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I point
And three fingers
Pointing back at me

Not forgotten
Even though I plea

The knives,
They are calling
Yet I still don't bleed

No point in my destruction
Since I cannot feed them

Sharp blades
My self destruction

To pay
For loss of function

New day
Is a new problem

Cut me off
(Save me!)

I'm coming out
I'm caving in
Tell me do you like me now
Let me begin

By burning all the cradles
Uninstall the training wheels
Enstrangement's just a label
And I don't give feels

(I cut me off
I shut you out
I'm caving in
Do you like me now?

Not good enough
I've never been
I'm the alien)
👽 nation.
Ainsley May 6
Your judgement was worse
Than the societal norms
You labeled me a player,
Having boys as friends
Doesn't mean all i lack is characters
You questioned my loyalty
Broke my trust on your trust


I loved you all the while
All along
And you left me all alone

This bittersweet memories of you
Will never be gone..
It's been a year....i am strong enough to hate you to the most...if a girl speaks with boys doesn't mean she is disloyal or she replaced your place....words can't be erased...
ms reluctance Apr 20
A box
to contain you;
stifled identity.

Haven from anarchy,
labelled as social construct.
NaPoWriMo Day 20
Poetry form: Septolet
Amanda Apr 17
"Happy" a label
Whole families watch cable
Ditch dinner tables
It seems like too many Americans are brainwashed by media instead of spending time with eachother
Rasha Joie C Feb 7
Clean living is what you said you're doing.
Well in fact, you're just pretending.
Drinking this Johnny W with your close friends.
Who am I to stop you?
I'm just your friend or maybe just a colleague.
Passed out and tired,
I'm waiting for your reply.
Now I know I'm just somebody...
Somebody you can call nobody.
Yani Nov 2019
Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM.
You should have gone home,
Poured a glass of wine,
Listened to Ted Mosby
As you watched HIMYM.

You should have refused
That cup of coffee,
Exposing your heart out
In the process of enjoying
Whatever ‘that’ you have.

It’s past two in the morning,
Hug that pillow, go to bed.
Sleep now, peacefully
And rest well my heart.
When the clock struck two, you should have gone to sleep.
Sumairupoetry Nov 2019
I thought that you loving me would be automatic, 
but when I read your label, 
I realized it said batteries not included.
c Aug 2019
I think my tragic flaw
Is reading the warning label
On every person
And pulling a Romeo
On each boy
marked “Toxic”
sushii Jul 2019
and in the words i find
no comfort as i crawl
away to my demise
sad eyes glued to a device

no poem in months
no one seemed to notice
that i missed out on the fun
and that i had nowhere to run

tags and labels
hoping i'll be noticed
but my attempts come to no avail
and my imagination has gone stale

romance is bleak
i'm not sure what to say
care is obsolete
love is incomplete

music is all i'm good for
and that's not even enough
so i sit here on the floor
begging them to shut the door

well, since there is no end in sight
maybe i will end this here
if i may and if you might
turn away if this gives you fright
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