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Icarus Blaz Knightley,
My first love.
He is one of the reasons I make stories, songs and poetries.
His scent is like the colour brown,
Warm, soft, just like home itself.

Lèon Joules,
The classmate.
He is sweet, colourful, and everything else righteous in this world.
His scent is like the colour blue,
Simple, cool, refreshing, just like one cloudless sky.

And last but not least Ivy Selene Valentine,
The unexpected love,
She is everything I've ever wanted in a person.
Her scent is like the colour maroon,
Musky, black leather jackets, cigarettes just like the red district.
Tell me why do I keep on falling harder and harder everyday?
c 22h
Driving down Broadway
At one in the morning
Blurring the red lights
Into broken halos

I was pondering what-ifs
Putting could-have-beens
Into words

“It couldn’t have been”
My best friend assured

I wonder
How I manage
To mess love up
Anytime it comes near

“You fall in love so easily,”
She said
“You’re a poet at heart.”

“And that isn’t always a good thing.”
Just a light that doesn't fade
Just a warmth on winter days
Just a drink that quenches thirst
Just a dance now on the surf
Just a boy
Just a girl
Just a dress and hair with curls
Just a swim in a deep blue wake
Just a lust for heaven's sake!
Just a taste of cherry cola
Just a touch on sunkissed shoulder
Just a kiss, but where it leads
Just a longing
Just a need
Just me grasping your warm hand
Just forever, in the sand
When I last saw you,
your eyes were golden.
Puzzles I couldn't piece together,
a lake that shot back my own reflection,
not letting me see the deepness of you.

When I last saw you,
your hands were oak trees
hiding roots that dropped to the pit of the earth,
holding your meditations delicately close to you,
careful not to show
your great glimmering ships
carrying blue and low songs,
weeping dirges for a winter Sunday,
a red Grief that wakes you in your sleep,
adding the slight storm I see in your smile.

When I last saw you,
your eyes were golden.
I want to replay the way your face changes in the light. Everytime time it turns from winter to fall. I keep talking about you, you know?

My thoughts say you'll hurt me like every man in my life will..but I know you're different. I can see it in your eyes. They play landscapes from the east coast shores.
And God I never wanted something so bad that I'll wait.

I've heard those words before but you're different from years ago. Just run your fingers on my body and lets speak a different language.

Show me you and how divine you are so I can open up and tell you my buried secrets.

Love me till tomorrow ends and tides whisper your name.
katie 1d
in a dream, i felt your touch
the way your hand reached out to me
and brushed my hair out of my face

i interlocked our fingers tightly
as if you could’ve slipped away from me
at any given moment in time

just like we do when we’re awake,
we touch with our hands
to make the other aware of our presence

as we gaze at one another,
i sense the company of unspoken words
as if you can see right through me

could you be the one i’ve been looking for?
i think time and time again,
that this could be something more
thank you for existing
Make no mistake
on releasing every word you make
Or else it'll make her break
her fragile heart don't let it ache

Make her a mixtape
Be there when she's in bad shape
In cold nights take off your coat to drape
Tell her compliments to make her smile escape

Don't ever leave
Because now she's attached, that'll make her grieve
It'll make her cry during the eve
Without your love she could barely breathe
K M M 3d
It is written about the Father's judgement and how it harms
but one thing I've always noticed is the Son's love always follows.
For you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
--and it's not just in the song that I see your love.
I have grown you from an apple seed in the frozen winter ground
and you have brought spring to my heart where I thought permafrost had set in for sure.
You are my greatest gift
and soon my greatest pain
but I would endure every second and bleed out every vein.
To my one true love, my baby boy.  If you ever read this your young mother cares for you and will always love you.
"but hey,why don't you
ever look back?" "Because then
I would never Leave."
I want you to remember that even though you never look back, I'm always watching you go.
misha 4d
i took breathing for granted
until the day you stole the
air from my lungs,

i took it for granted until
my ribs became steel traps
caging me in captive
like a threat to itself

there's nights i'll wake up
gasping in the heat of fire,
choking in the smoke and
begging for sweet oxygen.

not long ago i could breathe
without giving a thought
and the only thing that
feels right is when i cry
and what love of of red, pink
and white that you gave me
is now clear and transparent

i've gotten used to breathing
in the world this way without
your heartbeat in sync with mine

but now it's beating with the
monsters within the wall

it's beating with the monsters
within me
don't keep your feelings, thoughts and tears inside of you, but let them flow because you are meant to be noticed and heard.
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