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I take a breath. Slow and soft.
Clear my head of the past, disregard chances lost.
Focus on what lies ahead, clear all doubt.
Fixated on the here and now, what it's all about.
Eyes forward. Stead...visualize my upcoming victory.
Distractions in the periphery. Clear thoughts of failure or misery.
The trials and tribulations of my life hold no mystery.
Not to be forgotten, made me stronger, just my history.
Now is my moment, my time to shine.
My choices are guided by my heart and my mind.
Trust both to steer me true, faith in my capability.
Now I'm ready to face anything, the future holds endless possibility.
Lily Jun 17
~You make me feel like anything is possible, and I think that's why I'm so attracted to you~
co'brien May 17
striving, searching

meaning everywhere to behold
in a world hardly days old

diving, lurching

in a drowning sea of possibility
each drip a different plea

defending, upending

small bottles of water
preparing for the great slaughter

sending, contending

“mine is best!” i cry
and why?
Jolan Lade Mar 21
When I'm with you
We don't exist in the usual world
We enter a distant place, a place of which noone has heard

When I'm with you
We get detached from reality
We enter a state of pure immortality where everything is a possibility
I admire every atom that makes what we have.
David J Feb 28
Your as endless as they say
Yet, I feel confined
Whoever reads this, have a nice day. Things have been going better lately, so I'm sure you'll be alright.
Shannon Jan 27
Plastic edges that carve themselves with the
Painted figures of black daunting numbers.
And God, does it scare me that rolling fate,
Unfurling all the possibilities
And choosing my end.
The road ahead
is full of possibility,
but not for the faint of heart.

I am not faint of heart.
Vish Jan 14
i could be in love with you
if you were down for it
i’m not in love with you
not even close
but i could be
if you gave me the chance
Greg Jones Jan 10
I dream of a dream that dreams of me
And in this dream is only me.
Only me, and yet it seems,
This dream begins so differently.
A man is standing where I stood
Beneath a lamp post wearing a hood.
I approached this man to understand
Who this man could be.
I remove the hood just to see
This unknown man is actually me.

Me in every way, and yet, in every way, he's not.
Same nose.
Same ears.
Same face and eyes
But it was the details that gave me the most surprise.
Like looking in a ***** mirror,
The imperfections were growing clearer,
This me that isn't me.
From the void beyond the lamp
Came more of me.
Me with scars.
Me with blue eyes.
Me with long hair.
Me, a female.
Me, a radical.
Me with apathy.
Me with confidence.
Me, missing limbs.
Me, defeated.
Me, triumphant.
Me, me, me.

All of me here at the same time,
Separated by choices we made
Or choices made for us.
We all looked into our familiar stares
Awaiting answers that never came.
An endless sea of me
With so many possibilities,
But we all go separate ways.
I wish I could have that.
I wish I could have his kiss.
I wish I could ignore what the world judge against my actions.
To allow him to be comfortable with me and for me to do the same.
To hold him like my life depends on him.
To cherish his love for me.
I wish I could be that girl.
I wish that I wasn’t weak.
Wish that I could be taller.
I wish I was told I was beautiful.
Not by mom.
Not by female friends.
By a boy.
A boy who interests me.
A boy who is a gentleman.
A boy. Period.
I wish it would be that easy.
I wish destiny was true.
I wish love at first sight exist.
I wish for true love.
I wish.
And I long.
For a possibility that is unreal.
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