Bewildered . . .
Love - such an
enthralling ride


I rolled
in on
my hog
while today's
traffic was
through the
bog like
wheels in
heresy laid
upon the
road in
stride as
she was  
a notorious
surprise what
wagered my
tires in-between

A Harley -Davidson
Aishah 5d

life is a
roller coaster
I did not
to ride on

Sunny Nov 19

"hi, can i drive?"
"no, haha, just come in."
"can you drive me home? actually.."
"sure, come!"

tiny black car and beautiful interior you got there.

"have you set your seatbelt on?"
"sure! let's go!"
"no, no, put it on right. i dont want you ended up like our friend.."
"don't say that.. i put it on right. we're gonna be okay."

smell of the ambi pur you got there, take me to an erotic scent to my nose.

"where we go now?"
"dont you say you want to go back home?"
"oh, sure!"
"no, no, no, i know something better."

you keep the windshield closed, make your breath even warmer.

"hey, is it the route to the city side?"
"yeah, why? you don't want to go there?"
"uh, actually i have a lot of tasks to do."
"oh.. okay, I'll just drive you home then."

the keychain you got on your back mirror, it's shining and pink.


i start to look at the wood we passed by. it's silent.


it's a beautiful voice you got there, with every kind of melt you made me.

"I... kinda.."
"turn left! that's my home, the orange one."
"oh, oh, okay."
"okay, stop here."

the car just stopped. left the noise of the machine we heard.

"ah, sure."

i look into your eyes like you did. you want to tell me something.

"ah, Dy?"
"yeah, Sunny?"
"it's a beautiful car you got there. thanks for the ride."

it's a beautiful car you got there. I'm sorry to say that, because my words are just lost in your eyes.


take a look into your eyes, it's confusing.

the Nov 10

nightfall awoken by lit lanterns
passing the artery of hopelessness
going by thru diverse passersby yard
all and sundry yon has their souls

never acknowledged.. remains tranquil
paths of untold concrete buildings
tied up to subsiding ground of dolor
determine their everlasting ailment

agile, like a hummingbird, i flow
a graph of functions to drive by
reconcile with the ailing truth
gleaming concern was never examined

i don't discern anything besides myself
i see nothing, like a light of speed
i'm roaming to nowhere, unfamiliar places
yet extant, become subtend with one another

disclaimer, just some thoughts from my late night bike ride
Joe Kreydt Nov 4

Cool enough to stay dry
Warm enough for a t-shirt
Fingernail moon in the open sky
Fragrant woods like free myrrh

Time stands still
But goes by fast
Lost on the way
But we made it back

Gentle like a lullaby before bed
I wear a helmet on my heart
And a mask on my head
Most days

But an evening ride
Rolls the truth out straight
Puts it all in place

Life is not a race
It's a song and a dance
And a face

Life is a bike ride
At the end of the day
That sums it up
It's all gonna be okay

Link to the spoken version of the poem:
Lynn Al-Abiad Oct 24

Today, as the wind started to cool down as I was going back from Beirut to my house, I sat in a cab, with the window wide open, listening to some oldies the driver was playing, feeling my soft hair revealing my face with my hand on my cheek, and looking outside the window.
I was at peace then, but I felt the urge to cry.

- LynnAA

Keithlyne Oct 15

It was a roller coaster kind of ride when i first met you.

You held my hand like there is no tomorrow.

You stared at me, roaming my eyes like a beautiful place.

You embraced me ,while  screaming everything will be okay as long as we are together.

You kissed my lips, making me feel dizzy and making me feel i am the one for you and you are the one for me.

It was kind of ride that i will never regret and forget.

But i realized..

You are more than just a rollercoaster ride,  anything and everything will be a good ride as long as i am with you.

Break those rusty shackles of mine,
Lets drift to the darkness, yet we shine.
Wrapping you around me, spilled scent of yours in air,
Driving me crazy your messy hair.
All set to be on a ride,
Burrying me in you, baby let me hide.
What I want is let the ignition be fire,
Let me burn you and me to be a single soul and desire.


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