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Lunar 3d
i could never listen to your voice;
my ears could never hallucinate.
i could never look at you for so long;
my eyes could never hold your gaze.
i could never measure your big hands;
my fingers and yours could never lace.
i could never be in your solid arms;
my hands—liquid—could never encircle your waist.

but i think i could be on your mind
and i could be written in your heart:
if you read the words that i write
when you pick up this poem and start.
to lj, an avid reader.

from j.m.
Jaxey 3d
You were a face of November
A face that burned through my mind
As I griped my phone with a shaky hand
And heavy defeat
I read our conversation
Splattered with the words
Of my most recent confession
And wondered
What I had said
To leave me
With wet hands
And another reminder
That I will never be good enough
This is based on recent events that happened with me and a boy that I am still utterly and hopelessly in love with and how he rejected me. And yet even though it causes me so much pain to even look at him, I can't help but be drawn back to him. If you have any advice on how to fill an empty heart, I'm all ears <3
Haylin 4d
i am not an it.
i am not an object.
i have a pulse.
i have a beating heart.
i am made of stardust.
i am made up of skin and bones.
and you still call me an **it.
your mind can't grasp the idea that
i am a strong woman one day
and a strong male the next.
Haylin 4d
I hate the word pretty.
Every time I hear it
it's a reminder that I am
a girl.

Girls are great
and there's nothing
wrong with them,
it's just that I'm not one.

I've been stuck
in this body
looking at someone who
I no longer recognize
for so long.

I want to be handsome and cute,
not pretty.

I at least deserve something better than
I'm genderfluid, so sometimes I'm a girl. But I don't like being called pretty
Haylin 4d
I am a girl, at least to everyone but me,
I am ***, and straight too, and both, and neither,
I do not want attention, I even try to avoid,
But you call me a she,
But I am changing, every day,

I cry when you know I am not so,
I am a boy today...I am ***
You don't notice, or care,
You just put more cuts on my wrist,
And hurt me more with every word...
"*****," you call with ease,
But you do not know, I am a boy today
"****," you say... I am a ******

Death my mind calls with every single word...
But you do not care, for you smile at my pain, as I call for my love,
***** getting deeper and deeper
I cut to the bone
Can’t say that I’m happy
Just feel so alone

Missing my family
Missing my home
Missing the girl
That made me feel whole

Missing the times
Where I never felt empty
My family was fixed
And our wallets were heavy
My life was alright
Id sleep through the night
Yeah I’m missing the times
Where I felt so alive

I feel broken
Happiness was stolen
Where my heart used to be
There’s a hole that’s open
Pop so many pills
feel like overdosing
when night turns to morning
Pray my eyes are still closed

I’m lost
Just pray to be found
Feeling emotions
I just wanna feel ground
Smoking this dope
Tying this rope
Kick back the chair
Then I start to choke

It’s a myth
That life is worth living
I’m tired of this
I just wanna give in

Dig me a hole
Don’t wanna grow old
Learning life’s lessons’ like
Digging for gold

So I’ll say
a thousand times
That I’m feeling good
and I’m feeling ******* fine

When I smile
just know it’s a lie
Cause When I’m alone
I just wanna die

I’m sorry mom
I’m sorry dad
Can’t fix the emotions
And the feelings I have
I know that it hurts and I know you’ll be sad
But the way I see things
I’m just another body bag

To my ex
Girl I really miss you
I know I ****** up
I know I got issues
I know I’m a mess
I know that **** hurt you
But the way I live life
I never deserved you

But if you come back
I’ll never desert you
I’ll stop all the drugs
Cause our love had no curfew

We’d sit up for hours
We’d talk lots of ****
You’d say that you love me
Man I miss every bit

Wouldn’t trade what we had
for a life full of fame
Give me one chance
I’ll show you I’ve changed

But the good josh you knew
Yeah he’s still the same
Still don’t believe me
Well I guess I’m to blame

You had a heart
The purest of gold
In my mind
I thought we’d grow old

But after the talks
bout death and defeat
I’m starting to realize
you grew tired of me

You grew tired of me
And I’m still into you
See your smile everyday
****** you look cute

You’re a beaut
I’m a fucken mess
If I get married
Hope it’s you in that dress

You in my life
That’d be a miracle
The connection we had
It was something so spiritual

But you’re gone
And I don’t wanna face that
Rather **** myself
Hope everything fades to black

She’s confused bout the feeling I hide maybe it’s cause I just wanna die

I’m lost and so empty
Yeah I feel so alone
Just waiting for the day
I call heaven my home
Most recent song I’ve written
we used the right words at the wrong time
we were kids, tired of our hometown
cranking the heater and writing poetry with our hands in the humidity on your sunroof
you'd kiss my fingers and talk about us
another us, far from here
where we had already spent mornings in bed that faded into quiet afternoons
I told you I'd miss you and we left the spaces between us as some kind of divine obliteration
I'm forgetting the taste of october
and you are learning how to brave the chill of december without the warmth of me
In a little room tucked away in her fantasy garden
She painted her heart
The sound of rasping across a canvas
Almost coaxed her lips into a curve
Dip and swish and flick against her broken cup
Her eyes traced the colors with fragile trust
They painted what had not yet been painted
Getting lost in the landscape of her emotions
Forming at the jagged cliff of heartbreak
Pretty little eyelashes fell off as easy as dandelion seeds
Getting mixed in with horse hair bristles and dusty aprons
Her smile could do the work itself
Lighting up in a thousand shades
But she only liked the colors
Red and blue
Because they were his favorite
"Cherries and bluebells" she would say
“That's what his heart looked like”
When he pinned it to hers
But he didn’t like the way they mixed
“An **** shade of purple”
He would say
Bluebells dried pressed against her lips
Cherries shriveled on her tongue
And he left from the world
Leaving little footprints in the snow for miles and miles
Now she knows that only red and blue can make her smile.
Inspired by red and blue paint splattered on a trash can
i may be small
but i will protect you love
from harm,
destroy another beautiful creature like you.
i may be a girl and also small and not that strong but, boy im gonna ******* ***** slap those people who will bring you down. x
you touch me and the cracks in my lips bleed I bite them so hard
no one has ever been this close
your fingers draw circles on the back of my legs
you kiss every part of me I say I'd like to change
then your lips drip honey on all of my wounds
(the same ones he used to call a burden)
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