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vita 4d
the breeze of our whispers linger with me always
keeping me warm, keeping me quiet
for who else would I want to talk to?
while our night was a fleeting eternity
the prayer of our goodbyes still coos softly
providing comfort to the small of my back
which has been freezing since your hand left it
a genuine work in progress!
Aquila 5d
The last time you knew me,
I was not
as fond of substances.
when you decided not to know me anymore,
allow me to reintroduce myself:
Hello, my name is unimportant, and my brain is buzzing.
thats all there is
Brett Jun 3
A brokenhearted boy dangles his legs over the edge of his pain-soaked bed
Pulse slowing as angered rain thunders down below him
Acid sadness erodes his calm devotion

An absent hearted boy pens his name as Hopeless
Swallows’ days in minor doses
His river ******, and doomed to meet no ocean

A weary hearted boy seeks to make amends
Trades his soul to suffer silence from a friend
The sun for him, hides itself just around the bend

A truehearted boy never minds the hole inside his chest
He writes his story in the flesh
Chords of open wounds he plays his music through
Every scar shares its story. A timeline of change reminding us we are still alive.
Shwetha sb May 24
For girls,
Always be that beautiful butterfly ,which is hard to catch..

For boys,
And always be that bad boy, with a good heart...
Jay May 3
No matter how many times I'm called beautiful
or pretty, of gorgeous, or any other comment,
I will always cry when I hear the name
You try to call me adoringly...

It is dead.
I bury it here
In the words.
I write its tombstone.
Jay May 3
Oh, {deadname},

You're my beautiful daughter.
I know you're only lying.
You'll never, ever be a boy
No matter how long you keep trying.

Give up on transitioning.
Your mind has been poisoned.
The media has consumed you-
All the lies eating their way in.

Finally, you are my precious baby girl.
You're very smart, and you know that.
Don't think you're a boy- you're not.
You should put on your smiling mask

Until you're not sick anymore,

-Your loving mother
I want to leave this house... It hurts to look at myself.
Siyana Apr 21
Dirt Roads
Drunk Nights
Fast Cars
Mixed Feelings
I'm In Love...
The field was all he'd known
admiring the flowers
the butterflies
the snakes
they poisoned the field
the snakes.

The river is all he knows
Listening to the hum
of the river's flow
the trash
it polluted the river
the trash.

The field is all he needs
longing for the rich harvest
Of knowledge
the snakes
do not scare him
the snakes.

The river is the one in pain
the fish mourn
their home is dying
the river
it must be cleansed
my river.
The boy of the field and river.
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