You ain't see nothing
You ain't see nothing
How could you even say that
How could you even say that

There's no one better
There's no one better
How could you even say that
How could you even say that

If I ,could see through your eyes
Well then I, could live a life

You ain't see nothing wrong
With me
There's no one better
than you

Something makes you
Something makes you
Repetitive, but so is thought.
It's something about the way yellow looks in the rain
The way that color makes me take the long way home
Something else about those days I can't remember -
Did I know I was going to forget them when I walked by?
And there was something too - about that fish I had that lived too long
And how I knew it was gone - where did it go?
There's something there -
I think I heard it in the frog song inside those warm summer nights
From under Orion's belt when I counted myself to you
Where do my somethings go when they are gone?
Are they resting in those smiles I never learned to crawl out of?
It's something about one moment to the next
And how they collect like pennies in a jar
Something about that yellow and the long way home
I have been everyone
and I have been no one
each life gets harder
and the cuts go deeper
each person is special
in their own torture
shout it out loud
bleed into your poetry
and paint on your walls
whisper to the ghosts
that hide inside your mind
and ask them why we lead our lives
in absolute misery
ask them why we hide
in the lies we speak
and behind shining smiles

Are we afraid
of becoming what we want to see
in this world full of pity?
Do we hate ourselves
because we are not enough
or because we are just too much?
Are we still here
because a god has blessed us
or is it because someone
somewhere loves us?

I am nothing
but still I mean something
because I know that someone out there
needs me to be something
so I will be everyone
and I will be no one
as long as someone needs me.
Emmy Feb 27
I don’t know what I’m looking for
But I’m looking for something
And I keep ending up back at
“Everything is nothing”
Which means that nothing is something
And the thoughts refuse to stop coming
I know there’s no running

I cant escape being in this ring
Forever feeling like every direction is a haphazard swing
I can’t see a thing
Feeling like society’s puppet on a string
There’s a list I keep, sorta sloppy neat
But God tells me, “take a seat”
I yell back, “that’s no easy feat”

I don’t understand what all of this is for
Life feels like a game, except I can’t score
I can’t open the fuckin door
They wanna say, “when life closes a door, it opens a window”
But all I see is a shit show
That’s not to say, I don’t see the beauty in how a river flows
That’s not to say, I don’t see the beauty in how the same river froze
You can tell me I’m dramatic, that I wallow in my throes
And yeah Lil Uzi told me, “that’s the way life goes”
But I’m fed up with everyone’s prose
I don’t want to believe that’s really how it goes

And so I sit with Robert Frost
At his two roads, curious at how he tells me he’s actually not lost
How it’s not left to the probability of a coin toss
That everyone just wants to be their own boss
Pretending that they aren’t nailed to their own cross

I don’t know what I’m looking for
But I think maybe I’ve been playing the game wrong
That there is no score which could lead to more
All I’ve got is a case of nothing being something
And that’s really nothing more
Than “everything is nothing” for sure.
JosilinP Feb 26
theres just a little something
that eats away at me.
it caused me to see everything
that i don't like in me.
Danial John Feb 26
You must be settling.
That's what you told me.
Me and you, I'm must be reaching...
You and him, seems like it's reversed.

Fuck me.
Fuck him.
And what do you want?
Fuck us

I know more than you think.
That's why I always reach.
I see the best and learn to love the rest.
Everybody I love is the best.

Why do you pain me so?
It may be my fault.
My feelings are my law.
But then again, what do I know?
sunprincess Feb 18
In the midst of this spectacular universe
where worlds revolve around Stars,
And comets circle entire solar systems
Where those stars softly hold their worlds
in a warm embrace and give light
Of luminous luminosity

Woe unto me I cry on my bed I'll die
I am naught but a minuscle speck of life,
As important as a common housefly
Well maybe not-- at least an annoying fly
can be a spider's next nourishong meal,
a spider's sweet delight

Wait, when those voices in your head
start saying these horrible things to you,
And saying you're  better off dead
Just remember you're more than nothing,
you mean something to someone,
And God loves you!
Be brave, be strong
God loves you!
Lunatica Feb 9
I had so much to say
And you had none.
I love the song 'say something'..
And i really wish you said something
its bitter Feb 5
She needed help so
he helped himself -
vaguely symbiotic

she screamed hallelujah
as he unlaced her
straining rows of stitches

illustrious open sores
her prayers answered
Oh god, that she'd never heal!
Atomika Feb 4
Each man has its duty, everyone may envision
A person with a wish, a man in a mission
Though each set of us, has a standard and condition
In each a task handed to us will create a result and fruition

We can take all of what needs to be done and finish it all
Even though it’s a big feat, you may think of it as small
However, burnout will happen and falter like the rest
Whereas you could’ve took one and made it the best

Take a small one, it should be really easy
A simple task which you can think may be measly
But will you be happy with a small scope like that
Why not challenge yourself with a bigger cap?

So you see my friend, we do have options about our limitations
It’s either we got one to finish, or take on a mountain of duty
Although each one may lead us in a treasure or booty
Think of yourself before you make a final decision
Another spur of the moment poem for our project in Humanities :)
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