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We are the very essence of Ares and Aphrodite
A fighter, and a lover
I am Venus, bringer of peace
And her, Mars, bringer of war
We could never exist without each other
Yet we both want to,
Need to,
There is no peace without war.
There is war without peace.
Who am I to you?
I'm in love but she tears me apart, as i do her. though, we never fight, or exchange cruel words. it is more the way she looks at me as if i am a crime scene.
He sat alone beneath the trees,
Beneath the starry skies.
He thought alone of what he's seen
and what it means to die

"Some are full of virtue.
Some are full of venom.
Some are somewhere in between and full of indecision.

Some die steady and slow.
Some die fast and loud.
Some die somewhere they can never earn a burial shroud.

Some are surrounded by people.
Some are surrounded by money.
Some have nothing of the like, surrounded by nobody.

And still they go alone,
Where living do not roam.
And go wherever they must go
To lands that are not known.

They speak of death with peace.
They speak of death with calm.
They speak of death knowing release
Will one day be the balm.
To all their grief, and all their pain,
Knowing they may never think and never be again.

But they all die the same
With nothing to their name"

Then the man beneath the trees,
Dressed in myth and legend,
Started off into the dark
To find the end made for him.

He walked alone beneath the trees,
Beneath those starry skies.
He faded into darkness deep
For even Death must die.
Should nimble Muse outspread her wings and fly,
Just wave your hand and to her smile good-bye.
Hey guys!!!
How will you feel,
If you are stopped from entering in kitchen for next five days???
What will you do,
If you are ordered to sleep on mat leaving your comfortable bed for next five days???
Will you not have a fight, if they stop you from entering in a temple saying you are impure for next five days???
How will you feel if you have two big  fights every month,
The fight with bleeding pain,
& the fight with society...
I can easily defy the pain,
But tell me how to fight with this society,
How to answer this question on my purity???????
Cause if this is impurity,
Then the one who made these rules is himself impure!!!
& you all are also impure!!!
If it's impure then God is also impure!!!
The problem that we face is thought to be pain, but actually the main problem is the poor mentality of people...
Cause girls have enough strength to fight with this pain, but how to fight this fight with society, the one who didn't know this pain made the rules mentioned above, & my anger is for the ladies who followed them blindly, without asking "Why?" , but I'm not blind & also won't follow anything blindly, so now I'm asking "Why?"
D Letwixt Oct 5
Part 1: (The traveler speaking)

"I follow the winding, the way beyond the farthest places
between trees knotted menacing with darkened faces
under mossy roots that twist and trip with a mischievous cackle
over heights and falls that beckon death's clanking shackle
and if you fall in, lose your precious breath
to tree limbs tangled scratching at vulnerable flesh.

A green roof above and green floor below
but my eyes look ahead, to where the silver meadows did grow
Remorse remembers all that passed before the eye
burnt of fire forgotten and ash was strewn across the sky
and now only memory does remain
of silver meadows and the golden rain.

This land is dampened with the morning dew
that daren't melt but for the light of moon
where mossy things are stowed in sunken places
and beautiful wonders lay behind rock faces,
I know the way, but do not lightly follow
As sunset brings forth demons beyond tomorrow.

I wish to find her: the lady silk
Her hands weaving threads of fates who twist and separate
her threads she brought from those older places past
Where nascent fauns with youthful voices fastly gleam and chatter
and deftly danced to delights in the silver meadows
When all was false and truth was shaded
all liars happily in reflections reflected
pale faces feinted in humorous deception
and all charismatic affectations were familiar expression.
singing songs of passing pleasures in strange dialect
All was serene was silver mirrors reflecting
save the flow of golden liquid cool and still
which seeped from sky to hill and then chalice filled.

I walk to see the lady
who has one eye black and one eye white
and carries a silver knife which- in moonlight flashes bright.
I will wearily watch for it's flashing tomorrow night,
for she doesn't know it, but I was also born of moon's pale light."

Part 2: (The lady singing)

"The meadow shifted softly that fateful night
in breezes blowing warmly and songs of ephemeral delight
melodies swell and shift like the swirling blades of grass
Grass not green but silver shining, all moonlight reflecting

Gods with silver hair and silver eyes danced in shifty iridescence
Voices sang clear and wandered wistfully through misty hills and hollowed places
Oh they delicately weave the lines of notes around my ear
under over between and in, I wish I could hear those notes again
but alas their time is passed-- the daytime took the nightly hymn

There are few who remember things as I have done, but waning pasts are of worth to none.
Oh the night was never meant to end
and it is left the earth but for what I have kept for mine, things broken never truly mend.
These silver threads for weaving time and fate together again
a mournful burden, but I cannot abandon them
for the tapestry of time is my from the gods of ancient past
As long as my fingers can touch the strings, my mind will see
what I have preserved in memory

the tapestry, though, will live before I die
All fates will cease to meet as edges cut
and gods will from sky return
to chase away sun in blue and silver flashing eye

And so I hurry to finish this task over which I mourn
so in silver laurel, I will be adorned."
I plan to add either one or two more parts later on
(How many more funerals do we have to endure, before realizing that not only life is here now, but one another. I am unsure what on the correct actions. But promise now, that I’m here and willing. And why is it, the only ones that are lonely are the ones who are real and can offer not only wishes of these earth but the offers from the world where Muses live?)
Thought I hit rock bottom, wouldn’t you if we could trade places, as others are getting rich, instead of a war on poverty, there’s a war of being normal and fitting in, came up and get pulled over but I’m legal and got away cause I’m clever. Ever meet someone who’s real and in development of being better than yesterday, every face is the same in your eyes, give me mind and don’t blame the dealers. Settling on less and point to the stars, on three, give love to the real mystics, you still feel me? Mystics get pushed to the side and forgotten about, because they’re introverted, I just remember James Dean and will live in death and now who’s the biggest gang in the world? The bourgeois or the trend followers? On my back because I’d rather be myself. They’ll pay top dollar for your soul, snap. One mystic teaches two mystics, three mystics teaches five, we don’t die, just multiply and blast on the lesser of worth. Soldiers of the century. A blessing to be somebody, so I’m a blessing to anyone I open up to. We all die one day. Ducking to abandon buildings, laugh till I’m crying, rushing behind me, carefree and if they dare me, I’ll share all my secrets and if they come and get me in the morning, Mason will rush the station in the evening. Normal telling me ‘no’, you’ve been waiting for this for a long time, its in my final moments of life. Jealous as people. Yearning freedom yet work to be normal. Work until the issues is burnt. Antisocial on purpose. Do it to them before it’s done to you and if I die by murder, take a look at my peers. From Manly to beach to Queens, keep your eyes on your prize. When the smoke clears, your soul is finally free, heart of soldier, brains to fill libraries, here on earth as Musing droppings and immortality is reached and experience. Do dirt, your hands will be dirty. Live in the light and kill the darkness. Regret what you said, a life lived, not using the present to parent the future, a waste. Smile to brighten the stars because these shoulders can hold so much. There is a difference of mindless violence and deliberate actions. Conflictions happens within the duality of wanting to be yourself in silence and knowing wanting others to notice you without conforming. Life full of controversial. It won’t budge. Get and feel, get up because it’s real, get up and live. There’s a difference of living to fit in, while in mindless despair of knowing who you are. It’s unfortunate that one can forgive while one can’t forget simultaneously while living. Worsens when one can learn from it. Blasphemy when it teaches There’s snakes, silent people in the dark, there’s apples, people show their real self in the dark, there’s dogs and cats. You’ll never see them if you’re living in the fog.And if it’s a self produced fog, it means there is a self made solution. Don’t holler my name. Where poetry fails in no language in existence that describes everything about being human and being fully alive, when it comes to it, only the inner world is damaged because of it. Makes you nervous on purpose. Your inner world is your turf. Use not your chest puffed out, use your heart and walk like a giant. Sometimes it’s hard enough to deal with your family. You’re glad that they are made and just mad because they differ. Fuck this shit, I’m going into exile. Hanging with the gypsies, stolen my watch, bang on the camps, party with the moonshine in the veins, has a poet confessing secrets, while it inherents the wonders of this world, I like that and become a Muse in end of my life. I hold myself back, cause told not to let them phase me, otherwise they’ll make me crazy, couldn't catch me with my people, on my back because I choose to be different - snap. They wouldn’t understand even if I opened up, trying to stay free of mundane, pack of wisdom. Game is what my Muse gave. It’s not the way I made it. Wasn’t turned out this way, just the way I raised myself this way. But fuck’em, they’ll die lonely in despair as the what's done in the dark comes to the light and wise laugh like the Joker. Addiction in my youth. Recovery approaching thirty. And all I saw is the same face. Got any last words? Not after me. Can’t make my life, nor can you take away my life, you can shoot one mystic, but can’t kill us all. Until learn, let us raise wisdom and the world of romance. Much love to the mystics who are there and ignored. I see clearly and the wants of the normal are pulling you down. One way or another, they’ll be giving it up. Here we go and don’t stop. I’m still around for you. Dispute the silence you give me. Despite the length of it took me. I’m refusing to give up and I’m seen as a major threat, cause I can remind you the things you want to forget and to what you want at the same time. I love it when you give me time and attention, because it’s what I can give you, but despise when you’re not around, cause it reminds me of the horrors of my own flaws.spitting facts and ain’t afraid the hold back. I ain’t like no other man, but lets trade places and you’ll be able to see what I do. And the only times that I change is when I get better, just add in humility mixed with introvert traits, and everyone forgets about me. Rendering questions of why bother and other jealous ones get the glory. And if it wasn’t overwhelming like the beauty of a Supernova, I’ll be running up on your lawn with all my might and blast enlightenment in your heart. For now, peace to real Mystics. Who get up and feel, because they know how real life is. And I ain't going back to hustle game. If it’s against all odds for love, than I’m willing to roll my dice. Not at the reasoning of never saying ‘no’, it’s because I’ve seen your worth and I’m blinded to the rest of the world, I rise myself to go after people who are worth than man’s gold, they’re always known for flashing. Touch my heart, I’ll open your soul to the Heavens above, it’s been written that I must, tell me no, avoid and throw anger. Do whatever, it will happen in the end. Be the real I’ll always be, breathing or dead. What would you do, if you were me?
Blade Maiden Oct 2
The ocean calls for my departure
don't mourn these waves
I was destined to return just like King Arthur

Scribbled words on our skin
invisible ink tells of prophecies
and all the lives that have not been

Pulled the sword from the stone
Naive to think that we'd be crowned
but rather released an angry storm

These stories speak of hate and resentment
it flows much more effortlessly
so much pain in trying to be sentient

Still I will not give in to bitterness
I wait for the storm to pass
to return to sea and drown in bliss
soph47 Sep 27
Lo que muchos creen
que es solo un mito
otros notan
lo asombroso que llega a ser.
Están abiertos a el
y lo reciben como es.
Para otros, en cambio
no es tan fácil aceptarlo.
Lo desprecian y malinterpretan.
Pero cuando les aparece,
no lo alejan si no que lo aceptan.
Descubren, al igual que los demás,
lo asombroso que llega a ser.
No se sabe que es algo real
y que es lo irreal,
ya que todos tienen realidades diferentes.
Lo que sucede,
es que ahora mismo
para mi,
ese sentimiento,
que me hace volar,
me hace ir a otro planeta,
y explorar,
es tan real
como cuando vemos
a una estrella tintinear.
Ya no es un mito,
aunque para mi nunca lo fue,
solo que me lo probaron
más temprano de lo que pensé.
You make me want to kick and scream
Because I hate that I love you
and hate you all at the same time
Break the plaster
Shatter the dishes
Destroy the photos
Ensure there is no proof of us here
Because I believe now that love is a lie
A myth to get us all twisted
On reality and illusion
A trick to reel us in
When in truth it is a sin
The amount of destruction
That results from this word
Let’s start from this apartment
Then we’ll investigate the world
Love creates peace
But where does peace exist?
I’ve lost faith and I am petrified
Of what results from this loss of light
I punched a hole through the wall
And saw myself on the other side
A simple reflection
Terrifying when it comes through
Like a mirror
Existing in another dimension
Tori Sep 25
It is easier to say
"Happy endings are a myth"
than to admit with a sigh
"Just not for me"
I refuse to believe that I am allowed a happy ending so I refuse to believe that they exist in turn.
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