Carnivorous fruit from uneartly plants!
Adults pumped into the children!
Murderous clouds in the sky!
They've created a million ways to die!

Eating you through the air!
Eating you through the water!
Eating you through the edibles!
Eating your sons and daughters!
I can’t forget you.
The both of us share a face.
I can’t see myself.
They say a daughter reflects what her mother is.
I say, no!
I'm not my mother.
She sees the best in everyone,
I assume worst.
She holds scars but smiles outside,
I scream about pain.
She loves and supports everyone at any cost,
I disappoint people around me.
Somebody put her in worst of situations, she remains kind,
I take vengeance and hurt myself even more.
There are Angels God puts on this Earth, I've one. I call her mama,
On my name & life , I can't even stand the shadow of her.
Ever since I can remember, my mother has been a strong individual. She raised my brother and I financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually by herself. My mom gave her all, by that I mean, she worked two jobs to make sure her children ate properly and that they had the essential amenities to grow happily and successfully. Another way she supported us was with love and care. She would encourage me by simply saying, "Complaining is a useless way to solve problems, but becoming active on the issue is a great way to conquer it. My mother My mother has always had strong faith and views in her religion. When I was younger, every day and night, she would bring prayer time to me and my brother's attention. My mom instilled As a child, my mother displayed the seriousness of spirituality. In which she expressed her faith in us at an early age, that prayer time was not the time to make jokes nor to complain about having to partake in it. One lesson she taught us the most, was how seriousness about our spiritual beliefs could provide us with a substantial, stable and structural lifestyle.
I feel this pain
And capture it
But I still can't let it go,
And it hurts in my chest
No matter how many times,
I catch my breath

Where were you then,
Where are you now?
I want to erase this past,
And start all again
So it can be
Just how I wish it was.

Maybe if you just found me a little bit sooner,
It might feel better
Than it does right now,
Except you still haven't found me,
And I don't think you're even
Am I supposed to be hoping,
You know nothing about me
At all?
Nicole Levy Jun 30
I want to love you but you are
A pot of boiling water
If only I can put the heat setting down
I can get around
To being connected to you
Im touching the handles without a glove
This can’t be love
You say it for my best
Is this a test?
How good is she
How good can my daughter be
She is a reflection of me
I can’t even see
She is broken imperfect I have to fix her
What if its all an illusion
I am right here
Perfect human specimen
Worthy of existing
Just as I am
Take your glasses off
They are dirty and old
Tell me everything will be okay
I am the strongest woman you ever knew
Capable beautiful and a proud reflection of you
#raw #daughter #mother #pain
Jamie Newton Jun 28
Here comes the pain and I push it away

I’ll Fill my mind with other stuff today

Yet you creep back in it’s hard to shake

Wondering what you think and feel is hard to take

I don’t know a thing, I’m in the dark

My parental support torn apart

The only thing that was sweet and pure

Lost to me through drugs and their allure

I’m sorry baby, you will never know

How I roll in pain and agony so

But not for me, but for precious you

A daddy should be a proud and stable statue

I let you down and destroyed my soul

Now there is no where else for me to go

I’ve lost my baby, my heart and my pride

For nothing more than “good times” on the side

I will carry on fighting and I will never stop

I will get you back I will come out on top...

Yeah right, my fate is sealed

No more cuddles, no more laughing I finally yield.

Take her and take her fast

And while you’re there point that gun and blast

Oh that would be so simple, such an easy way out

Just stupid thoughts from a useless lout

I’m in a bad place, a deep depression, in a fudge

Hours and days and thousands of pounds in front of a judge

To no avail, I sit back broken and pale

I’ve never been a drinker, now Ive swapped drugs for the ale

I have no idea what is happening to me

I have a fear I will be dead by the age of 33

She was my anchor, my hopes and my pride

She was also my deepest fears on an opposite tide

Now those fears have finally come true,

9 months 13 days and two hours since I last saw you.

By J.N
For anyone that’s made life shattering mistakes, know that you are not alone in your pain.
Sara Fielder May 28
Your gardenia hair
in turbulent waves
of chocolate certainty.
I glance your vapors
in small quantities,
a mad state of disarray
my entrails strewn
like a child's toys.

Life is a vandal
shaping change to
serve ourselves.
We are none the worse
for our intensity.
I suffer the timetable
in crunch of solar plexus.
I hide in weeds.
Your egret legs follow
a duplex of steps that
don't find anything
hard to believe.

Sara Fielder © May 2018
Sara Fielder May 31
Fear is on the precipice
about to jump off into
loose dungarees.
I will wear it with a smile.

She boomerangs her love
into tranquility of being.
Would time waft that
away at suns exposure?

To trust is a freedom
of release. Our gasp
for breath when heads
break surface water.

Sara Fielder © June 2018
Sarah Lane Jun 27
You will find me here
Where I've curled up to hide
You will find me here
I'm waiting to be found
You will find me here
And stroke my hair aside
You will find me here
To share my tears with me
You will find me here
Staying until they're dry
You will find me here
Then lift my head again
You will find me here
So suddenly I'll see
You will find me here
It's your presence that I need
Lin Jun 26
When my mother dies

I'll get a tattoo
not in memory of her
but in memory of her
hatred for tattoos

           I don't know

what the tattoo will be
I'll decide when I get to the parlor
what it is isn't the point
the point is

          how I'll live

will be up to me.
I'm not saying I'll be happy or sad
I'm saying that I'll have a clearer
mind to chose who I am

          without her.
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