Izlecan 1h
Sweet tangibility(!)
How faux thou are,
For 'tis and for 'twas mine.
Oh mighty(!) The foggy twine,
For 'twas a fool, 'tis now a clown
IA Mosura Jan 2015
Give me a chance to die
Catch the debris of the crumbling earth
To contain the wind
To meet my faraway man

Free me of this untrue love affair
Of struggle and pretense
Of ugly order and structures
These walls of endless gray

Let me kiss the lips I long for
The lips to take me on the other side
Give me my life
I never lived
I have been born and raised in the midwest of the United States
And I have learned many things, some of which I have learned to hate
People here live the same damn lives as the people before them
People meet, they fall in love, they get married, they have kids
Their kids grow up and go to a tiny high school
They go to college, get a job, find someone and do what their parents did
But the thing is they never leave
They are never truly living
They live the same damn lives in a repetitive cycle and they never have a taste of unfamiliarity
And in my years of being alive, I have learned to hate this mentality
To live the same lives as everyone around me
I want something different
I want to have stories and scars from travels and years of being alive
I want something more than this town and this segment of a country could ever give me
With its familiarity and hatefulness towards difference
I strive to leave and to actually be alive
If only you knew

If only you knew how I feel about you,
Would it make any difference to the things that you do?
Do you always look this good, or is it only for me?
Can everybody else see what I see before me, or are they unworthy?

If they do not see your shining beauty,
Then they are losing out on the best thing they could see.
I realise they know you are beautiful,
But why are people not surrounding you to be close to you?
You are a world above, one I could love,
If I ever believed that is what you want and that you could.

If only you knew how I feel about you,
Would it make any difference to the things that you do?
I wish I could speak your mind,
So I could tell you my truth.
You could make me feel;
You could make me feel brand new.

I could fall so deep into your arms,
If you would only ask it of me.
I could stand ten feet tall, to reach up to your star heart,
If I knew that is what you wanted…
But that will never be.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

All I see is pointless sadness;
I want to be selfless, but all I can be is helpless.
Hold my hand and let’s pretend,
This is not the end

I pray to survive; I hide in the shadows.
Under this comfort blanket I feel at home.
All I want to do with my life is remember why I had to try;
But all the good memories are now unfortunately gone and I am alone.

I've been thinking about leaving this place,
But I cannot leave here because you are my friend.
Inside I am hopeless with no saving grace;
So it is here in this hole that I must stay, until the end.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

The phoenix flies throughout my life;
Fire wings send it flying so high.
As it rises up into the sky,
It disappears and reappears, back at my side.

From my hands it goes out to search the land;
The ashes of love are the only traces I have.
Once it was here, but now my phoenix has gone;
I know one day it will return and I will be reborn.

Letting go of holding it tight;
I let my phoenix fly off into the night.
In summer it died, burnt to a crisp by the golden sun,
But the phoenix’s life returns with another one.

Immortality is just a fantasy,
But the phoenix flies eternally.
The flames of love burn endlessly.
My phoenix exists inside of me.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
My fantasy damsel

My caring confidante

What do I do without the glow of your love to lead the way

What would I listen to without the sweet words you say

When I'm with you I don't want to go I just want to stay

I need you to know that your love makes my day

Without you I will be lost in the shadows of despair

I will be facing the deadly gallows breathing without air

The depth of your love leaves me with a flair

On the earth I stand with bare feet and think Love is fair

Through death I can defeat and thank you cause Life is fair

It's only people that are cold hearted, unkind and unfair

This world is cruel I know but true love is our fuel

I am careless and grateful because you make me feel well

Yeah they don't know what love is

Let's show them

Yeah they don't know how to love

Lets teach them

They will never love to see us love

I know them

But you and me have passed the test of time

We love like children and make love like teenagers

We are immovable and superbly adorable
An old poem I wrote for my imaginary girl friend, perfect people only exist in tales...
Jack 1d
I want to be a poet,
Studied like Keats and Shakespeare,
For my writings to invoke love, sadness and fear,
For classrooms to be filled with my spilled words,
More exciting stuff than multiplication and surds,
For entire essays written about my verbalisation of life,
To let them know my truest pains and strife,
So people know how I feel about ‘her’,
For them to learn, to me, her identity is a blur,
To make my perfect family proud,
To have the world to know ‘Jack Youd’

Or am I just a lonely poet,
Writing words never to be read, embraced and felt,
All my words, wisdom and woes,
And yet people will never know it.
i want to be a poet. JY x
She was a dam,
When he made love to her,
The gates opened,
He drowned in her desires.
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