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Cyrene 1d
I lost half of me,
I thought I would lose myself subconsciously.

I survived,
yet not complete.

Am I here for anything?
Am I here for nothing?
Constantly doubting my existence.
Reese 7d
Its so full of everything we can imagine
Including what we can't

There is so much good in the world
And in so many forms
Charity, feelings, relationships
Happiness, love, empathy
Donations of all
Money, food, clothing,
and maybe the most important time
Plus so many more
People are capable of good in so many ways and things
We help those in need
we give others a hand when they're down on luck, money or just hope
We can heal almost anything that happens
And the best part
Good breeds more good and makes others want to do mkre good

But with the good the bad closly follows

The world is filled with just as much bad
And in so many ways
All forms of violence
Gun, verbal, physical,
War and killings with genocide and
Unethic weapons of mass destruction
Corrupt people and government
Pain Physical and mental
Money and greed
People are capable of so much evil and bad
We **** those just like ourselves
We steal and hurt and cheat
We take advantage of the ill or incapable
We destroy our own world and lives
And the worst part all the evil and bad just breed more evil vengeance breeds more vengeance.

But in the end what makes me happy will make another angry
Theres no way to have the good without the bad or the bad without the good
We cant change that fact no matter how hard we want and try
So we will remain sad in the sad moments and happy during the happy
World peace may be impossible but that doesnt mean happiness is too
So when someone helps you, thank them and enjoy that moment
And when a friend dies cry, say goodbye and hate that loss
But when it all stops and nothing is going on sit there and enjoy the peace because yes you arnt having the best day of your life but at least its not the worst day either.

Life is full of things we understand and can imagine thanks to science like engines and rockets,
*I lost the rest of the poem sorry but I think this will remain unfinished due to its length*
Amanda Nov 5
Being around you makes me happy
It also makes me sad
In the shadow of indecision
Burned both hearts bad

Deeply scorched scornful words
Into space inside your tender chest
My head cluttered, no room to think
Strong arms where my fears are pressed

I hope you will be okay if I go
You give no reason to leave
Staying because I own no excuse
That is not how love should be
I know what being in love feels like and it isn't obligation and insecurity and feeling down all the time
Amanda Nov 5
The only time I ever smiled was with you
Your presence the sole thing able to coax out a laugh
I regret putting my happiness in your hands to hold
Now it's trapped inside a fading photograph
Don't put your happiness in anyone else's hands, they'll drop it. They'll drop it every time.
RN Nov 4
So here's the notebook of mine
Where I wrote all my sweet and cheesy lines
Please read all of this if you have time
Cause it's for you even I can't call you mine

This notebook will be the proof of my love for you
All the words and lines I wrote every page are true
Unlike Bruno Mars, you can just count on me until two
I'll be there because I love you and will always do

My love. I hope you'll remember me someday
Keep this notebook and don't throw it away
It's the summary of my feelings that I want to say
I love you forever, you're the reason why I pray
Rhymes in my Mind
Shofi Ahmed Sep 4
When you walked on me
I was groovy,
I was the rose of the spring:
everyone’s sweetie!

Your little earth down the upside-
down sky was the centrepiece!
Not anymore, I don’t want to be.
O Fathima, don’t go without me,
don’t go to heaven without me!

Without you I melt away,
burning my spine:
you know the reason why.
I passed my song down to you.
Pour it down to river, to the sea,
do as you please,
but don’t leave me.
O Fathima, don’t go without me!

I touched my dream
when you touched me,
I bent with paradise
like a flower bends in the breeze.
You said sway with ease.

(Choir, voices of women:
Every night did the moon flower,
million stars spurred far afar.
We were closer than two hairs)

I let you paint yours on shades of me.
I became you, you became me.
No one is sure where your
grave is no one can see.
O Fathima, don’t go without me!
marianne Oct 25
When yes is a gift
wrapped in love wrapped in
reason wrapped
in daydream wrapped in
self doubt wrapped
in pain wrapped in    
it is likely no, wrapped
in bitterness

When no is a gift
wrapped in love wrapped in
insight wrapped    
in waking wrapped in
bloom wrapped
in shelter wrapped in
truth spoken—
it is yes,
Because saying your truth is always better than not.
Luiz Oct 24
I stare into this cracked phone


in a thunderous silence
Maxim Keyfman Oct 20
how strange it all sings
how strange everything leads around
strangely all this is strange
how strange it is now october
and the fact that now is not november and the fact that
now is not september and what is now
there is something and that is strange

how strange it is very all around
how strange everything is very and incomprehensible
and why and why does this circle exist
and why and why am I a hostage in it
did i sing too loudly or at all
very very quietly I really sang
I was too strong man or very
and very weak about what is the reason for all

reason about the reason all around what's and
these all the weirdness of these all sorrows
all the joys of where and why and why now
not december and why now is not february and why
and why am I saying all these words now
because I know that now everything is in the same lane and
that now everything is both yes and no and always

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