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onlylovepoetry Jul 2023
“Words are beautiful, but emotion is divine” (patty m)

~these are the divine words of a beautiful soul, patty m~

this Missouri grandmother writes and I am willfully, duty-bound,
to comply for she commissions a poem with every insightful pithy and
ever one of her dear hugs, of which these is no limit and each one a treasure of a gratitude that flows contra-directionally, surpassing given-grace and lawful gravity, for all of her words flow simultaneously north and south, heavenwards, and earth planted, east / west, magnetic poles attracting divinity wherever it can be found
and all I can do is proffer

just one more only love poem, which is the blessing and the curse the lord blessed me with, love is  beautiful and it is divinely originated in each of our humble hearts, plucked from trees and fed to us wherever fruit of the fields grows, shaped like sweet and **** berries…not all that is divine, of necessity to be beautiful, words, them too, a mixed blessing, vulnerable and subject by the abuse of human weakness and fragility…but this much I assure myself with confidence,
and you too,
her words, well,

limitless, her every poem is hand woven, unhid, in the fooling
plain earthenware that the potter’s wheel created,
all gifts to each of us;

But my fragility mandates I speak slow and hesitantly of things beautiful that contain the white glow sparkler light of divinity, for I have attracted and deserved many failures, far greater than the rarer success, so my knowledge yet oft suspect, is mostly merely well imagined but know this:
her skill,
her expertise
her intimate comprehension
within the beautiful and divine expressions of her kind appreciation she deigns to share…words like a mighty, beautiful like a powerful Missouri river, driven by all specie of love…but none more powerful, more divine than that of a loving womanly grandmother

this, yes, only a love poem to be sure,
for the beautiful,
The Divine Miss (Patty) M.
HD Sep 2021
I would rearrange the stars in the sky if it gave me a wishful chance,
Reignite the fire in your eyes that once illuminated what I had lost,
If I dove backwards into the clepsydra of time I’d weather whatever cost,
Changes the melody of our song & prolong this Ephemeral Dance.
Idabelle Apr 2021
To my bb,
The master writer,
The archaeologist,
The boy who holds my heart.

I believe in you,
Always and forever,
Even when we’re apart.

I love when you ask for help,
Or when you ask for advice,
But anything that you do is art.

So keep writing, keep working,
Because, just like the cotton,
Our love is strong and durable,
Even when we’re apart.
Ariadne Jun 2020
I trace my hand across
the expanse of my skin;
trying to feel any
remnants of you.

My fingers automatically
on its own accord
to the ghosts of you.

Can you feel me?

I ache.
I beg.
I bargain.
I persist.
I breathe.

I hope, still.
My lungs literally stops breathing whenever a memory of you pops up. Please, take these away.
Ariadne Jun 2020
For all the times
we’ve spent on yearning
each other’s bodies;
tracing lifelines on each other’s skin —
to kissing all the specks of stars on our tongues.
I would’ve waited an eternity
for a far-flung reality
than end the flickers of wonder that is you.
Taking you all in.
The beauty.
The absurdity.
The other side of fear.
Oftentimes disheartening.
And knowing that nothing is ever promised.
Waging wars on myself
To let go of the hope burning inside me.
Running towards trepidation.
Gasping for air,
of time running out.
You’ve managed to weasel your way throughout my day again. Not as much as before, but still.
Ariadne Jun 2020
I didn't even write about you,
and yet,
you managed to

So, I'm writing now.
Whispering to the universe
how I long to kiss
the stardust
from your lips.

Tides ebb away from the shore,
Withering trees,
falling leaves,
lands crack open for you.
I cannot believe i fell for someone during this **** quarantine.
EmperorOfMine Nov 2019
We had something that never happened
Lost, uncertain, no control
Kids on a playground, ring-o-round,
Livid souls, trying to run but are trapped in

Suited like a shadow with multiple resting faces
Soul sunken into my shoes in my rainbow shoelaces

Apple in my throat, choking on my emotions
Anxious, paranoid, the same typical symptoms
I feel a little crazy, but at least it's kind of fun
It's a scary day when the depression comes

Captivate my flickering,
This hearts a costume, playing daydream
I'm tired of running the same old mazes
Time to tie up my rainbow shoelaces
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