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Emma Pratt Feb 3
i frequently
weep in silence -
for those i treat well

are the ones who most of all
seek yet to harm me
and label me crazy

because of this
i am lost
and confused

and you,
     i want
               you to suffer
the insanity -

in myself i am aware of this

but the one i call ‘you’ is simply
    and i find that i
          am the cause
                 of my
inspired by the fragments of Sappho
Niel Nov 2020
The labyrinthine system of enrouted intrinsics
That behaves as a medium
for any and probably all vegetative states
This present, (assumingly)included
Pulsating root systems
nourished by chaotic, brutal wisdom and love
Dancing in murderous creation
Purity exquisite
Laughing in a deliriatory manner
No laws to uphold
Or silly rituals, pesky square pushers

That’s what we are:
Composing manners to stunt
All that which promotes
Radiant leaves..firm trunk
Composting neuroses
to encroach upon the crops
luciana Nov 2020
being apart from the ingroup
they say you'll find a way
to be a part of some social loop
hopefully where labels won't convey
Eva Jun 2020
We'll put a label
on what we can not define.
What's wrong and what's right?
Asominate May 2020

I point
And three fingers
Pointing back at me

Not forgotten
Even though I plea

The knives,
They are calling
Yet I still don't bleed

No point in my destruction
Since I cannot feed them

Sharp blades
My self destruction

To pay
For loss of function

New day
Is a new problem

Cut me off
(Save me!)

I'm coming out
I'm caving in
Tell me do you like me now
Let me begin

By burning all the cradles
Uninstall the training wheels
Enstrangement's just a label
And I don't give feels

(I cut me off
I shut you out
I'm caving in
Do you like me now?

Not good enough
I've never been
I'm the alien)
👽 nation.
ms reluctance Apr 2020
A box
to contain you;
stifled identity.

Haven from anarchy,
labelled as social construct.
NaPoWriMo Day 20
Poetry form: Septolet
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
"Happy" a label
Whole families watch cable
Ditch dinner tables
It seems like too many Americans are brainwashed by media instead of spending time with eachother
Rasha Joie C Feb 2020
Clean living is what you said you're doing.
Well in fact, you're just pretending.
Drinking this Johnny W with your close friends.
Who am I to stop you?
I'm just your friend or maybe just a colleague.
Passed out and tired,
I'm waiting for your reply.
Now I know I'm just somebody...
Somebody you can call nobody.
Yani Nov 2019
Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM.
You should have gone home,
Poured a glass of wine,
Listened to Ted Mosby
As you watched HIMYM.

You should have refused
That cup of coffee,
Exposing your heart out
In the process of enjoying
Whatever ‘that’ you have.

It’s past two in the morning,
Hug that pillow, go to bed.
Sleep now, peacefully
And rest well my heart.
When the clock struck two, you should have gone to sleep.
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