

why am i to blame
for someone else's doing
why am i the one to be
screamed at
cursed at
and why am i the one to be

i don't want to be here
i want to run away
and leave
like a rebellious teenager
trying to figure out
who they are

but I'm not a teenager
and I'm not
typically rebellious
i know
who i am

i go by the rules
test the small ones
always try to please
and never disrespect

so why

why am i being kicked out of my own house
that I've lived in my entire life?


because my dad's girlfriend left dirty pots by the sink
and i didn't clean them.

i was not asked to clean them
it was not my mess
it had nothing to do with me
i didn't even see them
because i was not even home

but my dad is kicking me out
because i didn't do the ridiculous

I stood there a glare of stone,
                       others heaving.

Blaming the next to them for
this blasphemous action....

As each floor was reached

"You all should be ashamed,

Everyone looking red faced...

My daughter and I were the
last ones off.
She looks at me and smiles.

"Silent but deadly Daddy,

Laughing out loud, she says;
"I just left the next occupant
                               a little gift,

"Takes after her Daddy that one...

Seeker Jul 13

so you wanted a rose tattoo
but you never got one
you thought eventually you would
but not now
you thought you had time

but you never got one
because eventually never came
and now meant ever
we thought you had time

you were in the hospital bed
chemo always keeping you company
but you knew that hospital bed wouldn't be there soon
and now you're in the clouds

my cousin wanted a tattoo
but she couldn't decide what to get
you told her just get one already
because life is too short to not do what you want

one week later
you were gone
we were broken
and you looked over all of us

my cousin listened to you
she got that tattoo
so that you're always with her
oh those angel wings

you wanted a rose tattoo
just on your ankle
but you never got it
because time ran out

you never got the chance
to truly do what you wanted
to be wild
and feel free

so I'm getting a rose tattoo
just on my ankle
because next summer
it will be 10 years

10 years ago
you told my cousin to live her life
10 years ago
your life was taken

so mom,
I'm getting a rose tattoo
with your birth date
going up along the stem

the stem will be dark green
with thorns
but the rose will be red
and fully bloomed

because you didn't have a great past
but i know you're free now
something rough
can become smooth

so i want a rose tattoo
and I'm getting it next summer
because 10 years ago
my mom didn't live out her life like she wanted
so i will for her

Kaleb Grimes Jul 13

I always told her,
"Go make history,
Before you become his story."

Something I want my daughter to see.

Dear Baby,
at this moment
I am 22 and you
are just an idea –
a twinkle in my eye.
But my dear twinkle,
even just as you are,
you must know this:
there are great things
that make this existence of ours
worth experiencing.
Poetry Beauty Romance
Oh captain, my captain
These are what we stay alive for.

Now let me tell you a story, mi lunita
and may you be born with a mind filled with love

Once upon a time,
I met your papi for the first time
in a dream –
of this I am certain.
I stood in front of my friends and family
in a room of heavenly white.
I remember the curve of papi’s shoulder
in his nicest black suit. I remember
vows being whispered in my ear
and the way the light looked behind my eyelids.

I know this was your papi for two reasons:
1.) He is the only man I have loved
that would think to whisper marriage vows
– creating a secret, just for us.
Our love has always been just for us.
Why do they have to know everything?

2.). On our first date,
I opened the door
and in a burgundy shirt
red carnations in hand,
was your papi.
His lips were shaped like the Amen
to my whole life’s prayer
and I couldn’t stop myself from
embracing him.

So often, baby
your body remembers
what your soul has seen
but your mind has long forgotten.

Listen, my love
Find the quiet.
Feel your soul settled into you.
There is so much to remember.

Mi lunita,
I remember you.

Rebecca H Jul 8

People kept telling her:
"you can't be this, you can't be that"
the girl pretended to listen, their words a blur
she sat there unnoticed, her face flat.

She went to school
receiving an education
she let her parents rule
keeping silent, hiding her creation.

When the nights closed in
and her parents went to sleep
she took out a notebook with a grin;
after all it wasn't theirs to keep.

She bled out words
that had stuck on her skin
outside chirped nice birds
unlike the crows she hid within.

Soon her graduation came
as she held her diploma in hand
she heard her own name
with it came the feared demand.

"You'll become a lawyer like us, right?"
the girl whirled around to see
her mum and dad standing up to their full height
she bit her lip, only wanting to be free.

"No," she told them, "I will not!"
she looked her parents straight in the eye
looking like they'd both been shot
but the girl didn't want to lie.

"I'll become a writer,"
she told them, with a light smile
her parents did not turn brighter
but that hadn't ever been their style.

- don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot be -
Rebecca H Jul 6

You made me cry today.

You raised your voice at me
as if I wasn't sitting in the seat
right next to you.

You told me I didn't listen -
that I never listened.
And that I didn't understand,
nor even try.

You screamed all this
at the top of your lungs
instead of
being a mature parent
and talk with your daughter
in a civilised tone.

But you don't do civil,
do you, mum?

But then again, you don't see your faults either
but focus on mine and others'.

It's funny how you accuse me of not
listening when in reality
you cut me off when I tried to speak.

You took my voice, mum.
And you refused to give it back.

- this one is extremely personal -
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