I want you to understand how I feel
I want you to understand why I am the way I am
I want you to realize what you've done to me,
that when I see your face and hear your name, I lose myself completely...

JAC 17h

We lend so much life
To so many things
That have no need of it
And we take all we can
From those that so desperately crave it.



In absence of her thrashing hair
this surge sown on virgins lips
Leaving nothing but it's speech
that quivers full from a mouthed smile.
Where in her breast ganders dance
that says I've known her face before
In her inch worn lips a calmed storm
that says I've touched her cheek.
Her eyes fill me with breath white gasps
upon this twilight edge of innocence
she picks me up from unforgiving presence.

Within her heart shaped hands
laziness to touch herself brings no joy
a feast of viral proportions
flames shoot from her face
silver slivers of smoke engulf
her mind tells me, shut the fuck up!
her body tells me, shut the fuck up!
her voice tells me to shut the fuck up!
In here I feel her
In here I touch her
In here I thrust my fingers, my hand deep inside.
In here I feast myself upon her, I devour her deepness.
I am electronic

R is now a boy yet I still fantasise about her.

How does one get the medias attention?
You dont just do the ordinary.
One would go for the extremes.
All in all to make a statement?
To show how powerful one is?

Some create a new toy
Others release a blockbuster movie
Countries might hold elections
And a man will run naked in the streets.
Or maybe...you think bigger.

Destroy a historical landmark,
Run people over with a truck,
Shoot civilians,
Behead people online;
Blow yourself up.

And you managed toget our attention.
You've divided people.
You've also created alliances.
Inflicted hate, rage, anxiety, fear.
You've made your statement

But, after we get used to
The shock, the fear, the terror.
What will you do then?

I wear her rose petal eau de parfum
So that you turn your head when I walk by
Just enough to trigger that brain of yours
Into a dirty thought when I catch your eye,
Trick your senses to believe I'm her
Spark a desire to grasp me tight
I just want my lips all over you
Not for forever, just for one night.

Vlassis 2d

What are you scared of?
The plenty?
or the scarcity?
Who needs another lover?
We want to feel but we afraid the scars.
Make me laugh, make me cry,
make me live beyond my blank page.
I don't want a life of full
I want a life full of you.
I love dead ends when it comes to you
there's nowhere else I wanna go.

Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Chan S 2d

To wake up on a ship, while everyone else is still asleep...
To walk amongst the few who are not the blind led sheep...   

This energy is swirling
This InnerQi is twirling
Ready to come out and play
Listen to what we gotta say

We gotta say
We gotta say

How we feel
What we truly truly feel
Not what we feel is acceptance
This is our biggest ordeal

Be the love that you wanna see in the world
We are a mirror and what we see is who we are
Those scars

Scars so deep
So deep
So deep

The oceans -are dying
The bees keep flying
Prisoners to our cell towers

Cause and Effect
Supply and Demand
Most of you don't realize, they go hand in hand

These silly useless cycles led by "The Man"
But "the man" is not a man, the man is just some boys...hiding away behind their toys.

As they usually do
And the mass has no clue
Of their bigger plan.

The plan to extinguish the fire
To 'extinct'guish our desire
To want to live, to want to be, to want to love, to wanna be- Free-

Get outta this process
It's time for some progress,
Not riots or marching, for not
We're more powerful as one
Rising with our sun
To cast light
On the shadows

The shadows that tell us how not to live,
How not to eat,
How not love,
How not to be sweet.

But We are all of these things, he has taken from us
we went from loving nature, to “In God We Trust"
No one,
For anything...

Wake Up!!

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

The most difficult thing about knowing more
About realizing that someone else is capable of more
Is that you may come to expect, and desire more
Which becomes more apparent when only one mind adores
Be it less or be it more
The other

A little random blurb for the eyes and back of the mind

Morning summer sun,
Shining on a cold, empty bed,
A lonely day comes again.

Every day is the same,
Missing waking up in your arms.

A cold light shining on my Soul,
It seems happiness only comes when falling asleep,

Traveling to our past,
And dreaming of happy sunny summer days,
Both of us sleeping together in our warm, loving bed.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Kei [Lovelyz] - Star and Sun ) FMV (Ruler: Master of The Mask OST Part 4)[Eng sub+Han+Rom]

Is she the only who felt jealousy on desire?
the girl who always gazed on the boy she admire.
that perfect moment when she hides behind the spire
everytime a girl appear, her world transpire.

but the funny thing is, the boy asked her
“Why are you looking at me all the time loser?”
the girl’s face distorted with rage and anger
but unexpected occurrence happened so faster,
the boy became a prisoner
the girl became a lawyer
the girl fights back with that simple answer.
you really can’t predict what happened after
the boy sits down without power,
he gave up everything and no one’s seems to help him better.

so who’s the person who felt desolate now?
the boy who became a bully?
or the girl who changed his personality?

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