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Yenson 4d
What's wrong with you?
Who do you think you are?
Look, he thinks he's tough,
he thinks he knows everything
Seriously who does he think he is
Do you think you're Prince Regent
You think you're a hard man, yeah!
How dare you, how ****** dare you
You wanna mess with us, do you, big man

Don't you know who we are!
We the business, we're more than you
We ****** rule the ******* ****** world
We rule your ***, we make and bend the law
We take and we give, we are the ****** *******
We block and you're finished, no ****** ****, no life
We come from the South, East, West  and ****** North
We are gangsters and we got the contacts and the contracts
When we say jump, you ask, how ****** high should I jump

Look this ****** small geezer playing with us
How dare you making us feel frustrated and ******
We'll got all kinds of mind **** ready to do your head in
How dare you not play ball, a woman set up to wind you up
Now we're not getting inside gossip and juicy stories to use
Now all the women waiting eagerly to hear bedroom gossip
are all disappointed cause you are not following the ****** plot
We can't bend your head and frustrate you and stress you out
You ****** small man, you're not even tall and you wanna diss us.

Who are you you little ******
We spend all our valuable time taunting you
We try and depress and torment you and you laugh
What do you want, do you wanna mess with People's Power
We can make you disappear if we want, do you know that big boy
We put all kind of moves on yer and yet you struts like a king
We harass your ****** mind and try to demoralize you
Listen sunshine you better stop being such a ******* smart ***
You think you ******* know everything, making us look ******.

You better watch out, you better watch ****** out
Cause ain't no Santa coming for you, we are the Rulers
And we hate you and your big ******* ****, you ain't got *****
You are costing us ****** money, time and energy, you effin ****
Do you know some of us sit all day thinking up ways to get at you
Do you know some wait in the ****** cold to watch you all day
You think its easy having to think up nonsensical things to write
Or making up all kinds of scenarios all because of you *******
You think you are superman, Atlas and Einstein rolled into one!

Do you, George, Answer me George.....answer Me!!!
hahaha   hahaha    hahaha.........
we’ll play pretend,
make-believe that happy end,
and talk about the stars.

and maybe things will be okay.

(a little lie never hurt anyone)
We, as humans,
Tend to retract.
Our reflections,
Tend to change.
And the claims we make,
Are no less stable,
Not much longer to stay
Than specks of dust,
Waiting to be wiped away
We're all hypocrites,
In one way or another.
Like the man who preaches religion,
And then is revealed to be an adulterer,
Like the girl who claims to not care,
And then jumps at those who conflict her,
Like the boy who wants to be alone,
But is secretly depressed,
Wanting someone.
Like the man who believes in individual opinions,
But blasts those he finds wrong,
Like confident dude, who leads situations,
Only to be putting up an act.
We're all liars, we're all hypocrites,
In one small way,
Or one major aspect.
People know us,
As much as we allow them to.
They know not,
What we want, need or persue
And sometimes,
It's better to not believe what they claim,
They're probably lying anyway
Upon finding certain things of people, we may find ourselves to be angered, sometimes intimidated by the image people provide us. Just know, it's probably a farce, there will always be something to surprise you and if you live that way, you'll find them to be abit more bearable
She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether my eyes
Know how lucky they are to see
An actual blessing from ***.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether my heart
Knows that it’s heartbeat is precious
Dependent on this love I feel.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether her smile
Knows how much energy it gives
And yet I cannot look away.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder if her body
Knows the need my body feels
To be one with hers, head to toe.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether her soul
Knows how much I’m in love with her
Just lying there, staring at me.
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CautiousRain Nov 6
A bad man's running his mouth,
talking of *** and all sorts of things,
saying justice comes to tear down
all the sins and evils of this world,
claims he knows it,
oh, he knows it,
he claims he'd bring down
all those wretched souls
and hand them some accountability;
ah yes, a bad man's running,
running away,
jumping through hoops
trying so **** hard to hide
from justice,
cause a bad man's running his mouth,
running away from the wrongs he condemned
mere hours ago,
talking about how much he hates
a man like that,
a man like him,
and how much he'd love to show them,
show them,
show them how to be a bad man like him
and masquerade as equity and virtue,
talk a load of croc and take the plunge
with a face so unlike
these marauders,
or so he says,
he always says,
always littering the world with his voice,
his mumbled, garbled,
running mouth;
he wants to tell you
that he'd take his knife to a man
who dared to try you,
feel you,
oh, he says,
as he takes what he wants on his own.

A bad man's running,
running amock in this silent town,
disregarding good deeds,
taking it upon himself
to play the Janus.
Couldn't get the phrase bad man running out of my head
CautiousRain Nov 4
I’m not sure how to return to you
All the crippling anxiety you brought
Along with the sorrows deserted to all our doorsteps,
But I’d like to remind you
That the product you supplied
Was not as advertised
And I’d be much obliged to ask for a refund,
If it weren’t too late
To pull out my receipts
And read all your hypocrisies.

Don’t misinterpret me,
But I must admit this is not what I wanted
And I paid to you two years or more
Of my miserable life,
Yet this is all the effort you could muster
To me
And every other person who bought into
What you were selling;
I never took you for a snake oil salesman,
But that’s the price I paid for my naivety,
Isn’t it?

I’m sure you’d like to remind me
That a customer should always do their research,
And I’m oh so sorry
I didn’t feel the need to.
Would you like me to sue you
So that the next time someone buys in
To your sly little Ponzi scheme,
You come with a warning label?
CautiousRain Nov 4
He was truly indebted
to my partial anosmia,
As perhaps without it,
I could have smelled
That swindling, two-timing
Lying *******.
Once a cheater, always a cheater
sorry for the vulgarity (again), but I am channeling that inner southern woman who writes a song about hating her husband....that I never had.
I really do have anosmia though, I can't smell most things
CautiousRain Nov 4
This is a disaster;
My my, what a wreckage you make
Of everything and everyone you touch,
Leaving them gasping for closure,
Hoping someday the answers
Will fall from the sky, or
From your towering mouth
And slimy breath,
Then maybe the pieces you’ve tangled
Between us can be placed ever so precisely,
Floating from the air in your lungs,
Into something more concise.

Who are you
To leave this world so deflated and disillusioned?
Go ahead, learn nothing of your barbarism,
Soon you will collapse into obscurity
By your own feeble hands
And all that you alleged to stand for
Will bite you in the ***.
NaNoWriMo?? More like I'm going to try to just write a poem every day and I hadn't uploaded the past 4 yet
anyway, here comes my undying salt
I have a small bit of vulgarity at the end that no one is used to from me, my apologies
She Writes Oct 26
Am I a fool to believe
The ease with which you lie
To those you hold most dear
Would not also pertain to me?
Denise Uy Oct 25
What if when I said I cared for you,
it was only in that moment?

What if even it was true,
it was only temporary?

I never said I always would
since I wasn't sure I always could.

So I wouldn't be lying if I told you again, because it would only be for the sake of the moment.
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