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One moment in life
stops the coming knife
holding it together

The rest of it all
shatters our resolve
again, over and over

Maybe that one moment
ought to be permanent
if the rest doesn't matter
Inspired by Robert Browning's "Porphyria's Lover"
Eric 1d
"I believe we’re a field of energy, dancing for itself. And I don’t care."
“There is no me. There are just things happening, and there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together"
TD 1d
A smile,
A breath,
A new chance,
Something to try,
A reason to try,
There are many,
They might seem ******,
They might seem small,
They may not seem to be worth it,
Know that they are worth it.

A fight,
Inside a mind,
A never-ending battle cry,
It rings inside a head,
Sometimes soft,
Sometimes loud,
But it’s always filled with dread,
Dread to keep fighting,
Dread to accept the reasons,
The reasons to try.

If you never try,
You may never lose,
But you’ll also never win.
At the end
Of the day
Let one be thankful for
How many times
They smiled

And, how many times
They created a reason
To make smile

Nothing more
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Value added to life
I've been running in circles
Been dripping in sweat and rain
Making my way towards nowhere
Moving until I reach where you are

I'm losing my ******* mind
I'm giving in to my emerging fears
My mind in a repeating anxiety
Whatever happens, I can't lose you

My thighs feel tired from sprinting
My tears mixing with water and sweat
Why does it seem that wherever I run
I never get to see or meet you?

Racing towards where you are
Thinking of all the reasons I could say
All the things that could make you stay
Pushing my mind and heart to the limit

No matter how much I try to think
All my thoughts reach one conclusion
Its something simple and undeniable
Our love exists, and it still lives on

My resolve unbroken, even if my body is
I need to see you tonight, spilling my feelings out
I'm hopelessly and madly in love with you
So where, just where, could you be tonight?

I can't live without you by me
I can't be without your embrace
I can't forget those sweet, tender kisses
In other words, I need you too much

And I am ready to throw it all away
To endure the sad, sleepless nights
To endure the pointless, lazy days
Just to spend a minute with you again

But where are you now?
I'm almost desperate for hope
My breathing heavier by the second
Dear ***, please let me endure further

Just when I'm about to give up
There you were, standing in front of me
Soaked in sweat, rain, and tears
Almost on the verge of defeat

My eyes lit up, my heart in relief
My tears about to burst, as were yours
Both with reasons to say to each other
As we run to lock for an embrace

I took the deepest breath in my life
As I tried not to choke on the tears
Saying "I love you" crazily on repeat
As the only reason to make you stay

You are my reason for living
And for tonight, and all the nights to come
I'll make you stay with me, and hold you tight
I'll love you for the longest time my life allows
Hey everyone!
Sleepless night again

Inspired to write with a song on my ears.

Hope everyone likes it.
Happy reading!


For "Her"
You're my sunshine,
Lighting my heart, day and night.

You're my rain,
Washing away my excruciating pain.

You're my source of light,
Encouraging me to do better in life.

You're my dream,
In which I soothe my screams.

You're my happiness,
With which I breathe peace.

You're the medicine to my soul,
Heeling the deep aching holes.

You're my everything,
Without you I'm worth nothing!
There is someone in everyone's life who makes the world bearable and a better place to live in. Moreover, this 'someone' gives hope and determination to cope with life. Think about that person when you read this poem!
Sophia Jan 9
Can a broken heart,
be compared to a lily field,
where every stem a sword it wields,
their smiles sweet, their words bitter?

Can aching feet,
be compared to footprints in the sand,
from days of old and days of man,
where journeys traveled over yonder?

Can a hoarse voice,
be compared to howls of dark wolves,
cinnamon tasteless and not of cloves,
when taste buds are uselessly used?

Can red dry eyes,
be compared to blazing suns,
ones that do not walk, but do not run,
and never fly faster than the wind?

Can a senseless poem,
be compared to fickle hearts,
where it depends on a person's part
in their imagination?
Can a poem have reason to make sense?
someone gave me car
saying ,"you can drive far
and seeing new facts"

i thanked and said," mercy
the driving car is as the herat's woman inddeed
you might see it is easy to read

finally, you found her hard to know
i prefer to go wide, as i had gained
lost my hearts times, for some reasons i tried

to explain and show how it was tied
my heart to the failure down without reason to be explained
my friend was so lame

he brought my pervious lover into it
and argued me to go for a moment
when i saw her in it
i drove it without any late
the herat always keeps love into it. The man's proud tries to cancel it
the fact is the love still control our minds
Myles H Jan 4
Is a terrible reason
Not To

In Something

In Someone

In a ***

In Others

In Yourself

Fear is a grandeur adversary to many

But Courage

To Go On and Stand
In the face of Fear

Is the grandest Ally

So many fail to choose
A simple note to others and more so to myself.
The Toxic Bitch Aug 2018
You're different
You have every reason to be
I was only seeing
What you let me see

And now
I get it
Why you do all of this
Why you act that way

I never bothered
And now
It's all i care about
I feel you
And you don't even know

You way much stronger
Than you think
Stronger than anyone i know

Purest heart
Which is way you hide it away
Way too much away
That you sometimes
Don't remember
How it was

That's exactly me
I forgot
How i was like
I forgot how to feel stuff
I don't even remember
Why all that happened
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