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Nilia Loh Sep 5
Those people **** me off,
Making me scoff.
Gosh they're so irrelevant,
What a joke to flaunt their inelegance.
They like inducing pain,
But their efforts will be in vain.
I won't run from your storms,
You won't see me be torn.
I'll never crawl back to you,
So go play with someone new.
I rise up to my prime,
I stand up with pride.
Got me charged like Goku,
Don't regret when I choke you.
I won't ever look you in the eye,
Cause you're not even worth my time.
So try to rain on my parade,
So I can put you in your grave.
Nilia Loh Jul 24
I'm worth more than how you’ve treated me.
I settled for less because I thought I didn’t deserve the best.
I let you come back over and over again,
let you trample all over me.
I blamed myself for your toxicity,
and let you poison me with it.

Eventually i said to myself,
I'm not unworthy of your love.
You are unworthy of mine.
I deserve better friends,
I deserve to be loved and cared for.
Not to be toyed by people like you,
to use me to stroke your egos.

I'll live my life to the fullest.
You’re not worth dying for.
I'll have my own glow up,
do what i love,
and surround myself with those who truly loves me.

Because I totally deserve it.
I said bye to those suckers and hyped myself up. I  don’t need them.
Kyle Jul 8
Stay confident;
And stay independent.
Stay true to yourself;
And stay humble for who you are.
While living under the shadow of
COVID 19, it would be nice, if we can be a little bit more,


Hussein Dekmak

(19 adjectives that start with the first letters of  COVID).
I am a healthcare professional (Medical Technologist). I work at a Laboratory Hospital doing blood, and respiratory testing... Everyday, like my devoted co-worker, I walk into a storm fighting  the COVA 19 virus, trying to save one life at a time.

Be you fully is what I hear when I say beautiful, be you  

When no one seems to love you for who you truly are  

Be you even when it seems so hard to love yourself be you  

Not what they think you are and not what they want you to be

For in a world where you can be anything choose to be "you"
Maybe there right ‘’you're not beautiful’’ you're not beautiful until

You start to be yourself, when you start to stop thinking about what they want

And do what you want to do, you're not beautiful until you wipe of the loads of makeup

Off your face because your beautiful without all that dead weight on your face  

Your beautiful when you realize beautiful stands for “be-you-fully" no matter what never be afraid to be "YOU"
i have a lot of poems that involve being hurt but in order to inspire i need to be able to help people,i need to be able to touch many people who are feeling different things .if your not confident this is for "YOU"
maddie Dec 2019
if i gave myself
even half of the love i give you
i would be so happy
and confident too
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