Jayanta 7d
Something wrong somewhere?
River is supposed to carry water not silt!
It supposed to bless us with water and humus!
But not with sandcasting!

Something wrong somewhere?
Forest is supposed to encompass us with diversity of fortune not with weeds!
It supposed to bless with wilderness of life and opportunity to learn relationship
But not with generation of threat and depreciation!  

Something wrong somewhere?
Road supposed to provides us way to transfer,
Transfer of goods and services of our toil
Transfer of knowledge, idea and skills for betterment!
Not to transfer all the venom of destruction!
Destruction of nature, culture and people!

Something wrong somewhere?
Ruler suppose take position for welfare of all
Not for material gain, congregation of power and arriving at fame!

Something wrong somewhere?
People supposed to stand by the people in joy and in misfortune!
Suppose to stand for brotherhood and posterity
But not to abuse and overthrow!

Something wrong somewhere in the commencement
We unable to learn
‘How to learn and make decision!’
Because every decision spoils our dream, robbed our mammon of life!

Something wrong somewhere
Need to start it again from the beginning!
Amoni Fuller Apr 29
To make a long story short
When I woke up next to you
Your face just a few inches from mine
I realized I had never felt anything like this in my life
Something so peaceful
Something so...whole
Something that made me stop looking for home
Because I'd found it
*Sigh* I wanna cry
eli Apr 29
as poets
thank the pain
thank the sorrow
for it gives you something to write about

as poets
don't take the beautiful moments for granted
don't be afraid of happiness
because that too is something to write about

as poets
appreciate everything life throws at you
Shadow Dragon Apr 25
A wise man once told me,
what comes (goes).
That’s all he knows.

A wise woman once told me,
What comes (may stay).
But it might only be for a day.

A wise child once told me.
What comes (Has no meaning).
Because something is intervening.
But all the ideas have turned stagnant
In the little idea lake in my mind

And the little idea fishermen are all sitting there, waiting and waiting
and waiting, for a little idea fish to come along

But the idea lake is stagnant,
and stinky, and rotten.

And there's a little legend going around
About a monster that lurks near the idea lake

Who eats the little idea fishermen if they stay
For too long, so..

They don't stay for long.
So they never catch any idea fish.

So, that's why I couldn't write a little something.
But I thought I'd write a little nothing instead.
Silly little nothing a wrote a few years ago (2014 maybe?)
Lora H A Apr 15
It´s cold.
Rain pouring.
Me overthinking.
Barely talking.
Why would we care?
At this point,
Everything is ripping us apart.
We need to feel,
I pour down into tears.
Wishing you can hear.
I gave you my best years.
Now, that we say things clear.
Let´s go somewhere peacefully.
And clarify once for all,
That we need to feel something,
And we don´t.
chloe fleming Apr 12
I am a stalemate,
I will never be won,
But I will also never be lost
I could never be your checkmate.
Seanathon Apr 11
Every time she looks on him
Every time she reads what was his
Every time though he tries and tries
It’s every time she makes him fly
Something In The Eyes (FLY)
Asonna Apr 5
I know you, I've seen you before
Why are you seated in front of me?
Your hazel eyes, so warm and calm,
but they're screaming of depression.

Pale skin, your cheeks are flushed,
your lips all worn and cracked.
I see you there all dressed in black,
but do you know you matter?

Your hand reaches out for mine,
it feels so cold, yet tender.
Graze my thumb over your knuckle
just to know you're not alone.

Not a person for miles, not in sight
It's just you and me.

Your hair in curls, so dark and chic
I can see it matches your eyes.
Why is it that you take away,
the loneliness and the pain?

Daylight breaks, the day is new
a wall is fogged in the distance.
I suddenly realise where I am,
then the heaviness resides within me.

That boy i knew wasn't there,
A figment of my imagination.
Reflecting moments, dreams all fade
And a sigh escapes my lips.

Open a wardrobe filled of black
It's time to continue the memory.
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