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Don't beat yourself up.
What ever
happened is not
your fault.
When something bad
the world doesn't come
to a halt.
I keep blaming myself about a tragic event that happened in my family, only I didn't really do anything. But that's not the way I see it.
Don't know something;
Don't know someone;
Didn't see something,
Can't do something...

Moms are just so great and surprisingly know so much about things.
Isaac 7d
You are growing into something.
I’d suggest you check what.
Written 10 February 2019
Skywlkr Feb 8
OK Three Poems I Had Written and With them I've Made you Smitten, <~><~><~><~><~><~><~><~><~><~><~>
So From Dark and Bright I'm Now Looking for Some Light I'm Searching All Night for What causes My Personal Freight
and in that Place I Keep Hiding My Face,,,,,,
it Can't be Controlled for On My Mind I have no Hold,
Caused By Greif that Would stop One's Belief,
Losing People that hold you Together Its Hard to Find Yorself ever or even there After,
Share Your bravery I Will Try Share Laughter,,,,,,,,,,
I sent a poem to my Nana she asked me where the secret place I went so I sent her this as a 2nd part what u reckon
Always try
to look
for something
in each day,
even if
some days make you
look a little
Many people say that, actions speak louder than words,
these short little lines we write speak to us in a way a gift or a hug could never,
do speak louder than words.
But words,
speak directly to our mind and heart:
bypassing the inconsistencies and shows us one's intentions,
words, do mean something
Philomena Jan 30
Perfect place to live
Yet so far from home

Perfect person to live with
Yet just as broken as me

Perfect job to be in
Yet a overwhelmed minority

Perfect person to love
Yet worried on how much time remains
Lieke Jan 28
i am a shape

                       i dOn't know what kind

    i dOn't knOw what dimensiOn

                                          i give myself answers

            that i dOn't have the questiOns tO

                                                         my bOdy tries match a silhouette

                        but there are nOne

                                                         i am an existent piece of sOmething

and that is all i knOw.
5 May 2018
alexis Jan 28
The little things I remembered about us was the texts of adventures and dancing under moonlight and midnight picnics and chasing around an empty park and singing the words to songs we’ve forgotten making up the words as we go; the conversations of questions like what’s your favorite color or what does your tattoo mean or is this okay or can I kisss you and cautionary touches on my part. Me feeling your heartbeat and the warmth of your skin under my fingers, as your lips meet mine and we whispered words of something akin to love and stolen kisses on rumpled sheets as we lay together in bliss, our bodies tangled like string as we touched and explored and came undone.   We held hands in public and we didn’t care. We would drift off to sleep or at least pretended to so I wouldn’t have to leave, I remembered how you had a cute voice and you were like sunshine, always happy and smiling and warm even though you wore no jacket even in the rain, dressed in one of your flannels.

I remembered how you stared at me and I stared back. The conversation was awkward on my part as you found a way to get it moving along throughout the night. We sat on a couch in a church which I still find funny that a bunch of openly ***** teens were partying in a church, while we sat in the darkness of the corner. I remember how the night ended and we played in the playground in the night as we filled the void with laughs and inappropriate jokes as we all shouted and screamed into the night without a single care or worry. I remember how your face lit up and you smiled and we both seemed tipsy off of how happy we were.

I remembered the late night phone calls and the late night texts and the soft kisses and the light touches. The softness of love or something akin to it, as we talked about everything and nothing at the same time. The soft giggles and the cuddles as we sat together while the movie you never saw but wanted to play it anyway played in the background.

I remember the sunshine and the heat of the summer. I remember the sound of tears from your end. I remembered how I called you and how I listened to you cry as I felt nothing but hurt for you, not me. Which I still feel bad for breaking your heart. I remember how we might’ve had something akin to love, you were my first in many ways but I was simply another girl in your ledger who broke you and left you to pick yourself up again.

I’m sorry that I left things the way they were and I’m sorry you’ll never see this because I’ll never send this to you. I’m sorry that I loved you, or at least something akin to love, which if it was I guess you loved me too. I’m sorry.

vi. It’s been three months and you’ve moved on, got a new girl among other things. You’ve changed your hair and you don’t wear flannel as much, but I see that you’ve been doing better. We talk, it’s not the same as before, but we’re moving. Maybe we go back to being strangers, after all, we don’t know each other anymore. Maybe all we had was something akin to love.
Johnny walker Jan 27
A dream within a dream so real It seemed Suddenly started to sink there was no sound there was no panic
As sank deeper and deeper into the beautiful clear blue water further, I go still no
Almost an acceptance of the Inevitable sunk so deep can no longer see the surface my eyes starting to close
and can't breathe but still no panic suddenly a comforting feeling descending all around me
I knew at that point I was dying
I almost felt as If I was going to somewhere I would be finally happy when I woke
It had been a dream but to what did the dream mean or maybe the dream
a warning of something about to happen or
maybe still to
A strange dream but to what did It mean something about to happened or maybe yet to come
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