honeyed 1d
when you slipped your hands around my neck,
that is where i snapped.
i drove the knife into your back
and i knew there was no going back
your scream of anguish was so harmonious with my sadistic laughter.
oh promiscuous boy,
this would be the last time you broke my heart
she hath returned!
just a little something i whipped up so everyone knows im still alive haha
Ramish 5d
you are the devil

you make me feel like I'm sinning
even only with a pen and a paper
I'm grinning
because I love it
and I learned on the backseat of the bus
that you can only give so much for love
and the news came to me clearer
that she's not the one for you

people seem to come and go
and your love may want to grow
but sometimes the roots untangle and you are no longer together
but that may be for the better
because he wasn't good enough for you anyway

You know, when I met you
You took my breath away
In retrospect
I would stop breathing if it meant dying next to you
because there are demons in the pit of my stomach
they're so loud
they follow me around
it's the shadow I live with now
but you are the sun
who makes my heart palpitate just a little faster
you make me love smiling
you make me miss your touch
you make me miss your words
you make me miss your scent
yes your scent
because I'd rather have a part of you with me
and have it seem strange than be normal and have nothing at all
and, well,
you call this a part of me, it's not
just the start of falling off the wrong side of the sky
who held me me up for stars and way too long
but after all, all i wanna do is play you songs and just sleep tight
Falling for him was the worst thing
I could’ve done
While I landed on a bed of
Rose pedals
I was oblivious
To the thorns underneath
Haleigh 5d
the shards of my shattered blood line
piercing into my lungs
tearing it open

letting me bleed my sadness out.

i bleed slowly;
                       i bleed,
                                    i bleed.

your vibrant persona is too much for me to handle,
it feels choking at times.

but nonetheless i am attracted
like a moth to a flame.
i know it is dangerous,
i know it will only end in my execution,
but i go in anyway
orchestrating my own death.

i plummet into your aura,
i take it in.

and a small part of me believes
that you even had the smallest inch of care for me.

but you don't.
it's someone else it always is.

it's always the 'it's not you it's me' crap;
or the 'i don't feel the same' torture.

nonetheless it breaks me,
and i break in silence.

the saddest part is i thought i had a chance with you.


what a joke.

it can't happen,
it will never happen.
and that is all there is for me.

there is no yes or inbetween.
it is always no,
a resounding no.

but it's not your fault.
i know i am an ogre,
a monster with two minuscule eyes,
with my pores oozing acid,
and my mouth spewing fire.

my fiery temper restricts all suitors,
i know i cannot be tamed.

maybe that is why.

i am boundless and limitless and that may be intimidating.
but i am human,

and every human has that one boundary and
that one

that was meant to be you,
meant to be you for me.

but you have someone else,
someone prettier and better.

so be happy, because that's all i want;

but for now,

i bleed slowly;
i bleed,
i bleed.
Warning: Boys are terrible
hannah 6d
One day she asked "How come we always choose poison over water?"
"The kind that takes our lives without a second thought"
  "The kind of poison that will be the death of us"
And then he said " Because it's sweeter."
Ramish 6d
my shoes scuff against the pavement
my head's in the basement
i need to learn to have patience
hiding in my safe haven
i get the news clearer
she's not the one for you

i look in the mirror
and hold my pills nearer
i get the news clearer
i'm not the one for you

recalling my ex-girl
written these songs full of acidity
when i lost her bitterly, no
oh no i see these feelings twisting up inside me
like a double helix
i'm a realist
but my dreams are poetic
i might've made mistakes but sometimes you gotta let it
hanging with slum kids
illusionary magic
i'm an addict
eyes red
cooped up in the hotel
i'm that dude
that's passion, obsession
my gift
my curse and my blessing
different's infinite,
living in open emotions and poems
my life is filled with
"i used to know her and know him"
but now i'm that kid
thinking that i'll just
fall off the wrong side of the sky
who held me me up for stars and way too long
but after all, all i wanna do is play you songs and just sleep tight
Leanna, I hope you recover quickly and feel better
Bella S 6d
You are saying I am cruel
I bet you even care
Yes I am rude and also somewhat mean
Because I am a thunderous sea trying to calm the hurricane of your betrayal going inside me
You think I don't know
that you're the one spreading the rumors
Thank you for sharing with the world your opinion of me

I was not like this before
You loved me, you stood up for me
Making my already hard life somewhat nice
It's you who forced my mind
To shut the windows of my demons
but then, they finally convinced you.
these people, you call your friends.
stole me from my happiness and rid you of your love for me.
and from that day on I have thanked you, for making me a stronger person, for making me hate you, for making my life; a living hell.
A fading smell of your cologne
Lost on one of my many empty pillows
The stray short brown hair
Left on my sweater I wore
Alone lying there, like me
I now remember
All that you were to me
Samantha Apr 15
I can’t count the numerous memories
I’ve lost with every pour of the wisky bottle

Everyone disintergrating from a sip of substance
A mind washed away from an empty glass

There’s sober me
In a corner
Untouched by your hands
Face to face with reality
Pixie Ellis Apr 15
Dear Cute Boy At The Party,

It was nice meeting you. Again.

I bet you didn’t know you were the first person I ever flirted with. I bet you didn’t know I prepped for this date for a week. I bet you didn’t know how much my heart soared when you asked me out.

Thank you for telling me that I have a cute laugh. Thank you for telling me how much you wanted to see me again before I even left. Thank you for walking me back to the station.

It was nice talking to you.

I know when you complained about the chair, it was just an excuse to sit next to me. I know you want L to like you back. I know you deserve someone who treats you better.

It was nice that you finally messaged me, a week after the party.

But I bet you didn’t know how quickly I accepted the fact I’d never see you again. That I’ve already wrote you two poems and that I’m sat listening to the songs you recommended to me. Thank you for making me realise that the right guy will come along, but not right away. I thought I’d just be that girl at the party who’s name you can’t remember, or face you can’t place, but I was wrong.  

It was nice meeting you.

I‘m excited to see you again next week.
I went out on a date with cute boy from the party, last night.
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