The cold rustling autumn wind brushes past the leaves,
Like how your cinnamon smelling breathe falls upon my cheeks.
And softly kisses the sodden frond,
Just how your lips twist with mine,
Passionately clutching your hair, a mesmerizing shade of strawberry blonde.

My wick is enflamed by your porous touch,
As my bodice melts like a candle on yours to smudge,
Dark shadows of seething deadly desires,
Engulfing and drowning us in a trap of ardurous fire.

The grape vine encloses swiftly around a staff,
Like how my arms wrap around your breast of a seraph.
The grapes produce lechery in a cup or glass,
No amount of which can fuel further this lusty chasse.

Exploration of your tender skin, weaved of naked frailties within,
Is a journey in a never ending galaxy of stars, each step further in it's grasp smittens.
Hopes does this captive heart, to forever reign on your silken plain,
Or else it shall become a tragedy,  swooning​ forevermore in coveting vain.

Passion and desire burns in us all!
Emily 1d

why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
i made you feel so good
right through the phone
your desire burned deep
like you finally made it home
you wanted me bad
you wanted me good
you wanted me anyway i came
just like all bad boys should

why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
you felt passion once more
love entered through your chest
you could breathe easily again
alive from being suppressed
yearning ran through your veins
just like the sweat ran down your temple
my lips the subject of your fantasy
real enough to make you tremble

why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you


Sludge black driveways
holding hazardous mindsets.

Back of his head is made of
white canvas; red strap; yum-yum.

You can see body in the window.
Cut like a Valley Girl diamond.

Brown pubic hair, faint.
Narrow shoulders, pointed.

Brows arch like arrowhead;  
floating above callous constellations.

Snarls of smoke from his cig;
dragging filter like a conscience.

He studies her while she studies
how life looks around her neck.

Closer to midnight, says Darling.
Gotta let her live in a dream-mo.

Inside the piggy bank, gold looks
like memories 'round her nape.

Peeking into the mirror's reflect,
mouthing her name, twirling hips.

What a time to be a star; stable
inside the crown of debris.

Completely secure in nakedness,
a streak of light swims closer.

Black bear fur, harboring glittery
fleas; her eyes look out and up.

It is as close as anyone ever tried.
Non-stop destruction, seductive.

Darling says, look at her look.
He takes a picture with his phone.

Nude beauty, masturbating to
the assertiveness of annihilation.

Looking at the picture, he curses
himself for not upgrading.

A fire overflows, as she has
one hand on her stomach and
another on her purse.

A spell of handsomeness
into a zipper tonight
that harrow mist there fraught
why hers is sheer
a fascinating whim
both together though hardly a tack
in a bed of satin.  Alas

I get so distracted with your soft lips
The heart-like shape it forms when you slightly pout―
How sinfully tempting

I wonder how it would feel like
To have it pressed against mine
And taste the sweetness it has to offer
While our bodies are intertwined

I chose to hammer the obstacles
They trying hard to pluck me out
My mind is fixed, glued with you
No fire can burn my love down
Your love is the liquor
A single drop had me wasted
So I just stare at your eyes
Sparkling stars
Lighting my heart to shine
The passion you put in me
Ranged the highest mount
I can cuddle you all my life
The best I've ever had
If I stop, the headache won't heal
Be with me in life and death

From my heart to you
Ormond 2d

When your strung hair drops,
In any chamber, all is opened,
All is lithe, flowerfield of mirror
To the gathered stars unto fire,
Above as below is a universe,
Your eyes asking in surrender,
Were never so fair as your face,
My soul drowning in those blue
Orbs, what oceans of sparkle, so
Lke jewels in a thousand temple
Reliefs of gold and safire offered
By flesh and thunder, waits to roll,
To wash and crackle firmaments,
Of earthly desires and obsession,
In your temples above and below.

shåi 3d

you kiss my forehead
to tell me that
everything will be okay
but im not sure

you have become my
security blanket
a person to rely on
a place to put my feelings on
its too late

i dont think i can stay away
the connection
unlike any before
why does all good
things have to be so

fucking bad?

what if i dont want it to be bad?

what if i can make things right?

what if i dont want my fantasies to remain a distant dream?

im tired of
being good
i want to be yours
i know,
dreams are fools talk
gibberish that spills from their months
but maybe i want to be love's idiot....

ive resisted so much
you are my every desire
my every thought
my secret obsession
that i dont think i want to go away
anytime soon.....


Paul 4d

in the changing light
the little clay pot
shaped by unknown hands
sits on my table like a guru; still, silent,
and untroubled by my desire
for the world and all the things in it
to affirm me.

its broad form opens
like the cup of a lotus
in to which my mind pours;
where i am held, listening.
its lengthening wide shadow
my laptop,
my letters,
my table
and questions
all the things on it.

doubt is a difficult thing to hold - and certainties are even more difficult to surrender

Sex is ice cream
But Love is whipped cream
                  with the cherry on top.

Next time you crave for plain vanilla

Ask yourself:
Do I want the toppings too?

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