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Mark Wanless Jan 15
either i am or
i think i am but am not
doh ain't that something
Last convo of the evening.. So Who/what keeps you grounded..?  What is the source of what you feel is the thing that makes you founded.., In your busy and your idle times..?  what helps you be the best of who you are.. And do questions from a online convo some one you never met make you get annoyed at said arrival.. Like dang why you asking and do you feel the questioner better answer you first before you do. Or even if they do you don't give sound minded details of what is significantly you...about you??  answer or not hope i make you think  and feel some emotions and some thing to ponder good or bad..
Past intro   Some..  Questions .. LIKE what keeps u grounded..
saying something.. is a powerful..
thing so make that saying worth something....
FunSlower Dec 2023
I saw something I shouldn’t have.

I felt something you wouldn’t have.

I longed for something we couldn’t have.

They say build a bridge and get over it,
But I’m no engineer. I can barely stack kindling,
Let alone light a fire to warm your world.
How do we explore a heart’s greatest desires when
The one it beats for doesn’t share them?
After all, space’s rainbow rapture forms
A membrane set to rupture. It’s the only way to be.

We said some things we shouldn’t have.

I asked something you wouldn’t have.

You said, it’s something we couldn’t have.
I S A A C Jun 2022
my guard dropped when i fell into your heart
at the heart and crown orange lit bar
its been a minute since i’ve been so inhibited
revisiting the pools of pleasure i used to dip into
wanna get to know exactly what you are into
kisses underneath the full moon?
kisses as Dont Start Believing is chanted through the room
its serendipitous how you are here
perfect timing for my perfect poison
don’t let it be a one night thing
you plus me got to equal something
lets be something
tired of nothings
Broken Pieces Apr 2022
Is that what I am
A simple mistake
Taking up space

Is that what you see
But little old me

Can I be something
Or am I stuck
Forced to be nothing
Nat Oct 2021
In nothing but a string of letters and words I'll make you feel something
It might not be great but it'll be something, it's got to be - something new, something novel
But it won't be sad. We all know what sadness is
It won't be happy or beautiful or even ugly because that's all old hat
No funky formatting, or perspective shifts, no careful pronouns
It won't have images or anything
Just words
Objective words with meanings older than the earth,
And no one will ever misunderstand just what I meant when I wrote it
And no one will ever have experienced anything quite like it before
And it'll make someone, somewhere, just once think:
"Whoa, this poetry stuff can be as spiritual as music"

I'll write something like that Someday, I think
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
"Why do you believe in me?"
"Because sometimes, I don't believe in myself. That I'm really helping.
But we all need something to believe in.
And I know that you believe in me.
So I believe in you."
Mark Wanless Aug 2021
i act a lot like
a **** on toast but i help
sometimes means something
Nicole Bataclan Jul 2021
I see my book on your shelf
And yours on mine,

I would take our afterthoughts
And turn them into rhyme.

Every love story starts with
A blank page.
Take note,

People still write letters
Left for others to quote.

Each day with you
Leaves a poet at a loss for words.

I love you, Darragh.

A time for us,

A private bookcase
Sealed with kisses.
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