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Luiz Oct 17
we are one winged angels
only together
may we reach the heavens
ibkreator Sep 19
But we are never out of your mind
Blind Pathos Sep 8
Van Gogh’s ear sings tales all night
Soulful moaning over mind’s eye sight

Antagonize the heart and turn the eye
A visitor to the heart or passing by

From this spring that we all drink
What whispers all the thoughts we think

Lunatic genius with eyes turned in
Tell me where my mind has been

A freighting tether is shelter and cage
Where the writer’s pen touches page

Ink’s fossil trail bleeding from my pen
A history of where my heart has been

To go and not say in doing so
Beyond this point no words can go

With feet of clay and hand to chalk
I’ve come to hear Van Gogh’s ear talk
There is a moment just before an idea, it's origin. The magic of the written word is a spark that comes before the writing, up stream, unknown, untamed, shear new. I would follow the path to the origin and bring back great treasures. I have been lost many times, but what else is there to do?
I have looked through flowers
They are dying without the attention
So are other beings
Waiting for a notice
A text, a message
A phone ring.

It is surprising,
Not meeting
A sudden situation
missing out on exchange
the needs are simple
short greetings.

You know them
Don't you,
Met in the corridor
The canteen,
In the bus,
In a cafe,
the bakery
The number saved on phone.

You call out
They'll hide
You reach
Be in touch
Kindness needs to be shown
Or they'd be gone
Far far away
You will grow...
Enough to reach your destination and be at peace someday.

Only if you haven't disturbed others peace on way.
You will receive what you give in this universe.
Bhill Jun 22
looking ahead towards the end is intoxicating
knowing that you are able to conquer obstacles previously out of reach
hurdles, that before, were not obtainable
what changed so that victory existed on your journey
your ideas of what could be done, can be done
your view of the end changed....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 170
What is in your view?
Kairosclere Jun 12
I reach my hands
Yearning for a soothing presence
And find my eyes
Looking back at me
Because I’m truly alone
But not lonely.
How come I feel like my dream is so far away?

How do I know if it is really meant for me?

Maybe my dream will come true on some other day.

Maybe all I have to do is to try and see.

Will I ever reach my dream, I do not know.

Will I just sit back and wait, and let my dream go?

Must there be a way for me to find out somehow?

Must there be a destiny waiting for me now.
My dream was to be a Singer! What is your dream?
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