Mwrath 2d

Every time I look now gotta say it bothers me
constanly following what they wanna be-
Fake news feeding fuel to a world not for me
And i feel l like we been doomed since we started thee -
Nation with liberation for generations
We're always placing-
on top of a pedestal There they go -
making us feel vulnerable With metaphors
"You're free" but you have to pay them more -
Cuz we're insecure covering what they arent looking for, Who would know -
we would come to this?
Brainwash the poor while the rest get filthy rich -
People getting sick
the hospitals won't let them in -
Without falling into debt before you can settle in -
Even the reveren gets a cut -
When you're praying to the ones above -
They demonized what we feel inside too many lies, I feel its time -
We realize they made us pay till the end of time. .control.

NerdyAlien Oct 1

My day was as gloom as the starless night
When clouds threw their spears down to me.
The tears in my eyes had blur my sight
As I realize that he was never meant to me.

I was saddened of the thought of him
'Twas just a one-sided love.

Luis Liriano Sep 27

you are the closest star to me
you are the that one dream that be came reality
you are the moon most beautiful light
even more beautiful when you reflect on yourself
you are the embodiment grace and elegancy
you are the human that angels try to base their look after
you are that first flower to bloom in spring
You are that first leaf to fall so lovely in autumn
you are many things
but of those many things
You are not mine
You are the worlds

The Writer Sep 10

you never realize how far gone you truly are
until suddenly you're lying on the ocean floor
surrounded by water, water, and more water
but all you can taste is the salt of your tears
when what you really need is a breath of fresh air
to keep yourself afloat in your own watery grave

rom Aug 29

you made falling in love so easy that i felt like a fool
looking for love in places where i thought i'd find it –
forcing myself to be in love for the sake of feeling it
and not once did i realize it was beside me all along:
hidden in the guise of friendship.

why did i need to have my heart broken many times,
have tear stains dry on my pillow,
and have an emptiness in my chest that felt so hollow,
before realizing that i've fallen for you;
that i've fallen in love with my best friend?

huda Jun 24

you always ask where my sanity went
but don't you realize you're the one
who took it?

L Marie Jun 15

The most humbling thought...
     Is realizing you'll never be loved
             As much as you love him.

there's a hidden, empty place
between the conscious and unconscious mind,
it's a wallowing feeling -
a standstill, a little uphill
looking down on yourself
realizing the battle is nearly over,
ready for change
and you say
take me to be whole, entirely me
enlighten me

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