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Passing through those Gates it was finally sinking in,
In just a few more minutes I was going to see you again.
I remembered before how I felt as I watched the other mother leave with her son.
Now I can't believe you are the one.
*** answered my prayer to let me be there to see you free
It wasn't much time but felt like forever before they brought you to me.
The very second I caught a glimpse of your face as you walked through that door,
Trying my best to hold back my tears until I couldn't control myself anymore.
I burst into tears holding you in my arms as you held me too.
I hope you know just how much I love and have missed you.
I watched your face as we walked out that gate
Arm and arm, still trying to grasp the feeling of being free.
Son it's all in your hands now, you choose your fate.
Make the right choices and do the right things
Only you can determine what your future brings.
I drove you to that place that you chose to go
Wishing you would change your mind but I already know
It just seems so unfair I've waited so long to get you back just to let you go and I'm still all alone
It's just hard for me to realize your no longer a child you are now grown .
I pray *** keeps you safe in everything you do
Just know when things get tough you have a home to come too..
Letting go is the hardest thing to do
Becca 5d
lukewarm freckles berade my skin
like soldiers to the sea
my phone glows with a message from you and
a mini spark ignites somewhere deep inside of me.
your smile is plastered on my screen and
my face mirrors you.
you say words like they are water,
nothing out of the ordinary.
yet, you turn water into wine,
adding your own magic touch.
your honey-golden presence
turns into a forest fire between my legs.
getting lost in your eyes is like trying to count the stars,
endlessly overwhelming.
the moment you take hold of my hand, you take hold of my beating heart.
the tears you wipe from my eyes turn to butterflies that kiss the deepest parts of your soul.
and when my spirit becomes a desolate desert of despair, you envelop me into the warmth of your wings, and i am home again.
Becca 6d
you yell at the moon for your anger,
but this time I am the moon
Becca 6d
my silk tears slide down my raw face
for you're the one who birthed them
Pre 6d
you sat in front of me in math today
your hair is long
and I wanted to tangle my fingers in it
I wanted you to grab me
and push me against the wall
your thumbs on the skin of my hips
under the waistband of my jeans
I wanted to run my hands down your back
trace you
pull you towards me
clench your shirt in my fingers
I wanted to breathe like you teased me about
like we're running
and our hearts are hammering
and we're gasping
and we can't seem to get close enough
I wanted to be pressed to you
and breathe
and feel your chest push against mine as the air rushes into your lungs
I want your hands
(oh my ***, your hands)
to go places that scare me
but not too much
because I'd know you cared
about how I felt
and you wouldn't want me to be afraid
the only reason I liked math
what does it say about
Him. that so many girls fall
in love with his eyes
Becca 6d
you ask me how I feel,
and I want to tell you that my lungs ache
but I just smile and walk away
from those maple toned eyes
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