We tend to focus on the wrong things, forgetting what's important
When I was six years old I thought that life was always happy
But as I grew up my mind got contorted
Into what people whispered under their breath
And the word 'love' being thrown around like it was nothing
When I reached the age of seventeen my view of life was death
I now understand that love isn't always true
And that some men can't own up to their mistakes
For the longest time my parents didn't think I knew
But it's very hard to hide fake love in front of a teen
Because school did teach me at least one thing
It was that adults aren't always truthful to young kids like me
Because they don't want to mess up the family 'dynamic'
But what they didn't realize is that it had been screwed up for years
Yeah, I've downed a couple beers
If I keep things from them, of course they're keeping secrets from me
Mom, you don't have to lie to me
I've seen worse things
I just wish you would tell me the truth
Is there a reason you're sleeping in a different room?
Dad, please stop disappearing
I don't know where you go but mom would like to know
You don't answer your phone
You act as if you're not apart of our family
Your cover is blown
You eat at the dinner table absently
You never have time for us
Check your watch it's almost seven
You should be home by now
You would have thought you'd learn your lesson
I can't do this
Watch my family fall apart
It's been going on long enough
It breaks my fucking heart
Please stop this
I didn't ask for a separated family
When I was young we were so great
What happened to that fantasy
I grew up
That's what happened
I started to realize through my grown up eyes
That life isn't what it looks like on the outside
You have to look deep within to notice all the lies
The husband is a cheater
The mother is a forgiver
The son has been gone
But the daughter was like a river
She cried all night
Asking God why is this happening?
My family has been falling apart
And you sit back as it's unraveling
Help her!
She's my mother and I love her
She's hurting and she's trying
But she never gets anything in return
Help him!
He's my father and I love him
He's disappearing and he's blind
And he doesn't see what's right in front of him
A family who loves him
But he's been looking for other things
We try to give him all his needs
But we fail to do so
And the darkness proceeds
I get jealous of these other kids
With the families that are together
They care for one another
And they play games every night
They go out to eat on the weekends
And I'm stuck here despite
All the stories I have about our wonderful past
Too bad that we couldn't last
We had so many more adventures to go on
I wish I was six years old again
But I guess we can't all win
So I'll sit back on the sidelines
And watch my family slip by
This is the year my family fell apart
Not together in distance and never in heart.

Chan S 5d

Bone of My Bone

Deep in my bones I could feel your voice,
calling out to me; like I had no choice:

My daughter, my daughter, please understand..
that I would be with you to hold your hand.

You see, there was this system that was built just for me,
To keep me separated from my family.

All I ever wanted was for you to be mine;
But these folks keep adding more and more time. 

You see, after awhile this place feels like home to Me,
then They start to feel like My family.

I know this may hurt, but it's the twisted truth.
You see, they planned it all, while I was just a youth.

I was strategically placed in this militarized zone.
But I know that I'm deep inside your bones.

So don't worry, my strong brave girl,
I am still working to give you my entire world.

I will be the man, the father, the hero, you need.
Because baby girl, all I want is to see you succeed.

Be smarter, wiser, more patient than I
and your dreams will exceed that sky.

Now!! I can feel you in MY bones!!  
Because baby girl, I wanna come home.

But while I'm still in, I just need you to be,
Everything to me, that you were meant to see in me.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
Catarina Pech Jun 18

I was born of a fisherman, fine and faithful
Faithful to God and the sea, faithful to my mother and me
I am a daughter of the sea, sensible and salty
To the sea I am impressed, there is peace that permeates
Perhaps it is in my bones, Portuguese explorer’s blood
When I breathe the salt air, its spirit deflects despair
This love derives from my father, this love affair with saltwater

This man of the sea fosters respect, but also tends to overprotect
Perhaps the sea prepared him to be practical and prudent
Undulating waves shaping his vision, dreams escorted to fruition
For these dreams I am grateful, for the breath of the sea
The lust the ocean produces in me
The love from his heart, the love from the sea
Floated over the waters so lavishly so lovely
I'll send him a kiss across the Atlantic
I hope it lands neatly on his cheek
I hope it reaches him, quick

My father started working on a fishing boat at 13

Gave my daughter, age one
who could draw better than walk
a pad of Post-its, the tiny ones.

She crayon scribbled
peeled each one
to hide in corners
behind books
under the toothpaste tube
inside shoes.

A year later, moving out
cleaning up
I find behind
the clothes dryer
a nest woven with
gatherings of moss
dryer lint
lined by her Post-its
stolen by mice
who appreciate
fresh art.

First published in *Your Daily Poem*

All those days we talked about our endless dreams
Where worlds lit up and rainbows never die
We'd talk for hours, cause that's what best friends do
We love, live and grow together as one

We fight each other, challenge each other
Never as much as we would fight for each other
We'd talk for hours, cause that's what best friends do
Come rain or sunshine, we'll stand together as one

Through high school dramas and mid-life crises
We found that balance to beat the odds
We'd talk for hours, cause that's what best friends do
Even on our darkest days, we got through it as one

I'm lucky I found my best friend in my mum
I'm truly the luckiest one!

Jobira Jun 17

To fully complete the circle of life
man leaves his parents to be with his wife
like his father had, builds a house
to make his own image from the spouse;
Few years adds up, summing to his age
little ones running around, after the marriage
then he be called a real man,
for reaching that stage.

He watches many years, slipping him by,
As some of his dreams are still on hold
He keeps wondering how time had fly,
Sorting through memories with a longer sigh -
and searches the younger self, to compare with the old.

Soon age will bring him back,
to his old empty life
For his son be leaving to be with his wife
liker his own father had done, to repeat history
to build a new life and then a family
and start all over again a chapter of misery.
So will his daughter too, to be a wife
to breed her own spring like her own mother
will change his last name,
to someone else's father.

Now his life's almost complete
waiting for obsolete -
And the wonders of time,
the chapter of warm age
will just be as cold as passing the next page
then he will be looking back where the old ages had gone
as he gasps at sun set, while sitting alone.

Life's just beautiful!
claire Jun 9
your mother asks you to                                                    
make her breakfast

2. she has lived your life
two and a half times over
she knows everything about the world
and you know nothing
is what she tells you
when she is bending you backward with her voice
when she is loud and searing and immediate
an avalanche woman bringing boulders
to her feet

3. your mother takes up space
she attracts
she magnetizes
you are fighting your way out of her orbit
but it is hard
you perform elliptical rotations
around her and count the seconds
between your words and her rage
it is a bittersweet spectacle
beautiful in its torment
like watching a dying star absorb itself:
this huge white brilliance, this ricocheting sound,
the tears there is no gravity
to catch

4. you look at your mother
the way she mirrors you in reverse
her laugh is your laugh
but not your laugh
her hair hits her left collarbone
the way yours does your right
her pain is blue like yours
but hers is navy and yours looks like a blue iris
when light cuts through it
like the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg
surveying you as you excavate your feelings
all-knowing in their grief

5. your mother is you and she is not-you
so peel the grapefruit and cut it in half
plate the eggs
bring it all to her with coffee
the way she likes it
cream, no sugar

6. forgive her
even though

Dolly, you know Fluffy can't play with you.

you're my dolly.

Fluffy stop looking at her like that.

Fluffy, let me sing you a song
so you understand.

This is my dolly
You can't have it
This is my dolly

this is my dolly
You can't have it
This is my dolly and

this is my dolly
you can't have it
this is my dolly and

*Stomp stomp stomp *
What do I hear you singing?"

Nothing Daddy!

"If that is what Nothing sounds like.
You will be loud for the rest of your life
Do you understand?"

Yes daddy.

"I don't wanna hear nothin' ever again.
Did your mother teach you that?"

Yes daddy.
Mommy sings it sometimes
turns the shower on so we can't hear her crying
But the way her voice cracks
I can tell.


It's body Princess... not dolly."

"This is my body
You can't have it
This is my body and

Well maybe that last line...
...that one's for me."

"Your mommy taught me the words last night.
it was about time I learned them too.

funny, we both make the same mistake."

Ian Watson Jun 9

So sweet, the man without hands or feet
He is the spitting image of my daughter's ideal
Tie, briefcase, portly belly
Perfectly powerful
If only I (and she) could keep this picture forever

Maggie's getting married,
All is much too harried;
But the dress is on,
The veil undrawn
Untill all words are spoken:
A vow, a pledge a promise made
To love and cherish all her days,
To love and cherish all his days,
From these chiming bells
To eternity's knells
Before friends and families.
But most importantly,
After the debris is clear,
To one another they will be
Loyal and true in fidelity,
And, by their own decree,
One in matrimony.

Middle daughter on June 16th.
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