Give me your regrets
Give me the lies
Tell me the whole story
Break me with your fists
Drench me in your sorrow
Twist my arm with your anger

But just know that I will never leave you.

I stay even when you say you don’t need me
I touch your lips
Because I know the words that drip off of them
Are not meant for me.

When you strike the wall out of anger
I bandage your hands
They bleed hate and pain
But I kiss your bloody knuckles
And cradle your head in my arms

You are a mess
But I am as well
We are a mess

But I promise I won’t leave you.
Ava May 3d
When people think summer they think sunny days filled with pools, ocean, concerts, ect.
My summer was not sunny days but filled with exhilarating nights that felt never ending.
Nights filled with the smell of the clear, open , night sky mixed with the alcohol that lingered on your breath.
The feeling of being stuck in time where the only people that mattered were us.
The taste of your toxic kisses that would poison my blood in a way that I never thought was possible.
Laughter that filled the air that no one but us could hear.
Walking the empty streets barefoot
Sometimes we would run and I could feel the rhythm of the vibrations of the love in the air that would start from my feet that never wanted to stop running, all the way to my fingertips that yearned to hold you close.
Summer nights was the time to feel alive, the time to fall in love under the starry night skies.
Oh, those warm summer nights.
As snowflakes fell
You made your way towards me
You were glowing under
The silver rays of moonlight
Running towards me
As I stood still
Left breathless and steady
As you catch me in your embrace

I know I can't resist
I know you'll never let me
No matter how much
We remind ourselves that
This relationship is so wrong
I guess we just can't
Help being in love with
Each other's psychotic tendencies

If you only knew about
The war raging inside me
This conflict that slowly kills me
Whenever I confront this truth
That no matter how much
We try to adjust things
We were never even made
For each other in the first place

You clung to me tightly
Never wanting to let go
Tears falling down your face
Irresistible even in your saddest phase
I'm on the edge with you
Desiring you more than ever
Even when ther world tells me
That we're totally bad for each other

You sink your nails on my arms
Hastily pulling my face to yours
Kissing me viciously sweet
Like the sweetest poison for me
And even when it hurts
Even when it makes me go insane
Even when I know its all lustful wanting
Everything you do to me feels so right

Tonight is a dangerous night
Lust hides beneath the passion
Love blurred by wanton desire
And yet I still want you to stay
The violent beasts that we truly are
Waiting to surface and be unleashed
As bodies dripping in cold sweat
Collide in a destructive union

You are my sweetest poison
You are my deadliest desire
No matter how much they say otherwise
You are the one I wrongfully chose
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Nyx 6d

You look at me through those clear blue eyes
Smile at me with that cheeky smile
Hold me close at each event
Tell me goodnight at the days end

I fell in love, lay my heart out bare
You took it from me without an ounce of care

You make me laugh with all your jokes
Giving me hope by being close
Allowing me to feel like i was number one
Giving me the pleasure of being the only one

Love can be blind, I soon came to know
That your love for me was merely a joke

You flirt with other girls with me standing there
Threatening the people who simply cared
Burning my bridges as I watched and stared
Losing my freedom as you became my air

My entire life, You made it devine
I became your, but you werent ever to be mine

You left me to fend for my own
Ignore me, leaving me all alone
Acting like you dont know who I am
Making me feel like your love was just a scam

By the end of our story,
I lost who I am, I cut off my friends
Forgot where my priorities stand
I allowed a boy to take over my life
As i took his words to heart
Even though they cut through me like a knife
I don't regret what happened
Nor the sacrifices I made
My only regret is that you left completely unscathed

I love,
Loved you

So don't you forget
That i'm the one you broke down
The one that you left
The one who followed you to the bitter end
That I was your last standing friend

After everything thats happened
I've finally had enough
Patience made me a Queen
when one called me
a slave to my

I choose who I follow
I choose what I follow
I have a choice as well as will.

But thank you.
Your ignorance and lack of respect has only added to my wisdom.

Life is a marketplace where you meet all sorts of people.
In a world of diversity,
I give all respect.

When one crosses the line,
they aren't worth the time.
Right now,
I'm polishing and shining my crown.
I found myself remembering what someone used to say about me choosing to follow a faith.
And worse, they kept saying it.
So it's not something I will ever forget.
If anything, it fuels me more.
I'm friends with people from all works of life.
Some from the LGBTQ, others are atheists, agnostics, and various cultures.
We may disagree but we all respect each others opinions and not force how we feel into others' head.
But I'm grateful to have walked away from toxic people.
I can focus on me and my dream.
You're in my head
You're under my skin like a knife coated in acid washed love
Feelings and conscious fading in and out
Manipulating charm turned against the bearer of controll
You're toxic, aren't you
Daniela May 17
Like a mad man thoughts go through my head like swarming wasps. Every single emotion stinging worse than the one before.
You're not mine,but in my head you are.
So everything you do is vital, everything you are is exactly who I try to be.
Just so you'll notice me, so you'll want me..
To you it's obession,
To you it's jealousy,
But at what point does love turn into toxicity..
This is all I have to offer; this is all I know how to give.
This love is too much for the both of us.
Will you ever let me love you the way I envision every night?
Or will you keep me in this shitty zone of "what ifs","maybe", and uncertainty...
You're killing me and yet you make me feel truly loved...
Umi May 13
Only in the best season,
The forgotten gateway opens up a field of bell flowers in two colours,
White, the colour of light and love, as pure as it sounds like,
Golden, alike the majestic rising sun in the early morning,
They never cross the road, but are seperated by it, I wonder why...
Perhaps it is the harmony, created by the untouched nature,
Or is it the order they chose to grow in, while the warm weather can be felt through body and soul, through emotions and the mind,
Only the chirping of the locusts, hopping from bell to bellflower,
The road is frankly short, leading to a near forest, yet the sensation, brought to the optic nerve and to the nose through the sweet smell,
This is what makes it something which cannot be truly conveyed in words, because, the untouched nature is art in its very own way,
Until the greed of humanity destroys its gift with their toxity,
What remains are the memories of harmony and grace.

~ Umi
Ollie Bee May 11
I've got you in my soul,
Your hiding place, get away,
Your idontwanttohandlethisrightnow secret club only you know the password to get in.
I am home, I guess
And if not home then I am the quiet in the storm
I am the hidden silence in the city that never quiets I am the water beneath the wave as it breaks but I am not the wave. I am the gentleness of the beast.
I've been your hiding place since you were 13 years old and I wonder if I can even call my soul mine anymore, you spend more time there than me. Tell me what he's like these days. Tell him I miss him. I've tried everything I can think of but the doors won't open for me but you?
Come and go freely as you please. I am less home and more halfway house. More thisisjustastopicouldneversettledowninyou.
Not home, never home. Just a quiet beast, a gentle wave, a getaway vacation house with all the necessities but none of the incentives for you to actually stay. A pit stop soul that's got vacancy for one and your names engraved on the door.
On not being good enough to stay.
ali brown May 10
It's always heavy holding onto toxic homes

Whether they are the walls you grew up in
Or the arms of a lover

Whether you've lived there for years
Or found comfort for months

A home can become
a battleground.

And i pray you know the difference.
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