Madeon 2h

In childhood we want
something we grow up faster
but when we are grown up
we again long for childhood.

halsey 2d

Her soul lacks something
that she can't touch upon
however it is as much a part to her
as is her heart

Elise Jackson Jul 26

For once this actually means something.

Day 25/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
Flowery skies Jul 26

Sometimes i just get really sad,
No reason,
I just did.

It started burst me into crying,
I felt really hurt inside my chest,

And at that time i realized,
I am not alone,
I am lonely,
Even though i surrounded
by bunch of people,

My heart just felt so empty,
Like i just lost something or someone
I don't know,
I don't know what it is nor who it is.

Sanny Jul 15

I wanted you to be like me.

You wanted me to be you.

It worked for awhile.

But we found our way back..

To the ones we actually are.

That's when it crashed.

Our worlds collided.

It didn't match.

We grew apart again.

But for a brief moment, we were something.

We were glorious.

Arlene Corwin Jul 12

The Books I Write & Thoughts At Night

It’s 2am and I awaken.
Thoughts break in
And I begin:

I write the books.
Charming, informative.
They do not sell.

Carefully worked on and out until they gel,
Spontaneous but ne’er pell-mell,
Tight, concise, the format small;
Life’s storms,
Its call to arms,
A bawling at our time’s alarms,
Wailing ‘gainst life’s wailing wall,
Admiring the beauty of it all…

What e’er it is I have to tell:  
They do not sell.
So what the hell!

But what is hell?
The poet’s railing wall?
Perhaps the tiresome need to sell.

The Books I Write & Thoughts At Night 7.12.2017
A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Our Times, Our Culture II;
Arlene Corwin

Something to do when you can't sleep.
Janae Jul 9

Do you ever like/love something so much then wake up one day realizing you forgot all about it?

Janae Jul 6

I guess I was just temporary,
nothing really
just a person who came and left.

I was the friend you only knew
at work,
or something.

Nothing more,
just a person to fill empty space
for a while.

Everyone knew this, but me.

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