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c Mar 17
Lipstick butterflies float on the mirror’s heavy condensation
She is a vermillion explosion
Heavy colored lids and
Winged eyeliner as if
She too
Could fly
This is the glitz and glamour
of how to disappear
Aruna Jan 27
Black, blue and all the colors together,
Miles and meters could not take a measure,
The mystery so deep below,
No digging could make people know,
The crawlers, swimmers and the squishers of dye,
Under the blankets of waves they lie,
Loneliness never did they know,
Plastic adorned the green one low,
The oils and straws a part of their diet ,
It is becoming rather quiet,
Swimmers now floating,
Oh no !Are they evolving or Perishing.
The clueless cry of the ocean for the poor little dwellers.
Karisa Brown Jan 23
I'm on the ceiling
I'm the words you float on
Up in the air
Without a care
Light Jan 5
The melodic jingle is a violent reminder
that I am not where I am supposed to be.

The cacophony haunts the cul-de-sac;
whispering, whimpering, "you're temporary."

They signal a force that we can not see,
a warning we dismiss as background beauty.

I worry when they chime too loud,
that they may break -
fractured shards scatter across miles.

I worry in their silence,
that they may forget to warn me
that fragile frames fall down quickly.

But in their absence or their presence,
the persistent winds remain.

So it doesn't make a difference.
If I float away, I float away.
OpenWorldView Nov 2019
hallowing darkness
wordless psychedelic sounds
transcending my griefs
music my saviour and friend
Sal AK Oct 2019
Don’t let it go
Don’t hide it deep inside.

Let it float

Let it adrift the way your wind blows,
When the time comes
And it washes ashore
You will then know whether to hold on
...or if it’s already gone.
Karen M Jun 2019
Inflated egos float up
to the summit with fates
cradled in each hand to
decide whether we peak
or plummet.
Max Sep 2019
Apparently I'm a boy on a boat,
With high waves and an angry sea.
And on the lower deck people float.
They have been taken en have been brought back.
With high waves and an angry sea.

But at least I'm your boy on a boat.
Based on a dream of someone special
Joseph Miller Apr 2019
On a sea of chaos
love floats
if you believe
then you know
love is seeing
goodness grow
Poetic T Aug 2019
I could never swing from a 0..

   cos I'm always plus one,,

I'm never alone, the weight to much to carry
to an early grave,  

                    if I ever thought of that moment,
   they'd be my wings giving me flight.

I'd hang on for the breath on sunrise knowing
             that there is a new beam of balance.

That id not be dust,but I'd be a fresh breath
                        on the new day.

I'll neve be a zero hanging limp,
            as im always plus one.

Which the all of you breathing me through
              each daw, knowing there is more

to keep me going, even though I'm low you keep
                   me flying high enough to float

and not fall where a hang alone, silent...

   Know I breath each dawn and I'm never alone.
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