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In Quantum Physics
Written in Chinese

bradlynn Jul 28

it begins about mid-evening,
the edges of the rug being pulled
ever so gently.
intoxicated feet
do not notice a room slipping
beneath them.

it hastens nearer to morning;
as the magic carpet ride is
coming to a close
we begin to pat our bodies
& notice the things that fell from us.
sobriety. clothes. drugs. money....
ego   walls   pain

After inventory is taken,
the day starts without waiting for
your tired eyes.
oh, the saddest meeting of eyes,
with the swiftest passing of friends, drugs, memories, laughter
evening abliss.

I am dropped,
center stage -- reality.
at the same moment the drugs wear off. the last quarter is spent. the first rays of the sun peek through
and the last meeting of eyes
as the last glimpse of a shoe
disappears at the door's edge.

the rug has been pulled
and the curtains have been drawn

I spent too many evenings getting fucked up in hotels and trying to run from everything. this is my declaration of an old cycle


the swells
in the small
of your

my destination

waves rise
at my heels

can you
feel it

gmw '17

Catching waves the old-fashioned way.
Ashly Kocher Jun 18

Little red riding hood I will play
I'll take you on an adventure as we f*ck  all day
You tease me so
Getting me close
Run your lips down
Down my body
Making me shiver
Turning me on
Making me wet
I flip you over and slide it in
Riding it slow
As you beg for more
Rub me hard
Make me drip
Ride it hard
Like were dancing in rhythm
Hearing the pounding like drums on our bodies
Screaming at the top of our lungs
Damn it feels good
Slow it down as we release
Our juices flow
Taste so good
Lets go again
You take the lead
You grasp my hair
And pull me close
Better get a raincoat because

Just a little something that came to my head. Kinda hot.
Ana Jun 18

waiting for the train,
i heard your footsteps behind me.
i look to see your eyes first.
it immediately met mine.
those brown eyes seemed like the light i've been looking for.
your long, curved lashes,
your sweet, sweet pink lips.
that, i worship.

staring at each other,
i'm pretty sure there's much difference.
you looking at me, while i,
search for you.

you said hello.
i see your lips form a smile
and i couldn't help but swallow my heart.
i am trapped.
i've come to ride the train to get to where i am going
but now it seems like the ride itself is my destination
it's you i want to go to.
it's you i want to conquer.

Never have I seen life coated in such bright
vivid yellow paints. It's like an angel's
arrival wiped my dusty vision clear.

I see now, that life isn't always going to
be painted in the dull shades of painful gloom,
Instead, it will be a rickety rocky

ride through all the colors I’ve not yet seen.
Still, every now and then, I will see my world
in shades of blue of the pitter patter of

the rain's hues. But now? I know that the sun, stars,
and the moon or even the streetlights will glow
through my mind's darkness like eternal flickering

candles of hope whispering: "It'll all be alright
because it's how I view life and repaint
its charcoal blacks in vibrant shades of green."

Terza Rima:
A type of poetry consisting of 10 or 11 syllable lines arranged in three-line tercets.
Rachel Ace May 30

·····The Top·····
Golden yellow freshness, flowers and spikes rocking
A large reservoir of water in the distance
(Imaginations of us in my head among sweet clear wheat)
I'm sitting on top of a hill                                      
   Every day waiting for you                              
                               and you don't arrive ....
I don't understand the reasons
Storm sounds far away
Sad lyrics with violins start in my mind

I wait for you every day

Do not you remember the good times?
When we spoke in writing, as little notes
Because you don't tell me that you don't like the letters
Do not like the slow romantic songs?

I am still the classic romantic girl in a slightly sloppy dress
What awaits you with illusions near the atmosphere

I hope you aren't lost in another galaxy trying to be another

Clouds formed by warm air
You never arrive
I wait for you

Wishing you two legends together at the top of the hill.

-Codelandandmore // 22:44PM ©

Inpired by James Dean folk air.

Sun kissed,
The warm wind skating on my skin
One hand on the shoulder,

The other one holding on tight to this moment.

A day for the books,
In mine nonetheless

Our past months rumbling in my helmet,
Taking me on this ride to where we are heading.

I close my eyes to see

Right here, I am free.

Star BG May 17

I glide into my life everyday,
as if I'm on a bicycle.  
A fun ride
to feel the wind gently caress face.
To experience the power inside the moment.

Yes, I ride a bike everyday
to pedal through all my dreams.

Inspired by Ana Papaya
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