sophia 12h

when my heart's deepest clench
lose synergy with the words i behold
for the man on the stars
whose light guides me
through the lines that sing
my i love you's
my emotions wander everywhere
they whisk and bound
but they somehow found themselves
in him

sophia 14h

he was the cloud the sun set upon
at that time of the day
when the color of love comes out of its light
and his eyes blurted the same shade
that penetrated the soft skies
we looked out at
during the golden hours of eighteen

she scratches her back,
marking territory on translucent skin
they are of the same opacity -
as if upon meeting they scanned each other’s bones
to ensure strength
one has a way of smiling
where her lips pull against her gums
and the other has the tendency
to flip the pillow to the cold side before sleeping
they are never not entwined
they never had to get used to
two sets of bras in the dryer,
a hairbrush constantly covered with
each other’s blonde hair,
never using the condoms in their jewelry boxes
it was easy
is easy
when one asked the other
for a matching tattoo,
she put her partner’s initials on the soles of her feet

the birthday party was in full swing by mid-afternoon
no one in the party had hair any lighter than charcoal
and the birthday girl was four, wearing only one shoe
all the women were clad in floral bikinis;
the ripples of their stretched skin on full display
in this circle, they honed their cultural energy
with coconut water and bongo drums
the guest of honour was passed out within an hour,
but they had come all this way
and wanted to make the most of it

the night before she had found herself
entwined with a bodybuilder ten years her senior
she turned her hands over and over,
checking for signs that she had changed
but as the dog licked the inside of her legs
she was at peace with the fact that she always
belonged in a stranger’s bed
he said she felt good
and pressed welts passionately onto her ass
he wanted to take her sailing on the lake the following day
but she preferred to sit on a man-made sugared beach alone

Leonila 2d

The Moon

The moon and stars
are silent witnesses of my love
I can't tell you that I love you enough
Would you laugh at me if I told you?
I love you to the moon and back
Would you remain silent?
Would a response you give back?
The moon...
light post in the midnight sky
she smiles as I dodge the constellations in your eyes
I can't help myself baby boy, I'm just very shy!
so kiss me and paralyze the hands of time
so I might remember this night for the rest of my life

We would start kissing
Right beneath
The no soliciting sign  
Under the moon not resisting
Her glistening eyes
The air was calm
But her hair was wild
Curls and twirls strung on
Around a glistening smile
Her eyes were intoxicated
When they met mine
She's picture perfect illustrated
When she speaks
I love to hear her
Sweet with Speckles of freckles
I fear her
Is strong enough
To make me fall and crumble to my knees
Scary but still we continue below the sign
See, when I'm with her it's not wasted time
This here is

Cause that's out love. Waiting around.
Enjoying each other. Fearing to be found.
Breaking rules and feeling cool. Juvenal
But love all the same.

Sunlight bakes the lonely sand,
rays like fingers of death's hand.
Dead, dry, arid, empty land,
No living things around, not even plants.

Every critter here is deadly,
as they skitter, hungry, daily,
food for once, today, maybe,
another day with stomach empty.

Rain seldom falls here,
maybe once each year,
scream and none will hear,
except the sand, front, sides and rear.

Pain, strife, struggle, fear,
hold onto life, for it is dear.
Desert, that's it's given name,
a lonely field of unmarked graves.

Painful daylight heat and freezing nights,
every waking moment is an effort.
And now, listen to me, as I write.
My love, life without you is a desert.



In absence of her thrashing hair
this surge sown on virgins lips
Leaving nothing but it's speech
that quivers full from a mouthed smile.
Where in her breast ganders dance
that says I've known her face before
In her inch worn lips a calmed storm
that says I've touched her cheek.
Her eyes fill me with breath white gasps
upon this twilight edge of innocence
she picks me up from unforgiving presence.

Within her heart shaped hands
laziness to touch herself brings no joy
a feast of viral proportions
flames shoot from her face
silver slivers of smoke engulf
her mind tells me, shut the fuck up!
her body tells me, shut the fuck up!
her voice tells me to shut the fuck up!
In here I feel her
In here I touch her
In here I thrust my fingers, my hand deep inside.
In here I feast myself upon her, I devour her deepness.
I am electronic

R is now a boy yet I still fantasise about her.
sophia 4d

my happiness
my safety
my home
all come from you
the least i can do
is to give my all
for you

ahhhh i've been really drained for something i applied for in school and i genuinely and desperately really want to get in! and this person my baby honey boy kim junnie really helps and motivates me to do better everyday i love him so much

and do not tell me this is not love.
do not tell me that watching his sillhouette fade
into yesterday's sun and tomorrow's rain
is any less than a serenade
sublime in its intent.
do not tell me that love must be
late nights/entwined limbs/shut the blinds until rays of light rejoice over the entanglement of warm in living in a sacred room.

my love is radiant
it is my eyes on his with not a touch or a whisper of softness
it is the quiet dedication of unrequited
the softness of what i know his hands would feel like if only i could
reach out.

pnkrck 5d

google search:
how to be so lovely he notices me

google search:
how to be softer than silk

google search:
how to make the boy i love realize
the world was created for him

google search:
how to hold hands with an angel

google search:
how to talk properly after kissing the sun

google search:
how to love him like he loves me

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