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in ancient Greece,
there was once a belief that
humans were originally created
with four arms, four legs,
and two faces.

Zeus, the Greek god of the sky,
became afraid that these humans
would have too much power,

so he split them into two bodies
and separated them.

they were condemned
to spend their lives
searching for their other halves.

according to Greek mythology,
looking for your soulmate
is a punishment.

I don't believe in those stories,
but they make sense.

we punish ourselves
by spending our entire lives
in search of our soulmates.

we are on an endless journey
looking for love in
all of the wrong places,

and we never pause
to look at our own lives
along the way.

we are so blinded by
this need to keep moving
and to find someone,

that we miss everything
we could be enjoying
by ourselves.
Asara 4d
did You dream of the war when We were young?

when the war was a far away nightmare
days were peaceful and no song was unsung
and doom was coming, with Us unaware

You were doomed to fight and be a Hero
and I, was a mere follower of You
yet You love me like there's no tomorrow
our love were something no one could undo

the Fates said no Hero could be happy
Gods and Goddesses were also unjust
so You defied them, tried so hard to be
as lovers and soldiers, We would attest

home was somewhere in our warmth and our eyes
alas war was cruel, it's gone as I died
A sonnet about Achilles and Patroclus
kylie Oct 16
pink plush lips against my clavicle
breathe into me a life that i never knew
before you
— galatea
Matt Oct 13
Stand like a pillar
Of salt, now lick your wounds and
Try to quench your thirst
I demolished their myth
Before unfolding my myth
I am king of lords
In my own right
Lords of empathy, compassion, love
Under my rule
Adam Kinsley Oct 1
I wander in wonder, a kin to dysfunction
Cruel silence stole solace from these feeble fingertips
Adrift, my memories spurn my conscience, coercing calamity

All which I have retained is bitter self-loathing:
A quiet and fleeting contention to vex all I have known
My motives have melted, like wax wings in the sunlight

Catharsis is for the strong of heart, not the bullheaded
By no means have I escaped this labyrinth
My blood is on my own two hands

These erratic desires have turned bitterly against me
Discord is unbridled between these once cordial synapses
As unkempt remorse refuses to flee...
Rachel Sep 26
horse-drawn, shrouded in a ring of fire
blazing heart on chariot
a vestal hyacinth
dipped in liquid sunset
lips dripping ambrosia
with a kiss of paparouna
Apollo and Hyacinth
I did not choose for it to happen
I did not have a choice
But the gods
They do not care.

And so my hair is naught but snakes.

I came to this cave-
I had to eventually-
My only choice was when.

Still,  I chose the time of my own volition-
the people do not care.
They  blame me.
They say it was my choice to be struck
And drowned
And violated
In the temple I lived in.
They say i deserved the poison,
And they call me a monster.
The snakes may bite me,
But I choose who else they attack.

It is not my fault it happened.
The curse is not my fault.
The people, constantly attacking me and being killed for it-
It is their fault.
And it is the gods’ fault too.

The gods-
They do not care.
They send a boy to attack me,instead of doing it themselves.
Perhaps they feel guilty.

They do not care.

I cannot choose to die-
But I can choose when.
And so i open my eyes-

Used as an object, even in death.
inspired by
He cried
On behalf of all

Country to the saying
Men don't cry
Genre: Observational
Theme: Tear heals
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