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A heart falling fast
Yesterday's footprints fading
Stumbling into love
Be careful boys and girls as love is a slippery surface
Michael Apr 11
The tread on yer shoes aint there.
The tread on yer shoes aint there nowhere.
Worn out beyond compare, the whole pair,
so you slipped off yer **** and fell down the stairs!
Ya hollered and yelled the moment ya fell,
but no one came to help!
A loud KABOOM, but no one in their rooms
could even hear ya yelp!
It rained that night ya stepped outside
to a nasty tumbling blunder!
Cuddled up, cozied up in our beds
cause we all just thought it was thunder.

Stomp Stomp Stomp like an old wet mop,
you was mad as a hornet's nest!
Had to sit through what happened to you,
and you made sure of it!
Said you was out there just a cryin for help,
while everyone just stayed put.
You reminded us again of what happened to you,
then bent over and showed yer ****.

Not sayin that this matter is a funny disaster.
But seein that yer fine, don't mind the laughter!

Better go get new shoes today,
or this might happen again.
Land on yer **** like that, I say,
and you might just break yer chin!
They say the fastest thing in the world is light
Then how come you are never in my sight?
I cant help but beg you to please slow down
But when I finish, youre already out of town
I cant even tell, as you slip right by
Thats how it'll be, 'till the day I die
Ill catch up to time eventually....
Jay M Feb 23
Blue illuminate
Black conceal
Minutes tick by
Where is fate?

All seems so unreal
In the seconds that fly
Strange, dim light
Unsure of the battles to fight
The foes to be hidden and sly
Or confident and outright

Slip away into sleep
Or rise to face the early dawn?
Fall back into the sweet,
Ever forgiving escape
Or stand and take on what lies ahead
The outstretched hand that can make
Any number of possibilities
From merely that to, instead, realities

To glimpse upon that which may lie ahead,
Or to fall into the tangles of the mind?
To venture forth into that which may become known,
Or to remain entranced in the confines of familiarity?
The answer, the choice to be made
Lies in every dawn.

- Jay M
February 23rd, 2021
To rise and face the day, or to fall into the soothing arms of sleep?
M Solav Jan 1
If you walk, you slip
If you stop, you stall
If you touch, you stick
If you drop, you fall

In the eternal,
In the eternal now.
Written in September 2020.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Luca C Nov 2020
Why can't you feel this?
How i am sinking...right back down
to where the darkness lives.
How tall men and
lipstick-red lies paint my dreams
at night,
instead of sleep.
How the only time
i can feel the cold
is when i lay on the floor,
drooling, with whiskey pouring from
my being.
How the taste of food
is just a grey sky
with sharp clouds.
How i feel myself slipping,
but no one can see me...
Don't you see me? Don't you hear it in my voice? In my unanswered voicemail?
Nat Lipstadt May 2020
~for the mothers, and for her~


this utterance emits itself, without poetic supervision,
like so many of its predecessors, a passing remark
transmogrifies to an exercise of praise, of humility, love

this is for her, of the nameless arms of forces that fasten
safety pins to our clothes, reminder to us that we are
loved and to come home safely so she, the little ship may rest easy

she, a homing boat, in a small slip resting, preferring
no changeover  to a mighty and powerful dreadnought sent to do
a search & rescue mission for young ones, babes who lose their way

but we know the truth, the heart of the matter, this one, writ,
for her and her and her and her and you, the countless ones,
mighty armada of the mothers, God’s flesh and blood, a steeled navy

they suffer whatever it takes, but never defeat, for they know,
the heart engine fires never cease, never forget, indeed the word
never not in their lexicon, only forever and forevermore


Mon May 4
in anno autem coronavirus plaga/ in the first year of the plague
from the heart of the epicenter / ex corde in epicenter
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I miss days we knew before
Both of us were free
Blissfully naive
Our lives were so easy

I took it for granted
Then it went to hell
Would give up everything
To again be under that magic spell

Back when each day was happy
Along with each night
A simple conversation
Occurred without a fight

I miss not carrying weight of the world
Weightless when we'd kiss
Those people we used to be
Would be shocked it's come to this

How did we let potential slip away?
Is this what we're destined to be?
Is it possible to attain
The future young hearts used to see?
Its true that you dont realize how blessed you are until those blessings are taken away
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