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A M Ryder Sep 29
We flew aloft
On mechanical wings
And suddenly the heavens
Were within reach
To those who could
Build the machines
To take them there
Erian Sep 24
You let me fall when I trusted you
Not that I can’t blame you
You knew too well how I felt
By crushing my heart while I was asking for help
You notice me, I know
Turning your head every now and again
Don’t you ever wonder what goes on in my head?
Or do you just want to look at a person,
Crumbled in your reach?

I get it...
You mean well
Shining in the spotlight
While I’m sunken below
Drunk on a useless thought
That’ll you’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel.
She Sep 8
I think he has lost it.
I am almost inclined to say "again," but that would mean he'd have to had gotten it back in the first place. He's probably just a good actor. Unfortunately, I've never been interested in them. It ***** because he seems to be incapable of seeing himself any differently. I have never asked him how he does view himself, in his defense, yet I listen to him. Observe. And what I have gathered is that his answer would not sound too highly of himself.
Until. Until he takes himself out of this world completely, mentally. When he is existing outside of his mind, he seems to enjoy himself quite well.
Truly, a beautiful disaster.
The most beautiful.
And then his mind leaves and his body left alone and hollow.
Defenseless. Soulless.

Physically, his shell begins to deteriorate and he becomes harder to look at. He doesn't know, maybe he doesn't care. It's so hard to tell. How can he even comprehend anything of what is going on here? His mind can of hear himself, let alone me.
I have no idea where the soul goes, but it musn't be too terrible. No, not at all. Why else would they love dancing there more than anywhere else?
To him, the hell is for him to remain here. Connected, physically. To everything that is real.
Butterfly Sep 3
I wish that I could reach out to your heart and hold it.
But your heart is an earthquake.
Just like mine.
I feel lost and I can't use Google maps for mental health.
I feel myself drifting away today down a river of memory of all my yesterdays
deep In thought I travel my mind whilst carrying the thoughts of my sweetheart along with
A river of memory that flows
so freely one day this river It will lead me to the end of memory to where all dreams and memories join Into one  there my sweetheart Is waiting for
c Aug 20
Are you afraid of heights?
We’ve been climbing higher and higher
And I’m too scared to look down
My hands are slipping
My eyes are glued to the ground below
Are you reaching a hand to me?
I don’t fear the landing anymore
I fear the fall
You keep blocking my path back up
Carmen Jane Aug 1
I could reach to touch your silky hair
Would you mind that, probably you would
As I am holding the paddles of this row boat

I could reach to caress your forehead
To wipe your tiny droplets of sweat
Would you mind that, probably you would
As I am holding the ladder beneath you

I could reach to  arrange your sun hat
Would you mind that, probably you would
As I am holding the steering wheel
And you rather me focus on the road

I could reach to hold both your hands
Would you mind that, you probably wouldn't
As the kids are sleeping already
And you're ready to dance
Me,trying to write something funny
There’s nothing worse than feeling hated by the people in your household. The ones who you thought would always be there for you.

Am I not deserving of love?

Because I really, really try
once you reach the surface
it’s easy to float

and it’s easier to forget
about all of us drowning beneath

and easiest to pay no mind
to the gargling of salt water in throat
you've reached the top my love
with one hand you tread gently
with the other you hold me under.
Max Jun 17
To prove
Is to reach.

To defeat
Is to accomplish.

To accept,
Is to be set free.
Mind slips away in the fear of losing a bet against the past.
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