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Maesie 2d
Too blinded by the light ahead,
I didn’t see
The street lights go out behind me.
You are for me
In times like these
I cry
In distress
I press
Myself against you
In time like these
I long for your warmth
The ache in my empty pain
Comfort seeking
For your love
And your care
Your attentiveness towards me
In times like these, I need you ..
Ian Robinson Jan 3
I want to be in love
Falling deep into the
Bottomless ocean
Swimming deeper
Where I can breathe easier

I wanna stay in love
Feeling the butterflies
Deep in the bowels of my stomach
Because I always eat better
When you're around

I wanna experience heartbreak
That stabbing nuisance of knives
Where butterflies once resided
So I can say I lived as selfish as that seems
irsorai Dec 2018
Empty as a broken drawer,
The breathing slowing
Drowning in hollow thoughts.

You are alive but not living.
You are aware of nothingness.
& you are grooved in the habit.

I am empty,
slowing breathing,
& drowning in thoughts.

You are cemented...
There... that...

I am alone!
Copyright © irsorai
30/12/2018 - 7:45am
Dredd Dec 2018
i have taken your feelings into consideration
.. oh wait
.. oops
.. sorry
.. nah
i gotta take my feelings
into consideration

-thank u,next

Amanda Dec 2018
I'm learning as I get older
Everyone will bring you sorrow
Whether it's sixty years down the road
Six months, sixteen days, or tomorrow
Eventually those you care for most
Who claim they feel the same in return
Will hurt you with words, actions, and decisions
It's human nature as I have learned
Our selfishness makes us monsters
We all take a turn before we die
Playing the villain in anothers story
Regardless of the ways we try
It's always the ones that love you the most
That leave the deepest, worst, ugliest scars
Then to pacify the pain we pass it along to the next
We are imperfect; it's just how we are
Yes everyone you know will cause damage
They'll become reasons you put up high walls
And are too afraid to let the outside world in
Why you gradually stop answering calls  
We all make mistakes, we all carry secrets
We all find different ways to deal
It is not the wound you inflict that matters
But if you choose to run or stay to help it heal
We all eventually do wrong by those we love. It is what you do next that matters most.
newpoetica Dec 2018
sometimes i look at you across the room and feel.
i cannot quite pinpoint what it is.
my heart thumps around wildly, skipping beats.
my brain feels numb in a daze.
my soul, it's singing about your eyes.
something about this feeling isn't a typical kind of love.
it's much, much more than that.
it's passion, fire, and our end.
i often think it's because i love you that i don't pursue you.
but it's actually fear.
it's that i'm afraid you'll love me too much and my **** will end.
i cannot break something as beautiful as you.
i cannot help you rebuild after i burn the home your soul resides in.
for it is not our home.
it's your home and i'm just the pillow on the left side of your bed, the sappy things in your drawer, the five photos on your fireplace, the one note in your wallet.
it can never be us, because it is you and me.
i won't treasure you, i'll throw you away just like you'll throw away my things once i leave.
so as i look at you across the room and feel something, look away.
because i am your future.
i am your heartbreak.
i feel what you feel even though i don't feel the same way.
i feel your heartache.
and am selfish for wanting you while seeing the future
i know it
and for that,
i am sorry
this was written in december 2018. i have a funny and odd story to share about how this poem came to be. the inspiration behind the poem was an AP English Language and Composition class essay that i had to write about dumpsterling diving.
Jordan Ray Dec 2018
The genie was in the bottle against his will.

Forced to lurk in the darkness and brush his leathery skin against the cold brass walls that are now his prison.

At any given time, he might be freed for a few seconds to grant another ****** ******* their wish.

Feeding their gluttony until it gets the best of them and they run out of wishes.

Sending the genie back into his pit of despair, each time they had used him.

The friction from their hands burned almost as bright as the fire burning in **** that will be waiting for them.

3. 2. 1. None. But the genies work is never done.

Constantly passed between stranger to stranger, putting a real meaning to "stranger danger".

The genie has seen more faces than years, and not one thought to wish the genie to be free.

Too greedy to see the needs of a desperate being, maybe one day they will end up in a bottle too.
two times the charm
a gallon of tears
bedtime rituals
and the most out of life

the glass is half

a ring made of your mind
tickets to dreams
freedom from blame
and three handfuls of safety

it's but half
square one
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