Many a human being is smitten
When they come face to face with small furry kitten.
And theys hardly need much -
Just some cat food and such.
Oh yes, don't forget a small box they can shit in.

"My daughter, I have seemed to misplace
Instead of my darling, I received a disgrace
The poor old stork, to bring me this girl
Should retire his work, a shame on this world
Look at how she wishes she were,
Watching the world grow up without her
The luck she bares is all but good
"Listen and do, like proper girls should!"
Where's her beauty and womanlike charm?
All she has is an urge for self harm
To lose a daughter is a shame on its own
To receive a disappointment brings disgrace to my home
If returns were an option, I'd do it in a tick
Yet here she is and its making me sick
Counting the days til she's out of my hair
But for now I'll keep acting like I care"

This is really what my father thinks of me fyi

Dear Dad,
will you still love me and think i am your little girl when another man has placed his hands on your princess,
what will you think of me when my lip is trembling and i cant go to bed without checking the locks five times,
if i was a son would you have taught me to never go out alone or to make sure i stay in sight of the street lamps,
if i was a son would you still warn me to never go to college parties unless i had someone watching my every move, just in case,
what if i told you i followed every single one of your rules to be safe but that didnt stop that guy from leaving marks all over me,
dear dad do you love me if i am no longer the princess

Once upon a time
Far, far away
Once upon a time
I was daddy's little girl
Once upon a time that was me

   In my dreams I was daddy's little girl
                      In my dreams he loved me
   In my dreams we did things together
           Like ran races, and jumped rope
      I can still feel the cold metal chains
                        Of the swing in my hands
                                   But that's not real...

It was once upon a time
Once upon a dream
Far, far away
That was me

                                            In my dreams,
                             I was daddy's little girl
                      In my dreams he loved me
            In my dreams he took me places
Like ice cream shops and baseball games
        I can still hear the crack of the bat

He took me places like skating and Broadway plays
Now what do you think of that?!
But it's not real...

                           It was once upon a time
                                   Once upon a dream
                                               Far, far away
                                        Daddy's little girl

That was me.

Andreas Simic Sep 17

My Little Queen©

I’m not her father, but she is my daughter
I knew her when she was young,
A small girl with a twirl

Time went on we moved to the coast with the most,
My bride and I as we said goodbye

One day a bus arrived with this little princess fresh
From a three day journey by bus made with no fuss

Swollen feet and tired as could be she lay on the couch
And I realized then and there she was no slouch

During those early days she would amaze and
Watching her grow was quite a show

The more she grew the more beautiful she had become
Even if it felt like she was always on the run

Her vivid imagination would have her end up
Working at a gas station to my fascination

Then one day she would announce out of the blue
It’s time to live on her own and have a home

A new job and boyfriend would ensue as she blossomed
From princess to bride and I would profess my pride

My princess now a little queen was far from done
For she had a son that I could adore galore

But life presents many ups and downs and even frowns
Even for someone with a crown, as we all do, who knew

A move here, a move there,
yet she found her way to another day

When revelations would arrive at home, my bride
Would give me a glare and stare and say

“and who do you think she got that from”
I am not her father, but she is my daughter

Now settled in a city nor far away, a wife, a mother
But still my pretty little queen

Andreas Simic©

A True Story
Emm Sep 15

Here born a princess
Without titles or castles or jewels
With no crowns nor grounds nor lands
With no treasures nor exposures
With no prestige nor heritage nor lineage
Not even a silver spoon in her mouth she should’ve brag about
Not one subject or object
But all the same, with a name as grand
A celebration as loud
She’ll have the state-of-the-art carriages out of old tires
The best ball gowns from the best-deal market fares
She’ll have the best accessible education
And only the kindest words spoken
But she’s a princess only in his mind
And she should’ve known firsthand
Because there’s an invisible ladder she must climb
Not any elegant staircases she can glide down from
When the real world greets her unceremoniously
One amongst the rest
One among the many
Ranked in between the real deal the richest the smartest and the fairest
As should be…
Because she’s a princess only in his mind
And she should’ve known firsthand
The hidden danger of a love bind

First as a thought
Then as a life
Once as a dream
Ending in a scheme

Once as a husband
Then as a father
For him,
Children were no bother

One is a daughter
And one a sonn
Once as father
His time was done

Once was a life
Lived in strife
Once was a boy
Who innocently loved his toy
And as this boy grew
His experience did too

He learned to live
Learned to love
The one he loved
As elequent as a dove
And as he grew
His love did too.
His love was returned
By the one he so yearned

And after a while
A white dress came to style
With two circles of gold
Their hearts were sold

As they raised their son
They awaited nine months to come
For a baby girl would soon run
Time passed with joy
Until the day momma screamed out
8:15 early mornin
The baby girl was born

There once was a daughter
There once was son
The once was a father
Who thought he had won

Two years passed
As life slowly collapsed
Well father got ill
And momma cried, paying the medical bills
Until her last 'I love you'

11 years late, still to this day
For mother, son and daughter,
Father will never fade away

Another year later
12 since he passed
The memories and thoughts
Of daddy haven't faded away

13 years since that fatefull day
Memories stay and stay
For many more to come,
Another year, on and on.
Closer to seeing daddy
In years to come,
daughter will be embraced again

There is a daughter
And there is a son
There's also a mother
Who will forever love my father

Katie Sep 15

My heart feels broken into a million pieces...
did you think about that Daddy before you stole my innocence.. Did you think about how this would affect me? Did you even care? How could you... how could you do this to me. Did I not matter? Did you think I just wouldn't remember. What if I didn't remember. Wouldn't you remember..? Wouldn't that break your own heart. It should. I was your little girl. You should of loved me, protected me, showed me my worth. Not hurt me & leave me with forever scars in my soul. My soul is bleeding... I bandaged up my wounds for as long as I could. Now I have to face it. My pain, my sadness, my anger. You made me fear trusting anyone & everyone. You betrayed my trust. You violated me. Was I not enough to spare such humiliation? What did I ever do to you. I was 5. You should of been my protector not my intruder. I feel sadness for you.  Because you must not have peace within your own soul after doing that. Guess what Daddy.. I do matter. I will rise above this. I hope you know you broke my heart forever... I Pray God forgives you. I'm working on forgiving you. Through this pain I will find my strength. I don't want to make the world darker to anyone like you did to me... I want to shine light into everyone's darkness. Humans matter. I matter. I deserve peace & I'm going to find it. You poured lies into my heart that I was worthless and only worthy for my body. I'm much more than that. I matter. I fucking matter & I will rise above this ❤️️

ambient Sep 13

if I often I had the choice
to do or not do,
I would not do;
a stubborn bitch
concrete-set in routine.
many are the days spent
sprawling my gangly body
in its entirety
along the couch.
mhmm, this lady is not
for exertion.
"it's time you do something!
all you do is sit around
drawing, writing, reading
and SLEEPING!" says mom.
"but I am doing something!"
I say.
"nothing PRODUCTIVE!"
reeling things off from the brain,
I can't think of much I can do,
but if there's one thing in particular
I do excel at, it's fucking off.
this prophet (yours truly) has
the prescience of mind to foresee
these things.

9-13-17, 21:55 (not entirely pleased with it, but it's how it is. *shrug*)

You tried to make it about yourself
Saying that I was attacking you
But I didn't even call you names
How could you be so selfish

You tried to make it about me
Saying that I was throwing a hissy fit
But I didn't even victimise myself
How could you be so blind

You tried to make me feel crazy
Saying that it was all in my head
But the proof was in the paper
How could you be such a fool

It was about their safety
Big no matter what I said
You invalidated every word
My entire childhood a lie

Sisters, I could not love them more
My trust in you, could not be so lacking
My heart, broken with your response

It's not about me
And it's not about him
It's not about them
And it's not about you

It's about saying the right thing
And doing the right thing
No matter who you are
No matter what you face

But still you chose
To punish the victim
Not the assailant
Fuck you rape culture

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