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It's always nice
To dream of a future
That never is
And never was.

Because the thought is all.

It is what mattered
It is the feeling of a maybe
A what if
That was swell

And without those wishes
Those what ifs
And maybes
It just feels empty
Like a blank canvas before us.

Always staring
Into the abyss of tommorow
And all its possibilities
Without my what if
There is only sorrow.

And the thoughts of eternity.

And i feel like with what if
There is never enough
Strawberry hearts.

June 4 2019
I always imagined Amacrystia
Earth 2.0
And Goldenrod
Jade. Maga
Taki. Ruby. Esmerelda
And my kids that will not ever be
Lex Emma and Mox
And the Guardians of time
All family

Tomplexthis huh...

Tomplexthis was me
Who i wanted to be
Love our art and hearts
The soul is our greatest part.
gracie May 13
i don’t want to fall in love
i want to step into it, slowly
like a shower on monday
morning. warm, easy-on-the
the bones; softness, two hands
to hold and a mouth to tell me
stories. someone to whisper
what-ifs across the wire and
fill the kitchen with kisses
and strawberry cake
i don’t want to fall in love

i want to make it.
The morning sun plays hide and seek between the hills
Miles and miles of strawberry fields
The little green plants wear winter smiles
and baby strawberries unripe

The innocent clouds in a clear sky
Hold a dialogue in patterns pristine
Missed by their cousins in the city skies

Bougainvillea adorned villas
And Cozy homes
Warli paintings on the walls
Red soil and dusty country roads

Tablelands and Parsi point
Scenic hills and the Sahyadri valley view
Mapro garden a place to go
For sandwiches and strawberry cream

The river stream gleams under the setting sun
A perfect cup of masala chai
An evening well spent
Mady Jan 21
Blue eyes
And strawberry skies
What else is there
To think of?

Fuzzy peach dreams
And candy store robberies
I run to you
But I am unable to reach

Through broken features
And torn art
Our hearts are ripped apart

I try to forget
But still
All I can think of
Are those blue eyes
And strawberry skies
Tigers were chasing
Then I saw a strawberry
It was delicious
Inspired by a zen story
b Oct 2018
i dont want to look at the
stars anymore.
the devil put them
on my ceiling
when god
came to visit.

unlike most stars
the light wont make me
whole. i am so ******* empty
in this night sky. there is
so much open space and
i would fill it all
with these anchors
if i could.

you should never
trust anybody. except the sidewalk
it is there when you need it
it has YOU in mind.

people will find one
million ways to break your heart.
maybe a million and one
if you give them enough time.

my eyes burn so easy in the
light, it is so far from who
i am it is so alien.

dont ever trust a wolf
or a *****. they only
want food when you
are hungry. drugs when you are
dying. clothes when you are
freezing. love when you are

and if you show
an inch of flesh
she will smell the blood
beneath it. it is a
shallow tide in heaven
if god is what youre after.
Thera Lance Sep 2018
Pink bubbles burst
In a strawberry pop
Underneath the sharp shade of the green leaves of her oak.

Fingers twirl blade
After blade in hand,
Until her nails blend with the grass.

Alone, she watches heat,
Swirl in ocean waves across the road.

Someone might come by tomorrow.
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