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Hawley Anne Sep 12
I broke her heart.

What else is there to say, except,

"I'm Sorry."  

             "PLEASE forgive me."

                                             "Please know this isnt your fault."


                    "Mommy loves you."

                                                              Hope that trust again will come with time.


realize that when Mommy says "I'll see you next week"


she really does.
SiouxF Aug 27
Ours was a complex relationship,
Full of pride and bitter sweet,
But underneath the fiery rage,
The criticism and put downs,
Were the broken hearts of a
father and daughter,
Who both wanted
Above all,
To love
Be loved.
Malia Aug 2
i’m not a daughter
i’m a trigger
i’m not person
i’m a gun
every problem
i make bigger
reminds me i 𝘢𝘮 one

i’m not a daughter
i’m a trigger
i’m the stain on your white blouse
and everybody, everybody knows
i am the darkness in this house.
I actually wrote this originally as a poem, but then I put a melody to it and I might make it a fully-fledged song later!
Be all my sins remembered,
Like all of our sins before.

The sins of my flawed father,
That I, the eldest daughter bore

Be all my sins remembered
Rather than all of my good deeds

My sins are signs of my humanity
They’re signs of my shameless needs

Be all my sins remembered
Let her name forever be twined with mine

I have tasted heaven on earth
I am hers to the end of the line
It's been awhile
Myrrdin Jun 24
I am pulling weeds from the garden and I want to scream "there is nothing wrong with you there is nothing wrong with you there is nothing wrong you"
I am replacing you with something beautiful and hard to maintain because I value appearances more than growth
There is nothing wrong with dandelions i swear, please do not develop a complex, I just cannot love you unless someone else does
My father spent years weeding me and trust me it gets easier
it hurts less if you learn to hate yourself the same way
There is nothing wrong with you I just have to do this he is coming over later and he might remember he doesn't love me if he sees you here
There is nothing wrong with you but I will **** you still
Like my father
Commended for everything I grow in the wake of what I ****
There is nothing wrong with you I scream but I will throw you away and you will wonder what is wrong with you anyway
He told me I have room to grow before hugging me goodbye
There is nothing wrong with you he said
I just don't want you here
Mrs Timetable Jun 14
I watched you swim
Under the blue raspberry
Pink vanilla
Sugar spun sky
The nostalgia of your innocence
Made me realize
My life could not be any sweeter
Than this
Then you proved me wrong
With your gazed upward view
And whispered
I want to be just like you
Father daughter love
Ace Jun 9
i am not
my mother’s daughter

she is horselike
she is free
she is constant and steady
she is strong

i am
          a rabbit
     i am



          i freed myself
     i’ll never look back again
based loosely on the jong family in the joy luck club
Ind Feb 21
I think of the water
offered to me
when thirsty.

Scalding water during a drought.
I want to drown myself(.)
out but

there is no flood to submerge in.
Not feminine.
Not successful.
Not enough.

When I cannot
afford my mother kindness
I give her honesty.

This house is loveless.
mysa Nov 2022
i don't miss my parents like good daughter should
simply because i have always been too independent

but recently i have been imagining crawling into bed with mom
she would still hold me if i asked her to
as tightly as she would've years ago

i wonder if i should ask her
i wonder how i could hold back the tears that i feel welling up inside of me even now, miles and weeks away
how do i apologize for not asking sooner?
how could i ever make up for that?

does she know that i love her
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