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Sanko May 18
You’re far too expensive to be pouring into people who could never drink
you in your fullness

Let me drink from your well as I replenish you with the fountain of all my goodness
Galdev Apr 16
Sweet and fizz mixed together
On the way to refresh your throat
Day by day can be seen everywhere
All time favorite drink
One of your fav drink.
BSween Apr 15
We were met on two shores
trying to get to the beach
we both knew the terminus
stood just out of reach
and we settled for us
with the thought in our heads
that if something improved
we’d move out of there.

Then the storm had subsided
and none of us cried it
was more than we’d hoped for
and mother just moped there for
days but we’ll raise her spirits
buy in more spirits and drink her a toast
while the waves belt the coast.
Pink fluffy apples
Green juicy flamingos (hiccup)

     Black sour marmalade

              Orange lumpy liquorice

Purple tangy mushroom

              White rich yoghurt



What did you put in my drink?
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.
The affects of alcohol on the human tongue. Lighthearted poem. The colour and adjective used to describe the noun have been swapped with the line beneath to imply the feelings of a muddled brain when drunk.
Theanm Ankh Mar 23
Have another drink,
Why don't you?
Take another sip?
The bartender's watching us closely but
If I give him a hearty enough tip
He'll leave us be
And we can slip
Down to the train tracks
Like our slurred words.

We won't make love but we'll
Lay on the mercury speckled rails
Singing our heads off,
Drinking some more ail till
The horn blares and
The insides of our eyes pool with gaudy lights from
Heaven above

And we're rolled to bits,
Leaving nothing behind but a trail
Of blood and
The heavenly light of tails.
I wish I could have made it a little less shallow but it messed with the already poor rhythm
little lion Mar 2
we're taught the dangers of drugs, told that
"it only takes one."
one drink, one hit, one choice,
as though it's the single poisonous flower out of a beautiful bouquet.

given the choice between a living rose with thorns or
an entire artificial arrangement,
the risk of bleeding will outweigh the everlasting disappointment of the fabricated beauty
Madison Feb 4
I can't stop thinking about her.
We drank and laughed,
I think it was the first time I drank to remember rather than to forget.
She asked me to kiss her and I laughed.
"Anytime" I said.
I meant it
I backed up to grab another drink,
afraid that I might give in to the strangth of the ***** in my hands.
Even after you had thrown up,
you had looked at me and laughed.
You were pretty all the time
That night I slept with your head on my lap,
hoping it was you who asked, not your drink.
That was months ago and Ive been waiting for another sign.
Im afraid it was only me
I want to
My heart out
So you can
Your fill

Mark Wanless Jan 30
elixir of life
drink slow let knowledge arise
compassion and love
Lydia Jan 28
This is the perfect time to write
I’m right at the end of 25 years on this planet
Sitting in a bar at 3:14 pm on a cold Thursday in January, 2021
I’ve had a bad day
So I decided driving by this bar that I was gonna stop and have a drink because that’s what I needed today
So far I was right
I ordered a angry orchard on an empty stomach and drank the first half really quickly so I’d get that good buzz really quickly
the nice bartender, an older lady asked me if wanted food so I asked for a menu because, why not?
I’m broker than ever and can’t really afford to be doing what I’m doing right now but what’s an extra 6.99 on pretzel sticks with beer cheese?
It’s beer cheese for heavens sake.
when the going gets tough, the tough get going
to get a good drink on tap
I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time
I get lucky I guess
My whole life has been built on me
Completely on me to decide where I’m gonna go and how my life is going to look
That’s kind of scary honestly
that my life and my sons life relies completely on my shoulders
I can’t ***** up
I can’t give up
So we will just keep going
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