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In our Lifetime
They come and go
You'll never see them coming
You never expect them go

Sometimes they come with a lesson
But sometimes with a heartbreak
One thing we should know early on
It's never wrong  to prioritize one's sake
Sarah Flynn Apr 24
the other day, I went on a date.
it didn't go well at all.

he made some sexist comment
about how we wouldn't work if I
made more money than he did.

he told me that I'm smart,
but then added "for a woman."

I paid for myself, and then I left.

I guess that's not a good thing,
but I'm happy about it

because there was a time when
I wouldn't have realized that
I deserve better.
Your words are like a bitter juice I can't swallow
Stuck there, Hanging in mid-air
I can't understand it
It rings in my ears again and again
But it makes no sense
My mind is becoming numb from hearing your voice
Like eating something so spicy you can't feel your tongue
Like your fingers on the coldest day of winter
You keep touching them yet it feels like their not yours
Like not feeling a cut
But when I realized it
It was too late
The cut was bleeding out
It felt like you pressed a lemon against it
And rubbed the salt in
Am I going to say what I'm talking about in this poem?
No, because I don't even know what I'm talking about..
Lee Aaun Mar 2
if you can't accept my rejection,
its not my issue
as i can't love you anymore,
because i have realized my worth
just like you did back then—
when my heart was crumbled down
under your feet
i am not doing it to take revenge
it's karma, who is back
to give you, what you gave others
you get, what you give to others
Mickey Dec 2020
And there will be nights like this.
Nights that you rather not remember.
Where you beg for mercy.
Asking if you please don’t have to look into the  interstice pieces of the moon.
Because you can’t take another battle.
Another realization.

Another night.
Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
please adorn my grave
with wildflowers.

do not go to the florist
to purchase a bouquet.

do not open your wallet
on the day of my death.

I hope you realize that
I can't take my savings
with me when I'm gone.

I wasted my entire life
learning that lesson.
material objects never
brought me happiness.

you have tried,
but you cannot
buy my love.

I do not care
what my headstone
looks like,

or if I even have
a headstone.

what I want is for you
to pick me wildflowers.

your money
is meaningless.

your time
and your effort
is all I want
when I die.

maybe you didn't
realize this, but

that is all I wanted
while I was still alive.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
I hope you know
that I will never need you.

I might want you.

I might love you.

I might hope that
you never leave me.

but you need to realize
that no matter how badly
I want you in my life,

I will never need you.
arkapr Oct 2020
I am the warm touch of Springs breeze,
bright rainbow of Summers rain,
harmonious colours of Autumns leaves,
purity of Winters snow,
I am fragile human soul.
People tend to only thing about their body or career and usually forget about the beauty of our souls.
Don't forget to water your roots.
So your soul can bloom.
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