NTR 46m

I'm far from fine, feeling fanatic
unloading my emotions
action automatic
slide slow and smooth
stay silent and static
just going through the motions
though inside, I'm frantic

a short practice in alliteration
Amy 4d

There’s one too many of these little seconds.minutes.that I wish could turn back the clock and change what has now turned into regret.

Maybe I heard too much but understood too little of what you were trying to whisper to me that night over the loud music as you spun me around and I held on to you tightly and squeezing your forearm as my eyes remained closed shut and you chuckled at how I held on and was so shy with you.

Your lips moved but no words seem to come out, I wanted to ask again but decided against it because I was afraid you’d come closer to me as if you weren’t already. If I turned too quickly I’d have bumped into you...with my lips. Not asking. Not knowing. Not understanding. It’s what leads people like us to turn into perfect strangers instead of imperfect people in love. And we live on like this...a little broken a little scared of the same things happening again. But mostly torn by the love lost.

You smile when I am sad
you don't miss me
when you are glad
I want your happiness
because I love you
but you want my sadness
because you got me wrong
you don't love me
but I like your song
Do you feel like I love you?

I cry when you are sad
you don't even know my name
you just call me a lad
Please, I am not a game
I have feelings and love
but you can't feel me
and my silence
I see, you don't like me
but I still believe you're my princess.
Tell me, what do you have?

rachel 7d

a lifetime of gestation;
of making myself,
of bringing myself
back from you,
of trying to get over someone I was
only ever under.

bend me, shape me
whichever way you’d like me
for I could be the apple of your eye if only you’d
let me;
- kiss me to

you turned me inside out,
      exposed -
heart beating tenderly not upon my sleeve but
atop my inverted chest;
I asked you to cradle it,
      swat me like a fly;
      a throwaway affair.

saying you care about ‘this’,
but not me, I think

      lacklustre lover lacking the
      love in the
      - making

and above all, I keep thinking about how unrequited love
is the sweetest kind of self-inflicted wound.
something that never was shouldn’t be so much,
      oh but it hurts just right.

I’m forever pulling cells,
bits of myself apart to
examine, deconstruct.
cytoplasmic, holding it all together,

I'm just looking at your scars, you said.
      would you like to add another?

suture me then pick me apart
- I’d let you.
It's not your fault you didn't
know, don't
know how I feel, not really;
I don't want you to run
better to have a piece of you than

we only do this to ourselves,
I don't blame you.

this mouth tastes like an ashtray
I'm sorry,
it’s just that a lot of sweet nothings have died and
burnt away in here before they could be said.

everything changes yet it all stays the same
we know how this story goes,
so please don't tell me I'm
beautiful from all angles
because I can’t take it. I can’t.

rising for him, a flowerbed for the spring
blush as pink, which,
bleeding into the edge of the skyline at sunset,
anamorphic, consumes.


my heart is so heavy
with the ways in which I love you
the birth of something new -
or maybe I just have a penchant for self-destruction.

and on getting out alive:
we’re all here,
doctoring our hearts,
recovering from the cataclysm of it all.

No written poems,
Nor lyrical prose left unsung,
Such beauty confine.

Longing is the home,
As punishment to who steal,
The art you behold.

for that one person that you may or may not like. somehow, the reason why they can’t be your muse.
Aishah 7d

life is a
roller coaster
I did not
to ride on

Lxvi Dec 10

i remember our first
outing by the sea
coffee in hand
you showed me markings
with meanings
and some without
you showed me you
but just a bit
and I remember we ran
you ran so gracious
and bit by bit I learned you
I am a student of you
and we'd live
by that window
we'd sleep
we had  many nights
by that window
sealed shut
and left across
looking in

Zara rain Dec 9

I also want to be able to grow a greyish beard and appear more good-looking than I ever was in my early 20s.

Watching Jim and Andy

With you I feel complete,
Like any awkward pieces
that I thought didn't fit
found all the right spaces.

Marie Dec 7

I want to lick
Your disappointment

Taste your bitter

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