Riley 5d

Us is gonna be something so great someday.

a t 6d

sometimes the easiest questions are the hardest to answer.

what to say and what to feel
Simon B Jun 9

I'll keep a straight face.
Please don't touch me.
I'll Put loves memory in its place.
This is what I get for rushing.
Pacing with my emotions again.
When will this ever end?
The distrust, the deception, loves prison detention.
When i love you i cannot love another; please come back please smother me.
You used to be like a brother to me but I realized you're my favorite woman.
I can't handle being without you fren.
My life is full of highs and you just sent me lows.
For the second time. 5 am dreaming, why am I crying?
Paradoxical thoughts was that whole week of silence a lie?
Was everything we had a thin line?
Something expendable and that's fine?
What about me, the losing minority?
The senate, the house , full of red.
I'm your Nancy Pelosi.

We're good though I just needed to vent a little
Devan McLain Jun 5

This is where you lift me up
Just so I have farther to fall
The harder I hit the ground, the further into the mud and grime I will sink
And that is where I will stay, if you have any say about it

You don't, though, do you?
I am the one who dictates my own thought. The hauntings and memories of a past life whisper to me sweet nothings that will keep me in this ground, under here where I am safe and sound from the challenge of the world
I will leave nothing behind me in life because that is exactly what the memory of you is to me.
You will never win. You never did.
You didn't trap me like you promised that night so long ago, you couldn't make me stay to accompany your orchestra of pitifully arranged mind tricks you thought would hold me.
I am something more than you and your lies will never be, I am whole.

maddie Jun 3

i've bet you noticed,
i refer to you as Love,
with a capital
that is how i recognize you,
when i write and you shouldn't know.

because that would jeopardize what we have now,
and that is the very last thing i want to do.

but you are smart
you've probably figured it out.

oh Love,
please do not get upset with me.
i need this.
i can speak to you without having to fear a response.
i do not have to think of what to say next.

i can express my feelings without ruining anything,

at least, i hope not...

This was/is a risky poem
somewon Jun 2

what concerns you?
what leans your heart yearning
for          s o m e t h i n g    more?

what intrigued your mind
late      t h a t               night
& you never told anyone


m Jun 1

you tiptoe through the darkness
towards me, kissing my palm,
my forearm, my shoulder
my neck, my lips.

we lay here, yes, here,
and you caress me until,
like butter, or a sno-cone,
i have melted in your hands.

my bed is a sanctuary
and we've come to pray.
two strangers, comfortable,
knowing everything, and nothing.

i can't stop smiling, you can't
stop calling me out on it.
you whisper, 'you better not
fall in love with me or something.'
Nylee Jun 13

Nothing is worth anything
                 Everything is worth nothing
Nothing is something
                 something can be everything
but in the end , it is nothing .

Zan Balmore May 21

Do you know when to stop drinking?
Do you know how to smoke less weed?
Do you know where you're headed,
Do you know what you'll do when you get
To where you're going, why you go,
Or who you'll try to meet when you get there?

I don't know so, please, please would you stop asking?

So I'll turn it all around and ask you instead,
What is it you get from raking up my mistakes?
If you see them all in piles in the first place,
Why would you take me blind to it with
my display so prominent?

You know who you are.
Nylee May 16

I've lost the courage
to expect something
from me,
for me.

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