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Do we need to lose something just to see its worth?

Do we need to get sick just to realize how blessed we are of having a healthy body?

Maybe, yes. Because losing or lacking of something may mean realizing one thing we should be grateful of.
Simon Oct 9
One story may change the world someday. One that will revolutionize the steady constants of how everyday aspects judges itself too harshly. Never finding the solve of anti pressure release syndromes. Plot is plot. Ideas are always outspoken. Even if one or the other hasn’t agreed. Won’t change the facts given to the recipient who may have already judged the opposing two. Without running through what they have already been about. Futuristic plot devices aren’t important. As it may not even exist. Storytelling being a futuristic realization to knowing something before it happens. Feelings clawing thought processes. Thought processes trying to equalize the incoming rush of emotions that rise and fall. Feelings being a different breed centered in the middle of the steady constant. Revolutionizing what you already know. Blind to see it through. Thought processes aren’t too judging. Except when you start to trust feelings too much. A jealous implication arises. Knowing what you already know before it happens. Is no different then how one already figured it out. Feelings handle it with care. Thought processes stuck in the mud. A puppy without any directional skills. A master never telling its true flaws if it couldn’t understand itself to begin with. Jealousy is rising even more. A fixed implication is becoming more dominant. Revolutionizing the main flaw more and more. Nothing is without equal if you never give it a chance. Feeling the way through all the clutter. Clutter not being your fault. You were molded by the pressure of what storytelling has made you into. Plot devices center these focuses without thinking outside itself. Your only to blame, when subjects apart of your judging becomes too sterile for you to notice anymore. Drying out the process of trusting something with care. Becoming one who is blind to never looking outside itself again! Becoming the stick in the mud. How does one avoid? Easy! Storytelling being a futuristic realization! PS… Don’t claim what you already know!
Storytelling isn't hard to figure out. Only when not knowing what comes after what has already presented itself genuinely. A fixed position on the properties of something yet to occur.
Lunar Oct 6
I think,
it's time to go
back home on land.
I leave the waters,
step out of the blues,
before I could drown.

I sink,
each foot entirely
in the sand.
Rooted in place,
the fine grains
anchor me down.

I ink,
your name on
the back of my hand.
I know it well,
and tell my pages:
I love you now.
to lsy; sometimes on the beach, when the sand is warm and makes me yawn, i sleep. i know i can rest on land.

Irene J Sep 25
never it crossed my mind

that I'll ever have a feeling for you.

but yet, you crossed a line you

didn't realize.

I was in love with you

with all the time you kept saying,

"I want someone to love."

But yet you didn't realize,

there's someone in front of you

dying for you to see her heart.
It's a confession of my feeling toward a guy, who's a close friend of mine. He gives me so much comfort, until I fell for him. but the thing is, Idk if I should tell him or not.
AM Aug 31
we realize the truth too late

people move on

there is no end to the hurt

it won’t stop

there is no other option

we just can’t.
AM Sep 1
How many words does it take to make a point

How many words does it take to show you care

How many words does it take to make you understand

How many words does it take to make you realize

How many words will it take
Bhill Aug 24
The clock ticks away
Watching minutes passing by
Learn how to control your time
Do things that give you joy
Take the time to realize
Realize to understand
Understand to recognize
Recognize to acknowledge
Acknowledge time has moments
Live for those moments

Brian Hill - 2019 #215
Take the time to respect time
John Glenn Aug 2
Too late in our efforts
to give love so adequately,
hoping to be loved back
do we realize
what was given back sufficiently
were mere lies
for they were more efficient
and the truth was,
we were never loved
m h John Jul 22
i used to think
love was holding on
always fighting
for what you believe in,
i’ve come to realize
that true love
is learning to let go
and that’s the hardest part
of reality
i’ve had to face
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