Why must we refuse what is divine
in each other?  
Why must we nail our lips shut
using our own teeth as though they were wooden pegs?

Instead, let us take each other in our mouths as though we were blind.  Savor and feel you in me and I…in you.   Taste and see.

Celebrate the salt of our labor, of my tears, of your love—
Recognize how silky desire is--
Know how thick loneliness is.  

Bring my hands to you and with your tongue trace their roughness, study the old wounds: read chapters of  my story.

Press the diamond of flesh at my hip to your lips and remember that once your own  hand rested there as I dreamed.   Feel how sharp that bone can be.

Now, let me chew on your despair. Wear it thin, spit out.

Let me navigate with this same mouth those parts of your body that you command to feel  when your heart can not.

We can be good and not be hungry.

We can swallow each other tonight, fall asleep full and satisfied like favored guests at a banquet, then sit down at the table again, tomorrow.

By:  Evelyn Augusto

I focus on a destined space -
I see you there -
You shine with that smile on your face
True love - I swear

Whenever I feel low or lost -
I reach for you -
Two people who become star-crossed
The girl I knew -

The longing and sexual desire -
Inflames my soul -
Being with you - takes my life higher -
A divine role -

I have known you from lives gone past -
We are reborn -
Perhaps we will get it right at last -
As we have sworn -

Far beyond the midnight sky of night -
We sing -
Flying into early morning light -
On wing -

Emma 1d

I left my insecurities there for you
Bare and unfiltered
Yet you seem unmoved
Days and months go by
I was left to the nagging sensation of my mind
Maybe you didn't reply because I was too young
And made you have desires which frightened you
Maybe you thought I couldn't handle your darkness
Yet I will never let you know who you are because I have many suitors
And you don't get the satisfaction of knowing you actually mattered to me

JBH 1d

I don't wanna know your outside
Your mortal flesh

I want a intimacy greater than that

I want a love so strong it can withstand time it self

I want  not to know your outside

I want to know your mind

I want to get a glimps into your soul
Into the rawness of your very being

I want to know who hurt you
I want to know who you love

I want to know you on a deeper level

Deeper than you know your self

That's the type of intimacy I want
Thats the love I desire .

Every day, I dream
Of copulation with you
You don't notice the feelings that make me move
Simply for you
Despite the sheer infidelity and lack of loyalty
I'll pay my royalties
By only desiring you and you only
You can get my fires started without trying too hard
If only you knew the disruption you create within me
Would you finally see the greatness
Within you.

Calloused hands and fingertips,
Peruse a body lost in darkness,
Covered in sweat and pheromones,
Time's become a victim in our lust laced labyrinth.

The only sounds heard are the shivered panting of longing breaths
And the rustling of crumpled sheets like leaves in Fall.

This has become our most blessed sanctuary.
Now preach to me and make me say--


Vulpes 2d

The moment I saw your face I knew
Nothing could ever satisfy my lust for you
And fate shall be my guardian angel to never leave your side
I knew that every part of me would crave your skin to touch just mine
And every inner part of me jealous of those very parts

I want to lick, to taste your skin
Want everything between my lips
I want to feel all of your skin
With more than just my fingertips

And I know that inside of you will never even please desires
I built up over all this time
And I know that each part of you on me will never meet my greed
To have it all just for myself

I want to cut your skin apart and find a shelter in your hull
I want to be close to your soul
And not just things that carry flesh

I want to have you in my blood
To flow within in my cramping veins
I need to have you in my blood
And feel you pump inside my heart

I need you to be one with me
Not sex, not bride, but one dead hull
That shelters both our souls within

That's all I'll ever ask of you
To stay with me forevermore.

Tell me everything will be ok.
Keep me warm with your heat when I can’t help but shiver.
Love me at a time when I can’t love myself.

Breathe through my lungs, when they can’t take the pressure anymore.
Think my thoughts, and make them lighter.

Laugh for me when all I can do is cry.
Sing for me when my voice is silent.

Tell me everything will be ok.
And while the world is burning, hold me.

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