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Suhayb 7d
As the seconds stretch to miles,
I forget each laugh, each smile.
Now all I see is your empty face.
Once a joyful playground,
Now a desolate waste.
If only we could have a day together.
An hour, a minute, a single pure moment.
If only there were time.

A million specs of dust
Swirling in the rays of dawn.
They lead me back,
From ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
To the tears on that rainy morn.

You always used to love the rain.
I'd bring your coat but you were already out
the door, your arms apart.
Letting each raindrop reach your heart.

I lie upon the warm beach,
The sand sifting through my fingers,
Like the time that has escaped me.
It went so fast, until you were gone.
Now every second feels a thousand years long.
If only each grain,
Could remove some pain,
And replace it with a moment with you.

You stared out at the endless sea,
The day you were diagnosed, and asked
What's on the other side of the world?
I said, my girl,
That's for you to explore.
Open your heart, let your mind soar.
If only you had the time to spread your wings and fly.
Or even a chance to try.
If you had time, you would, you knew that you should,
If only you could.
If only, there were time.
By Alexa kae navarro

Noong ika'y nasa aking sinapupunan
Maraming pagsubok ang nagdaan
Masasakit na salita'y naranasan
Ngunit ako'y nagpatuloy at lumaban

Ikaw ang nagbibigay sa akin ng lakas ng loob
Kayat labis kong kinatuwa na sa akin ika'y pinagkaloob
Pinapangako kong ikay aking aalagaan
Ano mang pagsubok ang magdaan

Sa iyong unang pag iyak
Ang buhay ko'y binigyan ng galak
Anu man ang iyong nais sabihin
Narito lng ako upang ikay unawain

Pagmamahal ay ipapairal
Mabuting gawain ay ipapangaral
Huwag mo sana akong biguin
Lumaking mging masunurin

Lumaking may tyaga
Nang sa aking pagtanda'y may mag aruga
Pagmamahal ay pairalin
Nang sa iba'y maging halimbawa ka rin
Its a wonderful gift from GOD
Caitlin Sep 27
If only daughter knew how much her mother loves her. If only mother knew how to express that to her.

If only daughter knew how much father loves her. If only he'd address that to her.

But father broke mothers’ heart in two with broken promises and bottle caps too.

A bottle for pleasure a bottle for pain, it wasn’t long before mother and father drank again.

There’s never any harm they said in just one or two. But daughter knew three and four were coming all too soon.

Daughter felt confused as to why mother would drink what split her parents in two. Would the bottle come between her and mother too?

Daughter couldn’t fathom how father could do this. The family unit daughter surely missed.

Father had been quite angry now for some time. Daughter didn’t know why he sometimes dulled her shine.

Mother was no longer sure what to do to keep her mind at peace. How would she fix the shattered heart that had broken first in two, then slowly piece by piece?

Daughter at times wondered the same, how could she make mothers heart whole again. But she lost hope for some time, had words stuck bouncing back and forth in her mind that she wanted to say so badly. She wanted to scream so loudly.

But her parents ears had been cut off by a blade of sorrow, anger and stress. Daughter began to quickly regress. Withdrawal. No binge would rid her of the pain at all, and now daughter is confused too. She often feels as if her only friends are her journal and the moon.

She tries to keep her darkness at bay, a mess at night, a peach by day. She is successful for a short time until the darkness she carried overpowered her shine and she knew this was not who she was supposed to be. How would she rediscover her divinity?

Long story short, she soul searched far and wide and began to forgive herself for letting the darkness inside.

Soon enough she forgave mother and father too and now she wishes that they knew how much she loves them too.
eve Sep 27
we communicate through the phone maybe once or twice a week
you uphold my financial status, but have no relative experience in raising me.
you claim to be a trying father, but your behavior never match up to your promises.
you think being a dad is a check off a ballot, an easy task to complete, truly believing that money will always compensate for happiness,
but imagine if you put as much thought into yelling and screaming at your mother when you get mad over the tiniest thing into realizing your beloved daughter, mamita linda, carries a heavy burden with her and on her shoulders each and every day.
she faces people who mock her in class and treat her with no respect for doing what she feels is right
she judges her face fat, waist size, and stretch marks in the morning
dealing with things teenagers her age shouldn’t be dealing with and after all that she has had to support herself by carrying that burden of teaching herself everything she doesn’t knows and even, about men that treat women with ultimate disrespect
like you, she looses patience easily and the gates of hell break open when she rambles on while temporarily disregarding who she is where she is and who she is talking with, no matter what, she will continue to rant about whoever or whatever drove her to lose that one thought in mind, waiting to be said in that moment of time.
half the time she is missing out on hanging out with her friends because you tell her she is not supposed to do that,
she is unsatisfied, spell one divided by two on her forehead
nobody understands what she says, according to a wannabe intellect in her advanced placement classes
she prefers a busy schedule because she moves on quickly and does not prefer sitting down, tuning into pointless, nonstop lectures, and perfectly accentuated monologues written and presented by her father in front of everyone she cares about.
as a result of that, she cries herself to sleep, dwelling on the thought of that while praying for someone or something, to take her away in the middle of the night
she fights waking up in the morning, to repeat the daily routine and process of adding more than she can handle on her plate
you can consider her a runaway from personal issues,
but you should be thanking her for still existing and experiencing a cruel world that surrounds her.
be grateful she is blessed with the right mindset, she is not following in your footsteps and making half the mistakes you once did,
those mistakes, every single of them amount to the overall guilt that rises in your throat before you prepare yourself to speak or perhaps, whenever people propose an idea that isn’t yours.
she reflects on your weakest points and tells herself to consider what she needs to learn more about,
her reflection connects to the previously mentioned thought process that is on-going in school
her hand trembles as she grips the pencil because she writes a lot to relieve her senses and stresses of past abuse and mental break downs.
call her a try hard, but in reality,
she is dealing with things nobody would ever think could be possible
she paints a picture in her head of a perfect life, one that involves leaving from the once familiar faces and settings she once admired,
placing everyone she has ever cared about to the side without rational thought, she is saying goodbye to those she would never think to,
she chose not to overcome her stressful relationship with her dad,
instead, she just got up and left, leaving everything she has ever considered to be important behind along with the boy she incessantly thought would someday provide for her.
a circle of thoughts run in and out of her scattered head everyday,
and if you are still wondering why, it is because she has big shoes to fill and lesson plans to organize when she travels from one place to another
she cannot seem to sort out or understand her issues fully yet she tries and strives and drives herself to the point in which she lets her work ethic outperform the people in the room.
she not only copes with the rude remarks and “constructive criticism” from ignorant people,
but with confronting people about issues she is has no part in
she is deep involved in unveiling the reasoning behind why, these people, of all people, attempt to grasp a hold of her, only then will they be able to clash their issues with hers.
similar to the behavior of her father,
her mom attests to her daughter serving her daughter’s fathers’ outlook on life itself because they act the same exact way.
she and he demand until their words fall short and their tears begin to escape from the corners
she and he cry until their sockets cannot take anymore and hearts begin to race double the beats per minute
they pounce on each other like enemies,
even though, they are blood tied and reflections of each other
as much as she hates to admit it, both she and he know it’s true,
but he will forever get his way and she will get her messages across every time.
Arden Sep 23
You call me
She, her, daughter, girl
You speak with a blind mouth,
Look at me, see me
She isn't me
Only a fantasy that you clutch
I'm not broken, I'm free

Long hair
lace dress
You question me every time I show you my truth
"Are you trying to hide your femininity?"
No, my femininity is simply not my definition
Spend a day in my skin, in my cage
And don't cry when the words start to pierce you like daggers.

Shhhh… stay silent, don’t worry its just a phase
Now do you see the "She" just doesn't make sense
You speak to me but your voice seems distant,
Bouncing off and echoing
girl gonzo Sep 20
i cut the envelopes that come in through my mailbox with the jagged edges of my front teeth
women used to chew their umbilical cord after birth
and my mother tied my hair in the same ponytail the entirety of my girlhood
the elastic snapping a couple times a day
because the girth of hair was always too thick
and I envied the women with thin, silky hair
the kind that didn't snap or break
split in two like my lip in the winter
or when hitting the pavement

years later when I became bored with everything
everyone I knew was in love with
I became queen of abandoning all in a jiffy
sobering up and growing up
the more I went up
the easier it became to be simple and dumb

so cut my tongue-tie
leave me in the dark
i'll never be middle class
as you explain poverty to me in your fake squalor
I understand that one day you'll eventually
move back to your parents' wealth
and my sun will be hotter

I'll quit my job and live in between different parks
with similar names and the birds that always remember your
face but they have so many
your head becomes a scrambled egg
you'll listen to my songs
but that's only because
you want to believe they're about you

it's liquid gold
when everyone is defined by what kind of milk they drink
the most convoluted poem I've written in a while
alluding sort of to some kind of amniotic complex
Mia Sep 17
My old hands cannot caress her,
She’s way too weak and too fragile
I miss the way I used to dress her,
Like that white day on the aisle.

In her nightgown, she is resting
Sleeping beauty in her room,
I can hear her silent praying
She cannot escape The Doom.

Doll was gifted to my mother
From her mother to my own,
Like this blonde one, there’s no other
And if there is it’s still unknown.

I take her far into the graveyard
The stones as great as my mistakes
I tell her “Hey, I lost my mazzard”,
Will you help my brain that aches?”

In a world that hates its feathers,
It’s the world I’ve ever known
There’s only one, she never left me,
And that’s you, my favorite doll.
Words turn to flesh
Fabricated by the many times you wished
For another daughter to exist
Utmost confession in its midst
I know your darkest secrets.
Wild eyes have seen, what wrongs you have entailed in
Another life will hear of acclaimed achievements
But the truth grows all fruits
And roots are always true.
So be wary in how you choose
To treat a human as equal as you.
For Patience knows how, to play along too.
Sarah Nehring Aug 27
I'll try
I'll try my best
I'll do what I can
I'll see
I'll attempt it

I'll change my self
I'll try to be better
I'll push myself to be what you need me to be

I'll lie to myself
for the rest of time
to try to make you happy,
to see your daughter go to college
to see your daughter make a living for herself

I'm your prize
So i'll try
I'll try to be what you need me to be.
I'll try for you
I'll try for me

Because me is more important than you.
Starting my second day of college and I hope that the rest of the time that I am here goes as well as today has gone so far. So i'm writing this poem
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