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Jonathan Moya Jan 26
The not not bird
listens to its not not song
in the not not tree
near my not not door.

And in its song it hears
something not not grand
compared to all the other
not not birds
in all the other not not lands.

The not not bird
doesn’t know
all the not not things
it’s suppose not to know.

It sees not the not not leaves
written in this poetry.
Smells not the not not flowers
swaying not in the not not breeze.
Hears not the buzzing of not not wings
of all the yellow not not bees
supping on all this wondrous not not majesty.

For this not not door of mine
is neither not not open
nor not not close.
For that is not the not not providence
of this not not poem to define.

I choose wether or not
all this not not nonsense
shall be or not not be
in some future not not prosody.

For those who beg to decline
I privy thee to write
your own **** not not rhyme!
Theanm Ankh Jan 5
She lives in a world
Where the rich stay rich,
Get richer.
The poor stay poor,
Get shot.

She is in the middle,
Knocking door to door.
Take me in, take me home
Make me your home.
Get lost.

She wants to ink her life out, in dramatics.
Wants it made on screen,
Because no one reads ink, anymore.
An impossible dream.
For without ink reading, there will be no screen.

In the middle
No one knows
Who they are
No one knows
Who you are.
Now get lost.
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Traveler Nov 2020
Religious literals
Run our empire

With beliefs such as
The -ites must
Be purged from
God’s lands
In order to clear the way
For His return
Yes of course

That’s what the book says

Stone the gays
Burn the witches
Wedding night ***** check
Unbelievers are already dead
Oh and
Love thy neighbours

I’m sure there’s something in there
Worth saving!
Traveler Tim

Grew up in Christianity, studied religions for 5 years before I stop taking them literal...
I pray our leaders catch up!
Wish in one hand **** in the other
Blake Nov 2020
What a strange age

Expected to grow up
Expected to change

But there is a problem
With what they request,
I’m not quite done growing
And I’m still quite a mess

They tell me I’m ready
That I have to move on

Won’t somebody tell me
Where my childhood’s gone?

What are these taxes?
Why must I move out?
If I haven’t the money,
Shall I sleep on the ground?

Nobody told me
How to accept
The loss of my childhood
As a normal event

It may not have been nice
And it may not have been good
And I might have been through stuff
That no child should

But I am not ready
To give it all up
To trade for my hours,
Everyday at a job

I don’t know how to fight it
I’m not sure I can

But at least I am finding
The person I am

At 18 I’m growing
And I’ll keep in my hand
That of another me,
The one of my Past
I am just a person who originated from a clump of cells that developed from an egg. Why am I forced to follow the rules of the people around me, what if I just wanted to be a ******* bird?
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
i am not teacher
you are not ignorant mind
you create meaning
Spicy Digits Nov 2020
I don't want to write for you,

But for me.

I don't want to dance for them,

I'm nobody.

Always afraid of mediocrity,

so cocky in my 20's.

Now here I am on the couch,

grade B Socrates.

I don't want to impress them.

I just want to stay

In my house, amidst my sheets,

reading Hemingway.
#life #reflection #introvert #authenticity #innerworld #reading
Beckie Davies Oct 2020
I wonder where you go
When you are gone
Where do you go?
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Clouds on the bedroom floor.

It isn't anything.
Maybe it's everything.
Seeing it all.
The waves.
While you're still here.
Feel like ****.
Written cloth.
Sidewalk in Perth.
for every reason.

Garrett Johnson.
Anxious like Rue
CupcakesArePink Oct 2020
glad to know you are yourself again
im not.
glad to know you have a shoulder to cry on
i dont.
good to know someone is there to check up on you.
no one does that for me
all of you have all that

because you have me

i dont.
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
In smiles
World is won
You love
It's not enough
Appear to love
It's the crux
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