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The riders gleaming golden saddle
Hides the swirling, eternal battles

Fought within the bravest minds
Surfacing amongst the worst times

Laid bare to eyes they’ll never be
Imaginations one will never see
I wrote this to describe moments of anxiety that can be too much and overwhelming
Akta Agarwal Mar 24
I desperately went for cycle ride with my brother,
But am afraid of cycling and afraid of dissapointing my brother,
It's hard to concentrate on pedal as well as road,
Am afraid of hurting myself,
But it's a beautiful experience with a mixture of fear, happiness and nervousness,
But my brother is always there to teach me calmly, When I started shivering in fear he assured me of his presence,
And again I felt secure,
Though I fell down many times but he was there to console me,
It's really hard to ride a cycle that's I thought
But because of my brother I felt it too easy to ride,
When after practicing I started riding perfectly I felt like am flying in the air,
With the help of my superhero my brother I had learn to ride cycle.
Cycle ride with brother
moria Feb 14
imagine if i could
glide across life,
like the way figure skaters
glide across the ice?

a triple salchow,
i’ve taken flight.
my biggest dreams,
those fearful nights.

if i could glide,
the wind in my face.
how easy would it be,
to make a mistake?

and ruin the whole program.
Life is crazy isn't it?
You go through many different things in a journey to find yourself.

Some have easy lives that lead on to success.
Some have hard lives that lead on to failure.

But let's take a look at the ones that are in between their journies.

The ones that are going through pain and healing.
Day in, day out just trying to survive and not willing to give up on their existence.

Time is a healer as they say, but time can take a while to work its powers.
One minute the pain in your chest is dulled and you feel fine.
The next minute it hits you in the chest like a thousand bricks beating you down.
But as they say time is a healer.

And in order for someone to fully heal from their past, that's good or bad.
That person has to understand that life is just a ride.
A roller-coaster with its ups and downs and no matter how much you want to get off sometimes... You still can't help, but enjoy the thrill that you get from being alive.
Elon Musk
Musk dear
Congrats for
SpaceX feat
143 in orbits
Defeat India's
104 past record
You're a gem of a person
10 Starlink satellites
Rest Sun Synchronous
Polar Satellites
Future of space technology
Under your stewardship
Seems bright
With a few concerns
Thousands of dead satellites
Millions pieces of debris
Flying in space
Have you thought of removing
This space junk
Potential danger for space travel
52 millions $ for a space trip
Orbiting once or twice round the earth
Beyond the capacity of a poet
Who would write poems  on board an orbiter
Have you ever thought
Book a seat for free ride
For a poet of repute
Consider me the first candidate!
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

Good side .. Bad side
Let us have a deeper insight..
We all have both, but the stronger will ride..
And the other will hide..
This is mankind..
Sometimes we struggle, but it is worth the fight..
We are not angels in the day and devils at night..
It is something that we can't bind..
It is within all of us, be ready to what you will find..
It is always clear and obvious, don't pretend that you are blind..
We just reflect what we feel deep inside..
I hope we all ride what is truly right..

Nermine Marei

Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I came down twice today dancing on the edge of a sun ray smiling higher and wider than the sky upon a sunday. I was warm like summer sun as I ran streaming through the night high upon a horse they called him piercing light.
We danced along the winding Trail searching for the sea.
Bounding through the Morning Light tasting the salty Breeze.
I met a strange old friend down there along the sandy beach wandering through the morning surf staring at his feet.
He invited me to his home a beautiful beach abode.
Offered me a Drink of wine and a toadstool that he'd grown.
I ate the cap took a drink followed him on down.
He stole my face and sung a song there was laughing all around.
He pulled his guitar strummed along  said it was the solution.
grew a grin upon his face and named it revolution.
He belted on about a day when we could find that space a little bit of Ambience to call my sweet relief.
He claimed that he knew a way to live a life in peace.
Pull the plug and disconnect no relying on the Beast.
We must sail away from here from the shores we know take a trip on past the waves beyond the ebb and flow.
Danger dancing on the Bow we mustn't turn the ship impale the evil through the heart as fire burns with left.
These ****** old evil doers will be the death of us all.
If we don't take a stand and fight until they fall.
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
I thought you were my ride or die
Now I sit here asking why
Why do you not love me the way I love you?
Your feelings changing
Can’t mine change too?
I wish I did not care so it wouldn’t hurt this much
Run further away the tighter I clutch
I wish we were still same two people who fell head over heels
Watched as we changed
I hate how this feels
I told you my secrets and my biggest fears
In return you remained by my side throughout the years
You have made life better than I ever expected
Tried my best to keep you from feeling neglected
I know not the easiest person to be around
You’re there each time I need help up off the ground
I promise will never stop fighting for what we’ve got
A reason you overtake each and every thought
Are you lying?
You say you’re still in love with me
There’s someone else who with you'd rather be
When saying “always” I meant you’d always have my heart
Guess when you said it you meant I’d always have a part
But that piece I will cherish and save
Carry til I’m resting in my grave
I thought I would be your ride or die until the very end
Guess that to you our relationship is dead
I’ll always be your ride or die baby
Dante Rocío Aug 2020
There must be a message
in the occurrence that whenever
in a closed-up space of time
I can never sit down
to any mind-occupying activity
yet resort no matter what
to observance,
passing as unrequited passion
of someone else’s (vocation),
shape-o-thoughts and sensing,
being the music the radio is listening to, and tender stupefying approaching
to hurt questions and structures
who hold onto philosophy
and one stance.
My depth darts me over
to finally look straight
into my own eyes
instead of straying,
diverting from the claim of my proper door.
I cannot die and will not,
will not leave my higher stake
for the trash bins’,
among which we live in,
The ever urging in order
to keep me liberated,
my Life sated
Silence tested
And keep me reminded
that I have a Soul and subtle meanings
To trespass.
Like on many, especially dark,
Car rides
On the children back seat.
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