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I see my book on your shelf
And yours on mine,

I would take our afterthoughts
And turn them into rhyme.

Every love story starts with
A blank page.
Take note,

People still write letters
Left for others to quote.

Each day with you
Leaves a poet at a loss for words.

I love you, Darragh.

A time for us,

A private bookcase
Sealed with kisses.
Broken Pieces Apr 19
How would you react if I said I missed you?
Would you miss me too?

It's highly unlikely because you seem to be okay,
But I still wonder what it would be like if you were to stay.

I don't want to, but I think of you every day,
I'm really sorry to brings this up this way.

I can just never seem to say anything right,
It's so hard for me to think about the light.

I'm ranting on and on about how I feel,
This is the only place where I can keep it real.

I cannot imagine myself without this site,
I for sure know the future wouldn't be bright.

Well this was a poem about nothing,
But it happened to lead to something.
Ruchira Apr 19
Even the fallen leaves have something to protect ....
George Krokos Apr 19
Wasting time
is like crime.
Best to do
something new
and you will
time fulfill.
Better than
nothing can.
Written in 2020.
deadhead Apr 2
Nothing doesn't mean anything.
Or, I suppose, nothing means
the lack of something.
Nothing is nothing.
It doesn't exist.
So tell me why
this nothing
is hurting
Girl Mar 18
Bottle it up.
do it.
Throw it in the sea.
do it.

even the voices in my head agree.

they never agree.

Wishing that the emotions coursing through my veins with every beat.
of my heart would go with it.
knowing there's only one way...
stoping my heart

it keeps going.


it always ends with a period.
or a bullet.

But the bitter tears stayed.
The raw emotion filled me up.

Like a bottle, overflowing.
A tsunami of.
At myself, for being incapable.
At those around me… for being so blind.
Why can no one see, why can’t they see that I’m not ok?
Why cant someone see through my white lies and blinding perfection. don’t they know better?

they have to know better
WHY won’t they do something?


Can’t they see I’m b r  o   k    e     n?

have I gotten too good at make-belief?
Sometimes it feels so real that I get lost in the moment.


The wind drowns out my screams.

its ok.

its not.

But I'm use to the silence.

so quiet.

it use to be peaceful.

now it's loud.


so much.



For a second, pretending I’m ok.
o k.
But the gravity shifts.
one moment...
I’m weightless.

s o a r i n g

through the sky.
And the next.
I’m crushed beneath the weight of the world.

Like Atlas, but I’m down on my knees.
The weight of reality is too much to bear.
I’m sinking, like a ship...
A ship with too many holes, beyond repair.
The weight of knowing sinks in grief envelopes me, welcoming me. Into its comforting darkness.

I wish.

I wish- things could be different…
Maybe in another life...
I think thougtfully as I look out into the storm.
A practiced captain knows when to give up.


Looking back down at my hands I seal the bottle shut.

I’ve always liked solving mysteries, it’s time to be one.

I’ll bet people would wonder why the selfless girl took… took from herself.
With a last look at the beaten boat, I toss the bottle weightless for a split second, before dropping like a stone, into the sea of green.
So quiet without a splash, not even a ripple.
She was gone.


Something then nothing -
A parrot on my left shoulder
But it is not real
Zack Ripley Feb 21
I didn't know I was lost until I met you
I'm still lost.
But before, I was lost in the world;
A sea of blue.
Now I'm lost in something new.
Something true.
Shofi Ahmed Feb 20
Something is missing
since a long ago.
When I remembered
before me, I could not
see my mirror.
Natalie Feb 4
I have to say - well
Would like to say
Something about it

Cause I keep thinking
I mean, it's sorta like if maybe
If maybe I slipped and never landed

Sort of like a back lot
Like out behind the city
Away from any eyes

Sort of like a crack
Like the tiniest dark gap
An eye that isn't

Sort of like I just can't
A million miles underneath the deepest charted cave
Just behind the clouds
Details I've already forgotten
Pictures I'll never finish remembering
An expanse; a smear; a nebula

A disconnect. Eyes to mind to
I need to talk to you
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