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Phoenix Jun 16
...My soul could float high enough to kiss the sky.
I used to have a fear of falling,
but now I've never been more excited to fly.
I love you.
Seanathon May 28
All the small little bobbles of humanity
Are but stones settling in the sea
Sinking down
When I am awash in the sea of voices at Calvary
Cresting on hope
I float
Awash and float
kl May 17
Keep my feet upon the ground
for float away will I
without the gravity
of responsibility
weighing upon
my existance--
this body that is bound
to the earth
by polarity.

Yet what if I choose to fly?
To leap onto a star,
dwell in absurdity
in unbounded space and time,
dwell in vastness
from what is created
by the mass
sung reality.

Can I close my eyes and be
captured by the spirit,
dance with wild frivolty,
with love for divinity?
Explode the light
that hides within
this body that is bound
with my god

Will you watch me as I go?
As I float past the sky
to universality,
to be struck by the gamma rays,
with eyes open,
feet on the earth,
creation, creator
entwin'd in
hopeful symmetry.
adira May 8
people write poems about stars
the ways they sparkle and dance
the ways they fly across the sky
during the darkness of the night
I would want to be a star
and dance without a care
and look at the world from afar
and have the world look back with love
I would want to be a star
that floats joyfully in the endless night sky
KM Hanslik May 4
I am giving myself over to her now
my wings blackened from the flight here
but she takes in all sorts of strays
they roll onto her doorstep like drunkards chasing dreams down the gutter,
warm embrace me now before it's too late
warm come-hold-my-hand-I-can't-do-this-alone
and she is always waiting
she is full of light and swaying over trees
she is heavy toppled over like a picket fence yet light as helium
and I want to know her
and I want to bask in her bed
and she is endless
and I will never know how many others have come before or how many my lineage will leave,
but I float away in time down a stream (so-narrow-tuck-my-limbs-in-scream)
at the edge of the bank,
my body shrinks and expands;
I am a crumbling masterpiece I am awaiting either 1) reconstruction, or 2) damnation
on a while, I ride my ego home
illusions are spellbinding in the jungle
she twists at my ankles, pickles under my skin
(am I in?) Who knows what kind of state this is
but through the wall, she calls to me
alone at last
we cease to be.
Building the ark when the flood has already come.
Using the finger nails of the drowned to hold it together.
Will this keeps us a float,
Or will we sink and join the dead below?
Random Thoughts
dani Apr 18
Ever since I was a little girl
I have always wondered
Where balloons go
When we let them out of our grip
Surrounded by nothingness
In wide open spaces
We watch them float up into the air
So elegantly
They move so nonchalantly
Without a care in the world
They don't know where
Their final destination may be
But I wonder
Something I have always wondered
Greg Jones Apr 4
I gaze upon the cosmic void,
Alone and tired from my journey across the frontier.
I pick my feet up, and drift across the surface.
And all I’m surrounded by is silence.

I reach my hands up towards the stars,
Trying to catch a passing comet by its tail.
Flagging down UFO’s to see if I can catch a ride
Along this space highway to anywhere.

I often think of coming home.
I wonder what I’d look like after all this time?
Would I be familiar, or would you greet me as a stranger?
And all I could think to say is sorry.

I see the hues of where you are.
The planet looks like a giant marble with an azure aura.
I need to say goodbye, and I wish you were coming.
But I desire to float on.
Float on….
Seanathon Apr 2
I am a bubble fluctuating
On its way to the surface, evaluating
How it will be to be one with sky again, once I am out of the sea
I’ll be bursting free and culminating into a timeless cloud
Into the air which was always meant to be me
Yes, towards the surface I go to be free
Free - Bubble
Olivia Henkel Mar 31
Swept up in summoned motions

Winds stir stagnant emotions

Slurp down that potion of brewed dreams

having steeped long enough, visions edge to burst the seams

Kaleidoscopic undercurrents break the shore

with it a myriad of misty rains pour

refrain from thwarting these divine schemes

failure wont override on the premise of faulty genes

lingering faith saunters with me on this path

without valor, I risk a skewed aftermath

so here I am kicking my feet up to float the waves of spirit

may our shores harmonize,darling dearest
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