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i arrived
early enough
to be comfortable
in my seat as
the patient and
impatient alike
shuffled the aisle
negotiating the overflow
of flaring elbows
protruding feet
and cumbersome torsos
a waltz of
dismissive apology
their only hope
to find their place
without inconvenience
yet with little interest
in whether they might
other passengers
along the way

as a man
recently evicted
from the seat
he had evidently
not booked
surveys the nearby
empty spaces
his mind churning
an internal gamble
of which one
might promise
the longer period
   of peace
before the rightful
owner arrives
he knows
he will need
to relocate
once more before
his journey's end
at some point
unknown to him
but predetermined
despite this
he settles down
in a seat marked
and closes
his eyes
vanessa marie Nov 20
if i was a better friend
I’d have hung up my hat long ago
but my selfishness has taken over
and i know that you know
that we’re better together
and no good apart
so im going to hold you as close as i can
until i break your heart
it seems
the blue lights
drift ghostly
past the windows
more often
these days
each occasion
bringing with it
a momentary
fleeting interest
in where
the drama is
currently residing
at who's pillow
might be
through the night
at who's door
fear and anxiety
are being permitted
to step inside
at who's house
has become
a closed film set
waiting to be
stripped of content
until only
walls doors windows
and memories
as commercials end
attention returns
once more
to a stronger
more constant
source of
blue light
and all present
are thankful that
at least
the banshees
that wailing of sirens
has been silenced
in time
Efa Nuryani Oct 22
"I'm being selfish anyway"

"So am I"

"I conciously know it, but will keep asking.
Will you change your mind?"

"My mind  keeps changing"

In a different life,
I would have waited,
Without the means to know,
To know of life or death,
To know of your happiness,
To know of your struggles!

Not in this life though,
Where you got swayed,
All the means at your end,
Never did you ask once,
How did I survive this world,
Where you left me alone,
So very alone?
xavier thomas Feb 10
You didn’t give a __ about that women you slept with.
You “man” only cared about yourself.
When you lowkey forced having your way
When you lied about slipping a ****** on
When she told you- “don’t place a seed in me because I’m not on birth-control anymore.”
She cried her heart out towards you cause she felt like it was a safe place.
Yet, you didn’t care bruh.

What is responsibility to you?
What is accountability to you?
Yemaya Jan 23
Does crying out
in a blank world
make me selfish

Selfish to want someone
just so they can hear
my screams
I'm sorry I'm not a degenerate like you
But that's not my fault
But in your own warped minds

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