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You were a ray of possibilities
In a corn field
Rich, lush of hopes.

Ripe with dreams of the future,
Perfect pieces to the
Puzzle of me.

Who knew,
The ends would stick out,
Poke in uncomfortable places,
Clash and hurt.

Who knew the rays of hope
Would blaze me altogether?
Find a heart
A heart that bind
A heart that beats
A heart that needs but share
A heart that appreciate

In the deep see of emotion
In the fall against gravity
You know the soul of a hungry man
That's Yan for love never changes

Even if I fall against my will
My heart never fades
even if I am beaten
Over and over again
My heart will never die
Tho I may cry
But i laugh in the face of pain
For I'll never give up on love

I find a duty alone..but a future with her
I found a life alone but a world with her
Her heart never hides
Her heart is so large
That she can love me

With a heart that never.........
Possibility never stop ..
Her Preference
by Michael R. Burch

Not for her the pale incandescence of dreams,
the warm glow of imagination,
the hushed whispers of possibility,
or frail, blossoming hope.

No, she prefers the anguish and screams
of bitter condemnation,
the hissing of hostility,
damnation's rope.

Keywords/Tags: woman, female, preference, dreams, imagination, possibility, hope, anguish, screams, condemnation, hostility, damnation
by Michael R. Burch

There was a moment
suspended in time like a swelling drop of dew about to fall,
impendent, pregnant with possibility ...

when we might have made ...
                 anything we dreamed,
                                                          almost anything at all,
coalescing dreams into reality.

Oh, the love we might have fashioned
out of a fine mist and the nightly sparkle of the cosmos
and the rhythms of evening!

But we were young,
and what might have been is now a dark abyss of loss
and what we have left is not worth saving.

But, oh, you were lovely,
child of the wild moonlight, attendant tides and doting stars,
and for a day ...

what little we partook
of all that lay before us seemed so much,
                       and passion but a force
with which to play.

Keywords/Tags: child, children, childhood, time, possibility, dreams, love, passion, force, play, mist, fog, sparkle, cosmos, moonlight, tides, stars
Tune In

And believe in
The possibilities
Even if
Living in
The land of

And that is everything
Genre: Experimental
Theme: REASONS|| The Mindset
c Dec 2019
I like the word “yet”
Because it opens the door
To possibility

You don’t love me
But that doesn’t mean
You never will
I’ve had writers block for months and haven’t written while I worked on myself. I’ve gotten into a healthier mindset, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.
Riley OHalloran Dec 2019
The world is my oyster,
but it’ll be a long time
before I get any pearl to show for it.

I’ve gotten so impatient—
waiting and waiting,
prematurely trying to crack it open,
but it’s no use;
it’s stubbornly glued shut,
saving me from the dripping sand of potential.
I was so scared of not being enough that I forgot I still had all the time in the world.
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