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c 7d
Does your kiss
Still taste
Like everything
I drank to forget?
Day Oct 6

Oh, Mr. Cocktail, fill me up! but
darling, p l e a s e  don't
bother me until
every last
is poured.
Annie Oct 3
I was prescribed
hot chocolate
by a woman who let me
cry in her chair
on two occasions.

On bad days
I make myself have a hot chocolate
not because they’re particularly my favourite drink,

but because having this hot cup of
makes me feel like I’m doing something
to comfort myself
when I don’t know what else to do.
clever Oct 2
you stay forever see through.
you say, "I can't read you".
all I need is you and nicotine.
a month ahead, got to keep it clean.
daytrip took it to ten, again
and it's not the same as it's ever been.
you wanna drink just a little more.
you want a hit until you hit the floor.
you wanna go until you can't anymore.
but i don't think i can anymore.
Dor Sep 28
The leaves of the crunchy,
Oolong tea.

The chocolatey aroma…
So intoxicating
Like a psychedelic dream.

Auburn orange.
Amber yellow.
How these colors swirl within the tea cup.

Dipping a spoon in to twirl it.

At last, the tea was ready.
Not too hot.
Not too cold.
Just right, like porridge.

The girl was ready
To savor the
Lovely drink.

She took the tea cup.
In her delicate hands.
Tipped it to her chapped lips.

The warm liquid
In her mouth.
Down her throat.

Her tongue wanting more.
She smiled,
Before continuing to
Her ravishing tea.
Sooo, I re wrote this poem with a different title and a different POV :)

I visited the heavens today
all gods were absent
looked out the window
we were in the clouds

landed in Detroit
on a dreary day
why would it be any different?
this skeletal remain of a city

at least the bartender was great
but now I’m drunk wandering around
hope I wake up in my hotel
Whittney Sep 22
When I drink you in, I don’t gulp you down quickly. I sip you like hot coffee, always burning the tip of my tongue, preventing me from saying what I want to say.
Lewis McCleod Sep 20
The world will take my possessions
The dirt will be under oath
My sudden senses’ cessations
Will end all wisdom’s growth.

I will not take my bread in corpse
I will not take the wine and drink in plenty
I will not take a bow and feel remorse
I will not take the fact you would forget me all too gently.

By sun and storm the marble statues weather
Graceful! Graceful! They will call its name
The shape of its soul will hang on by a tether,
But cannot heal upon the shouting lame.

I will not lose all form upon a memory
I will not lose my written papers old
I will not lose all sense in anxious jeopardy
I will not lose someone who wants my story to be told.

The heavenly bodies will soon dull their color
Our tides will secede, when the moon loses strength
To continue her pull, succumbing to a muller
Mulling about the wine he had not drank.

I will not give my heart to buckling pain when torn asunder
I will not give up hope in final breath. And though it may be vain,
I will not give a damn about the aching soul I knuckle under,
Not until I know that I have nothing left to gain.
I will not.
Brooke P Sep 19
I got drunk with your ghost last night.
Our demons were in attendance,
and we played stupid games
like Edward 40-hands
and cheers to the governor.
We stuffed our faces
with your namesake and
I tripped over your shoes
and fell face-first into the concrete
that lines the bottom of your garage.
I put a nice gash
in my right knee,
just like our college days.
I watched the blood poor out
as they all laughed
at my clumsy tendencies.

But you cleaned me up
that oozing cut,
and you told me everyone around you
was a sham
and wouldn't care if you drove
yourself off the road
but what you didn't know
was that when I woke up
and you weren't there
I was screaming out
that I could have
done something.
Thank the maker
there is a cork
in my wine bottle
I have more to drink

Don't spill it
Alcohol abuse
Dinnk every god dam drop!
Down the hatch!

Why does she do this?
I am just being myself
She said she loves me
For being myself

I finally find an outlet
To express my hidden soul
Then she hides hers
The truth exposed
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