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abby Nov 2021
“you’re so beautiful”
“you’ve only seen my body, don’t forget to explore the mind’s eye”
i don’t think i’ve ever been genuinely loved. there’s always been an ulterior motive. i wish someone would take the time to gently care.
PS Aug 2021
They say that love is blind
The truth is just, love is pure.
She is patient, she is kind,
She’s unrefined and yet, demure.

Through her looking glass she sees
Spots of flaws and marks of pain
Why do you cry so much, darling?
How can I never make you feel that way again?

Love should know that beauty fades,
She should know that looks are weak
But love cannot be easily stuck in place
Not all who claim to find can truly seek.

Are you the measure of the man?
So wonderful in writing
But is your face too faithless
Shockingly unbeguiling.

Is love so shallow that she can’t see
How you give her the world?
But is it her prerogative to be
After those who make the heart twirl?

Will love be another one with a seven
With plenty of zeros to his name?
How does her nature suffer
When it is love you seek to tame?
She is personified.
Shri Jun 2021
Holding scars on shallow soul!
Struck in dark loopholes!!
Faking smiles! Behaving the way i am supposed to..
Towards all those adversities I am exposed to.
Waking up with tender eyes,
Loosing myself in disguise!!
Dodging my own self!
Hiding all my emotions in deep shelves!!
Blaming every possible reason for this void,
It's always there, even if I try to avoid.

Becoming something I an not..
Being happy by heart feels too hard than I've ever thought!!
With this poem I've tried to define the way I feel..  everyone wants to be with cheerful souls, many times we have to pretend happy even when we are not.. especially when we don't know the reasons making us feel depressed.
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2021
I was buried
A shallow grave

So deeply embedded in dirt no one could see me

Yet right below surface
Fell out of love and directly into the hole

The other option was hang on to the limb I inhabited in a state of vulnerable agility

So I ended effort and surrendered to the freshly dug soil waiting beneath our chance at love
RIP our love
Mik Jun 2021
We trudged through steep snow as it melted,
And you caused avalanches with every step,
You teared apart entire forests,
While I was too busy walking to notice...

The water is smooth opaque turquoise,
Just like in the pictures you showed me,
As we stand on a rock at the water's edge,
You take my hand and ask me to jump;

Then wind rages through the valley of us,
And the ripples of clear remind me:

Smooth are waters with no depth-
Bellow is only a shiny surface,

Where nothing breathes.
I've walked through puddles deeper than you
Wilkes Arnold Apr 2021
He cannot hear
I just now realized
He's deaf to it, it's all disguised
Everything, all of it, is crystal unclear
What's up is down and what's far is near

The radio boils
The microwave sings
The telephone listens, while his ear rings
But he hasn't noticed, his ignorance is loyal
To his strange world of backwards turmoil

His eyes tear up
At the toasters dull ding
Oblivious though, to orchestral strings
Crescendoing, divinus, in joyous buildup
An ode only heard as a course hiccup

Puts books to his ear
But hears no voice
Thumbs through jibberish, but his hands hold Joyce
The steak tastes like spam and the wine of beer
He's deaf to it, all of it, everything I fear

He runs in circles
And sits in squares
Drowns in shallow waters and falls upstairs
Nothings left of romance when passion dulls
But crippled hopes and shattered hulls

He cannot hear
He just now realized
He's deaf to it, it's all disguised
Everything, all of it, is crystal clear
What's up is down and what's far is near
Ending is a work in progress
Maitri Mishra Jan 2021
The love of my life runs through my veins
It can't be a lie that makes me feel safe
All the jewels of emotions come into the phrase
Neutralizing stabilised thoughts for a place
Concluding I hope to get my precious gains

The Brain and Heart are my soul locators
Giving me purpose to live and aware
Following into happiness of my favorite sphere
Inside the self loving treatment of geared individuals

I dig into my thoughts of shallow waters
Growling into the fact of curious matter
I am no more the master to my beloved grandeur
I lost hope into the Truth of love for my serious self desire.
annh Jan 2021
❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅


❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅
‘The past is somewhere we can walk with our memories
Never with our footsteps’
- Mimi Novic, The Silence Between the Sighs
JDMaraccini Jul 2013
I smite her without a flicker of remorse.

Web caught trembling prey, blistering sadness in a shallow grave.
Repulsive, rotten ***** stench, locked box of putrid sorrow.
Blood clot hidden trench, vile secretion burrow.
Wolf dressed goblin ***** muttering incantations.
Teetering on a broken fence, seething hatred regurgitation.
Greedy, evil, spineless, *****, cunning, patient, *****.
One head desire, two face succubus,
speech craft forked tongue, slithering witch, foul gargoyle.
Rebuke venomous, castrate hung, stoke the funeral pyre.
Incubate the serpent fetus, demon, devil, liar.
Nevermore sinister toil, bone-covered soil.
Death to the succubus,
death to Venus.
Cross Boundry Sep 2020
When people
Talk about love
It always seems shallow.
But really,
How can creatures as simple as I
Be expected to use such a limited medium as language
To express a feeling, an emotion, a pull so deep
A process so quick yet so intricate
As the wide, beautiful waters of love
The raging, welcoming oceans of love;
The ever-confusing, always painful waves of love.
Its never shallow depths that drag me down.
And in the same way love is water,
                                Love is fire
Scorching heat, licking flames, crackling tinder, flying embers.
Love is as complex as fire and water, earth and air, infatuation and attraction.
It hurts beautifully and pleases terribly.
But we look for it in everything.
So if my love poems sound shallow,
if my songs are superficial,
my art simplistic,
Forgive the language’s
lack of expression.
For if the world meant ‘I love you’
Then I’d give you the universe.
it never made sense why i felt so strongly for her
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