“I’m Okay!”
Is just my favorite Lie,
It helps to hide
Pretend that
I’m perfectly Fine.
It’s 12 AM, what do you expect?
Do you think you’re lying because you’re lying to yourself? You’re lying on your bed with thoughts of love and pretend it’s all ok. But you can’t move. Lying lying.
Deemz Jun 14
Forgiveness should be given,
but when a liar asks for one,
forgiveness becomes forgetting that
"once a liar, always a liar"
and then in order for me to forgive,
I now need to forget how your lies once taught my heart
how to be suspicious, even of its own beat.
Jack Jun 8
Feeling myself slowly dying,
Due to my own proficient lying
Catching up to me all together,
Swallowed up by the feeling he will never
Be able to feel okay again,
Ensnared in the burnt out ashes of a once bright flame,
I have lost everything,
My family, my education and her,
Life, such a fickle thing.

Titans trample over my mind,
Who knew love could be so unkind?
He feels himself slipping away, crying,
It’s come to my attention that I am dying.
I’m sick of this place
Isaac Ward Jun 8
Penguins scour beaches,
To pick rocks for their partners,
Prepared to retire together,

If I scour a beach,
To find a rock,
It'll be to beat a bitch's beak in.

See, on the weekend,
My relationship came to a meek end,
I was weak, she was on a bend,

So I bent knee,
Beaten like the beaches,
That penguins seek rocks on,
For their partners.

And maybe it's a reach,
We each leech these ends,
We seek to eat our friends,

But if she wants eaten,
By another guy with a weak pen,
I'm heading to the beach for the weekend.
I started
telling lies
to protect you

and I realized
I am incapable
of defying gravity

expectation defines meaning
with exception
'hey how are you?' is a greeting
not a question
like fake tits are just illusion
not deception

some lies are not collusion
just confusion
some lies induce delusion
for a reason

the truth and being truthful
are not mutually exclusive
it's the lie not in confusion
that's relationship pollution
Bryce May 23
When i was a little boy
and my booties could fit within
a small couplet of square metal
to which I had been given

I did not question, I did not complain
I existed the sights and smells of simple place

I licked the mist that watered plants
Crushed coffee beans in the employee
for they laughed at such a little boy.

It was 2002
and America was still somewhat free
When movie theaters had plastic seats
Empty exits
Then I sat the edge on watching Pokemon

Living in an electronic simulation
Taming, Creating monsters in my spare time
Travelling the tri-valley
Commute of a thousand years


It only takes minutes
And my soul drips strange when I see the house
Devoid of lavender,
Cut of oak tree

The park that once held the promise of a century
Diminished into brief obscurity
As new developments
Shaped like matchbox
destroy the grass
And raise land prices
To end the american dream

Paved roads that sang of free
take their toll
now I cannot see why this could be

What interest could there be
To paint our chided memory
Out of mind, out of sight?

Now the place I bought grilled cheese
Dipped in sharp tang of pickle juice

Bought and sold to an optometrist
To continue questioning the vision
of our adults
Brent Kincaid May 17
We’ll steal their pensions and their land
Won’t that be amazing and grand?
And there’s not a stinking thing they can do.
We’ll blame it all on the opposition
Then take an outraged position.
They’ll elect our congress and governors too.

How many brown people
Did you kill today?
Which of your promises
Did you break today?

We’ll concoct a bunch of lies
And convince all the unwise
That everything we say is the truth.
We’ll fool the older Republicans
And win some undecided fans
Everything but the clever and the youth.

In no time at all, we’ll succeed
And underscored with greed
We’ll take this gullible country back.
The Democrats will help us to
Do everything we plan to do
Because the dummies chose to elect a black.

How many brown people
Did you kill today?
Which of your promises
Did you break today?

Our war against intelligence
Is really making a difference
In getting voters to not smell a rat.
The richest civilians are helping
With the lobbyists they’re buying
And we gratefully tip our MAGA hat.

They are letting us make laws
That defy any philanthropic cause
Except when we get our hefty share.
We deny them their health and aid
And needn’t be the least bit afraid
Republicans will ever become aware.

How many brown people
Did you kill today?
Which of your promises
Did you break today?
My mind has always sold me one old lie:
feelings must be foes; broken hearts, loathsome.

How many woes were caused by one untruth?
––I can't remember how my own tears feel
––distraction, fear, distraction, distraction
––weeks of voluntary melancholy
––the list goes on and on and on and on.

The internet became my hiding place. Where
YouTube, Facebook, and news sites steal my seconds.


O, to feel again! O, to be alive!
To walk once more forgotten haunted streets!
Playing around with blank verse (allowing for some hiccups) whilst exploring my own avoidance behaviours.
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