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I heard that love would be a kind of a date,
a chemical one,
between me and you.
I heard that love would be a kind of an explosion,
an atomically one,
in which our elements,
are intertwining,
are changing everything,
are destroying the cages and the chains
of our minds,
are creating joy,
are provoking re-freshness
and are giving hope.
If from this amalgamation
of heterogeneous elements
results... life,
only then,
our hearts start to beat at the same pace.
What did you hear about love?
seraph Aug 28
Magma, molten, amorphous.
My blood is red hot
And searing, bursting
Out of its confines.
My heart is caustic,
Compulsive, incongruent.
I erupt over and over,
I wonder
When I will run out of earth to chew up and spit out.
Evening downtown,
listening carefully to a poem
read aloud in a coffee house -
sounds like an atom bomb.
     The world isn't ready.
GulRukh Dec 2017
I am a Shining Star
Let me Brust
To Decorate Your Sky
I am a Bioling Sun
Let Me Explode
To Light Your World
I am a Wandering Cloud
Let Me Be Your Shield
And Save You From Heat
I am A Glacier
Let Me Melt
And Remove Your Thrist
I Just Want You To Remember My Name
Whenever You Cry With Pain
It Will Rain
I Will Be That Rain
That Will Wash Away All of your Pain
Just Let Me Cry
If That Brings You A Smile
In a world where time waits for no one, I am a ticking time bomb.  Each letter like the second hand of a clock, waiting for an explosion of words.
Kai Apr 9
fizzy love wild days
like dynamite and lit fuses
you were explosive
Haiku's are actually kind of growing on me. They are short sweet and different.
N R Whyte Feb 22
I knew it wouldn't end in fire;
We burned
Too fast, too enjoyably, to suffocate
In flames.

I found the scab, the source,
Small and round and secret.
Incapable of leaving it to heal, I finger the edges
Nervously until the blood flows
Cold and jealous and foreign and unforgiving and slow.

A tipping point we can't reverse out of,
We're frozen on the event horizon,
Empty like the air in February,
The oxygen burned out from our explosion.

I am only left with regret and this
Sense, clear and dry and freezing, that I've walked
Too far north and lost the sun,
Though clouds still part in the distance and wave
Toward the open spaces
With fingers unfurling in unnatural curls.

I claw back to calm from
Calamity and speak, knowing I have listened
Too deeply to words meant for other ears - words that do not tell
Me what to say in return - I am raw.

I stand at the edge of mercy,
Abrupt in my humanity,
Suddenly losing feeling in my toes.
Dominique Dec 2018
You are the cosmic rays that dance on my face;
Such a soft yet powerful death
Heralded by the fallen angels and wrapped
In gift bubbles of soda and smoke.
Sometimes, you are imperceptible,
The passing pollution that whistles in my ear
And settles slyly in my lungs.
Sometimes, you are background noise
A power plant I have no use for
In a world so driven by sunlight
And I feel I have shrugged off your load...

But then the earth shakes
And your nuclear explodes.
He always appears at the weirdest times.
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