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white flames fly away from the black ashes
And the bucket of holy sins empty through Sighs
When logical statements will fade through reality
It will be difficult to breath
Daniel eason Nov 18
Animals tortured for ends meat
Has anybody thought the way they treat
These living creatures
Souls with human features
Treated like stock on a shelf
Just for that fat pigs wealth
Pay them animals some respect
Im speaking to you direct
Im not saying be a vegan
Theres no valid reason
Just respect life and realize
Blind with functioning  eyes
A poem about respecting life and animals vegan or not them animals have feelings. Respect them
Why is it that they attempt to separate
Mental from Illness?
When will they realize
that each of these things is intertwined.
Why do they over-focus on the mental?
The fact that all these messed up things are happening in our head.
When will they realize,
the very definition of illness,
is that it's something debilitating,
yet something we can't control.
It's so infuriating,
to think people are being told,
that since what's wrong is in there mind,
their problems are insignificant,
that they can fix it them self.
Don't they realize
that that would be the same as
telling a person with cancer,
that their struggles are just fine,
they can be solved all alone.
When will they realize,
this isn't just some way to get attention,
that this isn't something we can control,
It's an illness,
just an illness that takes control of our mind.
When will they realize,
that just like there are cures for diseases,
there are cures for these mental illnesses,
yet just like any another cure,
it takes time,
it takes work and effort,
it's not something that is fixed overnight.
When will they learn,
that it's mental,
I hate people who think mental illnesses are insignificant, or that they can be fixed overnight alone. I hope they will soon learn that they are illnesses, just ones that take place in our minds.
Sketcher Nov 2
The fault-finder finds faults in paradise,
It's about time that we all realize,
The outer is a reflection of in,
If you find faults; it's your own problem then.
margàrita Oct 12
to the girl
whose golden heart
was never tarnished
despite the afflictions
the world allowed her
to experience somehow;
♡ — i hope your heart stays the same
and will always be aflame
for the things you love doing
because dear, you are amazing.

to the girl
whose illustrious mind
was never obscured
even if she was aching;
♡ — i hope you realize
that you are impressively splendid
more than any could ever poetize
and that your feelings are valid.

to the girl
whose beautiful soul
never stopped blooming
like flowers in the spring
despite the adversities
she has encountered;
♡ — everything you do
is always appreciated;
and your existence
is a tremendous blessing
and adds vibrance
to this somber world.
for issa, who in spite of all the woes,
still chose to disseminate love and kindness out into this world— you are so majestic and you are capable of doing the exceptional. i am proud of you, i believe in you and i love you. ♡
Everyone coming and going
Right past me
Not realizing
I pay attention to everything
And when you finally notice me, I'll be locked
As time goes on
I realize
Nothings changed
and I'm still
On the
Thought of
Seline Mui Sep 21
I think there is a void in me,
I'm trying to fill with guys
that doesn't give me happiness at all
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