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I dreamt of a man
I did not know
Sitting next to me
In a crowd of people
Tired and needing comfort
He held me like a baby
His arm around my waist
My head on his chest
I felt so safe
Only a little while...
People started criticizing him
For holding me like this
He got up from me
Starting to walk away
As I was
Looking at him
Wondering "where are you going"?
I still did not know this man
All I could do was watch him leave
He didn't even turn around
As people jeered him
He went away...
I do not think
I will ever
Know who this man
Not sure why I feel the need to share this dream but I do.  It felt so very personal
Vivek Raj May 26
Your little eyes,
Little nose,
Little cheeks,
Little smile,
And, your adorable babbling,
Will forever be rewards of love...

Your little hands,
Little feet,
Little walk,
Little mischiefs,
And, your cheerful embrace,
Will forever be a boon of life.
divi May 11
no, i mean this anger
no, i mean this guilt
no. i mean, what is the difference
between this anger and guilt?
because the chains all rattle the same behind me.

i could go and ask my mother,
but the lines on her face would deepen
and she would tell me there is only anger
and she doesn’t know guilt
and how could i expect her to believe in something
which she has never experienced?
and would i take the trash on my way out?

i am unsure if it is my fault my mom feels this way,
or if it is my fault she doesn’t feel any differently.
she’s sewn me richly ornamented robes,
woven from girlhood ambitions fallen short
threaded with hopes she had long dismissed.
but i am not joseph, and the garments never seemed to fit me right.
and my mother is not god,
her love has never been unconditional.

the robes have long since become stiff
gathering dust on the coat rack.
maybe i could hang some of the guilt there, too.
or maybe i’ll hang the anger.
or maybe i’ll hang both.
or maybe i’ll hang on to it all a little longer.

i never learned when it’s appropriate to let go
and i learned a little too late about the bruises i leave behind by holding on so tightly.
a lesson all my mothers before me had to learn.
after all, in the very beginning,
eve never once received a mothers embrace.
the closest mother she had was the garden of eden.
(was she saddened in her exile, or was she relieved to be free?)
i haven’t posted or written much since 2018, funny how i always come back to writing
Malia May 6
i wish i was a
better daughter
for you.
i wish i knew
what it would do
to you.
i wish i wasn’t
so afraid
and i wish i never
in that orphanage
where i barely left
my crib like a

i wish i grew up
before today
because now it is
too late.
Eric Pratt May 3
She pulls herself upon a cloud
With pen and pad in tow
Imagination in her heart
The gentle Earth below
A poet’s mind starts wandering
An endless world awaits
She leans beyond the cloud’s extent
Peers down and contemplates
Amazed at how it looks from here
Her perch up in the sky
The whole of all she’s ever seen
Reflects now in her eye
But she is more than what she’s seen
Knows more than where she’s been
For what exists is infinite
Condensed within her pen
She shuts her eyes to find her muse
A smile finds her face
Upon her pad she pours her soul
Filling up the space
The words are hers but not from her
The ink just seems to flow
An energy directs her hand
And tells it where to go
She lifts her pen, and calmly reads
Words she’s never said
Feelings she has never felt
In lines she’s never read
Through her words we’ll touch the sky
Find places never been
And briefly know infinity
Condensed within her pen
Written for and about my 10-year old daughter and her love of poetry.
el Mar 20
i want to smash plates
but i can't do that
i cant betray the image of the
perfect daughter
the perfect sibling
the perfect child
although i am far from perfect
and everybody knows it
even you know it
but i still can't smash plates
maybe it’s the curse
of the eldest daughter
or maybe
there is something
intrinsically wrong with me
because i don't remember
when this started
or if there was ever a starting point
i don’t remember what shattered me so badly
that i wanted to shatter the world with it
KieraYale Feb 24
I pray that you can stand at the edge of the ocean admiring the stars above, as if God himself strung them up just for you.

I pray that foreign lands and language flow through your blood so that you can feel all the pieces that you're composed of when you feel alone.

I pray that you only ever look down on those you are helping up, and that  you can lend light when the world only seems to offer darkness.

I hope you find happiness in life's oddities. May you fill our home with jars of tadpoles, feathers filled with germs, and wet puppy paw prints from a dog we "didn't want".

My little girl  I pray that you never know heartache that your Daddy can't fix, but most of all I pray that you find a love like the love that made you.
Six children and a suburban home
Don't it hurt you to see me like this?
One of yours, and still so alone?

First daughter assigned third wife
I've done it all wrong again,
Haven't I?

Sprawled all across this spiky green turf
Drinking up the merciless sunshine
Trying to keep it down

Weeping about my friend's father
Watching for a hint of remorse in your stern frown
I wait for you to ask for my forgiveness
Go on, ask
Let me for once be the one to deny
B Feb 17
Lost childhood
a shattered snow globe on the floor
enchanting glitter and broken glass,
swirling in a mass, I find no cure.
Swept up the shards
that faintly jingled while being discarded
cut myself cleaning the mess
and it scarred
a surface of me that must stay hardened.

So independent
I can live on my own
don't know what is best
but it's better unknown.
I am shaped the way you had me sculpted
I've got a sharpness deep inside
here's the woman that has resulted
from a young girl's need to hide.

I brought a portrait photo of you
with me to art class
the teacher said
I looked just the same
everyone always told me I was like my dad
I was so happy to be beautiful, that day.

and I know you've said you don't understand poetry
so I'll say it easy
I love you so much
I hope you don't hate me
for what I used to be.
Forgive the broken snow globes
I have already forgiven the memories.
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