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Em May 29
Girl is alone
Girl stays up hours imagining what her future husband acts like
And how life may be with him
Girl meets boy
Girl creates his personality in her mind
Wonders what she can take from him
Girl sets her standards so high up boy can’t reach
So Girl gets bored and moves on
Her mind is a factory working to craft the perfect man
Nothing is right
Girl meets girl
Spends hours talking to girl
Girl would never want to change anything about girl
When the world falls apart around them
Everything is okay
When Girl loves girl
Rough Draft
am i ee Jan 2016
once had a boyfriend

well was he technically that?

me thinks not

me thinks he just wanted to *** into
ma pants

and a few other assorted boys used this
same line

how they would complain
entangled in the car
hot breath heaving
long deep kisses
bodies writhing
on summer nights
and cold winter ones too

always squirming away
from curiously demanding

after the zipper
between the thighs

warm delicious sensations...

But WAIT....

what will they say tomorrow?

so.... squirming away
never giving in
to the passion arising
high as the sky

these boys
would complain
like a little boy
not getting their new toy

YOU are giving me
BLUE *****

really?  is that really
a condition?
or are you just pulling my
proverbial leg?

it is MY fault?

me thinks not...

in any event
one day it came
to say

well... if you aren't
acquainted with your
right hand
perhaps now is the

and if you want a little
use your left

and if you are feeling particularly
try them both
for the *******!

it worked perfectly for ME
for them
i didn't wait
around too
long to
P I Watson Apr 2
He is off to devour the babysitter

No need for shoes in the summer heat

No need for pants inside the house

Three steps at a time, tiny claws awhir
Tyrannosaurus teeth aching to crunch the bones of his Brazilian prey

Sometimes I remember to move carefully around his loud, joyful willingness

Or I don't remember

And tear a fat chunk of adventure out of him with a stinging rebuke

But he is a T-Rex with two tons to spare
I have been given
Two handsome guys
But they are
Both immature…
Better I’ll think I’m soo lucky,
Now I feel so unlucky
CIN Feb 24
Here's the thing,
               You are a boy, not really but you try to be,
               You are a boy, addicted to masculine words, and pretty poetry
                                                                          About two boys falling in love
You enter a room and say,
                             “Hello i am a boy, and if you tell me i'm not ill show you.”
Your fists do the talking when your throat cant,
You come home to your mother,
                                  All black eye, and busted lip,
“I’m a boy!” You cry,
                           And she shakes her head, eyes wet like
You are sent to your room,
                                           To wallow in your disgrace.
Your chest aches,
                      But you ignore it,
                                           Choosing instead to rest your weight.
Can you tell I've been binge reading Richard Siken's works
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
One last poem before I drift off….

Today I realized I look for others pride
Sometimes I think I need it

Turns out I don’t

I know I’m an artist whether you do or you won’t,
acknowledge it.

My poems breathe for me
And when I’m not hungry they eat for me
I write what I see

They sleep with me while I shed my tears
They force me to face my fears.

And when I wake up I have new words filling my head
My stomachs in a knot
Lyrics to a heartfelt song, an angry response, or perhaps just a taunt

Poetry is one of my favorite art forms
The beauty, elegance
The walls broken down
Sharing what I never could admit before

My heart isn’t so sore anymore.
I wonder if they feel it too
Me letting them go?

I saw him today
He looked terrible
I hate to admit it for a moment I felt like I won
Until I realized we both lost a close friend
We’re both hurting but it’s not up to me

A lone willow tree met a golden retriever
Little did they know he’d leave her

I used to wish he would visit again
Until I heard about the manipulation

Turns out the golden retriever was actually a wolf
And the willow was a boy all along
I should turn this into a song.
Willow Tree (started to fall asleep and then thought of another poem)
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