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Nathan Oct 2021
Oh how he towers over her
Rushing desire and adrenaline
As he makes her kneel at his feet
Lust tastes sweeter from this angle
will Aug 2021
roaming the streets up late at night,
we kept walking even if its dark.
just followed what feels right,
even if we didn't know where to go.

i remember we're laughing
romanticizing the years,
falling in love and getting drunk,
now im 18 and im terrified.

uncertain about the future
as we long for summer to come back
spent our time distracting ourselves
because we can't be kids again
Even if I have months before turning 18, I have this realization of how turning 18 is a sort of ritual. Where we are stuck in the middle of a transition from being a kid to an adult. This is also the time where responsibilities pile up, where I just wish I was a kid again.
audrey Aug 2021
You realize, as you’re sitting on your bed, holding the phone you begged your mommy to buy just months ago, that 18 is so far from 17. 17 was so beautiful; with youth in all its glory and the future just seemed so out of grasp. And yet, you grow and while growing, you make friends that you share your secrets to when dawn peeks, you make decisions that could change your life unknowingly and you fall in love, a love that’s raw and free, a love you can only have at 17. But somehow at 18, you lose the friends through petty fights and those shared secrets were now secrets for strangers, you make the wrong decisions because they were different from the decisions you once made at 17, and you fall out of love, a love you thought would last forever because of empty promises you made when everything seemed possible. 18 is beautiful too, you realize, because you can do all the things you did at 17, but not the way you did at 17. At 18, you make friends and you don’t share your secrets at the wee hours of the night but you share your goals, your passions and funky music you heard on the radio that plays during the late afternoon drives. At 18, you make decisions you never did at 17. It’s scary at first, but you’re no longer 17 and at 18, things are different, you’re more mature and you hold yourself with confidence and you stand up for the decisions you make. At 18, you fall in love again, but not with a boy that reeks of mud and barely has ****** hair, instead, you fall in love with yourself. You fall in love with your stomach that’s not flat, you fall in love with your dainty fingers and you fall in love with the life you created that you never really loved at 17. The phone in your hand dings, it’s a message from a friend you thought you lost at 17: ‘happy birthday.’ The screen blackens because you know you can reply later because when you’re 18, 19 seems so far away.
Ahmad Attr Aug 2021
The water drops slowly and plinks
The pendulum sways and echoes
Through the rustling leaves, the birds sing
Lock the room, take out my phone, and view photos
The ones I took of you
You look so pretty when you think nobody’s looking
Caught in the moment, uncovered by the clothes
There’s so much skin to see
Where should I start? Where should I look?
Your chest or your sinewy abdomen?
Or your well-fed legs?
Forever captured undressed
You pretty lashes seaming your closed eyes, sleeping
I’m in rapture, watching you dream
Don’t mind me, I’m just taking a peak
It’s just between you and me
Soon the sounds of my palm
Begin to get louder than the flowing water
My breathing couples up with whimpering
A built up for crescendo in my head
And in my body
My bed pulls me tighter as I sweat
You look so good in this photo
You look so good
So good
You, you, you, you

I’m so ****** up.....
A guilty ******
p.s: this is fiction, i don't condone such actions
Ahmad Attr Jul 2021
Next please,
Now I know you
You are desperate
For girls, for love
But you can’t get any in this world
My 10 fingers, break them
Get your ticket to heaven
Make sure you hear the slow cracks
Blessed will be your ears

Next please,
Now I know you
You are pretentious
You are selfish
You think you are the greatest in this world
I offer you my arms
Get your ticket to heaven
Shatter them with a hammer
Make sure you shout out loud when you hit
Blessed will be your lungs

Next please,
Now I know you
My dear friend, you are a good person
But you are doubtful
So confirm your eternal blessings in the after world
I offer you my ears
Get your ticket to heaven
They are not as kind as yours, so cut them apart
Blessed will be your heart

Next please
I don’t think I know you
But you are all the same
Hateful, insecure, hypocrites
I allow you to remove this filth from the world
I offer you my legs
Get your ticket to heaven
Break each digit first and then slice them slowly
Blessed will be your skin where my slain blood will land

Next please
Oh! I know you guys
You gorge on the flesh of your brethren
Serpents, betrayers
Everything wrong in this world
I offer nothing
The poison in your words
**** your tickets to heaven

Are there more left, Next please
I know you too
Too scared to go to hell?
Well you, my dear, are lucky today
No more anxiety will be left in this world
For I offer my eyes
Gauge them out with your claws
Get your ticket to heaven
Don’t worry I will writher in pain
Blessed will be your hands

Next please
Now I know you too well
I can feel you from your heartbeat
Dear Whisperer, I saved the best for last
For you, I offer my heart
Although it always belonged to you
But wait for a moment
You can take it whole
Break my neck
Skin me, push the blades deeper in my belly
Burn my hair, yank out my nails
Hang my body or whatever that remains
In front of everybody
So they could curse at me
And Get their tickets to heaven
This was written the day I realized that the friends I made were my enemies all along. So you can feel my frustrations and anguish here.
Ahmad Attr Jun 2021
I want to seep deep in your lungs
And breathe the air there
Clean my throat with your tongue
Lie underneath my body, all bare
Let me savour your mouth
So your oxygen can run in my blood
Bodies soaked in liquids
Nails carving the thin skins
An aroma for my desires and your sins
As we **** the essence from each other’s lips
You breathe words
That echo in my hollow bones
The ecstasy of fire slowly dying
With your ghostly moans
The hair pinching on the peels
As we pinch the pulp out of the fruits
Consume each other, nourish the souls
Listen to the creaking of the bed's woods
and from the woods, the crickets chirp
a brilliant union remains undisturbed
Zoe Mei May 2021
nineteen in little more than a week:
already time slips through my fingers,

days trickling through the cracks
in the sidewalk, leaving

me rubbing my fingers raw against
seams in the parched pavement, wondering

when the rain will seep back up. I heard time
runs faster as you grow older,

an ever-tightening spiral of minutes days
decades blinks of eyes

and I wonder how I will bear it
when even now I am grasping

desperately for anything in reach,
anything to slow the locomotive

down, and all I get is red-scraped palms
from slapping past tree trunks,

arms too skinny-weak to pull, to hold any
branches as the train whisks me by

Ladouce Apr 2021
I am turning eighteen yet I still don’t know how to be myself. I am turning eighteen yet I don’t want to put my dream on the shelf. I am turning eighteen yet I’m terrified to express my opinion. I am turning eighteen yet the things I haven’t done are a million. I am turning eighteen yet I don’t know how to talk to strangers. I am turning eighteen yet I’ve never been exposed to all of this world's dangers. I am turning eighteen yet I’ve never believed in myself. I am turning eighteen yet I’ve never seen the movie elf. I am turning eighteen yet I've never been with you. I am turning eighteen yet I never have a clue. I am turning eighteen yet I feel like I'm fifteen. I am turning eighteen yet I’ve never learned a routine. I am turning eighteen yet I still sleep with my teddy. I am turning eighteen but I don’t think i am ready.
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