At first his hand prints were soft
Touching me gently, slowly and softly
Then his ego got fed
They became hard
Found strength to swing

My face the target
Swinging and swinging
He hit with a passion

I was his lover and his target
I forgave and he reloaded
Bullets in hands
Shot and my heart he destroyed

My inside pain became seen by many
Bruises and bumps, cut lips and black eyes
They asked why I never left
I told them he took something from me
He took my heart and left me feeling empty
To fill that void I replaced his love with my pain
Some called him an abuser
I called him my lover

To me it was all the same

This piece was written from a woman's point of view. It's not easy to know and hear of stories of woman that have been abused. If you know about someone who has gone through this kind of pain stand up for the voiceless.

there's something that I sometimes want to ask you
and sometimes I just don't
because sometimes you move too fast for me
to even start to speak

there's something I want to tell you now
I just can't find the words
because I've always wanted to tell you
what I don't know how to say

there's something I really want to say
but you can't hear my voice
it's not because you aren't listening to me
just that I'm too far away

there's something I really want to whisper
want to make you feel my voice
as though our lips were brushing
but we can't feel a thing

because the thing that I've been wanting
so badly to say to you
is the simplest thing in all the world:
I just really want to kiss you

Elin Roberts Sep 28

i want you
into sight and out of mind
i want your phantom touch to provide the real feel
of your skin on mine
to lie between satin sheets on rainy days
explore every crevice that your body offers
let us know a life where we're together
yet canada seems a world away
further more when we don't talk for days
and it's like my feelings mask that of the sky
darker and rainier
feeling no warmth from the suns rays
reflecting the ocean and their stormy waters
similar to those murky eyes in which i found home
don't you see that
this mind holds a world of thoughts and feelings
about you
always about you
recklessly a slave to loves cruel fate in a world where you don't care
a slave to the pain it takes to make me feel alive
because i can't cope without emotion
a slave to my love sewn lips
which avidly resist to admit that you are the problem
for i am so consumed with this need to feel wanted
i would take anything from you

but you don't give


I am sure many a fool has pondered
A question that asks
Nothing at all...
If you're busy doing nothing
Are you doing something afterall?

Sometimes, something
seems like nothing,
And what was nothing
Was really something in itself.

So remember,
Nothing is not nothing
It becomes something after all

I Barker Sep 15

Once you force someone to do something.
They lose all inspiration to do it

dizappear Sep 15

I'm losing something
In the waiting
About wasting
And never have way to ending

I'm losing my mind
In the middle
Like torn apart
The different faith

What i do next?
Let or hold
Although it's hurt

If you guys read this words full of wtf i dunno who name for my word this. I'm sorry. I think you wasting your time to read my words. Soo once again i'm so sorry.
Aynjul Sep 11

I wonder...
if your heart drops too
When you hear the vocals of a song that
Decorated a moment we had

She says I'm living in the wrong dimension.
I don't care
Juverine Wan Sep 10

Now is not the time,
so when is it ever going to be?

You say it won't hurt,
But then you don't see,
The scars within me.

Saying goodbye is never easy,
But so is saying hello.

With you I am conflicted,
With you I am renewed,
So drastic is our love story.

Remember our smiles?
I don't either,
Maybe it is time.

I want to tear apart,
but you're holding back.

Please understand,
That it's time.

You were something to me,
just remember that.

This was based off a song. Please comment on it ;)
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