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If it doesn't matter spacially whether there is a 1st or 2nd, etc., connection, then this matter shouldn't matter within reason.
As long as a connection is made or not made, that is all that will stand out.  
The kind of connection made cannot be spacially signified except via overlap or by tangency, so therefore, within reason the kind of connection made should not stand out either.
Therefore, this subject of topology is really a matter of 'connect the dots'.
Kirsty Taylor Apr 25
People say you are either friends for a reason or for a season,
But isn’t a season a reason?

Some of the losses rip you apart,
Some just slip out from between your fingers,
Some don’t leave,
They are just thousands of miles away

You put pen to paper,
And eagerly await a reply
You call from time to time
And you save all you earn to go back and be with them again.

The thing about friendships like that they are worth waiting for.

Your reason becomes a season,
The season is summer.
Jason Apr 23

You are the reason I fell in love with the light.

You are the reason I sought a way out of the darkness.

You are the reason I stayed.

♥Fall in love with life.
♥If you're thinking about ending it, DON'T do it.
♥There IS help!
Diljeev Apr 12
this beautiful heist
of each other's soul,
blind to what she stole,
oblivious to her core.

Yet it was her own being,
that helped me in fleeing
each day,
but we never crossed paths
since the dawn of may.

The blind mademoiselle,
there's no way she could tell,
it was she who gave me eyes,
reason to wander in the world
looking for her
as each waking minute dies.
You can search, look and explore,
For days, years A lifetime
Often passing, what you desire,
Even if you feel all the right signs,
Because it’s not the perfect shape, size, or age,
Of the imaginary picture, you created, in your mind.
This one- time, short life, is A gamble, and risky,
Some decisions we make, can lead to binds.
Always remember, each of us, are an experiment,
Carrying A soul inside, we live, and feel, this life,
The soul, will mix the new and old experiences,
The reason, our purpose, and our role.

Tom Maxwell © 4/1/2021 AD
Ken Pepiton Mar 31
After failed rules, regs gone awry,
-values with no standard
-worth with no weight

we face, each the other, we face
screens and see reflections,
into the glass,
saying all our mind is willing to share,
if you care, or if I dare, you know?

-- I think of a dog friend I have;
-- she speaks her mind, with her eyes…
-- looks at me, as if she felt me think of her,
she wags her tail,
it seems such things are happening

just because I think
this or that
occurs to me and thus, to you, in your role,
in your time.

I notice, there, in my future, you do, too.
Making peace is less stressful than making sense. But peace is senseless if saved for times of war.
Man Mar 28
and i fear when seasons
and anything in particular
its rooted far from rational explanation
reason removed, because i know
change is good
and those things that come with it
i know, i know
twelve thousand fold
for how long have i been told
fearing of change
is folly
when life is change
odd and strange
as paintings by dali
As I watch the wind blow in another day,
Some dreams will fade, from yesterday,
The sun will rise again, A new day will begin,
I’m still searching.

We often think our plans, are carved in stone,
Then we look around, were all alone,
Was it wasted time, did we learn, in our mind,
Were back to searching.

Our journey, did not bring us here,
Just to work, and play, there is more to life,
Then, just the passing io days,
Look at yourself inside, open your eyes,
Keep searching.

Searching, for the reason, why you are here,
Are you far, are you getting near, search until your end,
Some thoughts, you will have to stretch and bend,
You just have to know.

                                                              Tom Maxwell© 10/06/2005
aslı Mar 24
I don't want to die as a secret to myself
That's the sole reason I wake up every morning
To experience here as being awake in a dream.
the search for the meaning.
Haven with eyes closed.

If it was.
Washing dirt.
***** socks.
Missing fish.
Say it without.
Pebbles, massacre.
Because I...uh.
Stringy hair.
Rocking back and forth.
Back and forth.
Dramatic but it fits.

Garrett Johnson.
Dose of the sleep-_-up.
  The Johanna embrace.....................
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