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Luiz Oct 19
Musing memoirs:

mimicking monsters - meaning men
made mockery my marriage
maliciously minded
miss Maria matched
my mal-intented
******* mood

musky meadows
maximum May moon
Marley's music mystifying moods

mutual meddling
massaging misses ****
Maria's melting mouth
morsels my member!

Maria's ***** moves!
missionary mamal
mmm! master m.i.l.f!
my! m-rated movie material!

melting moments
     muffled moaning
midnight morphs mid-morning!
     motel Monrovia
masked my moral mischievous mistake

masses murmur my mess mid-town!
     my main miss
menaces my medieval musket masacre!
     moreover mulls
my major misdirection

mad mean!
mind made-up mentions:
"mamma! moving!...Melbourn, Michigan...maybe mars!"

mirroring military missions, Mia mandates:
     mushy metal mule!

Monrovia's miles:
mostly mineral mines
meet my mustang's mudflaps

Mia makes murky memory my mistake

moments move minutes
mummifying minutes make months
must millennium mount?

missing Mia murders me!

moral mistakes made
merciful my master, maybe mitigate?

moping my message: me mid-may
matinee movie? maybe munchies?

my masai!, miracles may make!

© 2020
Luiz D Syphre
M&M Edition
Ariadne Jun 22
I trace my hand across
the expanse of my skin;
trying to feel any
remnants of you.

My fingers automatically
on its own accord
to the ghosts of you.

Can you feel me?

I ache.
I beg.
I bargain.
I persist.
I breathe.

I hope, still.
My lungs literally stops breathing whenever a memory of you pops up. Please, take these away.
Ariadne Jun 19
For all the times
we’ve spent on yearning
each other’s bodies;
tracing lifelines on each other’s skin —
to kissing all the specks of stars on our tongues.
I would’ve waited an eternity
for a far-flung reality
than end the flickers of wonder that is you.
Taking you all in.
The beauty.
The absurdity.
The other side of fear.
Oftentimes disheartening.
And knowing that nothing is ever promised.
Waging wars on myself
To let go of the hope burning inside me.
Running towards trepidation.
Gasping for air,
of time running out.
You’ve managed to weasel your way throughout my day again. Not as much as before, but still.
Ariadne Jun 18
I didn't even write about you,
and yet,
you managed to

So, I'm writing now.
Whispering to the universe
how I long to kiss
the stardust
from your lips.

Tides ebb away from the shore,
Withering trees,
falling leaves,
lands crack open for you.
I cannot believe i fell for someone during this **** quarantine.
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
We had something that never happened
Lost, uncertain, no control
Kids on a playground, ring-o-round,
Livid souls, trying to run but are trapped in

Suited like a shadow with multiple resting faces
Soul sunken into my shoes in my rainbow shoelaces

Apple in my throat, choking on my emotions
Anxious, paranoid, the same typical symptoms
I feel a little crazy, but at least it's kind of fun
It's a scary day when the depression comes

Captivate my flickering,
This hearts a costume, playing daydream
I'm tired of running the same old mazes
Time to tie up my rainbow shoelaces
Andrew Sep 2019
I could read it all from the earliest of times
To the most modern i could listen to it all
The jazz and all the drums and the soft whispers
Of love, and I could see all the mountains and
All the empty spaces, to know the difference between the
Mathematical infinities and reality or could i? The
Mississippi in winter, the desert in summer full
Of nothing but non emptiness to think or know
The physical is finite
And I can sleep good tonight. I feel like propane
I feel like nothing and could be
Just a comma before the unknown
Following the amazing and breath taking
Without breath, spineless and speechless
The reaction takes place and does all
Not at all and even then it's up to opinion
If it all matters or even if matter exists
It could be just an illusion for all you know
A B Faniki Sep 2019
I am who I am and that is
All I want to be "Me." I
May not be as majestic as a lion or
Walk as gracefully as one or
Have a roar like one, but that is
Ok, for I know who I am and what
I am worth -I am a child of grace and
Although I am not the first of my kind nor the last of
My kind yet I am one of a kind"My thumb print say so"
A B Faniki © 9/5/2019 all right reserved  knowing ones woh i s a beautiul thing and azaming . This pom is an acrostic  with I AM WHO I AM.
Julie Grenness Aug 2019
Rise, smile, it's morning,
We wake up to new day dawning,
Please stop your yawning!

It's A. M. Haiku,
Fresh day for me and you too,
Now, where are my shoes?
Make you smile, feedback welcome.
c Jun 2019
Please do not tell me
You love me
Because that scares me so much more
Than loving you
Ever could
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