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Payton Feb 24
To lay with my head on your lap, was all I ever really wanted do.                                                              ­                                                                 ­                                                 
                                                                ­                                                                 ­                                                                 ­                                                                 ­        A place where I can be safe.                                                            ­                                                                 ­                                                    A place where I can be warm.      
                                                     ­                                                                 ­                                                  Somewhere I can let every care float away from my mind.

When I am with you, even breathing has a sweetness, to it, that I can't begin to describe.
This poem was written in 2016. I'm not sure why it's formatted like that or how to fix it, but the format doesn't really change the meaning. :P
softcomponent Feb 16
There are little pieces of yourself on the kitchen counter.

You find it in your soul to blink and look away,

wiring it all in writing for posterity,

because ink can draw outlines, maybe a little piece of you

will float back.

part of you hopes not,

as if there were

one thing you promised

you'd never do.
Maria Etre Jan 28
It was a fleeting moment
that took me with it
I'm washed away by the waves
Floating in this vast ocean
Will you be the one who saves
Or will that stay in my imagination

I'm washed away by the waves
Left alone in my thoughts
Follow the way the water paves
Wonder what I will come across
EmperorMoth Sep 2020
Lately, they've been stormy; trapped in a field of electricity, I'm scared. And as I ponder the world once the clouds aren't so heavy, the world with clarity; I find myself wondering...

do they care?
i am aware  ¿

Shaken by the voices in my clouds;

                                       you will never be enough
                                       You are unworthy of love
                                                       Give up
                                    They will prove us right again
                                  They will break your pitiful heart

                                                         ­           I'm covered in this darkness.

Swallowed alive by the destruction in my ever-living mind
Why, why must I strive for the basic right to breathe...
to live
to laugh
to love...

When I look above I follow below, who knows this answer.

I'm stressed, floating, choking, hanging by my thoughts
Stuck in the clouds.
                     ­             .
              ­                    .
       ­                           .
­                                  .

Finding the path in which my purpose lies...i try. With a wish upon a star for 21 summers and 21 winters, I may only plea that it come true.

Because...I'm scared
That if It doesn't
I'll stuck in the clouds

a w a y~
Poetic T Aug 2020
Wasn't the one that fit in,
   table to myself, an ocean
                          of pressed wood

that I float on alone....


    You know there's always a but,

Never really wanted
       my life raft of solitude.

I just look up and know
no one to obscure
       my view of life...

My ocean is a fishery of thoughts,
                                  that are mine.

Swimming into
  uncharted life choices...

But I'm fine alone,
I'll talk to the fishes
every now
and then.

But throw them back

I've finished with them..
Lane O Aug 2020
water lilies float
atop the water, serene
blooming; pink and green
Spriha Kant Aug 2020
During a travel in Shangri La , the floating love in sunrays and choirs of birds opened my eyes.
And I found myself lying on mat on terrace with a handsome smiling man reflecting in sun.

While rolling mat , an invisible breezy naughty kid played with my messy hair and tickled and whistled in my ears.
Seeing this , the aunt flowers smiled and swayed in euphoria.
Closing the kid behind my terrace's door just before my way to downstairs, I sighed in relief.
And the kid went very far and higher and higher...

Capturing this moment , I poured it down into my diary.
Lynnia Jul 2020
Maybe it takes someone stronger
Machine guns equipped with a smile
Still, I ride on the wings of the littlest things
To try to forget for a while
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