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Akta Agarwal Apr 22
Fault is all mine
That's I didn't know the value of your
And have tortured you to the core
and now karma is punishing me
By giving me the punishment of loneliness,
In this whole world
Now the most loneliest person is I.
Fault is done by me so the karma will also punish me
selina Mar 28
i wish i had known how to hold on
to good things while they lasted
and appreciate them for what they were

but alas, i am a coward
a selfish coward who never learned
that the weight of my words

was just as painful as the blow of a fist
and the spark in your eyes
were drowned out by the fires in my mind

my insecurities and paranoia
drove even the kindest away
this was why the good never stayed with me

                         shakespeare spoke the truth
                         the fault had never been in the stars
                         but in my own self
when we kissed
in the car
i hit you
across the cheek
i didn't mean it
at the same time
i did
Losing you may be my fault,
but having you forever is not one of the ways to treat wounds.
Indonesia, 2nd February 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Kennedy Jan 29
She left again.
and with Her goes my strength,
my sense of self,
my control.
She knows
what to say,
when to say it,
how to say it.
unlike Her, i always lose.
i have the words, never the order.
i have the nerve, never the energy.
to Her, my tears are a white flag,
waving so far in the distance,
She can pretend not to notice,
and no one will put her at fault.
Brittany Ann Jan 29
All I ever really try to be in my life

is genuine.

And I refuse

to be influenced to feel

that my effort to be so

is a fault

that means to be fixed.
hannah lace Dec 2020
i want to make you feel guilty
for changing your mind about me.

it’s not your fault that i am damaged
but it is your fault for how you acted.

it’s okay if you don’t want my body
because i’m not letting you anywhere near it.

*** with you is better as a concept anyway.
i wanted you but my trauma cockblocked. i’d still sleep with you if you asked
Andrew Rueter Nov 2020
There exists an area between hurt and healed called scarred
it's a place that isn't found—but revealed
tectonic plates protecting the core
my vibrating feet split the earth
forming my fault of separation
passive plains give way to cliffs and valleys
your seismograph detected  tremors
so you escaped to safer ground
outside my sightline from inside the trench emerging
memories are all I need to dig deeper
so remembrance goes through a grainy filter
glorifying the other side of my grave of grime
engendering assumptions of purity lying
beyond the fresh dirt door
where the undead hold their light sticks and disco *****
creating light without illumination
I stumble into them like a moth at night
bumping into the last vestiges of light
they say multiplying two negatives equals a positive
but this whole keeps going deeper
we just acclimate to the depths
making a competition of going furthest down
excavating our descent by expanding the division in the land
until magma erupts
lighting the voluminous pit
revealing the hell we've dug
trickster shadows dance along the sides
hypnotizing the feral demons staring
slack-jawed at the empty canvas of the cave walls
attributing the beauty of what they've missed to ghosts
telling ourselves our horns make us unique
until the lava starts burning us
as a reminder of humanity
continuation ensures incineration
yet this cavern has become my home
after convincing myself I belong here
so everybody hysterically huddles together
to protect themselves from the consequences
oozing from the pressurized center
I squeeze to fit into the middle of the crowd
putting bodies between myself and the nothingness that awaits
watching fellow spelunkers burn
while hoping the inevitable doesn't reach me
the liquid flame consumes my carcass
there's so many directions to fling the fire in
but I benignly accept my fate
knowing this is all my fault.
Leah Carr Nov 2020
I messed up
but then
You messed up too

I threatened you
but then
You hurt me first

I lashed out
but then
You made me scared

I upset you
but then
You upset me too

and it makes me wonder…

which of us is really at fault?
who should say sorry?
I don't know if the person I am talking to will read this, but if they do, then you know who you are. To everyone else, this is an insight into just one of my very complex relationships.
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