Not easy not at all
I try to forget
You creep into my mind
How do you get in

I erase again
Locked tight
Move on

But dammit to hell
Here you come again
I swear god dammit
Stop quit
Go to hell

But do not stop here
Not welcome
Hello overbooked
© Jennifer Delong 6/17/18
You were born on a battle field.
Forged from years of hunger for more
From the dream of women who couldn't stay contained-
You have wildfire eyes.
100 years of insult and mockery as armour
Do not let them down.
Scream so loud
That it can be heard across the killing field-
Scream until you can hear it echoed back by your sisters.
Proud and ready
You could lead us into victory.

- they tell us we are weak
- We use their bones to clean out our teeth
Bryce 1d
Keep it simple, stupid
Water your squash
groom your shit

clean your hair
make your bed
go to work
rest when you're dead

the mountain's majesty is dis-communicated on the
chaotic explosion of 680
where soccer moms and angry dads
fed direct from the tide
explode inside their cars
nobody can hear them
'till five o clock with a beer in their hand

Kids at school
learning spectra
of color and light and soul and love
so zoomed out
must be


Cartoon T.V
hey kids! remember not to talk to strangers!
quacked out in the head
they'll duck you inside their candy van
and you'll never be seen again

instill fear of the other
wait, why do they hate us?
why are they afraid?
they're supposed to love everyone
(and gays)

God is dead
we're floating through space
a rock going nowhere,
there is no place

No up or down,
just live and be gay,
there's nothing too queer,
there's no need for fear

just pay your taxes
in time to the state

Now i'm supposed to use big words
and relate somehow
deeply to a concept
we can't understand
but I've tripped far enough
and seen my heels
to know
it doesn't matter how you feel
or what you say

people are gonna keep dreaming anyways.
Is someone really
you the (Malocchio)
eye goodbye
The doubt eye? hum
Such irony but the music
opera I see an eye for an eye
Of the symphony

Talk relax and Muncha
Prego colorful array
of food "Amazon Rainbow"
Bow -Italians Arrow- Americans
Ride the Gondola
Rome, Venice, and
Florence at night
The art and ancient architecture

Ferrari red cars heart confidence
Doubtful eyes met Mr cappuccino
Stevie any wonder piano
player superstitious
The evil eye how
did it ever become the
forever, Dr. Love

He lies potbelly stomach
He acts like he's above
All of us the Monarch
Those after effects
Or before I doubted him
He became my subject

Let's really be reasonable
And if anyone thinks
they don't have a problem

Just go bob bobbin along
Like Robin_*
How much
Different red's of tape
I am swinging with
reasonable doubt
Monkey sex banana ape
swings to Havana
Unbearable banana peel
shes reasonable with her
face Spa peels
More discounts
50% off the 1/2 lip martini 1/2 eye
apple of my eyeglass 
Wait for him 75% off
After Christmas nightmare
To top things off
He's not the discount person

To Elope an obsession
everything he
touched blinking eye $$$
I feel like the plaid pants
pajama party doubtful event
The scotch tape
He loves to drink Scotch
Like sleeping eye patch

Just be flexible U-R never reasonable
Colorblind with red hearts, belts,
roses, glasses
Her red-danger lips can
we actually escape
Then all the yellow tape like
surveillance comes and passes
You define whats important

What you dedicate your time too
Eating the best icecream cherries
Whip cream vanilla fudge

Serendipity New York City
A different occupation
being a Judge
With any reasonable doubt
Not to judge anyone moves out
He's in his fifties style suit
acts conventional and
whistling Dixie

Change of words, Bowie
You only hear what you
want to hear the ambulance
bloodshed stranger on the
stretcher,  you never know
what you got until its gone

Not a movie Scarlet went
like twin parrot's eyeing the event
The third spiritual eye
He's waiting with his attache case
What a six sense no sense
The guy on the stretcher
would die
Like the saying, you
never know
who your relatives are
You felt like the

Unreasonable time
dark place ouija board
The concentration camp
No-one is ever on-board
Keep it peaceful and sonic
But you felt the atomic
a bomb hit unexpectedly
Just relax with
Gin and Tom-ic with the
watching eye
Let's be flexible, not many people are these days will maybe my writing will fix that are you near any black cats oh! please don't worry I'm not superstitious but people are what they see their eyes tell stories to take it from me
Bryce 3d
Slumped into the late linen
sniff scent of stiff cigarette
burned into the chair
Hey, she used to be there
per fumigation
momentary into the chair

The ceiling is shifting like little snakes
whisky balm in a sweating glass
I haven't touched it, it's watering down
down into water and alco-seltzer
to ease my grumbling soul

Those snakes,
turning and writhing in the ceiling
where is she?
I smell her
forked tongue

You can't smoke inside anymore
not even in the old buildings already full
tar roof, tar boots, tar toys in the evening booth
french fries dipped in milkshake
sprinkled with salt and glucose

mmm good for the muscles
and the throat

she loved doing that kind of stuff,
weirdly enough.

sweat on my fingers
breathing heavy
studying the snakes with the bright eye
of a Darwinian belief

they will die,
I will die,
but not before we fulfill
our seething purpose

they lost their wings?
Is that why the Chinese
and the Greeks
and the Norse
and the Volks
and the Rabbinicals
claimed punishment was befit a creature
so little, yet so dangerous

(Monkey in the tree no snake will eat me)

to be swallowed whole and digested
born to die, fed to be born

slithering her sexy tail
into the mouth of heaven
for a second
then shuttled out the door

it is dark as onyx in the night
the stars shine like scales above
searching for the right snake
to emanate
and create
new life
for once
It's killing me
To try not to think of you

It's killing me
To undo things i used to do with you

It's killing me
To try not to miss you
Did i kill you too?
Tatiana 6d
It's 11:34 pm
and I'm drinking by myself again
because I'm 21 now
still living at my parent's house
and I don't know when I'll move out.
I'm in a permanent panic about my education
because I ended up hating what I was majoring in.
I still don't know what I want to do with my life
my heart is heavy with strife.
When I was little my dreams were plenty and full
of color but now they are always dull.
I can't imagine myself having a career
so now I'm stuck at home for a year
working part-time at a retail job
and doing my best not to sob
at every little upsetting thing
and I can no longer sing.
My throat has been hurting for far too long
is this really the end of my song?
Just feeling lost and wondering if I managed to damage my vocal chords
Shots fired
I’m wired
Not feeling
I’m tired
and mired
through mud
Not hired
it's dire
I'm a liar
Yes Sire!
the decider
new fryer
get higher

Buy more
shy more
Look away
die more
alive for?
Life’s whore
once poor
on tour
strive toward
hole bored
cut cord
get gored
massive horde
fall on sword

I sighed
been eyed
crashing waves
rising tides
try to run
can not hide
take away
splitting sides
using drugs
as my guide
I flied
got denied
covered eyes
never tried

state of fear
always weird
no peers
endless tiers
getting seared
without shears
blocking ears
won’t hear
King Lear
nothing's clear
or near
words smeared
wheels steered
changing gears
many years

Been spared
live scared
Death stared
no one cares
taste the hair
and share
partly rare
double dared
always wear
sitting in
electric chair
eyes glare
heart tears
as predicted
soul's bare
Written: June 7, 2018

All rights reserved.
Cat Lynn Jun 10
I believe these things of Wisdom to be true...
and more things of wisdom I wish I knew....

Some of us believe we are wise and safe enough to be foolish and to be a fool

Then some believe wisdom can be gained through the foolishness as a tool

Some of us believe we are wise enough with what we say and do when it comes to deep love

but in honesty... we are humans... who make many mistakes... and sometimes... are not wise enough...
I so wish I had more wisdom with things... sometimes I feel taken back I'm not sure if anything I say is wise or not... this poem isn't all that good, so it'll probably be deleted

We live in a fallen world, and it's so easy to believe we have great wisdom... but too easily.. we can fall
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