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MJ Aug 26
she has scars
like stars

too many to count
but enough to tell stories of the past
A silent sound
Travels past the edge of the universe
And I’m here
Wondering where you are

I’ve look from left to right
And to right to left
Hoping for your presence to step in
And save me from my own mess

I act like a childish man
Wishing for the world to fix
My every flaw and defect

But the world doesn’t work that way
And the sooner I realize that
Then my task will be set

The progress I one day want to see
Will depend on the work I put in
Nicole Dec 2020
Forgiving is more than difficult and challenging

But if to not forgive or forget

You will live your life in regret and denial

Resent will build and build

For we are humans for we f*ck up and do things we deeply regret

For not to be excusable but responsible

If to imagine a world with them gone or hurt

Remorse and resent in yourself will imperfectly mix

Building a lifetime of continuous persistent regret

The question being is it worth it to not forgive and forget

For will you ever truly move on?
Yuxi Apr 2020
My heart has always been in fragile pieces,
And you came in holding it gently.
It wasn’t what you expected,
And you walked out letting it crumble.

I tore your heart out,
And replaced it with mine.
Im sorry it isn't perfect,
And in sorry it’s damaged.

You gave me a chance to hope,
And I gave you my trust.
I hoped for you to hang on tight,
And together we can make it whole for you.

Before that can happen,
You have to accept its flaws.
You can’t resolve a problem,
Without seeing a issue first.
Empire Mar 2020
I don’t have friends
I have people who’ve
But friends?
Apparently I’m not worthy
I’m fundamentally flawed
Desperate to feel cared about
Yet repulsive to those who’d care
𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Feb 2020
The liberty of the eyes that couldn't see
The clarity of the ears that couldn't hear
And the mastery of the noisy lips that belonged to a mouth that couldn't speak.

Everything was worth nothing
And the nose, that could smell everything
Could never tell what it was smelling.
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