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If the truth is a lie,
Does that make a lie the truth?
Or is it simply denial?
Another example of the mind
Trying to find meaning
When it comes across something
It doesn't understand?
You seemed
So close
By my side
But of course
You told
A lie
Falling through webs
From the truth
Went to a place
I couldn't reach
Or stay
Lara Sep 4
My desires are
to **** my feelings
to freeze my emotions and
to numb my pain

Lying hides my desires
a low flying crow
eyed pumpkin seeds lying
in Helen's backyard
Tora Jul 11
there she went,
back into her mind
the noiseless depths of anticipation.
her reactions?
mjad Jul 10
people drop like flies
if i find out the truth
is actually lies
alexa Jun 24
i've never understood love,
its always seemed like a tug-of-war.

why even fall
if only one walks through the door?

people lie
and people cheat

i guess that's the reward
for thinking love is cheap
Isabella Jun 8
If I lie to myself,
Perhaps everyone else will believe it
It’s not really a poem, but it’s how I feel...
Jasmine Reid May 31
Deep down I knew, that you would never fail, and never or stray off your trail.
From telling me what I think was the truth yet also a lie, you’re so good at hiding, you.

Deep down I knew, that I was just for you to *****.

It’s out of the sheets now.
Ever been told something over and over yet a completely different story from another person.
I lie here completely open.
Drinking anything you pour in.
Anything is better than nothing.
I'm resting at the church steps every day.
Of a religion I hadn't heard of before.
The one that seems to fit me.
Right now that I learned the lessons that brought me to the next step.
Tomorrow I'm moving again...
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