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Sahana Oct 5
Remember when, he
Called me on that rooftop night,
Just checking, to make sure
I got in—pulled me in for half a hug.
Joined me for a dance,
Thought about the time he
Told me that I’m so fun.
One last night out,
Young and free, before
Careers kick in and reality sets in.
It ended before I knew it,
On the car ride home,
Thinking about what coulda been,
He tells me he’s crying,
Begging me to stay—but
Saying yes is not an option.
Remembering when I found out,
He was reading the book I had,
Or felt he that fire in chest,
About our political crisis,
in a way like me,
In a way I hadn’t seen yet.
Spending so long settled in
The idea of a man lesser than &
Surprised to find the joy
In expanding my horizons,
Learning about my self imposed limits,
Watching them crumble in,
Realizing I am capable of
Every bit of the life I wanna live.
Found solace in the similar ways we think,
A sketchbook of drawings,
Connecting each & every limb,
Far far away
from spaced repetition.
Death by a thousand cuts
Ambition, something else
That I didn’t think I was looking for.
You took me by surprise,
Chelsea boots in that kitchen,
Didn’t ask me where i was from.
Between the bridges and lights,
Guitar riffs playing in the back
You grabbed my hand,
Spun me round, drink in another.
Kinda hated the smell of your breath,
The way you patted me on the head.
When you begged me to stay,
Under the night sky, every sway.
M e l l o Oct 4
broken boys
with missing hearts
are like broken toys
with missing parts
the lost fights
and lost nights
small mistakes
turn into highlights
their sorry eyes
filled with tears
but they never cry
they struggle
just to keep it all inside
Oct. 1
KJ Sep 24
I thought my heart was dead.
That I couldn’t feel affection for anyone,
not after everything he had done to me.

But then you came into my life,
so suddenly, I couldn’t see it coming.
I didn’t expect to like you.

I told myself I wouldn’t, or couldn’t, care for you.
You aren’t mine.
I don’t even know if you’re interested.

But thank you for reviving a part of myself
I thought I’d never see again.
Even if this is only a crush,

I’m glad my first was on you.
Steve Page Sep 24
Do you get me?

No shame, you know.
Just small self doubt
a violent chin
and contention for identity
for happiness
for unafraid space
with a smile and Stanley.

Do you get me?
Knives in the hands of those who don't know what a Gillette is for - it's a sad thing.
Axel Sep 14
Questions queuing up in my mind
everytime I see you smile cause
my words are undescribable
when you look at me and I really think
that you should be mine.
Broadsky Sep 13
your loving lips on my rosy cheek, your fingers running through my hair like water in a creek, your cool ability to smoothly speak.

that look that says “you’re mine,” you’re sending chills down my spine, as you wrap your arms around me like kitchen twine.

your heavy breath and rising chest, you’re building trests from east to west.

in your presence I bloom like a lotus, you’re making me notice there’s more than enough time to fall for a guy that makes you want to climb the tallest tree you can find.

I’m leaning on limbs,

looking through leaves,

while I’m swaying with the breeze,

and you’re there with me.
for you.
Alison Sep 12
I refuse to continue writing poems about boys who didn't love me back.
I painted them in beautiful colors
Wrote their names in the stars
And spoke them into eternity.
But they were only fleeting shadows
An untouchable mist
Trying to fill me with empty words
And broken promises.
I will no longer bathe these boys with beauty
They don't deserve my pretty words
And beautiful promises.
I will no longer speak these boys into the brightest stars
And paint them in glorious light.
They are merely shadows
Hiding in a dark alley
Refusing to show their faces
Only shouting empty words into the void
Trying to catch a pretty girl off guard.
Maybe one day a boy will deserve such words.
But for now, I will be saving my beautiful words
For beautiful people.
Mark Sep 10
Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

So she don't want you back
I could have told you that
Your fault for being so slack
Now who's wearing the top hat
At least ya don't have to put up with her girlie pack
The new gals at the bar will just think your some stray cat

Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

But I miss her so much
I miss her soft touch
I know I was a bit rough
But she messed with my brain
Getting lost down memory lane
Like a boxers hit with no real true pain

Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

I'll treat her with more respect
I don't won't our relationship to be wrecked
Do you think she will take me back?
I want to get our relationship on the right track
But first I want to see how I go with some other gals
Maybe she would be happier, if we were just good pals.
Carmen Jane Sep 10
I saw you with instant tears
I ran to you, yet you pushed me off
You didn't want me to see you like this,
I knew it will be worse if I insist
So I let you be,I told you I was here.

I watched you from afar,
And slowly you calmed down
When no one was around
I asked about what happened
Then you told me, he hurt you
I got upset, I wish you have told me
Then you said you couldn't
Cause you felt your voice is choking
And you shrug your shoulders
With a sigh you said "Boys…!"

No, my love, it  does not matter
If it was a boy or a girl
It's not right for anyone to hurt
My little girl!
I wish you had told me
Right then when it happened
So we can voice it out
Together, it's not right to hit!
And all of this should stop
Always use kind hands!
Maybe like that, it won't repeat again!

My heart breaks that even if I try,
Everyone around...
Or maybe it's still etched in our genes
I wish no one will say
With an accepting sigh
Kids....! ( 4 years old friends)
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