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Jammit Janet Jul 22
I create my own way
I am unique
I am a craze
Ready to sweep nations
Off their feet
And into my gaze
Where a hug
Full of warmth with care
Is waiting
To comfort
The inner workings
Of their internal maze 💖✨
Jammit Janet Jul 8
I am Aries
Bold, Strong, Free
Like the wind
Constantly dreaming
Scheming up a plan
To nurture a better nature
All across the land
With the warmth of my heart
And passion on the rise
That burns
To make you feel alive
Nina Feb 14
Are you insane like me?
I hope we could understand,
but something went wrong,
you judge me, whatever.
I probably still adore you,
with your hands, around my neck,
but I am scared to don't be a fool,
with your words, which seems insane.
Are you insane like me?
soul with rock n roll eyes,
a heart wants what it wants,
it's crying in the darkest night.
Are you insane like me?
I am a half heart without you,
lately, I've been thinking
if you want me too.
I thought we could understand,
but something went wrong,
you judge me, whatever...
what am I waiting for?
enjoy my poem, which I wrote when I was 14.
Nina Feb 12
Roses are painted black,
Violets aren't always blue,
I thought you loved me back,
and you don't know what you put me through...

I was talking about you, like all day...
to everyone and every time...
I painted you on the wall of my room
with roses and velvet night.

I was talking about you, like the whole night...
at stars and the full moon in Leo...
I hugged your portrait on my room's wall
that I painted
and I thought you were talking about me too.

my heart was full of red space
and my stomach was full of butterflies...
I have baked your favorite cake,
because I thought you wanted me in that velvet night.

They said that happiness is a butterfly,
but we met in December,
there was a cold and blue morning sky
and I remember that aesthetic forever.

Roses are painted black,
Violets aren't always blue,
I thought you loved me back,
and you don't know what you put me through...

People born in March are sensitive
but you were cold and mean,
My sun is in Aquarius
and I am the only one who can feel.

I am the only one who can feel butterflies,
and I felt more when I saw you,
I am a sensitive flower full of sun kisses,
lovely bees and the blue sky too.

All I wanted was a black painted rose,
violets and lavenders with your kind smile,
but you hate flowers and colors of love,
and you never smile, you laugh sarcastically...

Roses aren't painted black,
Violets aren't always blue,
I wish to take the time back
for what? you don't have a clue.

You left me heartbroken
and my scars full of the tears
our love is already over
and my feelings are my only fear.

I hope I don't feel the same to anyone,
and I hope butterflies won't leave me there.
but if I do I hope I won't be the only one,
who sees love colors and paints roses black.
I hate that I felt love. I hate that I turn foolish and sad person.
Making choices may be difficult at times
However, we cannot simply rely and depend on being bias
There are circumstances, situations, and dealings
That making a choice is really a must.

Think of whatever choices you will make
This will avoid regrets in the future.
If unexpectedly you made a wrong choice
It is still fine.

We learn from these errors
Which make us wiser and confident
The choice is yours to make
Stand firm by it.
Aŧül Nov 2020
Marriage as a choice,
Needs a voice...

A voice I have found in myself,
A prospect I found in yourself...

Do not be deaf as I recite my proposal,
Do not be dumb during the appraisal...

If you preplanned rejection,
Consider this my swansong...

Come on now,
Know me more...

Read my poems and stories,
Listen to most of my songs...

Know me more,
And forget yourself...

Leave your ego behind,
Welcome my love in your mind...

Make space for me in your life,
I am not fat, I am not huge...

I am confident of my art,
You will find me straightforward...

Straight and ****,
That's how I operate...
My HP Poem #1900
©Atul Kaushal
LC Nov 2020
even as your heart drags you through the circles of hell
and your knees buckle under the weight of life,
a soft, confident voice rouses the parts of your soul
that nudge your spirit back into its natural rhythm.
you slowly rise, feeling the ashes under your feet.
I wanted to write my own version of this Rupi Kaur work, which is:
and here you are living
despite it all
Heidi Johanna Nov 2020
Death is coming out of me
Every memory of pain and mourning

I’m bursting with light

Despite the dark I’ll come forth with
Roaring hope and fulfilled longing
Nilia Loh Sep 2020
Those people **** me off,
Making me scoff.
Gosh they're so irrelevant,
What a joke to flaunt their inelegance.
They like inducing pain,
But their efforts will be in vain.
I won't run from your storms,
You won't see me be torn.
I'll never crawl back to you,
So go play with someone new.
I rise up to my prime,
I stand up with pride.
Got me charged like Goku,
Don't regret when I choke you.
I won't ever look you in the eye,
Cause you're not even worth my time.
So try to rain on my parade,
So I can put you in your grave.
Nilia Loh Jul 2020
I'm worth more than how you’ve treated me.
I settled for less because I thought I didn’t deserve the best.
I let you come back over and over again,
let you trample all over me.
I blamed myself for your toxicity,
and let you poison me with it.

Eventually i said to myself,
I'm not unworthy of your love.
You are unworthy of mine.
I deserve better friends,
I deserve to be loved and cared for.
Not to be toyed by people like you,
to use me to stroke your egos.

I'll live my life to the fullest.
You’re not worth dying for.
I'll have my own glow up,
do what i love,
and surround myself with those who truly loves me.

Because I totally deserve it.
I said bye to those suckers and hyped myself up. I  don’t need them.
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