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Di Verce Sep 20
The Jesusites have married Mary
All forgotten the Father
Killed him, a martyr
To beget a still boat.
Oedipus warned
But no one understands
They stand on water alone
Drowning all hope.
Blind pools.

Originally "Forgotten the Father" and "They stand on water / Drowning all." Had to change it.

Alone, all one... But not one with all.

Recall that Odin is called the "All-Father".

Content in their towers, they drown hope for others they don't reach out for.
they think they know our story
but you brought me to life
in your kingdom of the dead

where they saw a simple girl
you, my sweet love,
you saw a queen.
your love is my immortal crown.
HTR Stevens Sep 4
All youths admire thee to a high degree,
Thou fair image of youth: Vitality.
Thy fragrance of youth; thy zeal and fire;
Steadfastness for Truth; these youths admire.
c Aug 21
Fly me
To the sun
You always like to
See me burn
As I
My future without you is so bright it’s burning
To the girl he is in love with,
Don't let your story be a myth.
He deserves a love beyond it,
for he is a man full of wit.
please don’t waste the guy I never had a chance with.
Peter B Aug 18
Maybe I would have stayed,
if they told me the truth
why they are there for.

And maybe, if they tried a bit harder,
came clean and smelled nice,
maybe I wouldn’t have minded.

If they knew how to speak to me,
if they were gentlemen, not ******,
maybe they would have had me.

If they showed a bit of decency
and a bit of courtesy,
an ounce of a dignity,
not only lust in loans,
maybe they'd have me all.

If they bought me flowers
or sang me a song,
or played a sweet tune,
made me feel like a Princess,
I wouldn't have said No.
Inspired by the painting "Susanna and the Elders" by Rembrandt.
the angel called out to me
But I said,
"what will I recite with these unclean lips? "

So the angel ripped my larynx
out of my throat
and set it on fire
until it burned to ashes

then I began to recite
Written ca. 2014
A B Faniki Aug 11
Zeus is a man who has been around for long
in his long life he has heard the siren song
the song that make men
jump overboard into the ocean
he said it's an echo of "help! help!" for long
© A B Faniki all right reserved  8/11/2019 this work is part of my work for my next book  the work is in limerick form
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