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Hurricane 27m
I wrote a poem about you , at 8am .
About friendship and how we could last till at least 10am .
But by the time 4:45pm rolls around ,
You’ll be beyond reach .
Something I never thought possible for us .

At 8am , I vowed that I loved you .
At midnight I still will ,
And at 3am when the pain comes and I fear my past mistakes ,
You’ll be writing poetry about her , to be read when she wakes up at 7am .
I’ll always love you ( I think ) but the pain comes from the sad remnants of our friendship .
kayla 1d
Do you even care about my feelings
I’m starting to think you don’t
Because why would something important to me
Mean the world to you
I wanted to be honest about what’s going on because he said I could go to him with anything. But here I am feeling ignored and stupid for trying to be honest. I get it his shit is prolly more important than mine, but I’m hurting and I don’t want to be here anymore.

This has been his only flaw, but I’m kind of regretting even trying to.  To get to know someone is this kind of way makes me feel vulnerable and weak. I have terrible trust issues to start with. I just really needed someone there tonight at least to tell me I wasn’t crazy for what I was feeling. Just some reassurance. Abusive parents are hard, hiding it from others is harder, but hiding it from people you care about and love is heart breaking. You want them to always be happy and telling them something like this will cause them to worry. But you feel like shit for not telling them, you feel like you’re betraying them and lying, going behind their back. I feel like shit.

I feel bad for even thinking about writing this because deep down my heart knows he cares and it breaks him, but my minds tells me he’s brushing it off like it’s nothing.

I’m at war with myself. I’m feeling so many emotions but so empty at the same time.
boys look like boys
girls look like girls
boys look like girls
girls look like boys

people look like people

and that is all that I see

every single beautiful soul
worth living

especially the bus driver
who just flicked me off

she’s more deserving
than most.
AditiBoo Sep 9
And we get back to this age-old clichée

Boys, they all just end up being the same

Expectations have become a thing du passé

And my disappointment in the gender I have come to disclaim

It's this stone-age story

Boy meets girl, boy gets lucky

A one night stand if you will

And neither, their digits quite willing to spill

It was a night of marvel and wonder

Filled with countless moans and tremour

An intimacy, many a couple would die for

A rarity in itself as the reality bubble hits the floor

Oh, to and fro, a perfect harmony

So tangled up they become one entity

With the fast-paced rhythm,

It was a sought for unison

The breathless panting

The soundless ecstasy

The effortless grinding

Both, at the other's mercy

Then amidst this liason

Boy grunts out a desire for a relation

'I really like you, you're not like any other girl

God, you're so sexy, you rock my world'

As he probes harder in

He chooses to further his sin

'Do you like me?' He whispers close

'Will I see you again?' while he gets Girl on all fours

So once, at least one of the parties, satisfied,

Whilst grovelling for lost items of clothes

Girl waits for Boy to ask for her number,as he lies by her side,

Only to hide that disappointment in her pillows

Ah don't get me wrong, girls are just as bad

All this coyness and feigned self-respect?

[Huh] Our vaginas are really not that ironclad

We use our virtue and plot to turn some part of you erect

But...Our disappointment does not lie in the coitus

To claim so would expressedly make us a hypocrite

Our sadness comes from those pleasantries so spurious

All those flatteries and promises that men deem excrete

So, please do fuck us

But while you do so, focus

Only speak to let us know you're coming

And don't lie and fake interest whilst humping
Aquinas Sep 8
The lungs of who you are betray the bones of what you've become.
I could keep you in my hands for as long as I can hold my breath,
but that feels too long.

You're trapped around the grave of the person you wanted to find in me.
I can't be her for you.
Even for one night.
I can't be here for you.

You know it's true that your hands are tied between two more.
I'm not with you anymore.
I got the last laugh now you deal with what comes.

You miss talking,
and my ears don't miss being talked to.
You wish this was different,
and I do to.
You still don't want change,
but my bones are broken, and through them I feel my lungs.
Vish Sep 1
You shouldn’t have come if leaving was all you had in mind

You do not deserve these words of mine and yet here I am writing line after line of heartache that you caused me

Because it is these words that help me cope with your unpleasant and unwelcoming departure

Thank you for leaving for it showed me that I am so much better off without someone who chooses not to appreciate the beauty that lies within me
to all the boys who broke my heart
Anne Aug 31
forever with
is always
going to be a
snatched dream.
Lonerblues Aug 31
You would think
Because I’m a hopeless romantic
I would be engulfed with the idea of love
The feeling
The touch
The passion that slips between two tongues
I am more than terrified
To love.
Amiso Pius Aug 29
1.....His Bearer's Plea.

What would it cost to send a million dogs to war,
Than turn my babes into raging Beasts?

Leave the Boys to grow and revel in age.
Leave them strapped to their mothers bosom
until nature run's its course and calls them MEN.
Without guns,rage and War pivoting that stage.

Too many broken Boys parole as Men,
building bridges without appeasing the gods below.
Too many hold life at its helm,
boasting of nothing to risk or gain,
Inflicting Pain to ease their pains.
Too many were sucklings before Wars came,
cruelly snatching them from their mothers breast....
handing them guns when milk was what they needed.

#2...His Lover's Plea

What price COULD I have paid to save my lover's head from being Twisted with tales of war?

the man I once knew now resides in a realm of obscurity
dodging reality, dreading emotions, refusing one ness.
A man with hands now Cold,
my skin forgets the prowess they possessed in the past,
a gloomy present looms.
the man whose weaning I continued, now bites hard till my nipples bleed, the taste of blood he now savours.

Cries of war creased the tenderness off my lovers tongue.

What did i owe the earth to be robbed this way?
What kind of man will my children call father?

Well....What will it cost to send a million dogs to war,than deny our babes the privilege to wean until nature calls them MEN?

©Comfort Amiso Pius
All boys do for me..
Young, Old. Clean, Shabby.
All boys work for me
Lonerblues Aug 25
It’s funny how I know how this game goes
You liked me before but I know you’ll get bored
So I’ll let us get close and let myself forget
That I have played your game before.
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