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to the girl
whose golden heart
was never tarnished
despite the afflictions
the world allowed her
to experience somehow;
♡ — i hope your heart stays the same
and will always be aflame
for the things you love doing
because dear, you are amazing.

to the girl
whose illustrious mind
was never obscured
even if she was aching;
♡ — i hope you realize
that you are impressively splendid
more than any could ever poetize
and that your feelings are valid.

to the girl
whose beautiful soul
never stopped blooming
like flowers in the spring
despite the adversities
she has encountered;
♡ — everything you do
is always appreciated;
and your existence
is a tremendous blessing
and adds vibrance
to this somber world.
for issa, who in spite of all the woes,
still chose to disseminate love and kindness out into this world— you are so majestic and you are capable of doing the exceptional. i am proud of you, i believe in you and i love you. ♡
Everyone coming and going
Right past me
Not realizing
I pay attention to everything
And when you finally notice me, I'll be locked
As time goes on
I realize
Nothings changed
and I'm still
On the
Thought of
Seline Mui Sep 21
I think there is a void in me,
I'm trying to fill with guys
that doesn't give me happiness at all
Josephine Sep 17
Where is my mind
the sunset is always pink in my eyes
skater boys ridin around, nothing but freedom on their minds
all the grunge girls just wanna be loved
all the rich girls just wanna be grunge
spending all their money to look like they spent none

Where is my mind
misfit teenagers are getting jobs
wonder what they're gonna spend their money on

Where is my mind
you're in the car and it's late at night
the radio is on and his hand is on your thigh
you're nervous as **** but it feels so right
he's older and his girlfriend is out of town
he picked you up, just to get down

Where is my mind
all the girls wanna look like celebrities
just take off your make up and get down to the melody

Where is my mind
he's sitting with all of his friends in lunch
she's sitting alone with all of her thoughts

Where is my mind
all the kids are swallowing the drugs
drowning out the lies
with the promise of love

Where is my mind
she's writing poems and he walks by
doesn't even look her way
look at the journal, stained with his name

Where is my mind
wait till everyone leaves the bathroom
sit down in the stall and muffle your tears
but just make sure that no one hears

Where is my mind
money makes the world go round
money makes a man bow down
money makes a little girl cry as she has to leave her house and say goodbye

Where is my mind
he sees her cheeks are stained with tears
hes known this look for many years
he quickly looks away as if he'd never seen,
and his eyes glaze over
all peace and serene

Where is my mind
open up your laptop at 2 a.m
figure out how many pills it'll take
to do you in.
wrote this a couple years ago after my first, or so I thought, heartbreak
Would you change your mind?
If you realized
This was
All for you.
Amanda Sep 2
I was hoping time would extend a little longer
Feel it sliding out of my grasp
What do you believe will happen now?
A question I am anxious to ask.

I am scared silence will be your reply
Give my own answer to the sun
It is not until the moon ascends
I realize you also are afraid there are none.
I hate my own thoughts.. Why am constantly torn up by doubt and indecision? I ruin everything good I have by overthinking it.
aquis Aug 29
i lost
what was never meant to be
(in the first place)
Sometimes things (or people) are ‘lost’ or disappear from our life, because they were actually never meant to be there - we just realize that later
laila shaaban Aug 27
What happens when we suddenly realize that our life isn’t meant to be lived in sync with the sunrise,
rotating clockwise,
ticking in unison to the heartbeat of the masses,
carefully outlined on spreadsheets govern by assumptions,
jumping to conclusions,
never leaving room for options.
When we realize that sometimes life takes you by surprise,
on a magic carpet ride where eyelids are lifted,
where clouds part, revealing blue skies,
a new high, uncovering lies,
where stars seem incredibly near and dreams so tangible so real so close to reality you want to jump right in.
Where clouds beg to be painted
And reaching for the moon is habitual almost spiritual.
And worries are perishable and words ever-so lyrical flowing together effortlessly. Where laughs are celebrated and intellect rewarded.
Where moving counterclockwise is normal.
Life gently moving by at your own pace giving you time to embrace the sea the mountains the streams, to snorkel, have a look at the coral.
To watch sunsets and sunrises.
To be excited about building new connections,
learning new lessons,
asking more questions.
Scraping perfection and embracing human faults.
Because there is no such thing as the end of learning,
nor is there such a thing as settling.  
Here we welcome opportunities, greet ideas, acknowledge change.  
Recognizing that our limits are further than we think
And our potential extending beyond the horizon.
Set no limits
Settle for nothing
Radiate sunshine, love, and intellect.
And never forget,
You are more than you perceive.
jas Aug 25
love is not what love is or what love used to be
love grows. and love grew inside of me for the very first time.
true love that is, love that i thought would never exist except in movies or my favorite romance novels.
imagine falling in love with your best friend, unknowingly.
days pass you by and the sun shines on a sun-kissed face,
embracing all of life beauties. without knowing you fell for love of everything.
love of life, the trees, the universe, people and those who inhabit your life.
every small thing became big, within reach was possibility.
for new chances, changes, and that's when it hit you.
like a brick, like bricks, like the titanic came and sunk on your heart , on your whole body even
in the most angelic way, your heart was full of life, of peace, unity of the most purest form of love.
seeing their face for the first time after that was mesmerizing.
tiny butterflies filled your stomach, any chance to talk to , to be in their presence, fighting the urge to jump into a full of *** rage.
blood running warm between your veins , melting away deep inside your body.
if only they could notice you...
until the end, is where this story gets better.
perhaps , a fairy tale ending is in store for you, or perhaps the best is saved for last.
perhaps, a few exchanged glances, a small grin at your jokes, a simple brush against the arm, leaves an open discussion of flirtation.
fluttering of the hearts , engaging in more than a friendship, but an assurance.
completely lost from the start, we somehow found ourselves tangled deep into the web of mystery.
when we reach the end, remember it is also the beginning of a love so true,
reciprocating feelings deep inside, where both parties can know longer hide it.
to fight the urge to not love, is torture in the deepest form.
love is what love was, and love grows into something more.
love grew into my soulmate.

                                             with love,
                                                        a soul.
Grammer is not important , unless it is. don't bother.
this is why i need an editor, oops...
(take a shot how many times i said love, LOL)
perhaps, this isn't a poem.
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