f e r r i s  w h e e l
her words,
her laugh,
her smile,
her goodbye
on our last ride
are not the things i would ever forget
because, it was as cold as winter
in the middle of summer
when she looked to the farthest as possible,
to the iris of my eyes,
to the lustrous lips of mine,
to the soul about to be left behind
The Alphabet of You
I ride my bike  
All the was across my town  
Just to see your face
Haha when you have a crush on someone and they are at your bffs house so she calls you to come over even if it means you will only see them for ten minutes
It's all worth it
Brendan Feb 26
Quick, blockbuster ride,
Drive in food and fries
A café coffee with whipped, white lines
Around around we go now,
Riding a caffeine’s high-strung periphery
Sight and a strong sensory flight,
Going where the wind goes: free kites
Open window, downstream upstream shifts
And we’re riding next to other highway street shining glyphs.
A call is never enough to stop our rides
A high so high we see no downs
Here on our feet riding on tops of cars
With our hair wild, topping our heads like windy crowns  
We know our bass booms and sounds rounds
But you may not hear it long
For this freeway has endless bounds
Where we play these booming sounds
With no end in sight
On an endless night-
Boundless air flight
Your wild ride had sent my flying
Your wild ride had made me soar
When your hands felt their way around me
I realized that I want nothing more.
Your lips traced rivers on my skin
They lead your path through thick and thin
From one sweet kiss on to another
I had crowned you as my lover.
Steadfast…by Jessie

Ride the horse into the ground, beat it with your crop.

Drive him deep into the sand, until he finely drops.

The massive beast lye panting; all lathered and nostrils flared.

His heavy chest expanding then collapsed from lack of air.

But you poked and kick the gentle beast, just wanting one last ride.

As he stood, you jumped his back; he tried to take a stride.

His eyes rolled back, his legs gave way, he had no more to give.

He fell again and that was it, the beast no longer lived.

Not content with what you got, still you wanted more.

You poked and beat him with your crop until his flesh was tore.

Day’s went by and time had passed, the corps lay in the sun.

You never left, you were determined, to beat him tell he’d run.

Riders pass the solemn sight and swear that they can see;

You standing there, still beating, a lifeless bloody steed.
Don't beat a dead horse!
linhp Jan 20
we spend our whole lives
searching for happiness
yet fail to notice
the kind of joy that only springs from struggles
and the pleasure of knowing that
we get to enjoy this ride together.
Death is an in interesting music
It needs somebody to pick
To invite her to dance slowly like
She's on clouds riding a bike
That no one will notice her
a woman
still left
extra once
again there
when her
man set
her black
dye in
addition to
her twice
swept hair
thus threw
her lion
on the
back of
a ninth
street line
Love 'Ya Lions
Debanjana Saha Dec 2017
Through the speedy ride
Onto the roads
The wind chills gushes
Through my hairs
Bringing out the tender smile
From within.
Winter is back with chills and thrills.
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