Hari DR 6h

Lover over lover, countless kisses on cheeks,
One night stands, filled with ecstasy and bliss,
Yielding “I love yous”, like peppermint sprays,
Amorous love making, fulfilling lustful days,
Linking souls, like butterflies and wildfires,
Tainting and consuming, truly galling desires,
Yearning for warmth, in this love that expires.

It all comes down to one thing. Drowning in a cesspool of actions of "love" and "appreciation". Ignored by many, desired by all.
danny 14h

Taste remains on lips,
Sweet scent on fingers,
Vivid memories scorched,
Internal desire still lingers.

Hair air blown and tossed,
Cheek lovingly stroked,
Burning pure passion
Vibrant embers now stoked.

Calmness ultimately present
Company offically confirmed
Heart currently divided
Life lesson learnt.

My definitions
Of right and wrong
Is made by your idea
of where we belong
I'm hurt
I'm sad
I'm somewhere inbetween
But from all of this
I understand what you mean
I'll remember the good times
I'll miss the simple ones
Moving on
Won't be a good time
I miss your smile
And your voice at night
And after this
My heart is shadowed in fright
I don't want to feel
This drop in my gut
But one day I'll heal
And I thank you for that
Your amazing
And caring
One day you'll find the girl
Who shows you this feeling
This feeling of happiness
This feeling of daring
I'll check everyday
For the blue buttons to say
That I can tell you
All the rest of my days
I would be your friend
In a distant of meanings
To know how your doing
And know how your feeling
I'll give you your distance
I'll give you your time
I wish you the best
In all of life's battles
Show me your happiness
Show me your glow
Even if that's
With someone I don't know.

This poem is about the man who showed me I deserve love. I hope someone shows him the same thing even if that's not me.

Preoccupation with making something permanent
A feeling of expectation
incorporation of a certain situation
or habitation into life, for good
It makes me freak out.
for a certain thing to happen
fear of that something actually happening
Or that it's something that might be permanent.
the attempt to find certainty
the desire to control things.
Control you, controlling me
I'm afraid you'll find my black
It will come back again.
It's like an arc weld done incorrectly
Eventually it will start to bleed
And fall apart.
But I dreamt about welding and you welding me
into something permanent
something desirable
something non-penetrable.
You had me molded against the truck and...
I don't know who you are, but you put your fire in me
So deeply it burns.
A fire that firefighters can't dissolve
Doctors can't resolve.
You're in me,
and I love you.

I had a dream, or was it reality.

I know I've never looked like a sinner,
I've always been the angel of your nightmare
but,baby,let me be the director and the star in your wet dreams.
I'm the Beatrix that held your hand through your hell,
though it hurt like hell,
I'm waiting for you to reach for Paradise.
I'm the spark in your imagination,
the touch of red in the middle of your blue,
killer and victim of an endless platonic desire
that has never felt so real.

Meg B 3d

An insatiable hunger
that rips at my insides;
the more I get, the more
still I'm left wanting.

Mostly served in snacks,
rarely a full meal,
but I want you in five courses
with a glass of wine to pair.

I crave your
lips and fingers on my neck;
salivating at the sound of your voice.

I am famished for every inch of your body, starved for the  intricacies of your mind, ravenous for the layers of your soul.

I yearn for another taste of you,
each moment somehow more delicious than the last.

I watched you fade away,
At a quicker pace
Than the bruises you left, on my body.

C531 Sep 10

I'm always going to love you.
But you stopped loving me.
You stopped trying.
You replaced me.
It eats me alive.
Five years means nothing, just to me.
You were my world.
My everything.
How do you not miss me?
How can you not care?
How can you look upon me and just stare.
Love still lives here, and it always has.

Do you remember our first kiss?
In the pouring rain?
Do you remember the electricity that seeped through our veins?

Tell me I'm not crazy and alone in all this?
I have to know, even if its through one last kiss.

You'll always be in my heart.
tc 6d

i am grateful for solitude
i am grateful for every person who says thank you when i'm driving and i let them pass
i am grateful for every opportunity i have been given in my life, although i may not have taken advantage of them;
i am on my own path
i am here to create my own route
and i am not in a hurry
time is fleeting but i have paused all the clocks on the supermarket shelves
i do not rush
i can taste moments
i inhale them like the smell of fresh bed sheets
i am grateful for my body
it is articulate, it is flawless by design; it is bespoke
i learned to love myself when i stopped expecting other people to love me,
and i am grateful for all those who didn't
because now, i am grateful for me
and i travel like a lone wolf so freely under moonlight
my howl is there to invite you,
to show you that you, too, are worthy of loving you

you are worthy and you are enough

Love me as bad as you want to breath
When I am weak I pray you keep me strong
Correct me when I am wrong
Real love is not perfect
It is broken pieces of glass molded together to make a vessel full of promises and wishes
My greatest wish is for you to never stop breathing on our love

As long as you want to breath
I know you will always love me

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