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Alexis 4d
it’s my fault really
I gave you the sticks
Taught you how to throw the stones
and you broke me .
Casey Sep 26
When will you learn?
You don't play with fire unless you want to get burned.

Sunburn frickin ***** man, i am a lobster. I was gonna say something cool about how sunburn isn't really caused by fire, but yeah, it is....'cause the sun is a ball of fire. Well. Anyways. These words have been said a million times by a million different people. I don't own them.

Just another shitpost, keep scrolling.
I know what's coming,
I want to run away.
Maybe a deeper disire,
Always makes me stay.

He slips in behind me
Cuddles and watches TV.
Then he touches me and moves me,
And never once with a plea.

His rythm begins,
One leg bracing me in.
Leaving his hand down my pants
Grabbing at my skin.

With fury and anger
His force comes to an abrupt hault.
Unsatisfied and unloved,
I'm left shaking, in fault.

A few days later,
We're in the same routine.
Cuddles and watching TV,
But this time, I turn away from the screen.

One leg bracing me in,
His hand still down my pants.
Grabbing at my skin,
I'm hoping for a trance.

With fury and anger,
His force comes to an abrupt hault.
Unsatisfied and unloved,
I'm left shaken, in fault.
(c) Allison Wonder
c Sep 23
Mr. Spider
You’ve caught me in your web again
I’m sorry I haven’t learned
From past mistakes

It’s my own fault
That my wings are damaged

I have a passion
For flying into things too fast
I don't wanna hurt you.
I don't wanna let you down.
I don't wanna make you cry and feel for myself guilty.
For who I am.
I have to let you go.
It's no one's fault.
I'm sorry I have to go.
Fears created by years and years of trauma and abuse and manipulation. Triggered by the smallest thing.
I’m sorry.
I think I can cry now
I think it's too heavy
To keep it alone
All to myself

Been thinking
To who should I tell
Do you wanna listen
Do you even have the time to

I love me
But at the same time
Why do I always
Make me cry

Please don't hate yourself
It's okay to cry
It's not your fault
It's no one's fault
Poetic T Sep 4
I may have tripped
            over my own feet.

But at least when I stumble.

I know its my own steps that
                      got me here.

Laughing that the shoelaces of life,
               made me dust off..

And not watching  my step,
           but make sure if I do

trip again

its my own fault.

          And not someone else,

getting in the way of my walk.
will19008 Jul 27
If you feel you are in any way at fault,
admit it.
I don't intend to get it right all of the  time.
If I do please praise me.
Don't compare me
Am only human
I  am allowed to fail.
But when I do I can pat myself on the back.
Because I am a stronger person.
Grown in character.
and in Love.
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