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You have a two year old daughter
She’s beautiful and smart
She’s you’re whole world
Someday she’ll be where I am
19 and working in a resteraunt to get through college
And I’m sure
You’d be sick if anyone treated her the way you treat me
So why do you do it?
George 1d
she leans into her father,
she did not know then,
that one day she will,
after he is gone,
start remembering,
resting on his shoulder,
on a train,
rattling on its journey,
somewhere into the urban night.
Lily 1d
“Mommy, why is the moon running away from us?”

A sigh from the front seat,
The wheels bouncing on the Michigan potholes.

“Honey, it’s not running away, it just appears to move with us.”

A moment of silence, except for the soft hum of the engine.

“But why, Mommy?”

A slight groan from the front seat as a speeding car passes.

“I don’t know, our eyes are just messed up, I guess.”

Bouncing pigtails from the toddler car seat, humming her song.

“Mommy, are we almost there?  I’m scared that the moon will catch up with us.”

“I thought we were chasing the moon.”

“But now it looks like it’s chasing us.”

Trembling hands grip the steering wheel tighter, knuckles white.

“I’m excited to see Daddy.  Are you, Mommy?”

“Don’t call him that.”

Her voice was dangerously low, almost the same pitch as the hum of the road.

More pigtail bouncing.

“But he is my dad, right?”

Pursed lips and clenched teeth.

“Yes.  Just try to be nice.”

“Are you talking to yourself, Mommy?”

Attention taken from the road, eyes wandering up to the moon.

“Mommy, why are we running away from the moon again?”

A sigh from the front seat,
The wheels bouncing on the Michigan potholes.

“I don’t know, we’re all just messed up, I guess.”
tickle at night
before you go to bed
laughter is best medicine
to put you to sleep
after a long day
Aaditya 7d
She's never not happy.
Everything needed has she.
An extremely loving guy
with sharp features and
looks that'd make anyone jealous.

Practitioner of law, has a
permanent job, wears suits,
every woman wants him, but
she is the only girl he loves.

But she has another one
who also has her heart won.
Loves as much as the other,
a chubby bag of warmth
and a heart as big as he is.

A part time musician, an
enthusiast of sports.
Always by her side, and
he's at her beck and call.

Love her like anything, both
of them do. See her growth
is all that matters to them
and they leave no stone
unturned to make sure she
loves them back for what they are.

Yes she loves two men and she
won't choose one over the other,
'cause she loves them as much
as they love each other equally,
As one's her Dad, other's her Daddy.
Inspired by a popular American Sitcom.
I hurt by the
loss of you.
That you have
lost yourself.
That you can't seem to get away
from the depths
and nightmare
of your addiction.

I am hurting like a Mama Bear.
Lost my cub
and I can't find her.
I look endlessly.
Feel an avalanche  
of painful emptiness.

I am lost myself,
in losing you.
Kat Feb 12
Mother tell me,
who do your eyes meet in the mirror?
wolf woman wife
little girl
and perhaps ghost.
Caddy did you love them
yes but when they touched me I died
yes but when they touched me I died and was resurrected because a woman dies but comes back another just a change of costume so we can walk in our shadows and strut and fret again.
mother why is the mirror always blurry,
and why are the rooms all empty in this body
fortress sanctuary
that is made by the magic of transformation
Caddy the rooms may be empty but can’t you hear the music?
bird in a cage,
and its songs about longing to feel human.
Faulkner Forever.
Lee Aaun Feb 12
It's not your fault
That you are born as a daughter.
Whether the whole world shouts
that being a daughter is curse.
Don't mind them.
They restrain conservative thoughts.
It's not their piece of cake
to understand what a blessing it is,
to hold a little fairy in their arms.
Don't worry that their is no one
to whom you should narrate your story.
Remember little fairy,
You have ALLAH
who belongs to you.
Tell your stories; he will listen.
Have faith in him,
he will make your life easier.
If it's not getting easy but difficult
then remember
he is the one who created you.
He knows best than anyone.
Who are you to question
that it's your fault,
that you are born as a daughter?.
He is the one who has written your fate,
whose known as Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim.
He is the sculpture of word " Justice ",
So how he can do injustice with you?
as giving you a body of women?..
Being born as a daughter is not your fault,
but considering yourself weak
in a feminine body
is your fault, little fairy.
Don't you remember;
when ALLAH is happy
he bestowed the couple
a token of strength
in the form of you; a little fairy.
You belong to that linkage
who was born strong,
who live strong.
So, how can be your birth
as a daughter can be fault?.
Don't suppress your strength
under the conservative talks of other.
Dogs just bark, that's their duty.
So, let them bark.
Release your soul from the chains of society.
Ask guidance from your Lord,
as he is waiting to answer your call.
A feminine body is the strength
that your body holds.
So, everyday go on a journey
to see the secrets hidden in your soul.
The warmness of tears that you will shed
when you endure the pain,
believe me little fairy it's worth it.
So, don't say it's your fault
that you are born as a daughter.
Cause their's no precious gift
which is given to you by your lord
as being a women.
Women's are the symbol of " Patience".
So, little fairy wait, have faith
and endure.
It's not a curse but a blessing,
keep it in your mind
little lost soul.
Eryri Feb 11
Star jump
Slide to a bump
Mini Jeep driving
Forever striving
To win a race
Tie your shoelace
Stay on your feet
You won't be beat
No hesitation
You won't conform
Not one for Unicorns
Find your voice
Beat the boys
You'll sprint through life
Overcome strife
Become resilient
Just be brilliant.
But, just for now,
No need to wow
I realise
I idealise
So go wild
Be a child
You know you oughta
My darling daughter ;-)
Leia Spencer Feb 6
I have a feeling
That someday
Far too young
I will burn
-Mother like Daughter
She still sticks with me
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