Kat 4h
Lying half naked in bed
thinking about all the lovers I haven't had
and sometimes it makes me mad
that they probably aren't even sad
cause there's always someone else they could have met

Filling myself up with solitary sensuality
I keep asking how much of this can be reality
when we were never one but lovers in singularity
and only in late-night-born words there was sexuality
merely a disturbance of tranquility

And as I lay there in the warmth of my solitude
Hot waters find an opening in unfulfilled gratitude
they leave my eyes, then run down my spine in some strange interlude
and I'm getting scared of an emtpy platitude
of feeling like a virgin prostitute

Because my spine is not endless
and neither is the beating of a heart kept loveless
I'm tired of phrases, of having to confess
to love that seems only to know how to obsess
that tries hard to be profound but then is still just heartless

I try to see some good in the fact
that my spine is therefor still somewhat intact
and beyond this tiring and ongoing act
I calm myself, 'There's still time to find', I'm committing to the pact
And sometimes I feel like my heart is bursting from all the lives I’ve lived for others, I’d abandon the comfort of the familiar and the approval of herds
for the enchantment of new faces, new songs and the mystery of new roads, escape from the tyranny of morality and sanctity, and lose myself to the beat of the soul and the pulse of desire. I want mornings that don’t remember yesterdays and a present that exists for itself, days that don’t hope for the future because the moment is so full of my mother and all the love she has for me, all the wrong that’s born out of splendor and a God that has no expectations but to see us surrender to the wildness of our spirits and the softness of our being.
A mouth full of words that ever since you have been left unspoken.
Now I’d give anything to have this silence broken.
I never meant to take you for granted and the proof is in every poem I’ve written,
but when I see your picture those old wounds reopen.

I curse the past, so goodbye!
I’m going backwards, I don’t understand why.
I look back, but all I see is wasted time.
How can one yearn for something so bad and not have it in their life?
I had one thing with you, something I treasured with my life.
Now I have sh*t and that’s how I feel like.

This bed could be warm with my arms holding you close,
but my world stopped turning long ago and yours continued its course.
Written on June 14, 2003
Composition number: 156
Jas 1d
7am - Sun sits up in bed
Her fiery tresses stretch beyond my vision
And she yawns across the globe
Giving all else a lead to follow in her glowing shadow
The most delicate, wavy lock
Sways and dances like a pianist
She strikes the keys of my heart strings until my fingertips
Creep to the warm surface of the window
Where I can feel her so near to me -
But I'm restricted
Prevented from this lust
Oh it's not new to me
My skin prickles in sweat as my desire to touch overcomes me

But he's right there.
Walking the length of my thigh
Where his fingers curl inward beneath the bend of my knee
His gentle squeeze unlocks the feeling
Of what I imagine touching Sun would be
An exchange of heat between two bodies
When they meet
A mastery of intimacy swimming in my veins
Coursing through me and suddenly
I'm engulfed with his scent -
A simmering brew of chestnut and vanilla
With a twinge of sour
The taste of fresh bitterness and ground beans
His caffeine is the river I float in for about a 3 hour drive
As Sun gazes from behind this window that we share -
She rises silently and strides away in jealousy
While the stinging heat of her lust
Beats away at the window
Desperately trying to touch me.
I've never been so mad as I was that night. Never had so much anger in my body as I did that night.
I can see this coming to a close,
I see myself slowly letting go.

But I have to explain to you first.
Before I go, I must tell you
All the things about you that I'm going to miss, that I'll wish I hadn't let go of you for. But I have to.

The passion. That first night, it was electric, it was glorious and it was exciting. I've never felt so alive, so wanted, and I've never wanted someone so much. It was everything I've ever imagined, and everything I never did. As we continued I grew comfortable in your embrace, grew to long for your touch and desire your kiss. I was falling, though I denied every accusation of it. My heart would jump as you reached for me, my heart would stop when you let go. And when we both tried that one time, we thought we could make it through. But the month that we spent apart only infused me with more desire, more want and more love. He held me, but never the way you did, I thought his arms were where I longed to be, but everytime he held me I simply imagined yours arms around me. And then we broke. We wore ourselves down and gave in. The look in your eyes said it all, said you too did fall. As your arms reached for me once more, I surrendered and became yours. Time went on and I realized all I had missed; your scent which comforted me to no end, your bed the only one besides mine I could ever fall asleep in, the look in your eyes which desired me blindly, and the tv that made no sound unless Dawson's creek was playing. And the nights after my surrender started to truly end, the emotions had entangled us and forced our hand. You told me this was the last time we could ever be together again, that you couldn't bear to watch me hurt as you continued to deny me your love. You fell asleep and I stared at you, and for the first time ever I let myself admit it.
I love you.
But morning came, and your embrace weakened. For days I couldn't find my soul. But as I began to see why you continued to talk to me, I saw how much you cared. I saw how badly you tried to fight that you weren't in love with me when we both knew you were.
But now... It must really end.
I'm going to miss the full feeling my heart gets when I'm around you, when I'm in your arms, and I'm going to have to become comfortable with the emptiness it has reserved.
But somebody will fill it again.
Though I do not want it to be anyone but you.
Pyrrha 2d
I want
To fall in love with someones smile
To swoon under their gaze
To become dizzy with their touch

I want
To crave someone like an addiction
To nestle up to their warmth
To get an adrenaline rush from their scent

I want
To hold them and never let go
To tell them how much I love them everyday
To keep discovering them like an adventure

I want
To give them my heart
To love them for all that they are
To keep them from the tainted world

I want
But what can I do with these contaminated hands?
How dare I try to hold them close with these hands of mine flowing thick with lies?
To tell them sweet nothings with my corrupted tongue?

My love
is like a wildfire
Sudden, quick, and innocent
Without my permission my little spark turned into a flame
And consumed everything that contained a letter in your name

My love
Is like a wildfire
Untamed, ephemeral, and dangerous
It destroys all it touches,
Breaking barriers, burning bridges
It envelopes everyone in its warmth leaving no option but to run or turn to ash

Beware of my wildfire love
Because once you burn you cannot leave unscathed
I leave a scar

Beware of my wildfire, love
Because I'll burn enough for us both
I'll keep you warm on cold nights and dry on rainy days
I will set your heart ablaze and love you with all the force of my wildefire

Beware of my love,
It can't be forgotten nor replaced
This is the first time posting a poem on here as I am a new member, I hope whoever stumbles upon my work enjoys and relates!
Kat 2d
It's a wide sun
who's light travels
from my silly head
to my stubborn heart

And back again
and back again
it goes in burning circles
and yet never fails to shine

If you look closely
you might be lucky
and catch a glimpse
of my fiery desire to be

Since I have little
but I have as much
as the sun gives in warmth
and I'd as such
give it gladly and settle
to heat up your cold arms
Kelsey 3d
I never knew the best way to initiate sex (or this poem for that matter)
I'm either completely submissive or surprisingly dominant
There's not much in between

I first kiss you slowly
Like an old fashioned movie
Spreading your lips
With my lips
Enter the realm of unknowing

When my tongue embraces yours
My heart beating, uncontrollably
The warmth of you breath
The dampness of your mouth
Positively suffocating

Without another thought
Our clothes begin to come off
Your hands hidden within my hair
We are as we were born
Selfish and bare

Lead me into the darkness
Where the only sense that matters
Is touch
Shield my broken body
Speak unspoken love

Bracing myself
I hold my breath
As I pull your body
To my chest

Like a well known dance
Your hips move like fire
I melt loudly between the sheets
I am vulnerable
To your desire

Lay rested on your back
For I am protector of the nest
I can hear you breathing
As sweat trickles down my breast

The time has arrived
I close my tired eyes
Because its darker
And more familiar
As I arch back to grip your thighs

My whole body is shaking
Yours is too
And when it's over
Your breath is softer
My mind is now anew

And when all is done
And we've restored our sight
My closed lips
Kiss your closed lips
And we both respond "goodnight"
Soft lips brushing my face
Stepping through to a place
An innocent kiss goodbye
Unlocks in my mind's eye
The key to a fantasy door
Where friends become more...
Ahh...the sweet promise of something more that may lay behind the innocent brush of lips...
Michele 6d
I'm blunt and outspoken,
But easily heartbroken.
So truthfully, it’s best to lie.
Or perhaps I  should say, “hide.”
It’s best to hide hesitance than to let it reside
In every day conversational tides—
Pushing and pulling erratically, yet expectedly
Like my tug-of-war thoughts
The ones that route me to rot
Like my wrought iron that rusts
Until the build up coerces me to combust
At the worst possible times.  
It’s best to delude that I’m fine,
Or should I allude it’s easier to whine
Online to anonymous shrines
Like this one?
It’s easier to remind myself
What’s “for the best.” “Each obstacle is a test.”
What I should do. What I shouldn’t.
What I’d give and what you wouldn’t, couldn’t and that I needn’t care.
“It’s best now to carry on,”
To claim I don’t want what I want and
That what I do want is wrong.

Is it wrong to pursue our desires?
Wasn't a forward girl required?
Or are we simply left reticent liars?
It's always the stagnancy of which I tire.
Infinite invalidation of myself leads to these cycles.  More cryptic gibberish, but at least I feel better after writing. Word choice.
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