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I got so lost in the alluring depths of his soul, i forgot not to fall in love...
by Michael R. Burch

We stare out at the cold gray sea,
with such sudden and intense longing . . .

our eyes meet,
and we are not of this earth,
this strange, inert mass.

Before we crept
out of the shoals of the inchoate sea,
before we grew
the quaint appendages
and orifices of love . . .

before our jellylike nuclei,
struggling to be hearts,
at the sight of that first bright, oracular sun,
then watched it plummet,
the birth and death of our illumination . . .

before we wept . . .
before we knew . . .
before our unformed hearts grew numb,
once again,
in the depths of the sea’s indecipherable darkness . . .

When we were only
a swirling profusion of recombinant things
wafting loose silt from the sea’s soft floor,
writhing and ******* in convulsive beds
of mucousy foliage,

flowering . . .

what jolted us to life?

Keywords/Tags: life, evolution, love, desire, longing, passion, lust, ***, appendages, orifices
Eva B 1d
how am I to proclaim my desire for her when my shadow says I am too much too fast I unravel I hesitate I hide I dream her body showers mine
in a world that's hellbent on division
you might just be my flavour of strange;
and if love is a war,
you can have my allegiance.
if we we burn, we burn bright;
if we die, then we die
holding hands at the edge.
like two planets on course for collision,
we trade endless stagnation for change;
and whatever the cost,
we're not bound by the limits.
if we live, we live now;
if we die, then we die
holding hands at the edge.
Eva B 4d
What is it about attraction to other bodies and souls?

What kind of madness is this game of want and no?
I see you you've come back to see me
You all in black trouser suit
With a bit if lipstick not needed

You're slim and medium height with tied back hair
We get on well you tell me how you feel

I say I've done a poem for you
I fumble in my book to find it
So many messy pieces here

Where is it?

I was just working on the bit where we need ***
Yet me being tired got in the way
You tell me things and do so now
That you are ***** and want me

I know your long workday will vanish
What we should do now is ***** hard like strangers
For we still are arnt we?

Me the mess, the messy writer, you the normal gal
I see you before me as I did the last 3 Saturdays
We will go now to be together
I am grateful you are here

Please know that and I do love you

I who can't even organize my poem book
I need a new journal I'll steal one from work
Come my dear you look lovely in my dream
Whisper me your name dream lady

I love you please don't vanish

I know you're real in my dream and head
But different here in my words
For I forget things but not how I feel
I'm sorry you've been hurt before

I like it when you smile...
by Nick Armbrister
When your strung hair drops,
In any chamber, all is opened,
All is lithe, flowerfield of mirror
To the gathered stars unto fire,
Below as above is a universe,
Your eyes asking in surrender,
Were never so fair as your face,
My soul drowning in those blue
Orbs, what oceans of sparkle, so
Like jewels in a thousand temple
Reliefs of gold and safire offered
By flesh and thunder, waits to roll,
To wash and crackle firmaments,
Of earthly desires and obsession,
In your temples above and below.
Today,  time can stop;
the talk and the clock.
Some place still where I have to be.
A sunburnt plenum,
O' darkened room.
The vision is clear to see.

Known, bore unknown,
Once again known,
Echos evoke and distill.
Amid precious joy-
Time chased as a boy
Life's within me at will.

To haul at lifeline,
A lot closer to this,
Makes the valves of my heart start to weep.
Shadows of love,
Arise to remiss,
Cast within combers at Sea.

Maroon silhouette set
soft against red,
Whilst falling fevers invade.
The brighter they burn,
The closer I get,
Never will, these flames ever fade.

Nor hard to find,
the span of my spine,
The scarring of spirit is harsh.
High pleasure and pain,
Coerce through my veins.
All for what penetrates a heart.

Twice-over sublime,
Salvation does chime,
The colour, the warmth and the Love
Before the rewind,
blinks back in my mind.
Today, and for all I dream of.
The collections of memories throughout Life and it's value.
I have spent my time,
crawling through its dirt;
creeping in gutters;
a tough skin beneath
sequins of colours.

You all know me;
close to the ground;
so rarely seen;
since time began;

Under rocks,
Or shuffling
busy feet;

the sky.


through sand.

Shedding skin;
Staying the
same within.

On grounds when stirred;
Venonous strike!
One last squeezed wish.
Cold blood delight.

unclean, yet I feel
all - everything but
how I wish for the
Soul of the Eagle.
Different Souls, Different Goals.
Thomas Goss May 21
a sculpture of melting ice
evokes the elegance
of your face

you rise from my inner canvas
like ancient architecture

a flurry of tender brush-strokes
summons the beckoning lines
of your supple body

luxuriant fields of wildflowers
suddenly surround the walls
of my castle of thought

as the trembling landscape
of the present crumbles

nostalgic rivulets of silver and jade
transport me to an island universe:

here all that remains
of the space-time continuum

is the sweet coo of your voice
and the cool crisp glow

of midnight snow
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