Whatever it is that attracts a moth to burning flame
is seen by me as a mysterious sacrificial love game.
The moth is just an insect and that flame is of fire
and so gets consumed in the heat of all its desire.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
LNI 19h

When a new day begins
We butcher our desires.

LNI 19h

Never trust an uninvited body
Lulled to sleep by rage songs.
Waiting is desire
Yearning is surrendering

I am waiting for the sun to expand and swallow
Everything my eyes can see.
the feeling of
afraid... love
doesn't exist anymore
Because you said so..
that day you took every cloud
From the sky,
Nothing came after.
how could you ask me
To forget..
existing beside you..
While the universe in chaos
Crashed down through
Our ceiling,
  Even more than that..
The impact
The wake of your leaving,                                              
Shattered my soul,
And left craters
In the prairies of my mind
Mountains were falling
Down to earth from on high..
Colliding with every
hope filled
Thought I had of loving you...
i was trying
To rise up through the cloudless  
Frozen sky,
Fool was I
To think I could fly
Not knowing
That you did not want...
To reach your moon...

A Yorks 1d

Flavour that I desire,
Taste that drives me wild;
She's got the things I need,
All that gets me riled;
Milk chocolate rose of mine,
Coffee stirred with cream;
Brown sugar, oh so sweet,
Taste you in my dreams;
What makes you so delectable?
What makes you so sweet?
Mixed flavours come together,
Tastes collide and meet;
Nectar of asters black,
And of roses white;
Her petals display all shades,
Hues of day and night;
Sweeter than caramel,
And confiture de lait;
Brown sugar, oh so sweet,
Crave you all my days;
What makes you so desirable?
What compels my urge?
Mixed flavours stirred together,
Tastes, they do converge.

Process for the product.
Live truth within the nonsense.
No sense…my two cents.
My written blueprints, and over thought concepts.

The "What's the next move script?",
is my play by play,
The day by day.
The time to go home,
because I stray away.

Mistakes, I've made.
Mistakes are grey.

The very same ones
that paved the way,
the path, the road
the only remaining way,
to take me back to the days I crave.

Before I caved.
Before I was saved.

Clear blue skies and,
bright sun rays.
Hazy phases, sticking stuck
to the shady ways.

And I miss those both,
like they’re just the same.
They were the hope,
and the ways of the game.
Hell was a maze.

Memories and building blocks.
Good times on missing clocks.
Knocking demons off my back,
to make it even,
even when it's really not.

Stray away from distant times,
not gone or concretely leaving.
I'm just living...

Believing in myself,
in doing whats needed.
So until my cre-ate-iv-ity is,
is completely depleted
I can never consider myself
ever even defeated.

I’m bitter but I’m better,
through the treacherous seasons.

And everyone that happens, was yours for a reason.


Boxing with the Lord a lot.
A little unorthodox.
Low blows,
and no goes.

Snow globes
living in my nose and snot.
Rhymes so dope,
whether you really fucking know or not.

The line I just wrote
weathered my mother fucking poets block.

I’ve never known someone so cold,
that flows this hot.
But now I know me,
I was living in a moment
where the growth had stopped.

Frozen clocks, and
unnoticed blocks.

Obstacles had my motions locked.

Emotion filled
and I won't fucking claim
to show I’m not.

I wear them on the sleeve,
so you see them when I sneeze.
Believe, achieve, succeed and repeat.
That's the motto and creed.

My bravado deserves a bravo,
you don't know what I've seen.

First name  Dan,
and the plan is, demanding the dream.
Situations at hand are,
seriously handed to me.
So I’m fucking glad to be me,
but still mad as can be.

I’m a walking contradiction,
with laundry lists of addictions.
In addition to a mission,
but yo no, I’m no mathematician.

I’m just living up the vision.
This is art mixed with business.
Expression is the passion,
these are the facts that were missing...

It’s that love can be tragic,
but the tragedy isn’t,
the bad or the visits
to the past,
it’s the last of the wishes.

It’s the "What if I didn’t?"
and the ever lasting "What isn’t."

It’s doing time in a cell,
that got banished from visits.

I’m locked down by love,
in a spell that I'm living.

I'll be waiting
For those raging-fire smiles
To sear into my heart
And brand it with your desire

When the time comes
I will surrender everything
And want for nothing
Except for each word you whisper
To topple my castle
And your daring lips
To claim control of my own throne
As you speak

For I am lost in the darkness of your hair
The rivers of laughter
Typhoons of your waist
The legacy within your grasp
Long and familiar

This, I acknowledge
Under the epidermis of nightfall
Where blood departs from within my crown
Deposits in the veins of my hands
That glean your vessel like a cherished charm
Hoping to continue connecting like
Sinews and bone
Roads to Rome's ruins

I am dizzy, but stand in assurance
And the soul is ready
To navigate the universe in your eyes.
I'll remain starstruck
Even when you're afar
Dazzling me more everyday.

Ifeanyi N. Okoro © 2018

Give me a one-way ticket to Nowhere,
to be like a solitary, unique flower,
to see thousands of morning stars,
to be the longing's sweet desire.

Give me a one-way ticket to Anywhere,
my wings have forgotten how to fly,
for going back to my world in seconds,
the resignation will have to pass me by.

Give me a return ticket Anytime,
to give. Because I forgot to receive.
Am I in the clouds or on the ground?
I have loved and I love now, I believe.

Give me a return ticket Anyway,
I do not ask for me to be understood.
I do not want any self-consumption,
angels wouldn't care, but I would.


Daytra 7d

I got this theory that this cycle
we are creating is one of a kind because the transfer is so sweet
sweet like the nectar from a honeycomb
Your spirit and energy talk to me as
my companion
my partner
I don’t wanna stay your girlfriend
I wanna be your wife
My mind runs a million times over
thoughts if you flooding in my frontal cortex
feelings of emotions and my heat rises for you
visions of that amazing smile will forever warm my heart
you got me all the way
I am the only beauty to his beast
my mind was always rushing
I used to tell myself that you would never unravel me
you have started to unravel
every last piece of my existence
the outcome that you will help me forge
will be the creation of us as one
This is what I see when I look at him
when he touches me
when I feel him
when he says he loves me
all at the same time
oh how I love him so
my heart has never felt all this joy
for a man that has experienced life
we have unlocked something so amazing in each other souls become one it's beyond this world

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