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c Jun 3
My soul is flying
I am an adrenaline ******
High on the excitement
Of being alive
I am in love
With this wild ride
Called living
One last ride before I go,
To start the next adventure,
**** this life and all o’ you *****,
I hope you’ll burn to cinders,
One last wish of a tortured soul,
To kiss asphalt with my tires,
Many daggers deep in my back,
And still I walk the fire.
One last hope of a broken dreamer,
With nothing left to lose,
Nothing but this worthless life and all the scars of abuse..

“Love me forever, or not at all!!”
Miss me forever! Like you never did before.. Fed up with Fugazi’s
Fed up to the core.
Fed up with life
RIP Lem Motörhead
Behind those times,
My mind travels in thousand miles.
Behind those pretty eyes,
Are my tears that came from all those cries.
Behind those bluish skies,
Are symbol of loneliness which I try to hide.
Behind those rides,
I don't even know what my life defines.
Behind those advice,
Is myself that can't still make it apply.
Behind those white lies,
Is me that is still waiting for your reply.
Behind those fake smiles,
I'm still trying to look for the positive side.
Behind those sighs I make,
Are sleepless nights that keeps me awake.
Behind those closed doors,
Is me that no one will ever adore.
I had fun with those rhymes haha.
c May 19
Does riding home
Without a seatbelt
(Left unbuckled on purpose)
Count as a suicide attempt?

Asking for a friend
Who lost control of the wheel
Deepak K B Jun 2018
He gives his heart a shake,
And laughs until his belly aches.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant trees and birds awake.

_Deepak K B
Deepak K B May 7
Learn to look through the dark,
when there is no way,
the light will guide to move you far away.

_Deepak K B
Deepak K B May 7
Tiring eyes, Dozing legs, cry
Where the heart, let you go and try
To spot every pleasing dawn makes mind fly

_Deepak K B
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