Shadows still linger in this bright light,
they thought well about where to hide,
broken hopes, shattered dreams, and shallow spirits,
are the foods that gives them strength to ride,
to ride in the shadows where darkness always rise.
I might not ever
Deeply connect
With the woman I love,
But I might not ever
Deeply connect
With anyone in this town
Ever again.
Forging a deep connection
Is not always the same thing
As a deep thrust during intercourse,
Of course.
People just think that way
'Cause they've forgotten
How to relate.
Diana Garcia Jun 17
Tell me what to do
Why wasn’t I prepared..
How the fuck
Did I become so ensnared
I never thought I cared
Why everyone fucking stares
What the fuck are you looking at
Be nice or your face will meet my bat
This isn’t some shallow vent
I’ve given you everything
I’m fucking spent
8 years and a baby gone
Where did we ever go wrong
If only your reassurance
Wasn’t so hollow
Don’t be mad that my pride
Is the only thing I’ll swallow
Can’t I at least get credit for
Paying my rent??
I want to be a mom
But your youth was so cheaply spent..
why not try fasting for lent??
Fuck, I just hit a nerve
Here come the tears.
As fast as my lyrical mood came, it went..
Sarah Isma Aug 1
‪and soon we all would forget,‬
These petty little thoughts,
When our mind wanders,
In places that shouldn’t be brought up,
Like in a memory we
Were walking down the streets
Of a gloomy Thursday evening
As we spent hours and hours
Just talking about our desires
Oh we went on and on
About our dreams and disasters
We had so much to aspire,
But that was already months ago,
As now i sat on my floor,
So i laid my head on my pillow,
And my heart starts to feel,
A little bit hollow,
My eyes start to see,
The dark sky outside my window,
I didn’t realize how time could be so shallow,
Taking my precious moments away,
God, why am i feeling so mellow?
Oh how I wanted you back, boy,
Back to where we said our very first hello
Ive spent a year in college and lets just say i couldnt escape the reality of acidentally falling in love with someone, and now he’s graduated but i still got a year to go but it seems forever. And its only been a few months since i last saw him, since we had our talks, our quirky exchange, i wish at least he would know how i felt about him when i thought we could just be friends but... i guess i was lying to myself big time.
(This is also a song originally, its melody reminds me so much of him because he plays the guitar so well and i can only keep up with my ukulele :)
You’re gone to me
And your two-faced hidden agenda priorities
Will never take me down anymore
Maybe if you skip the pass
You’ll even the score
So play your melody,
O Brother of the Blues,
Play so clear
Those melancholy tunes
Play that song like never before
Play it like you’re trying to breach
A closed door in a shallow pool
Of memories gone
Like you’re drowning
And the door won’t open
Because it never opened
Please open…
Sometimes familial doors are the hardest ones to open. Especially the door that exposes the issues of a broken relationship between father and son.
Ciara Jones Jul 17
Did you ever wonder why
Why the crows always sighed

Shallow sighs that seemed to signify
The broken pieces of happiness that once used to collide

Looking back at it now
I could hear a poetic prowl

A town full of memories
A land full of histories

Think simply, they used to tell me
Because with that, they said
You can take on life slightly more effortlessly
I ask you
'how have you been? Isn't this your favorite drink?'
but also
'I hope I'm not trying too hard'
I know I probably overthink

You say
'I had a great time with my friends. We had so much fun'
Sending a picture
'how was your weekend?'
Isn't that a strange mixture?

I grasp for something deeper still
Aren't you too?
I can't be the only one here that wants and will
Clearly you want to share as much as I do
So shouldn't you be willing also?

Why claiming, wanting
but then feel distant
Why do I feel like I need to be hunting
for anything resembling something subsistent
I don't want to feel like constantly being insistent
Don't unzip my pants
Unless you love me
Not for my looks
But what consists of me and my head
Nobody hates getting head
But I don't want it if I'm not loved by her
When you spread your legs and I enter your beautiful paradise
It's because you're my partner who I aspire to do that for life with
But that's not why I'll be drawn to you
It's what you do and how you do it
The way you are
I want to go to sleep knowing you're not here to get off
But here to spend your life with me
The fooling around is fine
As long as I know you're mine
And my personality makes me seem mighty fine
I won't mind
Your hands exploring my torso
I am your map
Find and explore the locations
I will gladly guide you to new frontiers
Having the sudden urge to hug someone, but restraining yourself because you don't know hour they would react.
Making this series a thing, introducing feelings and defining the by the scenarios they come from.  I'm in between using loquacious dictionary language and putting things simply.
T McGilberry Jul 3
As I sit and let my spirit ferment,
Sips of my conversation will change your state of mind..
I should have ID'd you at the door.
come swim with the sharks
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