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Toothache Jan 7
quiet high summer nights
waving off mosquito bites
and lips so dry
the tap tastes like nectar
a glass shared is sweeter, better.
soda like opal in the moonlight
should we order in tonight?
leave the window open. though it's raining
this is our little love remaining
Zywa Oct 2023
Boys thinking to be

a good lover, sink their claws --

into the girl's soul.
Novel "De eeuwige jachtvelden" (1995, "The happy hunting grounds", 1999 Nanne Tepper), first paragraph of the Second book

Collection "Within the walls"
Heavy Hearted Apr 2023
A, always absencent and afraid
D, in such distaste;
A, for anger- absoloute
& M, cuz mans a ****** Waste:

Is this a written name?
Of this friend or potential lover
How he Reels this unique pain,
Too bad he wont discover:
That I'm the one whos truth's attentive
Not the one with words incentive-
Take ownership, & be repentive
Your minds absolutely unretentive.

I don't believe that you have this gift
To heal and unlock a Better version
of whoever you think you are-

What you've been given, you must shift
Enjoying that fake xannax bar?

A lthough you hurt
D ont hurt me too
A lways iconsiderate-
M anipulated too.

A man disrespected me and i dont tollerate that from little *******
Zywa Mar 2023
She is a goddess,

wearing a long train of boys --

like a Golden Goose.
"Fury" (2001, Salman Rushdie)

Collection "Low gear"
Zywa Dec 2022
There are boys, hunting

me to a detour, I'm tired --

It is getting dark.
Collection "NightWatch"
Em May 2022
Girl is alone
Girl stays up hours imagining what her future husband acts like
And how life may be with him
Girl meets boy
Girl creates his personality in her mind
Wonders what she can take from him
Girl sets her standards so high up boy can’t reach
So Girl gets bored and moves on
Her mind is a factory working to craft the perfect man
Nothing is right
Girl meets girl
Spends hours talking to girl
Girl would never want to change anything about girl
When the world falls apart around them
Everything is okay
When Girl loves girl
Rough Draft
am i ee Jan 2016
once had a boyfriend

well was he technically that?

me thinks not

me thinks he just wanted to *** into
ma pants

and a few other assorted boys used this
same line

how they would complain
entangled in the car
hot breath heaving
long deep kisses
bodies writhing
on summer nights
and cold winter ones too

always squirming away
from curiously demanding

after the zipper
between the thighs

warm delicious sensations...

But WAIT....

what will they say tomorrow?

so.... squirming away
never giving in
to the passion arising
high as the sky

these boys
would complain
like a little boy
not getting their new toy

YOU are giving me
BLUE *****

really?  is that really
a condition?
or are you just pulling my
proverbial leg?

it is MY fault?

me thinks not...

in any event
one day it came
to say

well... if you aren't
acquainted with your
right hand
perhaps now is the

and if you want a little
use your left

and if you are feeling particularly
try them both
for the *******!

it worked perfectly for ME
for them
i didn't wait
around too
long to
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