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Jay M May 2019
One day
I will
Go fetch the scraps
The metal
The wood
And make something
Just for you

A bench
Framed in the shape of a heart


A sculpture
Of metal
Designed by my siblings and I
Will power
To go on
Make it for them

- Jay M
May 9th, 2019
Mrs Anybody Oct 7
I miss something
that doesn’t
even exist
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Word farer Sep 26
Sometimes i feel like
Someone will definitely realise that
Somebody has to love for not gaining
Something but to just understand the feeling
Love isnt SOMETHING its just that SOMEBODY in ur life is so important than the materialistic world
Andrew Sep 25
Beauty was her name
But deceiving
Were her looks,

Written on the seams
Of her well ironed dress,
Popping from the shine
Of her blood spattered

If I were a fool
Then they would call me a genius -
But because I knew her
I am nothing
But broken
idk why but I've been in a little bit of a rut recently, just haven't been feeling like myself
Em Glass Aug 5
In the morning before work
I sit on the floor and pretend
that it’s dirt. I look out the window
and pretend that it’s church.
That gods of the earth and sky
and space all did their research
in collaboration to be sure
that today is worth it.
Every-time I try something new
I get excited like a few
When the charm wears off
And the pants come off
I give my best
Try it with zest
Till it bores me
Or it scares me
The exciting act of trying something new
Twalib Mushi Jul 7
I took my pen
And I wrote something
Something they will understand
Because of the simple language
I chose.
People of the different age
They will understand.

They tried
to give me penny
I refused.
They tried
to give me
their own pen,
i STILL refused.
They finally decided
To take my pen,
With their power
They said
Nothing is left to be written.
to those who not born an aristocrat,
what it means to be a human-being?
a terrible exhaustion - result of attrition
soulless slave - six days a week
is there any other alternative, though
I cannot outstare the bill faces
rent will due soon
endless presentations
pointless meetings
118,000 unread emails
week long business trips
"bare minimum to get by" prohibited
I have lunch delivered
snacks delivered
dinner delivered
I have all the food inside my office
and a beautiful apartment facing the sea
with the sun rays peeking in through the blinds each morning
but I'm just too busy
hopelessly hoarding pennies
hopefully saving enough joy for the future
they say your hardwork will come into frution
repeating cycles of entire career till retirement?
050620 | 15:40 PM - sunday in transition season of cobid-19 pandemic
ame Jun 9
tear my heart apart
see if it's golden
i'll stay still for you, surrender
as your calloused hands break it open
watch as your mouth drowns in blood
darling, i'll let you keep the ashes
let me cry
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