No, my bike's got nothing to prove
so baby, it must be me
living in a helluva a town
chompin the bit
to be free

Running the lights
cruising the edge
into the sun
yes, someday we'll see

Wrap your arms tight
I'll throttle us up
we've no more dues, or fees

Leaving at dawn
our blinders on
Hell yes, just you
and me

The demons and cops
they may try to stop
but that's too little too late

Souls scream as we yell
thru gates of hell

Baby, I don't want to wait

Forever just me, and you
it's what we'll do

as our liberty
rings like
a bell
Kinda a Bob Seger/Meatloaf, Roll me away/Bat outta hell type thing ;D
Anne Jul 3
Woolen clouds and creamsicle skies
Appeared as I bore into his mythical eyes
His lovesick heart and clouded mind,
His blinded orbs, our hounded rides
He can't see me, a broken guide

Riding down, riding down,
Those pastel obliques, wheels on the ground
I fell apart, our hands collide
Forbidden minds, it's worth the ride
Love found, heart pounds, heaved sound

Clear blue streams, my sweet daydreams
His honey hair, his tranquil eyes
I went to him to say it all
He and a girl had brighter beams
And all he said, ''Goodbye''
Poem from the past
Arcassin B Jun 27
By Arcassin Burnham

They say diamonds are a girls bestfriend,
Well Lucy in the sky still Fucking with
I can make it in this world yes I can,
I can make it in this world yes I can,
What is it you don't understand?
Its hard to be a woman or man,
It's hard to make those dividends,
That revenue , that income man,
Incoming man , there's a meteor full
of poverty and hatred man,
That's all we need is love,
Say thats all we need is love,

Take your time,
Hold on tight , its gonna be a bumpy ride,
Breathe in, exhale,
Gifted in your Birth rite..

You Are He as you are me,
I'll explain it comfortably,
Blankets , blankets , lots of blankets,
Conversations, very basic,
Looking love and a purpose,
the subject is not even worth it,
Made a hell of a lot of mistakes,
the light could take them away,
And plus my fears, cover your ears,
don't want to hear bull shit from past peers,
Can take loss but not a death,
Walking towards peace with every step.

Take your time,
Hold on tight , its gonna be a bumpy ride,
Breathe in, exhale,
Gifted in your Birth rite..

Cause Lucy In the sky with diamonds.
trf Jun 21
Baby please forgive me for
the curses that i've sung
Paralyzed in my web of verses
silk patterns that i've spun

Like a spider
i'm beggin' you
not to step on me
I'm a liar
and design my beauty
from webs of deceit

Honey when i light your candle
it smells like melons dropping rain
A smile undoes the shapes
of my lips and my mouth and my pain

Something's sweet about these memories
it seems to be hard to sleep now
You better believe this is killing me
i can't tell a moon from a cow

to make peace with three sevens
three sevens
purgatory is hell in heaven
maybe a blessing

You flew by like a casual vulture
a backdrop in my mountain's terrain
Blond hair and blue eyed culture
a lightning strike to my weather vane

I yelled out from the distance
screaming, "hey babe come back!"
but you ignored my pleas
and distanced me
and chased the sun into the black

They arraigned my devotion
and subpoenaed the sky
Took days from a father's son
grey couldn't see black and white.
Ahh life! The choices, circumstances, dealings and feelings. If anything... what raw hide ride!
Love is a bicycle
You need to get a handle on it

Love is a bicycle
You may be taken for a ride

Love is a bicycle
Hand breaks are safer than heart breaks

Love is a bicycle
Two go round and round and You and I

Less or More?

Am I one
who has less than most?
A numskull, moron or fool?
Not in terms of intelligence
but within society
and social situations
A social outcast
unable to follow basic
rules and guidelines
that are seemingly innate to others

fitting in, with ease
into their daily regimen

Or am I capable of multi-dimensional consciousness?

Veering so far and above,
through the astral plane,
traveling the Universe
intersecting where
both Space & Time become one
And in return,
I become infinite

A transcending experience
that can not,
in any truly meaningful
or respectable way,
be conveyed through mere words
Elevating my consciousness
to the point that I
can no longer effectively
interact or even exist

Matter formed into a being
Carbon based
with flesh, blood and bone

A simple vessel
in the simplest of meanings
Laughably attempting to house
within its primitive form

the infinite expanse
of my consciousness

Foolish beliefs
that Superman can be contained
within a basic structure of incarceration
Or an elementary arithmetic equation
"2 + 2 = ?"
given to the likes of Einstein
while maintaining thoughts of surety
he could not solve it

Or is that simply the lie
I tell myself
so I don't have to face up to
the fact that
my differences and "uniqueness"
are both quite common?
My inability to socially interact
in a way that is fitting to most
may indeed place me outside
the box encasing the majority,
the "norm",
but the result of which
does not make me a true
statistical outlier
A true 'exception'
No, I'm still lumped into a pen
hungry and looking for a trough
And even though it isn't
the largest of them all,
my group has many members
making up a considerable size
Placing me into the
of not fitting in
yet in no way being unique or special

Suspended in Limbo

A floating vessel without home
or any true foundation
to give myself footing
or a capability of feeling grounded

The conscious possibilities for me
are infinite and boundless
yet also limited and restrained

Like a boy,
running on the tops of stones
that gently kiss the air
above the lapping waves,
I hop from one philosophical
belief system to the next unknowingly
Passing moments of encompassing
anguish, pain, suffering, and grief
exhibit a life of
Polarized by sudden uplifting
brilliant flashing of lights,
and complete
A defining transcendental experience
that is washed away
and eliminated by my
existential footing and
the subjective reality I've created

I'm plagued by the Absurd
Since I am a human being,
a being,
I exist
I am here and alive
I have purpose since I am alive
but life has no purpose

Nihilistic tendencies that creep in
the cynic within me
There is no God!
Religion is a fallacy!
created only to give meaning to death!

But to do so would give credence
to absolutes
which paradoxically would
completely unset an existential
philosophy by definition

Perhaps the question is
in lieu of the question
lying within the question itself

The reason why one
pursues something is
equally important as
what someone pursues

Thus, is the question not
the question I ask but
why I ask the question?

A seemingly required need
to give my life,
not meaning,
but definition
To define myself
thereby defining my
To let me know,

I am?

Is all of this
one giant exercise
in philosophical and
psychological exploration?
An introspection?
Do these questions
denote cognitive bias
towards confirmation bias?
Or is all of it Apophenia?
My innate tendency as a human being
to find patterns, thus meaning,
in something that is
truly chaotically

More than likely
it's simply the result
of the fact
that I drank half a bottle
of cough syrup

and am completely
right now.

Written: Jun 7, 2018

All rights reserved.
Sometimes it feels like I was only put on this earth to hurt people.
It’s not intentional. It’s actually with good intentions, my decisions.
Seems like I try so hard but this carnival ride won’t stop spinning me around.
Maybe with patients it will.
But at this moment I just feel worse.

It’s nice to know my depression is still here.

                               With love,
Kim Essary Jun 4
Each day that passes so to does our  love,  like a glowing ember of a candle as it's wick runs out but leaves the flame not ready to surrender so it blinks and fights to stay lit . Such a likeness it has to my heart as it breaks to be mended but with each break it leaves less chance to ever feel whole again as the breaks have become so many with no time to heal .  This life , like a ride on a never ending rollercoaster that is constantly up and down but won't stop as it's exhausting. Never knowing what tomorrow may bring or take away is an unknown fear I face every day. So I know in what's left of my mangled up heart that I should extinguish the dying ember and stop this roller coaster ride, but I can't face the fear of knowing your gone and not by my side. Nor can I embrace the thought of the ups and downs of continuing this never ending life on this downhill slide.
Emotions of love compared to the ups and downs on a rollercoaster ride.
Steve Page Jun 3
Stilling on a train
Balanced on the lines
Bleeding from the thoughts
Racing through my mind

Bracing both my feet
Ready for the end
Steeling for the crash
Coming round the bend

Feeling like I've lived
Enough for both our worlds
Turning the last page
Loving every word
Reading novels and travelling by train are part of life in London.
Freddie Ruiz May 25
I went out for a ride trying to find something interesting,
trying to clear my mind off things,
yet all I keep thinking is about you and me;
the way I want it to be and the way it really is.

I don’t know why everything we do feels so wrong.
We’re like a broken record that repeats the same irritating song.
Trapped in a car that seems to get tinier and uncomfortable
and each promise we make floats away in a bubble.  

Apparently, our promises are made to fill our empty spaces, the void we feel about each other;
they’re pretentious and boring, heavy with the unwavering longing we have for each other.

I don’t hate “us”,
but right now, I can’t stand us.
Written on February 22, 2003
Composition number: 150
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