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Charlotte Jan 24
You rest your head on my shoulder, as the sun holds back the night,
The roads are firewood behind us, the front seat blocking the light,
We’ve had warm feet all morning, our shoes cast to the sea,
And when we got tired of water, or your parents call us to tea,
We go.

Our legs are sore from the breakers, the sea preventing seat,
We walked to the end of the real world, where the lines between us meet,
And what we found when we got there, our walk under the moon,
The stars above us breaking, they whispered until soon,
We arrived.
Heavy Hearted Dec 2023
As you drive
taking me, we- on a ride
from the suburbs I grew up in
to the City
Down the same streets
Ive always known, driven myself,
the same route
that leads to Toronto.
Splitting, the fork- takes us,
flying around the circumference of the city
The sun, golden orange,
begins to set.
Iridescence coating the skyline –
as each reflective surface
becomes stained glass.
“Eric-I need GPS direction” …

& Its after I've arrived at my destination
& then home again after it all;
do I re-open & Re-read this scribble in a note book-

Recapitulate, & end.
written on the DVP / Driving through the Gardner and Queen's Quay
AmazingsanPoetry Aug 2023
Wanted to take you on a cruise ride, but you are afraid of the waters..
Understanding beyond the ride
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2023
Ripped emotions grip tight
On a roller-coaster riding
Show you my ups and downs
Darker side not hiding

Sometimes drops are slight
When my disposition is sweet
But don't dare to push the wrong button
Or I'll have you flying out of your seat

Although I may appear normal
Never doubt what is underneath skin
Past my grinning surface chaos is clear
Throughout thoughts is perversity prowling within

Put me into a locked padded cell
To completely lose my mind
Uncontrollable mood swings are not what I choose
Sanity snaps leaving reality behind
Written back when my mental state was not nearly as stable as it is now... Not that it is 100% stable now but so much better in comparison
Hussein Dekmak Feb 2023
Your life could be going smooth like a ship sailing in calm waters, yet a sudden change in your life can turn it upside down, suddenly this ship is caught in a raging storm.

Are you ready for the rough ride? With all of your planning, knowledge, and skills?
Have you prepared your survival boat to safe shores?

Hussein Dekmak
I held tight my belongings
afraid of everything and everyone
I had this sense of not knowing
where I'm from and where I should go

everything passed by so quickly
people running and screaming
I just sat quietly staring
at the tiffany blue coloured floor

I smelled the pollution
my nose hurting while breathing
this must be what they mean when they say
"it's hard living in the big city”
i wrote it in like… less than 10 minutes? but it's based on a poem from 2021 left on my drafts that was so poorly written
i talk about the first time i went to a big city all by myself and i was so so scared but everything went fine and i really enjoyed the subway rides
Danica Dec 2022
I cry to you
as you drive miles
underneath the stars
where we hide
this undying love
for second chance
Wishing all the stars to win you back -12:49am 12.27.22
Ylzm Mar 2022
Breathless gasps of exhilaration from Beauty
Hair-breaths away from death in Truth
Stillness in the power, ferocity and utter terror of Fear
Such is the Gift of a ride on the Chariot of Fires
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2021
While I was enjoying my bicycle ride, It started drizzling and I felt happy, then it stopped.

Suddenly it started pouring rain and I felt excitement and comfort rush over me when I remembered my childhood.

The sweet memory of playing under the rain and waiting to get in trouble with my beloved mother felt like a precious gift.

Hussein Dekmak
mark john junor Aug 2021
That day
one I will never forget
my brother set me free
he let me fly like the wind

he removed the training wheels of my life
and set me in motion
that day I found the joy of
two wheels and the wind in my hair

now old age creeps up upon me
but I still have two wheels and the wind
I still fly
my brother set me free
let me fly like the wind

poetry ©2021 Mark Junor
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