i do not understand
the male gender
one minute they offer you a ride home
the next minute
they repeatedly are throwing paper at your face
they boss you around
yet when you try to tell them what to do
they are insulted
instinctively refuse
yet i am still surprised when they do listen to me
without a word
do you like me?
do you even care about my existence?
or do you just want to play with me like a toy?

no. i am not a toy
Alec Jul 16

Hearts rhythmically thumping
They have begun hunting
Splotches of green and brown
Defenders of their little "town"
Eyes become slivers in the night
They have no bark, but are all bite.
Mouths wide with Cheshire smiles
Minds swirling with and stabbing at random wiles
Stampeding through hills and over grass
Down to the ground searching for the scent of what was there last.
Coarse cloth draping off of the bloody sweating forms.
Hauling what deadweight "beasts" they can lift after their swarms
In their minds, a group mentality, they are yelling and chanting and screaming galore
But in the dead of night, only harmless creatures are ear-sores.
Slithering across the dirt
Will the night or the hunt end first?
Slivers dart across the hell-heated jungle
Salivating at the thought of flesh and the deliciously seductive struggle
But alas, the sky becomes a lightened hue
And the flesh, due to the morphing of slivers, narrowly escapes becoming barbeque.

Ruzica Matic Jul 15

pigeons still
wait for meals
by that bench
where sun once grew
in tufts of gold

girls skipping classes
to window shop
their scarves wild
and their nails chipped

tough boys go out and smoke
and cough and dance
and act brave
and cut their hair
in the dark

and words of a new language
tumble down our tongues
head over heels
tasting strange
but falling into place
after all

Terry Collett Jul 15

Ward sat
just in front of me
in class.

Ginger haired
with ears
that seemed
to go red at the tips
when someone
spoke to him.

He seldom
put his hand up
when questions
were asked
and if he did
his ears would go red
and his ginger hair
seemed to stand up
on end.

You play chess?
He asked me
one playtime.

Sure been playing
since I was 7 years old
I replied.

Play you now?
He said.

Sure if you like
and he took out
a pocket chess set
from his jacket pocket
and set it on the ground
of the grass.

We lay there
and he set up
the small pieces
and then we began.

He was good
and won
the two games
then the bell went
and we went
back to class.

Yehudit looked
over at me
her big blue eyes
seemed to
be asking me
where I went playtime.

I smiled at her
she smiled back.

Ward played
good chess
but she was
good at kissing
even if she didn't
play chess.

She knew the moves
as good as Ward did
but in a different game
and a different rule.

I saw her later
on the bus
after school.


grab me by the neck
fuck your confessional  poem
don't write into me

this might be a joke but it also might not be. i'm rlly talking abt a specific kind of poetry guy tbh, u kno the rlly fake pretentious kind. i can be fake pretentious too but anyways. this is edgy. i apologize. i'm too gay.
Terry Collett Jul 14

On the playing field
was second to none
but off it
he was a big turd
who bullied boys
smaller or less skilful
than he was at football.

We were in the school
changing room
waiting for the PE teacher
to pick his team
for the match.

Underhill came over
to where I was standing.

I've seen babies
dribble better
than you Coles
he said.

And I've smelt
their nappies
reminding me of you
I replied.

He squared up to me
his 6ft over my head.

You want to watch
your mouth frog.

You're blocking out
my daylight.

Other kids
made a small circle
around us
and chanted
fight fight fight.

I've seen toddlers
kick a ball
better than you
he said.

I shouldn't stand still
too long or a farmer
might mistake you
for dung and spread you
over his land
for fertilizer
I replied.

Fight fight fight
the kids chanted
about us.

I got on my toes
ready to weave
and punch.

He stood toe to toe
with me looking
down at me.

the PE prat bellowed out
from the changing room

The kids dispersed
and I mingled with them
Underhill tried to mingle

Well what is
going on?

Nothing Sir
Underhill said
just showing others
my passing skill.

The PE prat
looked around at us
his beady eyes
searching out victims.

Right line up
I need a solid team
to play against
Barnside Seniors.

We lined up
against the wall.

I wouldn't be chosen
(thank God)
but Underhill was
almost straight away.

I was hoping
the team lost
it would make
my day.

Megan Jul 13

Perhaps it's this idea
This notion
Of a completely unrealistic love story
Which draws me to books so much.
No I'm not gonna meet a boy in a gang,
or fall in love with my stepbrother,
Nor will he have some sort of disorder
Which weirdly makes him more vulnerable and attractive.
This stuff just won't happen,
And maybe that is what makes it so addictive.
Constantly chasing after this big fantasy
Of one day
Acquiring a love so epic
That it transcends time and space
Just to suit you.
That's something worth wasting my afternoons for.

Whoever is reading this, you're beautiful.
Fire Jul 11

I never loved you I loved the attention
To break your heart is my only intention
You smile you laugh you try to talk
But time is just getting closer for me to walk
You say nice things and such sweet lies
But your mouth is rotten and filled with flies
Your lips are soft and sweet
But filled with poisonous deceit

I'm you're Cinderella can't you see?
It's always been me
But your eyes only see pigs
Not the flower amongst the figs

You're peculiar
A new allure
You find your jaw impeccable
But your character: dependable
Your heart is your affliction
With it comes your eviction
You plead to Him to let you stay
You promise you won't walk away

A second chance
Another glance
You see your fathers hand
A marching band
A white beach sand
You gain a new stance

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all
The one who carries Him in his heart
Can lead a life with a fresh start

Terry Collett Jul 11

Quinn brought
a photo of him
and his twin sister
to school.

He said it was taken
the summer before
while staying with
an aunt and uncle
by the sea.

His sister
was better
looking than he
slim not plump
and her hair
was straight
and blonde.

I thought it
a shame
she was going
to be a nun
at 21.

She looks cute
your sister
I said.

Guess God
wants her
to be a bride of Christ
he said.

What will she do
as a nun?
I said.

Pray and contemplate
and be virginal
he said.

Sounded boring
I couldn't see her
as boring or praying
and contemplating
all day.

Is she sure
she wants
to be a nun?
I said.

Yes since
she was 6
she has wanted
to be one
he replied.

He tucked the photo
in his jacket pocket
as the teacher for Maths
came along
the passageway.

Other kids
were standing

Quiet please
he said.

came upon us.

We followed
the teacher into class
and sat at our desks
and got out
our books.

I tried
to bring to mind
Quinn's sister
and her good looks.

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