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Love, what sweet despair
and what mournful joy
Is love, having a wife
To hold at night
To kiss after work
Is love, changing the lonely shower
into the ******* hour
To hold at night
To make love with after work;
Is love, the poison of our hearts
and the fuel of despair
To cry at night
To drink after work
Love is always defined by a family or it's defined with ***, but no person can argue. Love hurts us, and it breaks us, it uses us
J 4d
Love is a **** of a drink.
One sip and it makes
you brave enough to
think you can win
against the world.
It also makes you
paranoid and panic
out of your wits as
you stare into the
eyes of obliteration.
But that’s what love does;
it musters courage and
summons the monsters,
then mixes it into a terrifying
concoction called risk.

I know you’re scared.
I am scared shitless, too.
What do you say we
get drunk together?
What do you say we
get drunk together?
Becca 6d
I feel like I need to spill my feelings
into some other coffee.
Max Dec 7
Whisky I love,
It gives me that feeling
Of being old and wise.

The cigar I
Makes me feel
Happy, calm and in control.

I wouldn't call it unhealthy
If you do it now and then
And if it makes you happy.
Sometimes I like to drink my whisky and smoke a little good cigar... and I hate it when people say It's bad for me! Look at churchill, he lived a long life.
Give me a shot of eggnog!
    A shot of nog I beg!
Give me a shot of eggnog!
    The nog that's made of egg!
Give me a shot of eggnog!
    Or better yet—a keg!
Give me a keg of eggnog!
    And let me **** your leg!

"drink me
drink me,
empty my glass"
"but for what reasons?,"
the young man asked,
"i'm not thirsty, frankly I'm not parched"
"you look empty...
can't you feel it in your heart?
it's just one sip, it won't hurt.
i promise
it won't get worse"
and so the man drank and he drank
and he continued to drink more
until he was passed out on the couch
his heart no longer sore
Throw back another shot,
Put on that dress that radiates
The siren within.
Go out and hunt.
Dance like you actually want to.
Break his heart.
Ruin his life.
Feign confidence.
Make him believe he wants you
More than you want him.  
Make him follow you like a puppy,
Throw him a smile to gives him hope.
Paint your mouth a pretty colour
So he notices.
Find love,
If only for few hours.
Don’t regret when you wake up.
Even though,
The light of day is a cruel mistress.
Harley Nov 29
Partying for days since you're gone
Drink till I'm drunk
Smoke till I'm high
Crying you aren't in my life
Broken on new drugs
New guys gettin' messed up
*** with people I don't even know
Partying for days since you're gone
This is one of the shortest poems I've written inspired by a song I heard on the radio.
French rose Nov 25
I'll drink till I'm sober
I'll drink my sadness away
I'll drink until I forget the words DRUNk in love
IDK what this is but here anyway
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