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Emily R 2h
I don't want to make a generalization.
But they've all left me with this realization.
Living through ***** desires.
Thinking the female mind is insufficient.
I'm more than capable to think with my mind and put my feelings aside.
I see past the sweet lies and fake efforts.
I'm tired of these ain't **** type of guys.
The ones that think saying
"I'm not like these other dudes",
will actually make me believe it.
I'm not left broken-hearted,
but this is messing with me mentally.
Leaving me to think that my worth is inordinate.
Emily R 3h
I'm scared to say I love you.
Would you say it back?
Would you mean it?
This thought in the back of my mind,
that you might not be feeling the same way.
With time I find myself falling deeper.
You talk about a future and I hope you mean it.
I see you acting different.
Your feelings are more transparent.
Your affection is stronger than before.
We've been through it.
You did me wrong and I did you ***** too.
This time it'll be different.
Just you and me.
Nobody knows what we're building.
But when we decide to show it,
our bond will something that they desire.
No me aconstumbro, ah desperta sin ti
Quizas el olvido llegó alos lazos del amor,
No me aconstumbro a vivir sin amor ,
En estas noches tan fria, como el invierno, ..
No me acostumbro a vivir entre la odscuridad sin los lamentós al ser penetrenada en esta imensa... odscurida, donde te colmó de besos y gemidos ,levantando el alba entre mis ganas te pintó mi alma como tatuajes en tu ser,
No me aconstumbro a dejar de saborear, tu eròstimo entre mis labios , suncumbe los sentidos , al desperta con mis besos las partes erógenas y los rincónes de tu cuerpo.. quien esparce mi lengua su deleite , humedad entre mis labios, que acaricia saciandote, en cada exclamò de placer, ...
no me aconstumbro...
Ah vivir sin amor, en esta noches, que despierta mi ansieda de ser mujer...
entre mis labios jugosos y humedos suncunbem
que hoy entrego en tus labios, que juegas con mis ganas no me acostumbro entre mis gemidos gritando en el silencio de mi cuerpo, quien difruta de tu erótismo , grande y gruesp penetrandome , con el vaiven de tu cuerpo. Metiendo, y sacando mis ganas de mi cuerpo ,que sube en ti donde mi húmeda difruta su baile de erotico, jugando con tus dedos en mi cavida sale un gemido de placer, que grito al cielo , implorando no terminar , no me aconstumbro a vivir sin ti
Master, master, master of Fire,
Bring me luck, bring me freshness
Bring me strength .
Bring me freshness
Bring me strength
Bring me desire...
The wheel to fire!

You left me here
You walked away
You betrayed me
You ****** me away!...

Master, master, master of None,
A ghost from the past...
Ghost, ghost ghost... Ha, ha, ha...
My life is your desire!

Your desire is Fire.
Mine is Water!

I came here to bring
some warm sand,
cold tea, cigarettes,
bad coffee but,
my Dear Enemy?! ...
" What' s your Desire?"

You left me here,
You walked away!
You betrayed me, thee ...


My Dearest Enemy,
Have you no more legs to walk,
Hands to "TALK"?


You're a ghost...


If this is a SUPREME WORLD
then why CANNOT I find REASON
on this COLD SEASON.

Awake me !
Shake me!
Stimulate me
don't hate me!

I cannot LEAVE
this LIFE anymore


If you jump,
I jump!
If you become bird,
I'll learn to fly too!

And if you die...
I'll become a GHOST!

Not Forgotten,
Au revoir
Buon viaggio!

With love
Irena Adler
Wheel/ will
Leave/ Live
I've been thinking for a while
And now I guess I know,

I want to be your smile,
I want to be your smile so bright.
I want to be your smile like the flowers in the day.
I want to be your smile that's all I pray.
I want to be your smile that you keep up always.
I want to be your smile that's all my heart says.
I want to be your smile like the tulips white.
I want to be your smile like the crescent moon at midnight.
I want to be your smile divine, like the gods above.
I want to be your smile like your tender words of love.
I want to you be your smile with every rhyme.
I want to be your smile, every time
You smile.
See me
as a conquest
an obsession,
your possession.
Collect me

Whisk me
away with fanciful vagaries
be abounding to
lift me to new worlds.
Excite me

Call me
late at night
when you are alone,
beguile me with passion.
Want me

take me
Obligor: One who bonds, a person who issues a bond to another.
Tell me how you wish your life to be,
and I shall do the same.

Together we'll let go of life's turmoil,
   embracing a journey of joy; not pain.
I whisper your name upon the lips of another,
my mantra of a fleeting desire.
What I wish to say will never be heard,
a perfect punishment for a liar.
laur 5d
you’ve got to get ahold of yourself,
get your feelings straight-
but i just can’t!
it’s so hard to wear my feelings so confidently
when i know he doesn’t love me,
when i know he’s best off without me,
when i know he wishes he had never met me
and it quite hurts
but the time he does spend with me,
it feels as if he cherishes me,
as if i am precious to him,
as if he really wants to be with me,
as if he really may love me-
it is too confusing to understand.
i know i love him
but sometimes i wish i didn’t
because i know he’s happiest without me
but with him,
i am happiest
and i wish he weren’t my source of happiness
because it feels i am too dependent on him.
there are days i manage not speaking to him,
not because i don’t want to
but because i feel he doesn’t want to
and even if i do want to speak with him,
his needs come first.
i wish i could tell him,
tell him i want him to be mine,
that no one can go around loving him
but he cannot be mine-
i just want to love him
and him feel the same
but that is asking for too much,
it will always be him before i.
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