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syncopation Oct 7
As the days roll into nights
And the nights back into days
It’s just too easy to have time slip away.

But just as the rivers into the seas flow
For this we have but little control

And as we get older for some reason
Time seems to move faster

But that is a misperception you see
For it is when we have little left it becomes as clear as can be

Just as an hourglass drains
At first imperceptibly slow
Until the final sands of time begin to show
By then like a whirlpool
It seems to succumb to gravity’s pull

Where did the time go
Will we ever know.
Nigist Oct 5
The devil dancing in plain sight
When your eyes
glamorize mine
Makin me fantasize
Bout your face between my thighs
Straddle up
From the side
Hips peak high when you choke me as I reach my
I love when you ****** it from behind

Let me, keep you in mind
As I slip into something more casual
Grind, wine
Twisting my tongue letting you unwind
Where my throat flirts with the tip of your boat
Slip N Slide until unified

Let me, take my time
I'm talking knee pads on Valentines
Tryna elevate our vibes
Gates Wild Ride
Rotate on cloud 9
Body attentively inclined
To tell you all my
Hung to air dry
- ****** dominance keeps me in line
- Kiss up along my spine
- Grip me right, tight
*Like, be Curious & **** this cat nine times
Now pay those crime fine
****** deep in my walls
Rock it til waterfalls
& watch me flood you like high tides
Meet & Greet our *** with sunrise
& bittersweet goodbyes...

I finally found the courage to speak my mind
I'm not so sure that I'll be yours but baby you could be mine

8:47 PM

#TheHIMCollection #DarkMagicCollection
*Dark Magic is not the real title; That's my abbreviation/shorthand for it.
Riley June Sep 9
just bury me alive,
fill my lungs with ash,
fold my arms so I may rest,
leave flowers to welt on my chest,
place a rock over my head to remember my name,
will you soon forget me,
one night my voice will slip your mind,
soon my face will fade too,
for the time I have left try and remember,
i'll have your mind soon enough.
Nicole Dawn Jun 16
The flashing lights
A dance of your life

Don't stop spinning

The music thrums
Your body twirls

Can't stop moving

The drinks are sweet
Your mind begins to slip

Just let it slip away

The flashing lights
A dance of your life
Kendall Jun 6
I could feel my decline.
I could hear the call.
I could feel my grip loosen and hers tighten.
So I did something I should have done a while ago.
I left...
KM Hanslik Apr 8
My fingers don't know how
to hold things properly
they know how to tremble and how to crush and they know the weight
of their actions,
because their actions have never been
very conducive to healing.
My chest doesn't know
how to hold things gently, it knows
how to break open and pour shards of glass
into the palms of others, it knows
the sandpapery grit left behind, but it never learned
how to love gently
only how to tear things open from being
too full.
My hands are warm, they ask
before they touch things. What ever happened to
giving permission?
My heart is soft, it stirs easily at
the smallest tug of things, but I can't
teach it how to love without
breaking open, and I can't teach myself how
to hold things properly.
Maybe I'll always break
a few pieces before I learn
to do it right.
Nayana Nair Apr 6
There is a sleep so light
that it rests upon my brow
ever so careful no to slip into my eyes
and I hear its laughter
on my thoughts that have no meaning
or reason
And when it notices
my tears
it takes pity on me
and holds my eyelids down
with the weight of its love
That’s how morning comes
and finds me,
clinging to the sleep,
clinging to the life,
that will soon leave me.
Danielle Apr 5
There’s a marred reflection staring back at me.
I wish I could tell you what was wrong with it.
Its blank gaze and happy expression say everything’s alright.
The pressure builds and sweat beings to seep
The mask begins to slip, but I dare not show the underneath.
I need this face to present to others
For I need their acceptance to feel some worth.
But it’s only what they considered worthy in their eyes
So I’m beholden to their stares as I shift to conform.
Since writing this I have had it said that I can't control how other's see me, I can only control myself. It's hard to undo all the training that I've put myself through these years, but ****** if I won't work to be free myself from these feelings.
KM Hanslik Apr 1
So much can happen under the guise of
I tie my heartstrings up like ribbons and
cut them lose one-by-one, hoping
they'll find a good home somewhere, hoping
I'll learn to not care where the pieces fall.

So much can happen under the guise of
I tell you tender things and you tell me I make the mornings lighter
but we all fall prey to our own demons sometimes,
and I'm not sure if mine ever really go away;
there used to be a fine line between
doing something because I want to
and doing something because I have to.
I used to walk that line every day, until
some of the ribbons began to break and I couldn't live with knowing
that I was breaking everyone else too.
Now when my feet start sliding from under me, I
call you and ask how you're doing, and you tell me that it's okay
now when I begin to question everything again, I try to stitch the pieces together in hopes
that it will be enough of something to hold me.
To hold us.
It's a bit tattered, but I think that it will be
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