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How do you recover?
Sound of waves crashing so loud,
the height of this pain so deep you can drown.

Moments of memories hidden so deep in the dark, the bad ones that poison on the life from the ground up.

A venom so deadly, triggering nerves singing pain in a medley removing all the positive energy.

Years and years of crying wanting someone to be you...but all you've received are people who wish bad against you.

There's the venom again, attacking my self confidence. how do I recover and tell myself, "I'm beautiful?" and live without sadness?
K May 16
the man asks if i want him,
begs me to stay for him.

You are my light! he cried
sobbed pathetically as the door shut behind

and i wish i cared. even if it's the faintest bit

i don't. care. i refused to bring myself to try
refusing to be that girl again,
loving unrequited. living a borrowed life.

and when the man stands, he is small.
torn apart limb by limb, heart still beating
lying lonely on the floor.

and when the ambulance came,
the emts rushing to his aid,
he asked if i would wait

no, i respond almost proudly,
naïve to just how quickly
my words would end his life.
call it a villain era
i'm forgetful when you're around
maybe when you're away too
i don't know
i cant remember
I loved a person once,
Who showed me my own might,
I didn't know the strength I had,
Until they came into my sight.

They held me up when I was weak,
And made me whole again,
A precious love I thought I found,
That would never meet an end.

We walked the path of love and light,
Together we felt strong,
But as time went on,
It slowly went all wrong.

The love we shared turned toxic,
Our bond no longer pure,
Our troubles weighed us down,
We could not find a cure.

Our relationship broke us both,
It took its final stand,
The pain it caused, once so unknown,
Had now gotten out of hand.

But in that love, I found my strength,
That I could overcome any plight,
I learned that growth comes from within,
And that strength keeps me upright.

So I moved on from the toxic love,
And found peace in myself,
A strength that will never leave me,
A feeling I'll always be able to delve.
I'm not sure I moved on but I'm sure taking it one day at a time
You're my sweet addiction, my ******,
a constant pull I can't give in.
I thought I beat you and left you behind
but the scent of you still lingers in my mind.

Last night I dreamt of you and you seeped in
an addiction too strong, I can't begin
To shake the hold you have on me, it's all too real.
I'll give in and lose my will.

For three long years, I fought the urge,
to give in to the addiction, your endless surge.
feeling you again, it's all too clear,
the hold you have is still so near.

I remember the passion, our untouchable love,
our soul tie unbroken, ordained from above.
I see the truth and the cost it demands
to live in your shadow with bound feet and hands.

I'd still risk it all, my heart and soul
To fill this void and feel somewhat whole.
I know it's a lie, a fleeting bliss,
I'd be drowning again, lost in the abyss.

So I'll keep fighting you as long as I can.
I’ll keep you at bay, and push you away.
You're my addiction, my poison, my heroine,
I'll choose life for now, and let you go again.
does anyone know how to get rid of a soul tie?
phoebe Apr 30
this love of ours had always been a lie. a fabricated story that had gone too far and twisted our hearts in more ways than we were ready for — more than what we could ever afford. with fleshy gums you ask me why does this hurt so bad and i tell you it’s only to make it fair — passing out in midnight hues, i tell you i love you despite knowing the ache in my chest with each syllable i bleed only intensifies and i crave nothing more than to be swept in between the cracks of your winter undertones and to be left in your ruins. you tell me you love me despite the crushing of your windpipe making the echoing of sobs erupt bitterly in your chest cavity, the flames that rise in your belly make you want to itch at it yet you yearn to be set ablaze.

because i asked you with fleshy gums of my own, why does this hurt so bad and you look me in the eyes and tell me its only to make it fair.
phoebe Apr 30
you’re not allowed to miss me.
not when you had me in between the lines of your palms so deep i could not find where you stopped and i began — to the point i merged within your being — you don’t get to miss the spine shudder i gave you now that you are left hollow and seeking solace elsewhere — craving the one thing you failed to give but loved to take

you cried wolf so much — ripped out far too many hearts to feast on that you forgot to guard your own, the security system only being a thin layer of your pride

you are not allowed to miss me
because once i finish drinking your blood, there will be nothing left of you to dissolve in my shadow.
phoebe Apr 30
there’s something wrong with me. there has to be — because how else would i have been able to look into your eyes, touch your soul, and taste the warmth it lacked? how could i stomach you so easily yet still want to purge you up like bad liquor? you never were quite right, but that’s okay. because somehow, that’s just what i liked.
getting into a healthy relationship, you start to see how bad the past was. i wrote this (one of many) after processing a relationship i had before my current, realizing how toxic it was, how in denial i was for the longest.
Tessa Savanna Apr 27
One stood a majestic volcano,
With perfect crater and perfect form,
With steaming magma underneath its perfection
Shaken and pursued by fools,
By the pressure from the unknowns
Following a venting out of magma,
Slowly affecting everyone by its lava,
Thus being hated more by the fools.
anger is something you can't contain, it'll surely destroy you.
Rene Arreola Apr 19
Your heart is colder
Than Antarctica,
Where the temperatures
Can **** you.
But I'll risk a brain freeze
To be in your arms.
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