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elSe 1d
I sat awake on the back seat
Stared at the window, harnessed heat
As the lamp-lit city whizzed by,
The untouched dusk still in the sky.

Closed my eyes as it gently swayed,
Then listened to the silence fade,
Speed cushions, the quiet highways,
The sleepy tires, its steady phase.

I missed the constant compliance,
Radio waves' static silence,
The roads rolled on, no fuss or rush,
An empty mind, all my thoughts hushed.

They were asleep, no sound of day,
And on the car's back seat I stay,
As urban cat eyes shine, blink fast,
A few more hours to home at last.
Planejane2 Oct 7
I’ve been on a roller coaster
I’ve been on a jet
I’ve been getting high
And I ain’t come down yet
c Sep 25
I am riding in the backseat of Desire
Lust rides shotgun, mocking me
It would be nice to see you
Growing distant in the rear view mirror
But the headlights coming towards us
Are just a bit too bright
I’m tired of asphalt burns
colorfulSmoke Sep 19
tires full of anger
feelings so dolorous
spinning here nakedly
hate when people assume things of a flat tire
it isn't like a tire can choose to deflate

tired already
just got here
want to self destruct
retire to my chamber
and play with oblivion

just stare instead
    just stare
      just air
  just breathing
  air breathing
    just breath
  heart heaving

need to shave off negativity
before skeletons come from me and come for me to comfort me

cctv camera looks up
for heaven dispised
wall says
lie liar

dry cut 7.99
wet cut woes
free blood on a dollar
so get ****** toes

meanwhile kids have fun
orange peels and soccer

feels like bone scraped soul
when soul kissed bone


laughing noises
that tickles

writing poetry in public
at least there's no shouting
that could get awkward quick
like a hand in a hand-basket
or a foot full of lobster traps

this isn't poetic though
this might just be unreadable
disjointed rambling ramble
give me some space at least

you shouldn't take your anger out on poetry
and poetry shouldn't take its anger out on you
so meaningful when you flip a sentence like a coin round it goes
crowd goes ooooo aaaaah

laughing noises
stop tickling me
here's my stop
Side effects may include:
sore eyes,
and vertigo.
Please consult your doctor before reading this ahem "poem".
colorfulSmoke Sep 19
No e-cigarettes on the bus,
not that I vape.

Public transit sees you over the river Styx bridge,
it begins at the funeral home,
skeletons pushing bone to metal.

Her earring shines with pearls,
she treasures the sea,
the tide went out leaving her breathless and alone.

The chicken crossed the road with KFC in a castle,
history an ipod doomed to the repeat then shuffle,
finger lickin chicken wight,
getting chickin lickin finger Sprite.

Her onyx headband gleams with sunlit beams,
keeping bad thoughts out with the tide.

Smart kids,
clever angels,
little monsters,
sparkle if you are beautiful,
blond hair black hair bald,
demographics paint the sky with artificial feelings.

The Celtic Tiger got poached in a skeleton zoo,
chalk hands clap to applause,
tiger pupils glazed like ripe moon berries,
they told us not to feed the animals.

Candy wrapper in the wind like material smoke.
colorfulSmoke Sep 18
bone licks soul
clouds on blue canvas
turquoise beats serenade bus seats
leaves turning autumn
people going nowhere
people going somewhere
2.50 balances on a card
Gaelic streets say hello
postage stamps on butterfly wings
colorful flowers wilt in the sun
hydra peels for subjective beauty
apples oranges peppers
bike skids close to honking
Heineken still local
trees need heroes
heroes need tree's shade
ENES etched in glass

i don't see reasons
maybe i'm hungry
drive by food
and starving people
i don't see reasons
takeaway petals
banks and metals
lots of demand for beans
with so much gourmet coffee
fair trade
fairish trade
statue bares rippling stone

skeleton bone sock puppets press soles to dry pavement
bone dry hunger on ****** featurettes
space where space is with spacial cigarettes
turquoise beats drop off
crowds rumbles echoes
sugar in blood
it bubbles to surface
blood bubbles with sugar
blood sugar on curtains
whiskey parasites at the height of barrels
wood barely sentient
god is hungry
god lives in Hungary on a crater
the brew docks brew
ufo mailboxes never outta reach
titanic sank to the bottom
of Belfast in a bottle
Jordan Hudson Sep 15
Park that ride in that spot
They can try but they not
I work hard for what I got
Some drive nice but look at mine
Parents didn't use a dime
It just takes time
Mainly you gotta try
Make cash and save up
Do what you love
Make dreams real
Fancy wheels
I remember back then
Back when I had no car
I walked far, then I got a bike
I rode around, no more hikes
The town see me ridin'
I gettin' excited
I see those cars around
I felt poor but invited
To the rich world
I began to build
Up to the sky
My cash get me a ride
Now I love my ride
I'm getting by in that coupe
My life now in a loop
Fix that, fill up the tank
Tire flat, check to the bank
But I still can drive
I just try to live life
Enjoy my car and reach the stars
I can reach so far make a mark
A scar on the ground
Lost and found I the lost
But I findin' my life in time
I'm excited
My dreams will unfold
In front of me I was told
I won't but I can
Watch and see
I can
Watch and see
KM Hanslik Sep 7
Lately, been on an ego trip
just trying not to flip my ****
or put my fists wherever they'll fit,
meet your skin and feel it rip
Been on a lifelong ego trip
telling myself just to go with it,
feeling lost and trying to sift
through all the *******, leaving matches lit
wherever I go, take a sip but swallow slow
feeling like I'm about to blow,
about to go off & I don't even know
how to make reparations
with all these half-strained relations,
half-numb sensations
eating away at my patience;
hit the ground running; touchdown on pavement
& you can ask me how my day went,
maybe you really do care
about global warming and solar flares,
but it's been rough even trying to comb my hair
hit me up like you've been there
or follow up with one of your blank stares,
but I'm good on that, I think I've had my share
trying not to go off in parking lots and coining insults on-the-spot
one-liner comebacks on-the-dot;

Been on a trip with my ego
just following wherever she goes
but she can take me down some dark roads,
I guess that's why I go with the flow
so much but I'm tryna break out of that
like trying not to swing when you're up to bat,
swimming in **** like a sewage rat,
Been riding my ego cause it gets me high
head in the gutter, middle fingers to the sky
leave my conscience on standby,
shooting shots like a drive-by,
ground zero and time to let these bullets fly
just another petty cry
for something we never knew was a lie
turns out we've been milking our will to live dry;
I think it's time to put our egos aside,
I think I wanna get off this ride.
Planejane2 Sep 3
Waste of a ride
Waste of a life
Is the trip even worth it
trisha Jul 30
i love you, i love you
i still think it's not enough
the world moves to it's norm
and i am still,
silent, quiet
hesistant, hopeful
but here me out in the hustle
of the noise
and in your hectic schedule
in your car ride home
in your music
that i do
i always do
- love you.
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