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Jules 1d
I think I'll quit my job today
I think I'll stay at home today
I think I'll drink some more today
I think I'll be okay today
You can't always ask
for chocolate drinks
and be served.
You'll sometimes
have to drink
the boring and disappointing
sensation of water
because that's
what is only available
and that's
what is necessary.
Things won't always work out as what we want, but we will work it out with it.
roumen 3d
If i die ..
don't cry for me...
Just raise your glass and drink.
If i die
Don't cry ...
but don't forget me..
If i die
Don't cry ..
For kiss and smile..
If i die
Don't cry for me...
My soul is coming back ...
To be with you..
To kiss you..
To love you .
...Forever ..
My love is star
That never die....
My love is in your heart..
That never cry...
Don't cry...
...for me..
Just raise your glass..
And drink..
For love..
..That never die..
Zombie Oct 4
I wanted to relish *****,
but WHISKEY drowned me in it.
I wish I can taste the  vodhka which I got..
MJL Sep 16
Nettles on moss
She rules
He’s a succubus
Authorities of none and all
Animals play
Then naught
Diction annunciates “void”
Vamped value glows red
Dried skin turns to ash
Marshmallow madness fires sticks
That tune in your head
Maestro’s Fever sings
Sweating for a minute
You’re on parade
Have a good drink
Here then gone.
Mitch Prax Sep 21
Every time I drink
tea I think of you and that's
a beautiful thing

6:15 PM
Jeff Lewis Sep 20
Ordering a drink.
      I really need that empty glass.  

The lights are slow.   The pace
                        is dim.    The room
         has a sense of non about it.
A piano man plays
                    tuneless  songs.        
                   And couples    stare    
     past each other.
I kept trying to tag a positive end on this poem, and every time I did it told me to F' off and get back to work
Wiley whiskey,
drips and drains,
sip n' spills,
stings and stains.
Dilute the drink,
with time it wanes;
seeping spreading,
through my veins.
Aden Aug 31
Woke up and a feel rough
Lord knows that a drank enough
In way past midnight
Looking out to the day light
Need to rebuild my energy
Cuppa t is the remedy
When a man's from Yorkshire
No milk is torture
Wanna go back to bed
Have a nap like im dead
Had too much whisky
Scotch is always risky
Then was drinking red wine
Deffo not fee ling fine
"Goes to my heaaaaad"
Is an under statement
My head fell off on the pavement

Never wanna drink again tell me what you think again now I wanna start again shoulda smoked the reef instead

Now I really need hydration
Or maybe migration
Did i say something bad
Did I make someone mad
Woke up and I feel rough
Lord knows that I drank enough
Clearly have a hangover today.
Nina Aug 30


How many shots have i had?
How many glasses has it been?

Does it matter?
All im trying to do is to numb the pain away

How many times have i used alcohol
To feel numb?
I've been drinking everyday

But on the bright side
I didn't harm myself
So ill keep drinking
To feel okay
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