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You hear me say I hate it but I loved it in its own time
Two heavy hitters jockeyin' for position in the same mind
It'd be a high noon showdown in a different chunk of timeline
I'm fine,
You ever hear that slip my lip just know that I'm lyin'

Jeremy Betts Apr 30
If I can't hold on
If I let life slip by like you said I'd do all along
As the tiniest violin plays my theme song
Would you lose faith in me as a person?
As another flawed human?
Or is it set in stone as a bygone conclusion?
I've begun to become withdrawn
So it shouldn't be long
If I must let go I'll aim for the lawn
And you can sleep well knowing you were not wrong

Jeremy Betts Apr 18
A lost grip,
Another familiar slip
Running parallel with a predictable confidence dip
Regardless of every other absorbed hit
No one's record is perfect
It was bound to become evident
Taking a toll
Beginning to show
Worried life will dole out more trouble than one should be expected to tow
Stashed in the back of a mind is the knowledge it's possible
Work to avoid the void of a logic loophole that feeds the unreasonable
While acknowledging life cares so very little
About a big ol' white flag run up a pole

Jeremy Betts Apr 2
If I were to slip and fall
Relinquishing the saddle
Once and for all
A clear sign of a lost battle
Would they lie just a little
Pretending it's a riddle?
Would I be Jeremy still
Or just the latest ashes on a relatives mantle
Unable to get a grip on a life with no handle
Forced into being a monkey in the middle
Avoiding the ferry man becomes a new struggle
Will I hear a verdict from a god or a devil?
Or choose for 'em, trying to make it all simple
Thanks too the highway install
And despite all the people
It's far quicker to stroll into hell
And the toll is only one soul

I S A A C Apr 2023
cemented demented repression
ashamed of my being, plagued by second guessing
throwing caution to the wind is anxiety inducing
my icy disposition in your warm embrace was bound to ruin
kiss the drips, daydream until reality slips
Thomas W Case Feb 2022
Winter will soon slip into
spring, all dressed in 
green; bouquet nights and
the rebirth of love.
Snakes gliding through
the grass.
But for now, we deal
with ice and snow,
slick roads and cold

I was on the bus the
other day.
The driver had a
slippery scowl pasted
on her chubby face.
My mask had inched
down on my nose, and she
yelled, "put your mask
on or you will be off the bus."

I was having a terrible day already.
My asthma was acting up,
I could hardly breathe, and I had
just had to put my beloved
dog to sleep.
I miss her, but she slipped
away peacefully.

I rang the bell to get off at
my stop, as I chewed my
gum in passive anger.
I stood up and walked toward
the front of the bus.
The aisle was slick from
the snow and ice.
As I neared the exit door,
I took the gum out of my
mouth, so that I could throw
it away, but things went
horribly awry. 

I slipped on a wet
spot, and to catch
myself, I firmly planted 
my gum hand on the back
of the driver's head.
She had short hair, but still,
the *** of gum was now 
embedded in her golden 
I'm sure a haircut is
her near future.

Since then, I intend
to tread softly and cautiously,
and just maybe,
she does too.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2021
Slip beneath the smile adorning face
Make-up concealing my imperfect skin
Under surface is an entire world
Depression I carefully cage within
Facade shows happiness
Layered to disguise the pain
Flesh outside beautifully sculpted
So wounds won't bleed
They remain
Hair brushed three dozen times
Light and wind take toll
There is fear fueling my sails
Yet I manage to control
Within heart inside my chest
War rages
There is no sign
Like a lost puppy wander the earth
Dusty road winding path of mine
Craving stars my eyes once reflected
Leading back to inner peace
In dark zero lights twinkle
Waiting for despair's release
And slide into a familiar costume
Pulling me out of dismay
Shatters and exposes truth
Soul with too many demons to slay
I should just give up
Salvador Kent Oct 2021
******* IDIOT
I must be silent
I must be silent
I am not silent
I must
I must be
Be silent
For to be
To be silent
To be silent
Is to be
To be wise
Must be
Wise ****
Wise I must be wise
And therefore be silent
I have eaten fast food
I am guilty
I must repent
I must I must I must be
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
A heart falling fast
Yesterday's footprints fading
Stumbling into love
Be careful boys and girls as love is a slippery surface
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