stank man Apr 20

of all the people
that cross my mind
when it came to you
my brain was blind

i write of pain
of hate and regret
but how about about
the first time we met

rain down windows
mascara down face
but next to you
i think I found my place

clouds didn't pass
the rain wouldn't leave
but the thought of you
i could do anything but grieve

and so i haven't wrote
about you yet
and of all the times
i hope never to forget

Jayantee khare Apr 12

He was no one
She was nothing

In between them
They had everything

Together they proved
They are something

Nylee Apr 1

I got something to write
Not dark , not light
not wrong , not right
something not entirely bright
Not sharp , hope it won't bite
Something finite
Not something ,I'll recite
as it is not much delight
I won't guarantee greater insight
But words fill despite
and lessens the spaces white
then I rest ,remain quiet .

rinnette Mar 20

There is something about him
Yet I don't know what it is
It makes me feel fuzzy
Like butterflies in me

There is something about him
That makes me gravitate towards his presence
It makes me want to stay close
In silence or in everything

There is something about him
That calms my being
My demons quiet down
Just so that I could hear him

There is something about him
Because every time he holds my hand
I feel safe
Like I'm at home, cuddled in my warm bed

There is something about him...
...and I still don't know what it is.

I don't think I'll ever know.
Nabarun Roy Mar 18

I wanted to make her feel lively,
I though of presenting her something
But, I didn't know what to present
And I wasn't going ask her too
As I knew her reply,
What then?
Then I kept trying to present her something
Until she would find the perfect something.

Once, she may also feel to present something,
And will ask me,
I will say that I want nothing,
And throughout the life I will get hearty nothings,
While for trying to present her something
Perfect, I have given everything.

Oskar Erikson Mar 17

but who's to say this "SOMETHING" won't slowly fade away..

Ashlea Mar 16

People are constantly waiting for something more,
Something better,
Then what they have now.
But why,
Why are people constantly trying to find more,
Experience more,
Live life differently?
When what they could be doing
Is appreciating what they have right

Audrey Maday Mar 14

I knew I was nothing to you
But what a dream it was
To pretend I was something.

Brianna Mar 9

Every now and then we'd meet in his old dirty room which he no longer inhabited. We shared something we chose never to label for there wasn't any word to describe the things we did and the things we said. We became nocturnal, we found peace within the night and each other. Everything about him was so familiar; he was my home away from home. I found safety in his humour and the way he would sing out of the blue and play the tune within his fingers. The building which holds all of what we've done is to be demolished and nothing will be the same once it's gone. It was one of a kind... just like us.

I can't believe i'm going to lose one of my favourite places. I'm completely heartbroken.

I have been thrown into a shell of a world to fit in. Hardening as clay in the heat of the summer daylight. Then pulled into an ocean of nothingness carried by the waves of the moon.
The nature of this dimension is like a neighborhood I never found, like a girl I never met, like a life I never lived. Incomprehensible, yet I can string these words together and call it something.

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