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Enzo 1h
I showed you love but you were color blind
All you could see were two colors:black and white;

Man and woman, woman and man
Thats what you see, love living only in binary

You're straight with the hate when two from the same gender procreate
You're pro-life but never did love life nor live a life of love

All you are is hate hiding behind your faith

I could diss you and spite but yknow I'm not like you
I swing my own way, why should you care if it ain't straight?
Not *** or bi or anything but I love my lgbtq+ friends
Izabella 22h
You don’t like to pick favorites
You dont like to narrow your interests down to one
That should have been my warning
I coundnt be your only love
Jenn 3d
I mashed and bashed myself
just to be a ****** up version of me
a version of me that wasn’t me at all
someone that still didn’t stop your wandering eye
Rose K 5d
need a napkin up in this joint,
my eyes are ******' waterin'. i didn't agree to this!
jail cells are smaller than i would have thought.
well, i ******' lived to tell my tale
and, by ***, i'd die to tell it, too.

turn that ******' piano music down, man.
no wait, that ****'s good. turn it up.
piano manages to hit that vein in me
not one that exists on the outside
doesn't even ******' pulse.
it's like a shot directly to my bloodstream
but one that exists in my soul.
man, you'd THINK it'd ******' hurt
but it's euphoric, dude, and i don't use that word lightly.
words are meant to be used
in a way i don't think they're used anymore.
all these swears, like, calm down!
****, ****, **** (well, ****'s ***** ****), etc.
and i'm over here, just followin' along
i may be dumb but i ain't ****** enough
to ignore the pushing current.

i wish i could yell so ******' loudly, man.
i don't get that opportunity enough, y'know?
just to shout...someone's gonna ******' call the police.
oh, and i guess they did, haha.
******* get served, i suppose.

where's my napkin, please?
a tissue would do, too.
just need something to wipe
away the ******' filter that spreads
over my eyes...like a foggy day.
you ever go out late or early
and see fog cover the place
like a ******' horror movie?
i love that ****. it's calming.

where did it go?
no, not you. obviously.
i meant.....the past.
it can't just disappear forever, right?
'cause that's ******' dumb.
it has to go SOMEWHERE.
when i lose my memories
(which i will, and so will you)
where will they go?
i don't want to lose
myself to time.
it's a battle i know i won't win
but i bother anyway.
create that ******' legacy, y'know?

why am i here?
that's a good ******' question, dude.
i committed the worst crime of all...

i ******' lost myself.
i put up pictures everywhere;
"have you seen this person?"
many people called me
but none were helpful
and it took ******' ages
before i realized what had happened.
and i'm ashamed to admit it, i mean,
it's a dastardly crime to have done.

see, i ******' murdered myself.
it was an accident, i swear!
and you could laugh, and say i'm right here,
but i'm not.
well, i mean, i am.
but it's not ME.
i thought i had lost myself
(which i did, i mean)
but i was ******' certain i could find me again.
what comes up must come down, right?

i realized too late what i did...

and now i'm gone forever.

keep yourself close,
and don't ******' look away,
not even for an instant.
if you lose yourself
you may never find
what was ever again.
time is ******' cruel,
and it will forever conquer.

now, can i please get that tissue?

this is not poetry

art has died

miss u ***. xoxo.
Dear Spencer.
I got your messages
You say that you want to talk
I am not interested
You say you miss me
I don’t.
We may have had some things in common
But don’t you remember
The names you called
Don’t you remember that you attacked my religion
Don’t you remember that
You threatened me
So you get nothing from me.
I love myself, my DNA and my faith
To put up with your hatred.
its hard to see
when the streetlights are out
its hard to breathe
when your not here

i found a long lost feeling
deep inside of my inner me
as i am sitting on the roof top
in the middle of the night
watching the lonely souls flying free

a beautiful night
full of stars and souls
trying to connect to each other
but thats never easy, you know that

i am thankful for you
You're nice,
Not just nice, but really caring,
Risky of me to say, but I'm daring,
Cause no boy,
Not just a boy,
No man wants to hear that he's nice.

You're giving,
Not just rarely, but always giving,
Even without thinking, just always willing,
To me,
Not just to me,
But everyone we know.

Your diplomatic,
Not just fair, but really clever,
Easily bringing people back together,
With reason,
Not just what you say,
But your whole attitude.

Your understanding,
Not just patient, but calming and gentle,
Even when everyones going a bit mental,
Not just everyone,
But mainly me.

I'm selfish,
Spoilt and moody and causing trouble,
Been living in my own little bubble,
For long,
Not just long,
But forever before I met you.

But you're nice
So perfect, it makes me look at me,
And re-evaluate the way I want to be,
Not just better,
But more like you.
I saved this at some point like five years ago but didn't write down who wrote it, still love it though
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