take me
yeah yeah yeah take me

mjad Jan 12
things happen
words slip
lips collide
tears drip
but sometimes
those things
are good
loving words
tender kisses
joyful tears
not bad
Poetic T Dec 2017
On tethered dreams I hang upon,
                never really suffocating
on the mirage of my hallucinations
that I skim past.

My feet barely glancing as
      I stem for growth
   to reach this ill choice of wanting.
but  I wilt before slipping in to
         a suspended unconsciousness.

I see the colours of hope above me,
       but these illicit shimmers
keep me hanging from a goal
that could falter me.
       Tethered now within my own disappointment.

Yet I choose this path of least resistance,
    suspended between the ending of my
               continued existence.
Or to just keep looking up
        not seeing that my choices
will someday float beyond my reach.
Jay Dec 2017
A lot of things
In life
Can slip

They slip so easily
It's scary
How precious things
Just leave your
Very fingertips

Like you
You slipped
Right out of
My once fairy tale life
One moment
I was holding your hand
And happiness was clasped
Between our palms
Then the next
I was holding nothing but
Air and sadness
Because of the way
Your hand just
Right out of mine
And how you slipped
Right out of my life

Like that metal
It slipped right down
My once whole skin
Straight, even lines
One second
Everything was
Whole, well and good
Then the next
Everything was
Chaos, dark red and hurt
All because of that
One little piece
Of shiny-bright metal
That slipped down my skin
And with it
My hope slipped away too

Like my smile
One day
Everything was full of
Friendly parted lips
And perfect teeth
Then I woke
In tomorrow
And all that my world
Was full of
Was closed lips
And shuttered eyes
All because
That smile just
So easily
Right off my lips

Like my very life
I must've been
Carrying it not quite
Carefully enough
Whilst I was walking
Down a rainy road
I must've
On some slick patch
Of sorrow
And it just
Right out of my
Innocent arms

I couldn't do anything
But sit there
And watch
As my life that
Into a million
Tiny, broken fragments

But it's okay
Someone came along
And they simply
Their warm hand
Into mine
And they looked at me
For only a moment,
But then they saw
The broken skin
Out of their brown eyes
I asked why they cried
For a girl they
Had never spoken to
Then they told me
They knew the pain
Of that particular slip
They knew that
My smile had
Away from me
And so we went on an adventure
To find where our smiles
Had stolen off to

With them
I never worried
About my broken life
That had
And shattered
Because while we were
Off questing for our smiles
Slipped in between
Our woven fingers
And metal stopped
Down our wrists
And hope filled in
The places where the metal
Once was
Then our lost smiles
Slowly began
Back onto our faces
And better lives
Made of stardust and steel
Instead of glass and cobwebs
Into our arms

Sometimes we feel
Like we're on the verge
Of slipping
And having everything shatter
But each time
We catch each other
And since that day
We've never slipped forever
Maybe we have tripped
But never completely
Lost ourselves in a slip
Olympia Nov 2017
when i talk to you
i sound crazy
my words don't add up to what i wanna say
so i sit back
i watch you slowly slip away
you fall through my grasp
you drip through the gaps
and now i really miss you more than i did before
maybe because i realize how far away you are
maybe because i realize you'll never hold me
here you feel so close
when i see your face on my screen
and when you type out easy words
and when you leave me helpless in the middle of the night
Bobcat Oct 2017
It's 12am and I'm 20 feet up its 32 degrees am I brave enough?
The misty water from the falls sprinkle my face
Not a soul around just my skateboard and I to fill this space

One light illuminating the rocks below as the water dances upon them
I'm getting butterflies just thinking about cutting in
A man walks by does he know my intent?
I begin to panic, this consuming paranoia is it just in my head?

I can see my breath, is it getting colder?
I bet the water is freezing, what if I just break my shoulder?
All the scenarios are depleting my course of action and I can feel my feet back off the ledge
Maybe tonight's not the night, maybe I should sleep it off instead

I grab my skateboard and turn around
What I didn't notice was the ice on the ground
My knee buckles from under me and the concrete meets my head
I start bleeding, panicing and pleading

It's 12:07am and it's my turn to dance
In 1.6 seconds I made my way to the dance floor
I thought this is what I wanted but no, not anymore

Warm blood covers my face while the ice water fills my lungs
I should stop fighting it I should accept this is where I belong
I close my eyes and see your face
I put on a smile and meet my fate
Noah A Aug 2017
I sit here in my bed
Searching for answers

I sit here
Why did the world have to come to this?
Why do I have to...

I guess everybody dies
But I don't want to die
I don't want my life to slip away

I don't know why but...
I feel as though there is a chance...
A chance for me to live...!
But no...
It can't be...

For I am sick
And won't get up again...

It won't be that bad...
Will it...?
Just fading away into nothingness
Not feeling or hearing
Or seeing or smelling

Goodbye everybody...
My life is gonna slip away
Into nothingness
Goodbye old friends...
I'm going...
Amanda Aug 2017
I know I am holding on too tightly.
Afraid that if I lift my grasp,
You will slip through my fingers like sand.
alan Jun 2017
Almost as soon as I loosen my grip,
I begin to feel everything slip,
and fall away.
Ryan Holden May 2017
A boy called bill grew up on a farm,
So bouncy, smelly and loud,
Mum shouted over "bill clean your plate, it won't do you any harm",
She gave him some new shoes to set him a test,
let's see if they can stay clean, please do try your very best,
Bill ran outside wearing his wellies so proud, happy and sleek,
Horses, cows all so fluffy and cute couldn't help but take a sneak peek,
Bill hopped, skipped and leaped so high,
he thought for a moment he could fly,
As he jumped over the fence to tend to the pigs, the wooden panel broke off,
Bill could see as he slowly fell down he was landing face first in pig trough,
When he collided there was dirt everywhere,
Poor little bill looked up surprised, he had it in his face and hair,
He opened the fence not daring to leap back to his mum, woke her from sleep,
He tapped on her shoulder smelly and brown,
His mother looked curiously and began to frown,
She said "bill I told you and what did I say?",
Bill said nothing, looked down stood in the doorway,
He slowly looked up and said "ok you were right"
And bill started cleaning his plate every night.
Just a random idea that popped into my head and thought I'd write about it. Enjoy! :D
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