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NR-MAN Oct 5
Every one listens to ME,
Friends, ma'am's, even you sir,
Pent lips spit trusts
Trust me.
My tongue isn't forked
It's lickety-split
Read My lisps
Neither friend nor enemy  
I'm the inner me
Does she ever catch
that grin on your lips
or the glimmer in your eye
when you’re thinking of me?
I bet you draw my portrait in your sleep
Your blue rose
Your broken diamond
You never forget the lyrics
to your favorite song
See me
Breathe me
Bleed me
Don’t forget me

- Selfish
Xant Oct 5
I was never born to be a hero
and to you, or by you, I'm not obliged
Cause I've no healing power bestowed,
no superman strength nor laser eyes

In fact,
my bones are twigs,
my flesh jelly
My mind's been rigged,
I need no more burden to carry

And I've fulfilled no expectations of yours
I'm not even trying to anymore
Cause I am not here to save the day
So keep your wrathful sorrow to yourself
When leaving a toxic relationship, half of me felt a big deal of guilt.
And the other half of me, felt like I deserved to be selfish for once.
I deserve to grow, I deserve to love myself before I
could love somebody else.
I can't fix a broken person,
if I am broken myself
Such a selfish being I am

Don’t let me be your sentiment because you’ve been pretty adamant that your heart doesn’t belong to me anymore.
    It was wrong to think that it did from the beginning, I chained it and turned it into
    a being that I didn’t know.
    Kind of like how you didn’t know I was gonna lose my mind so how was I gonna know that I’d lose it along with you round Hazelwood way.
    It’s hard when you chose to decipher all the bad aspects even though there were parts we used to admire like this desire that keeps us obsessing over something that we’re better off forgetting.
    You felt like a blessing but you always talk as if I was a curse and what’s making it worse is that my thoughts of you never changed and I’m cursed.
    Sometimes my heart dips when I’m
    sinking back into the memories you and I had made.
    Critically I’d try to recreate,
    I spend so much time alone these days that it’s getting more familiar to me that these recreations will never recreate not when I’m alone in this space.

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My heart is too wild
I’ve loved too much, maybe
Handing out pieces of myself
Showing my soul too freely
Guilty of wanting too much
Guilty of taking until they hate me.
I know I stay too long
And take more than I should.
And I’m forever admitting that I’m wrong
Because I am, and we both know it.
I take the good in people and waste it
It’s wasted on me
Like a pitcher of water is wasted on a wildfire.
I’m a terror, because I don’t lie about love
But I can’t accept yours.
So what you give me evaporates
You will leave spent, but I will want more.

I know better-don’t we all?
And none of us learned any lessons
From pain that hurt this badly
Nor from love that healed our miseries.
Guilty of keeping score
Guilty of losing my self-control
Never enough and always too much.
Does it matter, when I am a speck of dust
In an infinite number of particles
What I’ve done and what I haven’t?
It matters only to me
For you, for one moment it hurts
But tomorrow you are free
And afterwards, when tomorrow comes
I am still guilty.
Di Verce Sep 19
It's your problem when you disregard God's voice, not mine.

No matter how you "perceive" it, the reality of the state of those suffering whom you callously disregard, saying "all is well" in your unloving indifference, remains unchanged.
tinnnafish Sep 19
You make me feel selfish
selfish for talking to you
for asking for your company
i know you want nothing to do with you

I crave your attention
I want you to hear me
I want you to listen when I tell you my fears, problems, and pain
I am trying to help you understand my messed up brain

Im selfish because I don’t want you to have another “girl”
Because all i want is to be heard. To tell you what I need. Tell you how I feel. How you hurt me. How you make me so incredibly frustrating but happy at the same time.
I want you to hear m
Jaxey Sep 19
if you're ever wondering if you're in love
just think of that person as a flower
if you came across them
would you pluck it for yourself
or water it
would you water me?
Bree Sep 18
Is it selfish of me to miss you
After all the pushing away I put you through
It is
To love a person well
Is to love the boundary between you
Ray Dunn Sep 9
the hardest part
of loving you

is being myself
i love my boyfriend so **** much i miss him so bad rn
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