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Eve Sep 18
Have you ever screamed so silently loud
That your brain feels like it'll explode?

Powerful, that moment when you're trying to gather the pieces of your brain together. Trying to make it whole, knowing that it's that same wholeness that made you want to scream it off in the first place... Chic.

Live as if you were a firecracker

Which burns out too soon
Makes such an impression
Worth it

But the gunpowder is what makes the explosion worthwhile
Not sure if this even makes sense but oh well
A quicksand cyclones downward at the center,
A spiraling hole spun around by the sands that enter,
They scratch at the innards of my heart,
Pulling everything down and ripping it apart,

I’ve tossed so many things at it,
But they just drop into this endless pit,
Nothing seems to fill it up,
Instead everything just gets ****** up,

It’s like having my flesh sliced by scattered grains,
Spun at high velocity as it sheers against my veins,
Carving out tiny wounds accumulate into scars,
Blood seeping, lost and disappearing with its cause,

Cries are ****** up and then dispersed,
Scattered into pieces until it’s no longer heard,
Screams are silenced by a ringing vacuum,
Run through bleeding veins buried in my womb,

It’s like something wants to come up,
Like a volcano that’s ready to erupt,
Everything that’s been sunk and saturated full,
It’s getting ready to finally burst my soul,

I didn’t want to shut it all up,
It wasn’t my choice to have it all ****** up,
I tried so hard to pull it out with my strength,
But I underestimated the length of my pain,

It’s been loaded and treated with all its vice,
So I don’t know how to clean it up nice,
I think my exterior is too thick for it to ever explode,
But I think that one day, I am going to implode.
Happiness is the ultimate goal
UN recognised after all
Since 2012 it keeps publishing
World happiness reports
India ranks poor 139th of 149
How is it so, it hurts
We are the best culture
Like bacteria
We multiplied and multiplied
Population explosion
Limited resources
Poverty, unemployment
Curse for this nation
But Pakistan is in a better position
With 105th rank in happiness
Despite conditions no better
What's the matter?
Maybe we have a strong
Spiritual foundation
Less content to belong to this world
For we are taught
This world is an illusion
Of birth and death
With no permanent happiness
Work for permanent bliss
In the afterworld or
In salvation
After all Cantril ladder
Self assessment of respondents
In the happiness survey
Depends on their values
And how they value this world
Longing for permanent bliss
And to be one with God
Often makes we Indians sad
That we are in this world!
But times are changing
So the thinking
Shine in this world!
Shine in the afterworld!
I have tried to express me. If you understand me, you may agree with me. If don't, you're bound to disagree. Some may find me incoherent and inconsistent. You are wise enough and know what for a waste paper basket is meant! I know, I can't put my thoughts in others' brains unless some special spiritual connection. You may read my poem 'JUMBLE'.
Kitten Yvad Apr 21
I was made to habitate
a climate where it is always sticky;
high porosity frustrated curls soothed because it is always wet

skin bathed in citronella so that
only my love
is drawn to my sweat

verdant dense green tropical clime
God please watch over my people
as the earth acts as though
she is angry with them

and Volcanic Ash rains from their
tropical skies


what's happening??!;
                     from @thevitamindproject and              

where can I find out more?;,

How can I help?;

St. Vincent in the Grenadines is in Crisis at 20,000 flee their homes. Many more attempt to stay behind though La Soufière isn't done
erupting. Please spread the word...
Spriha Kant Mar 12
I wish to get out of the tutelary purlieu because I fear of turning into fragments on its spontaneous explosion by time factor.
Stop population explosion
Wisest man has given a solution
Stop reproducing children
Adopt puppies, upbring them
Bring mankind to extinction
Insects and worms multiply manifold
Mother planet to be better place
For all other kinds of life forms!
For details refer the video "Brutal way China handled population explosion..." on YouTube.
Listen: believe me,
If I knew how to rise up
And overcome them
You would see the shadows crawl
Out of discomfort
For the light bursting, flying,
Exploding forth and
Breaking free of the old bonds
On my now unfettered soul.
A choka version of the 6-syllabic poem I wrote in May 2014.
Believe me, if I could
You'd see the shadows crawl
Out of discomfort for
The light bursting, flying,
Breaking free of the bonds
On my unfettered soul.
#sixlines #sixsyllables
To the world of gloominess that is dominant
she wants to flourish, to live like a foolish
To the world of depression which is the profession
She wants to vanish, to live is not  garish
To the world of anxiety surrounding her society
She wants to fly, to touch the sky
To the world of madness where  she is the  goodness
She wants to change, not to be an insane
Sharon Miedema Oct 2020
Broken, don’t function.
Frozen, eruption.
Stiff before explosion.
Processing in slow motion.
Stiff, waiting, breathing.
Is it living?
Breaking, dying but always finding a new way.

I am dying, I am standing up high, I can’t bend.
I am walking through the dark blue.
All that dark blue shimmering and my face and my eyes.
And my dark hair almost dry now in the wind.

Hearing my footsteps on the pavement and the bass drum in my ear.
Final chapter, making it worth sticking around for.
Final chapter, making it matter.
I can opt out at any time now.
Nothing to lose.
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